Blue Amber

(bloo am-ber)
Main Origins:
Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Mexico.

What is Blue Amber?

blue amber with nature background

Blue Amber is a captivating gemstone, distinguished by its unique blue hue when exposed to sunlight. Unlike traditional Amber, which often has a golden or orange tint, this variant displays a mesmerizing blue color. Smooth crystals with translucent to opaque patterns often contain ancient biological components, like leaves or insects.

Diving into its composition, it is primarily made of fossilized tree resin. Over millions of years, the resin undergoes polymerization, transforming it into a stable compound. Chemical reactions between organic chemicals and trace components in Amber turn it blue. These elements absorb and reflect light to produce a stunning blue hue.

Historically, Blue Amber was discovered mostly in the Dominican Republic, but small deposits are found elsewhere. It is believed to have formed from the extinct Hymenaea Protera tree, which lived over 25 to 40 million years ago. This makes it one of Earth’s oldest and most intriguing gemstones.

For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Blue Amber holds a special allure. Its unique coloration and ancient origins make it a highly sought-after specimen. Due to its capacity to calm and balance emotions, many think the crystal heals. Its rarity also adds value, making it a prized addition to any collection.

Did you know Blue Amber has been the subject of various myths and legends? One popular belief is that it possesses magical properties, capable of warding off evil spirits. The crystal’s ability to alter hue under different lighting conditions, a hint of ancient powers, may have inspired this notion.

Blue Amber Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

In the realm of color energies, Blue Amber resonates most closely with the energies of Blue and Indigo. Blue energy often symbolizes tranquility, wisdom, and reliability. It’s the color you turn to when seeking a calm mind or a stable environment. Indigo, on the other hand, is the color of intuition and perception.

It’s deeply connected to the Third Eye Chakra, helping you tap into your inner wisdom. When you encounter Blue Amber, think of it as a blend of these energies, offering peace and insight.

This gem doesn’t just resonate with one or two chakras; it has a broader impact. Blue Amber can offer a sense of stability, starting with the Root Chakra, which is all about grounding and survival. Move up to the Sacral Chakra, the center of creativity and emotion, and you’ll find that Blue Amber can help balance your feelings. 

For the Solar Plexus Chakra, which governs self-esteem and personal power, Blue Amber can bring a calming influence that helps you focus on your goals. When it comes to the Heart Chakra, the center of love and compassion, Blue Amber can help you connect with others on a deeper level. 

The Throat Chakra, responsible for communication, finds a natural ally in Blue Amber, aiding in clearer self-expression. Finally, the Crown Chakra, which connects us to the divine, can also benefit from the calming and insightful energies of Blue Amber.

Often linked to passion and energy, Fire finds a calming partner in Blue Amber. This gemstone can tame the fiery aspects of your personality, helping you channel that energy more productively. Earth, the element of stability and grounding, pairs well with this stone’s tranquil vibes. It helps you feel more rooted and secure.

In feng shui, the South direction is governed by the Fire element. Placing Blue Amber in the Southern part of your space can create a balanced atmosphere. Because the Sun is Blue Amber’s ruling planet, the two have a particular relationship. The Sun stands for vitality, courage, and self-expression. 

Ra, the Sun God, imbues this gem with change and evolution. Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess, illuminates people to become their best selves, while Surya, the Hindu Sun God, gives them power and vigor. The Greek Sun God Apollo inspires progress through his art and intellect, whereas the Roman Sun God Sol inspires resilience and drive.

The number 7 vibrates strongly with Blue Amber, adding another layer to its mystique. In numerology, 7 is the number of spiritual awakening and deep understanding.

Blue Amber Healing Properties & Benefits

Clarity and Focus

  • Blue Amber’s alignment with the Third Eye Chakra enhances mental clarity and focus. This chakra can help you access your intuition and make better decisions when balanced and activated.
  • Try a visualization meditation where you imagine a blue light emanating from the crystal and entering your Third Eye.

Mood Enhancer

  • The blue energy of this crystal is known to uplift spirits and improve mood. They can help calm turbulent emotions and ease anxiety, stress, and sadness.
  • Place the Blue Amber under your pillow and set an intention for emotional balance before sleep.


  • Blue Amber’s unique composition aids in memory retention and recall. The memory-enhancing properties are believed to stem from its ability to promote mental clarity and focus. 
  • Create a crystal grid with Blue Amber at the center and charge it by chanting affirmations related to memory.


  • The Fire element in Blue Amber provides a surge of inner strength and courage. This fiery energy is thought to ignite the inner spark of courage and resilience in those who wear it.
  • Activate this property by holding the crystal in your dominant hand and imagining a fiery energy flowing into you.

Immunity and Strength

  • Rich in succinic acid, Blue Amber is believed to strengthen the immune system. Improved energy metabolism can help the body function at its best, making it more resilient against infections and diseases.
  • Soak the crystal in a glass of water overnight and drink the infused water the next morning.

Blue Amber Spiritual Properties & Benefits

feet on grass depicting grounding

Past Life Recall

  • Blue Amber’s connection to ancient energies aids in recalling past lives. Many believe that each soul goes through a series of lifetimes, each with its unique experiences and lessons.
  • Meditate with the crystal on your Third Eye while asking to be shown glimpses of your past lives.


  • The Indigo energy in Blue Amber enhances dream recall and lucidity. It can assist people remember their dreams after waking, resulting in more vivid nightly memories.
  • For dreamwork, place the crystal in a small pouch and keep it under your pillow, setting an intention for vivid and meaningful dreams before you sleep.


  • The crystal’s alignment with the Third Eye Chakra sharpens intuitive abilities. This chakra can promote intuition, inner guidance, and subtle energy perception when balanced and open.
  • Carry Blue Amber in your pocket and touch it whenever you need to make an intuitive decision.


  • Despite its ethereal qualities, Blue Amber also offers grounding through its connection to the Earth element.
  • For grounding, place the crystal at your feet during meditation and visualize roots extending from your body into the Earth.

Spirit Communication

  • Blue Amber is believed to facilitate communication with the spiritual realm. This gemstone is thought to help individuals connect with their inner selves and gain insight into their spiritual journey.
  • To activate this benefit, create a sacred space with candles and incense, place Blue Amber in the center, and invite spiritual communication through prayer or chanting.

Side Effects of Blue Amber

  • Overstimulation: Too much interaction can lead to mental and emotional overload. To mitigate this, limit your time with the crystal to 20-minute intervals.
  • Impulsiveness: The crystal’s Fire element may spur rash decisions. Counteract this by pairing it with a grounding stone, like Black Tourmaline.
  • Detachment: Elevated spiritual focus can sometimes cause emotional disconnection. To stay grounded, balance your use of the crystal with physical activities like walking or yoga.

Blue Amber Meaning: What Does Blue Amber Symbolize?

a girl laying on grass depicting earthly grounding

Metaphorically, this captivating stone represents “a bridge between earthly grounding and ethereal insight.”

Blue Amber aligns with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, promoting emotional harmony. This dual alignment allows users to communicate more effectively while tapping into their intuitive abilities.

Known alternatively as “Caribbean Amber” or “Dominican Blue Amber,” this gemstone has a variety of names that reflect its unique origins and properties. It was once a talisman for protection and luck, but now it’s utilized for spiritual awakening and emotional healing.

Pairing this gem with Clear Quartz enhances its healing powers, while Smoky Quartz grounds its high vibratory energy. Since it was formed from extinct tree resin millions of years ago, many believe this stone is linked to ancient wisdom.

Understanding the symbolism and advantages of this unique gem can help you evolve spiritually and emotionally. Incorporating this gem into your daily life can be a constant reminder of your connection to the Earth and the cosmos. 

The unique Blue Amber properties make it a versatile tool for various spiritual practices, from enhancing meditation to facilitating emotional healing. Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a newcomer, this gem offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern utility.

Types of Blue Amber

  • Pale Blue Amber: Exhibiting a soft, sky-like hue, this type is often used for calming meditation practices.
  • Deep Blue Amber: With its rich, oceanic color, this variety is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Milky Blue Amber: Characterized by a cloudy appearance, it’s commonly used for dreamwork and enhancing sleep quality.
  • Purplish Blue Amber: This variant has a lavender tint and is said to aid in spiritual awakening and higher consciousness.
  • Pinkish Blue Amber: Displaying a rosy hue, this type is often associated with emotional healing and love.
  • Orangish Blue Amber: With a sunset-like color, this form is used for grounding and balancing the Sacral chakra.
  • Reddish Blue Amber: Its warm undertones make it ideal for energizing spaces and enhancing creativity.
  • Brownish Blue Amber: Known for its earthy tint, this type is used for grounding and connecting with nature.
  • Teal Blue Amber: This variant has a greenish-blue hue and is often used for enhancing communication skills.
  • Greenish Blue Amber: With its unique color, this type is believed to bring prosperity and abundance.
  • Golden Blue Amber: Exhibiting a lustrous gold sheen, this form is associated with attracting wealth and success.
  • Clear Blue Amber: It has a pale to deep blue color and is known for its translucent quality. This type is used for clarity in decision-making and focus.
  • Indonesian Amber: The color can vary, but it often exhibits warm and earthy tones. It is believed to have powerful healing properties.
  • Fossil-Inclusion Blue Amber: Blue hues including pastel blue, greenish-blue, and bluish-white are common in this Amber. Unique for its inclusions of ancient organic material, this type is considered a link to ancestral wisdom.
  • Mexican Blue Amber: Originating from Mexico, it is known for its deep blue or azure color. This variant is often used for enhancing spiritual connections.
  • Dominican Blue Amber: Appreciated for its gorgeous sky blue to royal or navy blue tones. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, this type is renowned for its high quality and is often used in jewelry.
  • Blue Fire Amber: Characterized by its unique blue play of colors, which often displays vibrant, fiery flashes of iridescent blue. It ignites passion and creativity.

How to Cleanse Blue Amber?

Woman meditating on a field of grass background

  • Earth: Bury the stone in soil for 24 hours to harness Earth’s grounding energies for a thorough cleanse.
  • Moonlight: Expose the gem to moonlight for a few hours to recharge its vibrational frequency and enhance its properties.
  • Meditation: Meditate with focused intent to cleanse it, visualizing pure energy flowing through it and clearing negativity.

Questions and Answers

How Can You Tell if Blue Amber is Real?

The most definitive way to identify Blue Amber is by using UV light. Blue Amber will fluoresce or emit a blue or greenish-blue glow when exposed to longwave UV or shortwave UV light. Genuine Blue Amber will consistently exhibit this fluorescence, making it a primary identification method.

Does Blue Amber Glow?

Yes, it does glow, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, which brings out its unique blue hue.

How Old is Blue Amber?

Originating from the resin of extinct trees, this gemstone is estimated to be between 25 and 40 million years old.

Why is Blue Amber Expensive?

Blue Amber is exceptionally rare, and it is found in only a few locations in the world. The primary source of Blue Amber is the Dominican Republic. Certain chemical molecules in Blue Amber glow in ultraviolet light, turning it blue. This distinct coloration is not found in other Amber varieties, making it highly desirable.

What Stones Go Well with Blue Amber?

Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz pair exceptionally well with this gem, amplifying its healing properties and balancing its high vibrational energy.

Interactions with Blue Amber

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