(la - ree - mahr)
Main Origins:
Dominican Republic

What is Larimar?

Different sizes of polished larimar crystals

Larimar is a rare variety of Pectolite that is only found in the Dominican Republic. Discovered in 1974, this beautiful gemstone has quickly become a favorite for many because of its magical colors and healing abilities. 

This amazing stone was formed millions of years ago by underwater volcanic activity and is the only variety of Pectolite with a blue color. Inclusions of copper cause the rich blue hues of this crystal.

Larimar comes in a range of blue hues, from deeper blues to shades of turquoise. Most specimens of the stone have white markings that look like waves or clouds. Some stones also have green markings hidden amongst the beautiful ocean shades. 

Larimar Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Larimar works with three of the seven chakras. It harmonizes the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakra, creating a flow of energy between them. This energy helps us to connect with our spiritual and emotional truth while boosting self-expression and personal discovery. 

Did you know that Larimar gains its powers from the elements of Fire and Water? This is because it was made from volcanic energy and thus holds the powers of Fire within. However, it brings a balance to this explosive power with the soothing energy of the element of Water. 

Because of how Larimar balances Water and Fire together, we can use this stone to cool out fiery emotions and bring harmony into our lives. Yet, the energy of the element of Fire is still within the crystal, bringing us courage and power. 

Larimar is a Stone of Truth and helps us discover new aspects of ourselves. It also boosts our ability to speak from the heart, allowing us to overcome interpersonal conflict. If you are struggling to say how you truly feel to someone in your life, Larimar will help you get your point across. 

Did you know that you can use Larimar to tune into your feminine side? Its soothing vibrations open you up to feminine energy and connect you with your inner goddess. This will boost your feelings of personal power and care. 

Larimar Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Larimar harmonizes the Throat Chakra and allows you to speak your truth. We can use this stone to understand ourselves and express who we really are.
  • After charging your Larimar crystal with Water, wear it as a necklace. This allows its powers to be constantly connected with the Throat Chakra and enhances truth and self-expression.


  • We can use Larimar to enhance our confidence as it boosts feelings of self-love and personal power.
  • Charge your Larimar with positive affirmations of confidence and strength. Place it in your living room and hold it in your hands when you need to feel its positive energy.


  • Containing the soothing energy of the Caribbean Sea, you can use Larimar to bring forth relaxation and peace.
  • Place your Larimar stone in your home to bring vibrations of tranquility into your life.

Emotional Balance

  • Because it connects with both the elements of Fire and Water, Larimar brings balance to the emotions. If you struggle with overwhelming fears or feelings, this stone can help you relieve your pain.
  • Charge your Larimar crystal with sound then hold it in your hands while meditating. Inhale and exhale while visualizing worries and negativity leaving your body with each exhale.

Overcoming Fears

  • Larimar helps us overcome fears and leave pain and worries in the past. It boosts your personal power, allowing you to believe in yourself and your strength.
  • Charge your Larimar in the full moon. Then wear it as a ring or bracelet on your dominant hand and touch the stone when you are feeling worried or fearful.

Larimar Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A body of water and a volcano on the background

Connecting With Nature

  • Holding the powers of the sea and volcanoes, we can use Larimar to enhance our connection with nature. This helps us feel safe and secure in the world.
  • Charge your Larimar with soil. Then meditate with it in your favorite nature spot while focusing on your senses and what you are experiencing.

Angelic Communication

  • Because Larimar creates a flow of energy between the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, we can use it to boost our communication with higher realms of existence. It connects us with our angels, helping us receive messages of guidance.
  • After charging your Larimar stone with incense, hold it in your hands while you pray to your guardian angels and spirit guides.


  • Enhancing truth and personal understanding, you can use Larimar to tap into and harness your intuition.
  • Charge your Larimar crystal with positive affirmations of strength and knowledge. Then meditate with it while you explore your intuition and hidden wisdom.

Higher Truth

  • Larimar connects with our Third Eye Chakra to enhance our understanding of the universe. It allows us to uncover the higher truth and different realms of existence.
  • Charge your Larimar with moonlight. Then place it on your Third Eye Chakra when you meditate.

Spiritual Destiny

  • This fantastic stone boosts truth and self-discovery, which means we can use Larimar to discover our spiritual destiny and unlock our soul’s true calling.
  • After charging your Larimar with incense, meditate with the stone while asking the Universe for guidance and enlightenment.

Larimar Side Effects

  • Over Honesty: Because Larimar works to open up the Throat Chakra, we may be over-honest with those in our lives. Be careful not to upset anyone with what you say and always think about how your words impact others.
  • Discomfort: Saturn rules Larimar, and this is an enemy planet of the Sun. If you were born in Leo, you might find Larimar to bring discomfort and ill fortune into your life.
  • Laziness: Larimar’s soothing and tranquil energy brings peace and relaxation into your life, which means you may feel lazy and unmotivated if wearing the stone for too long.

Larimar Meaning: What Does Larimar Symbolize?

A man is looking at his reflection on the mirror

The meaning of Larimar is truth

This amazing stone opens you up to the truth of who you are, allowing you to speak from your heart. Its energy promotes self-confidence and honesty. 

The name Larimar comes from a mix of two words. Miguel Méndez, who discovered the stone, named the crystal after his daughter, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, which is mar. Put together, these words created the name Larimar

Did you know that, long before anyone knew about Larimar, the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce said that traces of Atlantis would be discovered on a Caribbean island? This led many people to refer to Larimar as the Atlantis stone, with the belief that it holds the secrets of the long-lost civilization.

Types of Larimar

  • Common Larimar: Common Larimar is a blue stone with white streaks. It works to open up the Throat Chakra, boosting truth and self-expression.
  • Volcano Blue Larimar: A rare variety of Larimar, Volcano Blue Larimar refers to specimens found in a dark blue shade with light blue patterns. This variety boosts your connection with your spirit guides and guardian angels. 
  • Extreme Blue Larimar: Another rare variety, Extreme Blue Larimar is slightly lighter than Volcano Blue Larimar but still fairly dark in color. Use an Extreme Blue Larimar to develop your understanding of your spiritual destiny. 
  • Light Blue Larimar: This variety of Larimar is turquoise in color and has inclusions of whites and browns. Light Blue Larimar brings tranquility and peace into your life. 
  • Green Larimar: Green Larimar appears in a light green hue and can have inclusions of blue within the stone. Use a Green Larimar to enhance your connection with mother nature. 
  • Red Larimar: Red Larimar has a high concentration of copper and appears blue with dark red dots and patterns. This variety is great for promoting feelings of strength and personal power.
  • White Larimar: This variety of Larimar has a milky white color to the stone. Use White Larimar to boost your connection to your guardian angels and higher realms of existence. 
  • Larimar with Red Hematite: Larimar with Red Hematite appears in a turquoise color with dark red inclusions in the stone. This variety is great for overcoming fears and bringing balance into your life.

How To Cleanse Larimar?

A Burning candle and a sage stick on the table

  • Smoke: Light a bundle of sage and let it burn for a few moments. Then hold your Larimar stone in the smoke and allow it to engulf the crystal for thirty seconds. 
  • Candles: Light a white or blue candle while setting intentions of cleansing. Then carefully hold your Larimar stone in the smoke for a few moments. 
  • Herbs: Place cleansing herbs, such as Thyme and Sage, into a small jar. Then add your Larimar stone to the jar and leave it overnight.

Questions and Answers

What is the Larimar stone good for?

Larimar is great for bringing balance and harmony into your life. It also boosts your understanding of yourself and helps you speak your truth.

Is Larimar a valuable stone?

Yes, Larimar is a valuable stone, as you can only find it in one location.

Is Larimar a real gemstone?

Yes, Larimar is a real gemstone. It is a variety of Pectolite that gains its blue color from the inclusion of copper in the crystal. 

Is Larimar a lucky stone?

Yes, Larimar is said to bring luck and positivity into your life.

Can Larimar be worn every day?

Yes, because Larimar has soothing and peaceful vibrations, it can be worn every day.

Can Larimar go in the water?

Yes, Larimar can go in the water for short periods of time.

Is Larimar safe in the sun?

No, Larimar can fade and weaken under the sun, so it should be kept out of direct sunlight. 

Why is Larimar so rare?

Larimar is so rare because you can only find it in the Dominican Republic.

How can you tell if Larimar is real?

You can tell if your Larimar is real or fake by examining the markings on the crystal. True Larimar will have creamy white streaks and patterns on the stone and will often have darker veins amongst its patterns. Fake Larimar will usually have uniform patterns and consistent colors.

What are the nicknames for Larimar?

Nicknames for Larimar include the Dolphin Stone and the Atlantis Stone.

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