Red Spinel

(red spin-ell)
Main Origins:
Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

What is Red Spinel?

Red Spinel on dark background

Red Spinel is a distinct and captivating stone that exhibits various colors. Crystal enthusiasts and collectors often love it due to its pink and red hues and smooth, glass-like texture.

At its core, Red Spinel is considered a variety of Corundum. Regarding chemical composition, this crystal consists primarily of aluminum oxide and has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.

First discovered in the mines of Afghanistan, Red Spinel is also called “Balas.” It is derived from “Badakhshan,” a region in Afghanistan that gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance period.

Did you know that this crystal was believed to be a talisman for warriors in ancient times? Red Spinel’s benefits include keeping its users away from bad energies and making people braver. It is a sought-after stone among crystal collectors because it is rare, has a special place in history, and has Metaphysical Properties.

Red Spinel Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

A stone with many metaphysical properties and benefits, Red Spinel primarily manifests in shades of red and pink. The Red Red Spinel symbolizes passion and vitality, while the Pink one signifies love and compassion. 

This gemstone is in line with the Root, Sacral, and Heart Chakras, which makes it a crystal that helps balance and activate these energy centers, facilitating mental healing, creativity, empathy, and compassion. 

It is also connected with the Fire element, making it a well-known stone that ignites creativity and strength.

Red Spinel is a Saturn-ruled crystal with a celestial connection that enhances the gem’s grounding properties. 

The gemstone embodies the benefits of increased courage and protection as it is linked with the ruling Gods Sekhmet, Persephone, and Hades. 

Sekhmet brings courage and strength, Persephone connects it to the realm of the underworld and transformation, and Hades provides protective qualities, making it a powerful and multifaceted stone for those who seek its metaphysical properties.

Resonating with a numerical vibration of 11, this crystal signifies spiritual awakening and intuition. 

Red Spinel Healing Properties & Benefits

Courage and Motivation 

  • By stimulating the Root Chakra, Red Spinel instills a sense of fearlessness and determination. 
  • Place it in your dominant hand, close your eyes, and think of yourself bravely facing life’s challenges. 


  • Red Spinel supports your overall health by enhancing vitality and blood circulation within your body. 
  • Hold the crystal over your Heart Chakra and focus your mind and intention on improved health. You will feel the stone mentally infuse you with its healing energy. 


  • This gemstone imparts strength by aligning it with the Sacral Chakra. As you use the stone, you will feel it providing you with a boost of physical and emotional energy. 
  • To activate its strength-boosting properties, wear it as a pendant while stating affirmations about your inner power and resilience. 


  • Red Spinel’s healing properties include balancing your reproductive system and promoting passion and desire, further enhancing fertility
  • Try placing the crystal in a bowl of rosewater under the moonlight as you set your intention for conception. 


  • Red Spinel is known to open the Third Eye Chakra to enhance intuition and mental clarity. 
  • Use it during meditation and visualize yourself absorbing wisdom and insights from the universe. 

Red Spinel Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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  • This crystal is known to enhance wisdom as it promotes mental clarity and enhances your analytical thinking. 
  • Tap into the crystal’s boosting properties by holding it in your hand, closing your eyes, and focusing on a specific question or problem. 


  • Red Spinel’s properties for awareness rise as this crystal grounds your energies, which helps you stay present and mindful. 
  • Place it on your forehead while meditating to activate your Third Eye Chakra. Feel its energy bringing you to the present moment and enhancing your awareness. 


  • Get lucky as Red Spinel attracts good fortune by aligning your intentions with positive energies. 
  • Hold the crystal and visualize your goals. Always carry the stone with you as you speak your wishes aloud. 

Divine Assistance 

  • This stone facilitates divine assistance since it deepens your spiritual connection and intuition. 
  • Place a Red Spinel in a sacred place and light a white candle. Meditate while asking for divine guidance, and feel the crystal connect you to higher realms of consciousness. 


  • Red Spinel aids the power of manifestation by amplifying your intentions and desires. 
  • Write down your goals on paper and place the crystal on top as you visualize your desires coming to life.

Side Effects of Red Spinel

  • Superiority: Red Spinel may cause a sense of empowerment or a feeling of being better than others. To avoid this, practice humility and gratitude. 
  • Obsession: This crystal may lead to obsessive thoughts and behaviors. You can alleviate this by balancing your thinking with other aspects of life. 
  • Radical Thoughts: Excessive use may trigger the formation of radical or extreme thoughts. Try meditation and relaxation techniques to mitigate this.

Red Spinel Meaning: What Does Red Spinel Symbolize?

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The meaning of Red Spinel is passion and vitality. 

Red Spinel’s metaphysical properties activate the Root and Heart Chakras, which are believed to bring courage and confidence to crystal users. This stone helps wearers overcome life’s obstacles and challenges.

The alternative names for this crystal are “Spinel Ruby” or “Balas Spinelle.” These names were given due to the crystal’s resemblance to vibrant and genuine red-tone rubies, distinguished as a variety of spinel.

Garnet and Red Jasper are the crystals you can pair exceptionally well with Red Spinel. When these crystals are paired, they will create a harmonious combination of lasting grounding energies.

Red Spinel is a highly regarded stone, just like genuine Rubies, due to its mystical and protective properties. It is also a renowned stone that enhances vitality and life forces.

Types of Red Spinel

  • Common Red Spinel: Possessing a vibrant red hue that brings passion and vitality into one’s life, it is connected with enhanced motivation and courage. 
  • Red Spinel: This crystal has a deep crimson shade and is believed to ignite the flame of love and passion in relationships. 
  • Rose-Red Spinel: It is a stone that stands out due to its delicate pinkish-red hue. Also known as possessing Red Spinel’s healing properties in areas of your emotions while fostering compassion and self-love. 
  • Red Spinel on White Matrix: Exhibiting a captivating blend of red and white, this gemstone is thought to promote energy balance and emotional stability. 
  • Blood Red Spinel: With its intense red tone, this ruby is often worn to protect against negativity. It also promotes courage and strength. 
  • Pink Red Spinel: Given its soft pink hue, Pink Red Spinel is connected with heart matters and brings harmony, affection, and warmth to relationships. 
  • Hot Pink Red Spinel: Jedi Spinel is the other term for this crystal. It is a variety of Ruby with a vibrant, enchanting pink color known to stimulate creativity. 
  • Purplish Red Spinel: Showcasing a hint of purple in its red hue, Purplish Red Spinel is beneficial for spiritual growth and transformation. 
  • Red Spinel in Biotite Matrix: Often showing a unique blend of Red Spinel and dark matrix, this variety grounds, stabilizes, and strengthens its users. 
  • Fiery Orange Red Spinel: Features a captivating fiery orange-red color that is believed to enhance your creativity, enthusiasm, and zest for life. 
  • Red Spinel in Quartz Matrix: Incorporated within Quartz crystals, this variety of Ruby promotes balance and clarity.
  • Lavender Red Spinel: With its soft lavender tint, this crystal is associated with emotional healing, relaxation, and balance. 
  • Red Spinel in Pyrite Matrix: This type of stone combines Red Spinel’s energy with pyrite’s protective qualities. This crystal is said to shield the user against negative energies when worn. 
  • Peach Red Spinel: Exhibiting a gentle peachy hue, Peach Red Spinel is linked to fostering creativity, enhancing communication skills, and creating harmony in relationships. 
  • Starry Night Red Spinel: A unique stone resembling a starry night sky. This type of ruby possesses a unique pattern and is believed to enhance intuition. 
  • Green Red Spinel: This crystal features a green tint in its red hue and is associated with growth, abundance, and prosperity. 
  • Red Spinel in Fuchsite Matrix: A crystal that brings emotional healing, vitality, and a sense of well-being, it is also renowned for its unique green fuchsite color and pattern. 
  • Mystic Red Spinel: Mysterious with ever-changing colors, this gemstone helps you adapt to your life’s ongoing transition. 
  • Sunset Red Spinel: Resembling the warm hue of sunsets, this variety is connected with relaxation, tranquility, and stress relief. 
  • Celestial Red Spinel: This crystal often looks like a night sky and is believed to enhance your connection with the cosmos. 
  • Red Spinel in Lepidolite Matrix: Encased in Lepidolite, this crystal is renowned for its calming properties. This combination promotes emotional balance and reduces anxiety. 
  • Honey Red Spinel: Honey-toned red by nature, this crystal is often used for its sweet, gentle energy that attracts love, abundance, and prosperity. 
  • Firework Red Spinel: A stone that celebrates due to its resemblance to fireworks, it is known to offer joy and life’s excitement. 
  • Red Spinel Heart: Carved into the shape of a heart, this Banded Ruby symbolizes love and affection. 
  • Red Spinel Wand: Shaped as a wand, this crystal can direct your energy, focus your intention, and facilitate energy healing work. 
  • Iridescent Red Spinel: Displays a mesmerizing play of colors that represents the harmony of the opposites and the balance of energies within. 
  • Red Spinel Sphere: It is crafted into a spherical shape that radiates energy equally, creating a harmonious and balanced environment. 
  • Blood Orange Red Spinel: With a combination of deep blood-red hue in its orange base, this crystal is associated with vitality, strength, and passion. 
  • Solar Red Spinel: This stone resonates with the sun’s energy, believed to bring warmth, positivity, and vitality to one’s life.

How to Cleanse Red Spinel?

  • Candle: You may try to pass Red Spinel through a candle flame to purify its energy. 
  • Clear Quartz:Place your gemstone on a cluster of Clear Quartz to recharge its vibrational properties. 
  • Sage: To renew your Red Spinel’s spiritual energy, try to smudge it with sage smoke.

Questions and Answers

Can Red Spinel Get Wet?

Yes, Red Spinel can get wet. However, avoid prolonged exposure to water, as it can affect the luster and durability of the crystal. It is also recommended to remove it before bathing. 

Are Red Spinel Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Red Spinel is considered safe in the sun. Sunlight exposure can enhance the beauty of the gemstone.

How Can You Tell if Red Spinel is Real?

Natural Red Spinel is usually a deep red to pinkish-red color with an imperfect shape, a 6.5 to 7.5 hardness on the Mohs scale, and a high refractive index.

What Stones Go Well With Red Spinel?

It pairs beautifully with Gaia Stone, White Sapphire, and Red Jasper. Amethyst and Garnet can also go well with its rich red hue.

Is Red Spinel Dangerous to The Touch?

No, this crystal is not dangerous to touch. It is considered a safe and non-toxic gemstone that can be handled without causing you any harm.

Interactions with Red Spinel

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