Adelaide Ruby

(ad - l - eyd roo - bee)
Main Origins:
Adelaide, Australia.

What is Adelaide Ruby?

Almandine Garnet from Adelaide Crystal placed on grayish table. Image Source: | Mike Petrov - TheGlobalStone
Image Source: | Mike Petrov – TheGlobalStone

The gem known as “Adelaide Ruby” goes by various alternative names such as “Australian Garnet,” “Almandine Garnet from Adelaide,” and “Australian Ruby.” 

This exquisite gemstone primarily comprises aluminum oxide with trace amounts of chromium, resulting in its captivating red hue. Its inherent transparency allows light to traverse its solid crystalline structure effortlessly.

A precious stone has resided deep within the Earth’s crust for countless millions of years, enduring the forces of heat and pressure that have sculpted its evolution. 

Throughout this enduring journey, it forges a profound connection between the heart and the mind, imparting foresight, bravery, and adaptability in the face of life’s trials.

The ruby is a symbol of emotions, capable of igniting flames of love and longing. It offers solace to those grappling with sadness, guiding them toward inner peace and happiness.

Adelaide Ruby Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Adelaide Ruby has a connection to the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. It lets you become more direct and action focused and helps you undergo the transformation needed to be on a path of happiness. 

Governed by Mars, the planet associated with ambition and desire, this gemstone gives you a more passionate and determined nature. It inspires action, courage, and motivation.

The Fire element connection invites vitality, enthusiasm, and creativity. Like fire can ignite and bring about change, this gemstone encourages you to ignite your passions and transform your aspirations into reality. Its fiery essence promotes spontaneity, boldness, and a zest for life, making it an ideal stone to use if you wish to rekindle your inner flame and embrace life’s adventures.

In feng shui, South symbolizes fame and recognition, aligning perfectly with this gemstone’s ability to boost confidence and assertiveness. Placing an Adelaide Ruby in the South part of a space can enhance your reputation and social standing.

Adelaide Ruby primarily connects with the Root Chakra. It is great for unlocking dormant energy hidden within your kundalini. Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra is responsible for ensuring feelings of security, stability, and connection to the Earth.

Adelaide Ruby Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Adelaide Ruby enhances physical vitality and stamina. Its connection to the Root Chakra aids in balancing the body’s energy flow, promoting overall well-being.
  • Place the Adelaide Ruby over the affected area or your Root Chakra and visualize its healing energy penetrating deep, restoring balance and vitality.


  • This gem’s fiery essence ignites passion and desire, making it a catalyst for reigniting lost sparks in relationships or pursuits.
  • Wear the Adelaide Ruby close to your heart or meditate with it, envisioning a flame growing brighter with each breath.

Confidence and Courage

  • Working with Adelaide Ruby instills a sense of self-assuredness, empowering you to face challenges head-on and embrace new opportunities.
  • For a boost in confidence, carry the gemstone in your pocket or wear it as jewelry, feeling its empowering energy throughout the day.


  • The gem encourages introspection, guiding you on a journey to discover your true self and purpose.
  • Meditate with the Adelaide Ruby on your forehead, tapping into its energy to unlock hidden aspects of yourself.


  • Adelaide Ruby stimulates the mind, fostering innovative ideas and aiding in breaking creative blocks. It helps regulate circadian rhythms, ensuring a balanced flow of creative energy.
  • Place the gemstone on your workspace or meditate with it near your Sacral Chakra, visualizing a whirlpool of creative ideas flowing freely.

Adelaide Ruby Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman crossing her fingers for luck


  • Working with Adelaide Ruby attracts good fortune and wards off negative energies.
  • Wear the gemstone as a pendant or ring, allowing its energies to draw in luck and positivity.


  • This gem enhances spiritual communication, acting as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Hold the Adelaide Ruby during séances or spiritual communication sessions, feeling its energy connect you to the other side.


  • Using Adelaide Ruby sharpens intuitive abilities, guiding you to trust your inner voice.
  • Meditate with the gemstone on your Third Eye Chakra, allowing its energy to amplify your intuitive senses.

Karmic Healing

  • The gem aids in releasing past traumas and karmic debts, facilitating spiritual growth.
  • For karmic healing, place the Adelaide Ruby on your Heart Chakra during meditation, visualizing past burdens lifting away.

Reality Shifting

  • Adelaide Ruby aids in altering perceptions, helping you manifest your desired realities.
  • Sleep with the gemstone under your pillow, setting intentions for the reality you wish to manifest.

Side Effects of Adelaide Ruby

  • Overexcitement: While Adelaide Ruby has energizing properties, overexposure or heightened sensitivity to its energies can lead to feelings of overexcitement. This can manifest as restlessness, insomnia, or an overwhelming surge of energy that may be hard to channel or control.
  • Arrogance: The confidence-boosting qualities of Adelaide Ruby are undeniable. However, if not balanced with humility and self-awareness, it can lead some down a path of arrogance. This might result in an inflated ego, feeling superior to others, or dismissing the opinions and feelings of those around them.
  • Impractical Ideas: This stone stimulates creativity and passion that can sometimes lead to a flood of ideas. While this surge of inspiration is generally positive, it can occasionally result in impractical or unrealistic ideas. 

Adelaide Ruby Meaning: What Does Adelaide Ruby Symbolize?

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The meaning of Adelaide Ruby is “Bravery of the Heart.”

Adelaide Ruby’s deep red hues can be compared to the life force that flows within us, symbolizing vitality and energy. Ancients used it for protection against harm and warding off spirits, and to help them foresee impending danger. 

It is a token of love and commitment exchanged between partners as a promise of affection.

It is a great stone for inspiring self-expression, creativity, and fearlessly pursuing your passions. It speaks to your soul by encouraging introspection and self-awareness.

The name “Adelaide” finds its origin in the city of Adelaide in Australia. The name itself has roots in the Germanic language, meaning “kind.”

Throughout history, Rubies have been famously used in the crowns and jewelry of nobles. As a precious stone, owning or wearing it has an association with status, royalty, and wealth.

Types of Adelaide Ruby Crystals

  • Common Adelaide Ruby: The most common variety, this Adelaide Ruby has a deep red hue and brings strength and vitality.
  • Bright Red Adelaide Ruby: This Bright Red Adelaide Ruby ignites passion and creativity, making it a recommended stone for artists and romantics.
  • Pink Adelaide Ruby: With its soft pink tones, this variety of Adelaide Ruby is associated with love and compassion and is often gifted as a token of affection.
  • Purple Adelaide Ruby: The purple shade in this stone symbolizes spiritual growth and intuition. This stone can be used in meditation practices to enhance inner vision.
  • Maroon Adelaide Ruby: Deep red, this variety of Adelaide Ruby grounds energies and promotes stability, making it a great stone for leaders.
  • Brown Adelaide Ruby: Earthy brown, this variant connects you to nature, promoting healing and rejuvenation.
  • Orange Adelaide Ruby: This orange variety of Adelaide Ruby boosts confidence and joy. You can use it to uplift your spirit and bring positivity.
  • Dark Adelaide Ruby: This black Ruby is associated with protection and strength and is used as a shield against negative energies.
  • Green Adelaide Ruby: Occurring in the rare color green, this Ruby harmonizes the heart and mind, promoting emotional well-being.
  • Dodecahedral Adelaide Ruby: With twelve flat faces, this geometric Ruby amplifies energies, making it a powerful tool for manifestation.
  • Adelaide Ruby on Light Matrix: This Ruby is embedded in a lighter rock matrix and symbolizes unity and interconnectedness. It is a great stone to strengthen community bonds.
  • Pyrope-Adelaide Ruby: A blend of Pyrope Garnet and Ruby, this variant enhances vitality and courage.

How To Cleanse Adelaide Ruby?

white candle on a blurred background

  • Candle: Pass the Adelaide Ruby aside the candle flame briefly, allowing Fire’s energy to purify and rejuvenate its vibrational frequency.
  • Smudging: Gently waft the smoke from a burning sage or palo santo around the Adelaide Ruby, dispelling negative energies and refreshing its aura.
  • Sunlight: Place the Adelaide Ruby in direct sunlight for a few hours, letting the sun’s radiant energy cleanse and recharge its natural properties.

Questions and Answers

Is Adelaide Ruby Rare?

Yes, Adelaide Ruby is rare compared to other gemstones and is considered a precious stone.

Why is It Called Adelaide Ruby?

The reason it’s called Adelaide Ruby is because it’s named after the city of Adelaide in Australia, where it is predominantly found.

How Can You Tell if an Adelaide Ruby is Real?

To tell if Adelaide Ruby is real, check its hardness. Genuine Adelaide Ruby has a Mohs rating of 7 to 7.5 and has a uniform, complex inner crystal structure that is free of imperfections and impurities.

What is the Difference Between Adelaide Ruby and Pyrope Garnet?

The difference between Adelaide Ruby and Pyrope Garnet is that Adelaide Ruby is a specific variant of Ruby, whereas Pyrope is a type of Garnet with a different mineral composition.

Is Adelaide Ruby the Same as Almandine Ruby?

No, Adelaide Ruby and Almandine Ruby are not the same. Almandine is a type of Garnet, while Adelaide Ruby is a Ruby variant.

Can Adelaide Rubies Get Wet?

Yes, Adelaide Rubies can get wet, but dry them thoroughly after exposure to moisture to avoid damage.

Are Adelaide Rubies Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Adelaide Rubies are safe in the sun for short periods, but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might affect their color and clarity.

How Do You Take Care of Adelaide Rubies?

To take care of Adelaide Rubies, store them separately in soft pouches, clean them with water and a soft brush, and pack them in padded containers for travel.

Is Adelaide Ruby Expensive?

Yes, due to its rarity, Adelaide Ruby can be more expensive than more common Rubies.

What Stones Go Well with Adelaide Ruby?

Diamonds, Sapphires, and Emeralds are precious stones that go well with Adelaide Ruby.

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