Guide to Making Your Own Sleep Spell Jars 

  1. Stepwise Guide to Make a Spell Jar
  2. 10 Sleep Crystals to Use in a Spell Jar
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Spell jars can be used to tangibly manifest an experience of deep, peaceful, and easy sleep. They can also enhance your experience of rest, lucid dreaming, dream memory, deep healing, and rejuvenation that happens during sleep

Maybe you are new to green witchcraft or this type of ritualistic magic. Or maybe you’re just curious about what a sleep spell jar is. Either way, learn how to make a spell jar for sleep with crystals in this article!

A sleep spell jar is a way to clearly and intentionally direct your energy in a specific or general way concerning sleep. It involves assembling a magical object—a jar, layered with various elements that energetically relate to sleep in the particular ways you require or desire. 

The presence, meaning, and symbolism of each ingredient in your spell for sleeping are intentionally added for its enhancing, healing, or regulating properties. These ingredients can include specific crystals, herbs, symbols, and more.

Stepwise Guide to Make a Spell Jar

Making spell jars is actually an ancient practice; these were initially called witches’ bottles. If this type of spell work resonates with you, it can be an enjoyable ritual and almost immediately have powerful effects on your sleep. 

Sleep spell jars can be used for different reasons, and the components will vary depending on your specific intention. Spell jars are not an exact science; this is very intuitive. But there are some general guidelines for successfully creating a potent spell jar.

Tools and Ingredients for a Sleep Spell Jar

  • Jar: A small jar made from glass with a cork closing is ideal. Alternatively, a small ceramic bottle or vessel with a cork or wooden closing is also suitable.
  • Crystals: Specific crystals can be added to your jar for different nuanced energetic benefits on your sleep. We will cover various crystals for sleep in full detail in the sections below.
  • Dried botanicals or essential oils: Herbs for improving quality and depth of sleep or plants that induce and enhance the dream time. See the sections below and the summary table for which herbs to use.
  • Incense: Incense sticks, palo santo woods, or an herbal smudge bundle to cleanse your space, jar, or other ingredients.
  • Stationary: Paper and pens, markers, or paints for writing down your intention on paper, or marking your jar, or an object in the jar with a symbol.
  • Candle: White, light blue, or purple candle for sealing your sleep spell jar
  • Other ingredients: You can also include salt, soil, ash, feathers, cotton, or silk.

How to Make a Spell Jar for Sleep with Crystals 

A girl sleeping peacefully in a dark room
  1. Please write down your clear intention as an affirmation on a small piece of paper. A simple affirmation example is: “I entirely experience rejuvenating sleep.” 
  2. Cleanse your empty jar or vessel with incense smoke.
  3. Add a base layer of salt or soil to your jar for cleansing or grounding your sleep or dreams.
  4. Add a feather, soft raw cotton, a piece of silk, or cotton fabric for pleasurable, sleepy comfort.
  5. Add in your chosen sleepy or dream botanicals.
  6. Add in your mini scroll with your written intention.
  7. Add in your appropriate sleep crystal.
  8. Close your sleep spell jar and seal it with hot wax.

PS: This is just our basic suggested method for making a sleep spell jar. Listen to your intuition and add any other appropriate ingredients or elements. Just remember not to add too many ingredients (no more than 7).

How to Activate or Use a Sleep Spell Jar

Activate your sleep jar by holding it and repeating the affirmation written within your spell jar aloud. You can also repeat any other relevant affirmations that intuitively arise in the moment.

If you are wondering, Where is the best place to keep your good sleep spell jar? There are many options. Simply keep it under your bed, hang it above your bed, or set it in a safe spot on your bedside table.

You can also keep your sleep spell jar on an altar within your sleep space. Additionally, you can practice with your spell jar to maintain your connection with the energy you have initiated through meditation or breathing deeply while holding your jar.

We recommend connecting with your spell jar energy in meditation or taking a moment to hold it and repeat your affirmation at least once a month, or more often as you feel called to do so.

This is also helpful as spell jars, especially when the spell’s energy is heavily relied upon, can run out and need to be refreshed or re-energized at least once a year with fresh herbs, cleansed crystals, new seals, etc.

If you no longer have use for your spell jar, take a moment of gratitude for the elements and dispose of the organic ingredients in the compost. You can clean and cleanse the jar and use it in another spell.

10 Sleep Crystals to Use in a Spell Jar

The metaphysical and healing benefits of crystals help to attune and energize your sleep spell, and different crystals offer specific effects that can align with your intention for making a sleep spell jar. 

The following are some of the best sleep crystals for use in spell jars. We will discuss the effects on your sleep that each crystal has and the best herbs or other spell jar ingredients that pair well with each stone.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz on a white background

The soothing and loving vibrations that emanate from Rose Quartz helps to cultivate a state of relaxation and safety. Adding a piece of Rose Quartz to your spell jar has the effect of deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Rose Quartz pairs well with dried chamomile flowers or valerian root, but you can include any dried botanical or essential oil that has a deeply relaxing effect for you.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline on a white background

A protective crystal that will guide you to mental and emotional clarity, Black Tourmaline can be used in a sleep spell jar for relief from restlessness. Its grounding effect and benefit is dispelling negative thoughts.

When using Black Tourmaline in a protective and grounding sleep spell, include some lavender or rosemary in dried or essential oil form.


polished malachite on white background

The heart-based energy combined with its cloaking effect from lower vibrations makes Malachite helpful in dealing with nightmares and encouraging more pleasant dreams. 

Put a piece of Malachite in your sleep spell jar for warding off bad dreams with rosemary, bay leaf, sage, or thyme. Salt should always be added for its cleansing energy to spell jars for nightmares.


A polished hematite on a white background

Hematite is a super grounding stone. Its energy also helps to clear the mind and focus on whatever you set your intention upon. You can intentionally use a piece of Hematite in your sleep spell jar for improved sleep quality.

Hematite pairs well with chamomile, valerian root, passiflora, or mimosa within your good sleep spell jar to direct and power your spell for much better sleep. 


Moonstone with white background

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing energy of Moonstone is well known to lead to better sleep health. Adding some Moonstone to your sleep spell jar will help you regulate your sleep cycle, guiding you to create a routine aligned with a natural and healthy sleep cycle.

There are many wonderful plants that you can add to a Moonstone sleep spell jar, including the seeds or dried flowers of moonflowers (be cautious, as they are poisonous), as well as passiflora, rosemary, or raspberry leaves. 

Smoky Quartz

A raw and unpolished smoky quarts on a white background

Smoky Quartz is an essential stone to add to a sleep spell jar for healing insomnia. The grounding, detoxification, transformational, and protective effects of this crystal contribute to its power to assist with insomnia.

Smoky Quartz can be added into a sleep spell jar for insomnia together with dried herbs or essences of lavender, chamomile, passiflora, skullcap, or California poppy.


Selenite crystal on a white background

Selenite is a pure and powerful energetic tool that can expand our spiritual awareness. It opens the higher chakras, activating and elevating psychic senses, clarifying our connection to the higher dimensions, subtle realms, and dreamwork. Selenite is a perfect addition to a sleep spell jar for lucid dreaming.

For a powerful lucid dreaming sleep spell, add some dried blue lotus petals, mugwort, yarrow, or a little piece of dried reishi or psilocybin mushroom into your spell jar with Selenite and the other spell jar ingredients.

Green Calcite

A piece of green gemstone on white background

Add a piece of Green Calcite to your spell for deep physical and emotional healing during sleep, as this crystal is a harmonious, nurturing, and powerful natural healing ally.

Adding in some rosemary, echinacea, or lemon balm together with Green Calcite can form a powerful combination for receiving healing on an energetic level that impacts all other levels while asleep.


Amethyst crystal on a white background

To create a sleep spell jar for good or prophetic dreams add in an Amethyst crystal. Amethyst is a crystal of peace, spiritual awareness, divine insight, and higher self-perspective, making it perfect for this purpose.

It pairs well with blue lotus, lavender, passiflora, or mugwort. Add any of these in dried or essence form with Amethyst and other spell jar ingredients for pleasurable and powerful dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli

Polished Lapiz Lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli helps with integrating spiritual knowledge from the subtle realms and stimulating higher intelligence, which helps with decoding symbolism. It is also great for improving memory. This, combined with its other benefits, makes it a great choice to add to a spell jar for dream recall and decoding.

Add a piece of Lapis Lazuli together with ginkgo, rosemary, gotu kola, or sage into your spell jar to help you remember and make sense of the messages and insights from your dreams.

Set and Activate Your Sleep Spell Jar Today!

Just a friendly reminder to make sure to seal your spell jar well and keep it out of reach of children due to the small elements and some herbs that aren’t necessarily for ingestion. 

Be sure to use only dried herbs, essential oils, or tinctured herbal essences. Fresh elements will decompose fast and impact the effectiveness and visual appeal of your spell jar.

Most importantly, be intentional, follow your intuition, and use the guidance offered here, combined with thoughtful creativity. Enjoy the process, ritual, and benefits of crafting your very own spell to sleep that is tailored to your exact needs.

A graphic table showing a list of crystals for making a sleep spell jar.

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