Guide to January 21 Pluto Entering Aquarius and 13 Crystals to Use

  1. Overview of January 21 Pluto enters Aquarius
  2. What to Expect When Pluto Enters Aquarius?
  3. 13 Crystals for January 21 When Pluto Enters Aquarius 
  4. Start Using Crystals for Pluto Entering Aquarius!

Imagine a huge, icy rock far away in space that influences your energy here on Earth—this is Pluto. Now, get ready for a cosmic shift on January 21 when Pluto enters Aquarius, an event that happens only every 248 years! It’s like a giant game of celestial musical chairs, affecting everyone. 

What happens when Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21? How should we respond? Is this a good time to bring out our shiny crystals? Let’s dive into what this all means and how we can use crystals to navigate these changes.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, big changes are on the way, especially in how we use technology and connect. This time encourages us to accept change and work toward growth as a group while still being ourselves.

Using crystals in our daily lives can help us connect with the frequencies of change and clarity that come from Pluto’s shift.

Find out how Pluto’s move into Aquarius can change your life and how the 13 rocks can help you through this astral change.

Overview of January 21 Pluto enters Aquarius

Aquarius dice on white background

When Pluto moves into Aquarius, it marks a major change in the sky and the start of a time of social change and progress. This planetary movement changes the way we think about society and individuality. It opens a new chapter in human history with discoveries and ways for everyone to live together on Earth.

Historically, Pluto’s moves have happened at the same time as big changes in society. Its return to Aquarius is similar to changes in democracy, science, and the arts that happened more than two hundred years ago. This rare event occurs approximately every 248 years, providing ample time to adjust to evolving energies and new norms.

As the planet of transformation, power, and rebirth, Pluto encourages us to embrace the new and let go of old ways. In Aquarius, this energy is infused with progressivism, urging us toward freedom, equality, and truth.

Starting on January 21, Pluto will be moving through Aquarius. This will give us a long time to use creative energy, come up with new ideas, and help make the world a better place for everyone.

What to Expect When Pluto Enters Aquarius?

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, a wave of change hits our minds, questioning the status quo and redefining what it means to be a group. Anticipate widespread transformations, touching every facet of society, from technology to social justice.

Effects of Pluto’s Shift

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius presents both challenges and opportunities. On the plus side, you can look forward to new ideas, stronger calls for social changes, and growing unity. However, resistance to change may lead to unrest and power struggles. Pluto’s disruptive nature aims to pave the way for positive transformation amid upheaval.

Rituals and Practices for Navigation

To navigate this astrological event, adopt rituals and practices. Crystals like Aquamarine and Labradorite enhance communication and intuition. Sound healing with soothing frequencies calms the mind, aligning with Aquarius’s vibrations.

Incorporate herbs, like lavender and sage, for clarity and purification. Floral grids featuring orchids and irises beautify spaces, supporting personal growth. Chants with themes of change and new ideas help people set goals that are in line with their Aquarius spirit.

By using these tools together, you can make a sacred place that shows how the universe is changing and helps you on your way through this time of change.

13 Crystals for January 21 When Pluto Enters Aquarius 

As Pluto shifts into Aquarius, the time is ripe to harness the energies through the natural power of crystals. These earthly gems can be your allies, aiding in personal transformation and keeping you grounded amidst the waves of change. Let’s look at the crystals that are connected to this cosmic event. Each one is ready to help you reach your goals on this trip.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz on white background

Amidst Pluto’s shift into Aquarius, Smoky Quartz emerges as a grounding force. Known for dispelling negativity and providing emotional calmness, this crystal acts as an anchor in times of change. Perfect for navigating transformative energies, it dissolves fear and brings emotional balance.

Place it in direct new moonlight—a time for setting intentions. Alternatively, hold it while you meditate and imagine that it is absorbing healing forces and making you stronger. A charged Smoky Quartz becomes your talisman through Pluto’s influence in Aquarius.


Tanzanite x no credit needed

Tanzanite, a stone of transformation, aligns perfectly with Pluto entering Aquarius. This bright gem makes it easier to talk to people and read their minds, which can help you find your way through new waves of thought and community. Connecting the mind with the heart promotes intuition and wisdom during times of change. Tanzanite’s energy encourages embracing the unknown.

Hold Tanzanite while visualizing Aquarian energy or set it on a Selenite plate overnight to cleanse and energize it. This makes your Tanzanite a tool for self-discovery during Pluto’s Aquarius influence.


Spectrolite improves adaptation and metamorphosis, mirroring Pluto’s diverse trip into Aquarius. This kaleidoscope-colored stone balances the aura and elevates consciousness, reflecting the Aquarian age’s forward-thinking spirit. Be guided by Spectrolite through collaborative shifts to thrive in transformation.

Place Spectrolite in the morning sunshine to charge. Imagine its energy complementing Aquarius’s. Let this charged Spectrolite guide you through Pluto’s momentous transit.


Moldavite on white bakcground

Pluto’s passage into Aquarius matches star-born changemaker Moldavite. Our Green Tektite enhances spiritual growth and development. Moldavite helps flow with Pluto’s Aquarian growth, exposing the heart and mind to new frequencies. The cosmic voyager stone guides personal and collective revolution.To charge Moldavite, connect it with the energy of the stars by placing it outside under the night sky. Absorbing cosmic vibrations, focus on aligning with Aquarius’s forward-thinking energy. Charged in this way, Moldavite becomes a powerful ally in navigating the changes brought by Pluto in Aquarius in 2024.

Satin Spar Selenite 

a selenite satin spar on a white background

Satin Spar Selenite, a bright crystal, brings clarity and calm during Pluto’s Aquarius transit. Its innocence and high vibrations help the mind and spirit deal with the huge changes that this cosmic event brings. Flexibility and insight support Aquarian innovation and togetherness.

Self-cleaning Satin Spar Selenite charges without light. Hold the crystal and imagine your aura drenched in milky-white light. Fill the gem with your goals and align it with Pluto’s journey of change to go through the changes with ease and confidence.


Pietersite on white background

Stormstone Pietersite matches the atmosphere’s energy. Pluto’s ability to inspire transformation and growth becomes especially important in Aquarius. You can let go of old ideas and think in new ways when Petersite is in sync with Aquarius’s creativity and Pluto’s ability to change things.

Hold Pietersite quietly and breathe deeply to charge it with strength and focus. Or, place it in clean water and see the Water’s energy cleansing and activating the crystal. This simple act prepares Pietersite to help you handle change.


A Charoite on a white background

Pluto’s move into Aquarius brings spiritual wisdom and the courage to try new things. This gem promotes inner strength and fear release for transformative energy. Charoite’s vibration raises consciousness, helping with change.

Place Charoite on your windowsill to absorb dusk’s or dawn’s mellow, transforming light to prepare it for Aquarius. Think of it absorbing this light to guide you through Pluto’s changes. This charges Charoite to transform you personally and spiritually.

Golden Healer Quartz

golden healer quartzon white background
Image Source: Facebook | Your PRANA Mineral Gallery

With Pluto moving into Aquarius, the powerful crystal, Golden Healer Quartz, which gives off healing energy and sunlight, becomes a useful friend. Take advantage of its power to clear and boost your energy, which fits perfectly with Aquarius’s creative attitude. Use this crystal to amplify intentions and promote healing on all levels during this transformative period.

Charge your Golden Healer Quartz in a sunny spot, allowing it to absorb the early light. Envision the rays infusing vitality and clarity, preparing them to guide you through the evolving energies of Pluto in Aquarius. This simple ritual primes your crystal for support as you navigate upcoming changes.


Petalite on white background

Petalite, also known as the “Angel Stone,” gives off peace and good vibes, which makes it a great stone for Pluto’s journey through Aquarius. This crystal clears up confusion and mental turmoil, making it easier to think clearly and get along with others. It’s a superb choice for connecting with your higher self and embracing the innovative spirit of the Aquarian age.

To charge Petalite, place it in a serene space with calming items. Whisper your intentions, focusing on clarity and peace. Pluto in Aquarius is changing things, and this particular connection fills the crystal with your energy. This makes it ready to help you through this time.

Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline on white background

During times of change, like Pluto’s move into Aquarius, Black Tourmaline, which is a powerful protector, becomes an important friend. Its securing qualities keep you stable during times of change, letting you explore new Aquarian ideas. Think of it as a personal shield, deflecting negativity and empowering you.

To charge Black Tourmaline, place it on the Earth or natural salt, resonating with its grounding nature. Envision a protective barrier forming around it, enhancing its defenses. This easy rite gets your Black Tourmaline ready to be your guardian stone as you enter the age of Aquarius, which is a time of change brought about by Pluto.

Fire Labradorite

With its beautiful play of colors, Fire Labradorite is a mesmerizing stone for change and awareness that goes well with Pluto’s move into Aquarius. This fiery gem makes you more determined and wise, which helps you find your way through Aquarian innovations. It serves as your lantern, illuminating the path to progress.

To charge Fire Labradorite, hold it in your hands, focusing on your aspirations. Let your warmth infuse the stone or place it near a crackling fire or in the warm light of sunset to strengthen its natural energies. This ritual links the stone’s energy to your trip and helps you find your way through Pluto’s transformative energies in Aquarius.


Shungite on white background

Shungite, a potent purifier, holds the key to cleansing body, mind, and spirit. As Pluto enters Aquarius, heralding change and innovation, Shungite becomes a grounding anchor. It maintains balance and shields you from the surrounding waves of new energies. This stone is your ally for focus and security amid transformative shifts.

To charge Shungite, place it on the Earth or among living plants, letting it absorb nature’s revitalizing energies. Envision its velvety blackness drawing in purity and resilience from the ground. Shungite is ready to help you through the exciting trip of Pluto in Aquarius because it has a simple link to the Earth.

Start Using Crystals for Pluto Entering Aquarius!

As Pluto enters Aquarius, explore the synergy between crystals and the cosmos. Each stone has its benefits for adapting and growing, such as Smoky Quartz’s ability to ground you and Shungite’s ability to cleanse. Bring these rocks with you to make your change into Aquarius a positive one. They will make you stronger and help you understand things better.

Crystals can help you simplify your journey as you deal with Pluto’s changing impact in Aquarius. Their unique energies are ready to support you. Charge them with intention, and they will amplify your strengths and guide you. Start using these crystals today and feel their benefits as you embrace the changes ahead.

CrystalPurposeHow to Charge
Smoky QuartzGrounding and calms emotions.New moon light or meditation.
TanzaniteCommunication and intuition.Envision Aquarian energy or Selenite.
SpectroliteAdaptability and consciousness.Sunlight, especially morning light.
MoldaviteSpiritual evolution.Night sky and cosmic energy.
Satin Spar SeleniteClarity and peace.Self-cleansing and visualization.
PietersitePersonal growth.Deep breathing or clean water.
CharoiteSpiritual insight.Dusk/dawn light on windowsill.
Golden Healer QuartzHealing and amplifies intentions.Sunny spot and early light.
PetalitePeace and clarity.Serene space with focused intentions.
Black TourmalineProtection and stability.Earth or natural salt.
Fire LabradoriteDetermination and insight.Warmth of hands, Fire, or sunset light.
ShungitePurification and balanceEarth or among plants.

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