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Main Origins:
Sweden, Australia, Namibia, Brazil, Italy, Myanmar, Russia, Ethiopia, Portugal, Canada, the USA, Finland, Zimbabwe, the UK, Argentina, Japan, Mozambique, Ukraine, France, China, South-West Africa, and the Czech Republic.

What is Petalite?

a raw petalite crystal on a black granite

Petalite is a silicate mineral that forms naturally in pegmatites with Lithium and often with Tourmaline, Lepidolite, or Spodumene. They’re tabular and usually colorless or white but may be pink, blue, brown, green, yellow, orange, gray, or black.

The name comes from the Greek Word petalon, meaning “leaf.” This owes to its foliated appearance with junctions and veins like in a leaf, so it’s also called the Petal Stone, Petalit, Petalos, Petalita, Petalithus, and Petalitte. 

Did you know Petalite can be heated to around 500°C in laboratories to make Quartz and Spodumene? 

This crystal is a phyllosilicate or feldspathoid (a type of Feldspar) and a crucial lithium ore. Even our phone and laptop batteries use Petalite!

Petalos is also popular as Lithia Petalite, Aluminosilicate of Lithium, Lithia Feldspar, Lithium-Feldspar, and Lithium Aluminum Silicate. 

Petalite forms vitreous crystals with a pearly tone. Some varieties may show an orange luminescence. 

Note that Lithia Feldspar is thermoluminescent, but not fluorescent. 

Have you heard that the Native Americans used Petalite in ancient sweat lodges? Legends say they were also used for healing physical illnesses. Many cultures worldwide made amulets made of colorless and white Petalite crystals. 

Fun Fact: Petalite is often used with ceramics to make dinnerware and figurines. Namibian animal figures in Pink and Brown Petalites are incredible for this.

Petalite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Petalite is linked to the Crown and Stellar Gateway Chakras because it’s commonly seen in white or colorless hues. These primary and secondary chakras bring higher consciousness, enlightenment, cosmic travel, and psychic powers.

Petalit stones exist in many colors and are linked to the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Soul Star (or Galactic) Chakras

Spiritual awareness and love are the healing benefits of Petalite, linked to its cosmic vibration of the number 9.

Petalite properties in astrology include Sun, Mars, and Neptune, bringing communication skills, imagination, and personal power.

Who should wear Petalite? Leo and Scorpio signs are the best for tapping into Petalite benefits, like confidence, peace, universal connection, and wisdom.

Water and Ether are the ruling elements of Petalite crystal. They’re responsible for karmic healing, spiritual destiny, and universal connection. 

Where to keep Petalite at home? Petalite is best kept in the northern corner of your home

Lithia Feldspar draws powers from deities like Brahma, the Hindu Creation God; Zeus, the Greek God of Power; Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom; and Sol, the Roman God of the Sun. It’s also linked to the purification powers of the Egyptian Goddess and God, Isis, and Osiris

Petalite Healing Properties and Benefits

Gut Healing and Detox

  • Did you know Petalite is often recommended by traditional healers for digestive problems? It’s good for constipation, gas, stomach pain, and bloating. 
  • I suggest making an indirect crystal elixir with Clear or Smoky Yellow Petalos stone. 

Letting Go and Peace

  • Pink Petalite is a rare, high-vibration stone that rewires your mind and spirit by clearing negative thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. It’s good for freedom from pain, hurt, and codependency. 
  • Bury your crystal overnight to heal your emotional scars and hurts. Then clean the stone and carry it everywhere with you. 

Love and Friendship

  • Petalite with Lepidolite enhances communication and connection between couples, friends, and family. 
  • You can carry Petalite after charging it for five minutes before a candle fire to activate bonding crystal vibrations around you.

Confidence and Career Success

  • Are you afraid of people or yourself? Whatever you pick, Petalite Crystal can become your support and motivation. It’s also good for attracting success in your career. 
  • Chant positive affirmations based on your intention and visualize them. 

Compassion and Purification

  • Brown Petalite varieties are good for helping you connect with Mother Earth. It’ll uproot negativity inside and connect you with every being in the universe. 
  • Sit on your bed before sleep and light a calming incense, like lavender. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand and the incense in the other. Close your eyes and speak to the ether around you.

Petalite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A guardian angel statue on the book

Astral Travel and Growth

  • Did you know Petalite can reveal your spiritual destiny? It takes you to the Stellar Gateway, so you can go anywhere, anytime. 
  • The best way to use Petalite for astral projection, lucid dreaming, and spiritual consciousness is by setting a crystal altar. You can charge it with affirmations and set it in the center.

Intuition and Telepathy

  • Parts of our mind and spirit remain dormant until we go through certain life experiences, but Petalite activates psychic powers of foresight and interconnectedness.
  • You can keep your crystal next to a Tibetan singing bowl and play it for a few minutes to activate your crystal for these powers.

Karmic and Ancestral Healing

  • Are you frequently facing setbacks in life? It might be from the weight of your karmic debts from past lives weighing on your soul. 
  • Find guidance for karmic penance by wearing Petalite jewelry above the waist and charging the crystal in a relevant way.

Angelic Connection

  • Because Petalos stone is the Stone of Angels, it protects and shields the wearer. You can also utilize this connection to access the Akashic Records or find your destiny. 
  • The best way to program Petalos stone for spirit contact is by smudging it with a holy herb, like sage, sandalwood, or Palo Santo. 


  • Petalite can help you manifest abundance, good fortune, and balance if your chakra energy is weak. 
  • Set a manifestation crystal grid with Petalite way stones or wand in the middle. Activate each stone with an intention before setting them on the grid.

Petalite Side Effects

  • Nightmares: Placing Petalite under your pillow may cause disturbing visions if your karmic or ancestral debt is heavy.
  • Anger: If you’re new to high-vibration stones, hold a balancing stone, like Morganite, because Petalite may motivate your aggression.
  • Horoscopic Malefic Effects: If the ruling planets of Petalite clash with your zodiac sign, it may invite trouble, pessimism, and irrational delays in your life.

Petalite Meaning: What Does Petalite Symbolize?

Woman with wide arms open basking on the sunlight

The meaning of Petalite is acceptance.

It was mistakenly referred to as Castorite, a Sphaelerite variety, in the 19th century, when the Brazilian naturalist Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva discovered it. This was mainly due to its perfect cleavage in one direction. 

The stone was renamed Petalite toward the end of the 20th century but is sometimes called Petalite of Andrada. 

Before that, Petalos stone was traditionally used to remove evil vibrations stuck to the body and spirit. Many psychics call it the “Stone of the Angels” for its effect in connecting with angels and guardian spirits. 

Another legend says Petalite was called Castorite because the discoverer found Pollucite in the same type of lithium-rich pegmatite. They named the two new minerals Pollucite and Castorite for the Greek mythological twins – Pollux and Castor. 

Petalite stands for deep healing, karmic penance, digestive health, courage, support, comfort, angelic guidance, and letting go of the past

Types of Petalite

  • Common Petalite: Petal Stone is usually seen in white, gray, and colorless hues with brown or yellow inclusions. They’re good for higher consciousness and enlightenment. 
  • Pink Petalite: Showing a baby pink hue, Pink Petalite is super-rare and sourced only from Namibia. It’s good for tapping into the divine feminine, letting go, and karmic penance. 
  • Clear or Colorless Petalite: This purifying variety of Petalite looks like transparent glass, sometimes with white color zoning.
  • Green Petalite: A Petalos crystal variety in pale to olive-green color, this stone is good for creativity and success in your career.
  • Blue Petalite: This isn’t usually a treated type of Petalite that helps you connect with angels and enhance your communication skills.
  • Gray Petalite: A common variety of Petalite crystals, this stone shows a gray-white color with high opacity. Use it for amplifying manifestation grids and psychic abilities. 
  • Brown Petalite: Popular as Smoky Brown Petalite and resembling Smoky Quartz with tan hues, this stone may be transparent or opaque with color zoning. Use it to clear brain fog and negative thought patterns.
  • White Petalite Points: These are naturally-occurring shapes of Petallite with a flat base and a pointed end. It’s great for cleansing other crystals and doesn’t need cleansing itself. 
  • Yellow-Clear Petalite: A bicolor Petalos variety, this crystal may show vibrant yellow striations or inclusions in white and clear Petalite. Use it for detox and immunity. 
  • Smoky Yellow Petalite: Showing a greenish-yellow tone, this type of Petalit stone is usually sourced from Myanmar and Afghanistan. It’s good for confidence and luck. 
  • Golden Petalite: This is a Petalos stone in off-white or clear base color with golden inclusions. It’s good for abundance and digestive health.
  • Peach Petalite: Also called Golden Peach Petalite and shone in a pale orange color, this is a natural synergy stone that awakens the Kundalini energy center. 
  • Etched Petalite: An orange-white stone with color zoning, this variety of Petalos crystal has a ridged, indented, or grooved surface from natural splitting. Use it for psychic growth and astral travel by making crystal altars. 
  • Namibian Petalite: This is a pink-pastel type of Petalite with black inclusions, often called Bubble-Gum Petalite. They’re good for healing emotional scars and moving on from heartbreak.
  • Petalite Pollucite: Seen in granite pegmatites in white or pink hues with Pollucite, this Petalos crystal is recommended for gratitude and kindness.
  • Petalite with Topaz: White Petalita forms with clear, white, or brown hues. It’s good for enlightenment and joy. 
  • Trilithionite with Petalite and Rubellite: A multicolor variety of Petalita with pink, white, gray, and peach hues, this is a good stone for bonding and love.
  • Burmese Petalite: A smoky stone with high transparency and brown, yellow, or white hues, this is a popular variety with some specimens boasting a color change. Use it for detox and strength. 
  • Cat Eye Petalite: This type of Pink Petalite shows chatoyancy. Use it for angelic contact and communication. 
  • Petalite with Lepidolite: Showing a mix of purple, pink, gray, black, white, and brown colors, this is a common Petalos variety for psychic abilities. 
  • Petalite with Black Tourmaline: Forming naturally with Black Tourmaline, Petalite becomes a shielding amulet here. 
  • Petalite with Elbite: When Petalite forms with Green Tourmaline or Elbite, it shows an opaque white with blue-green radial formations. It’s good for self-discovery and telepathy with your close ones. 
  • Petalite with Spodumene: This type of Petalos stone naturally forms with Green and Green Spodumene. Use it for spiritual growth and transformation. 
  • Petalite with Quartz: Petalit stone forms with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz. They’re good for cleansing and charging rituals.
  • Petalite with Albite: Commonly forming with Pink and White Albite varieties, this type of Petalita is good for purity, empathy, and universal connection. 
  • Petalite with Microcline: When Petalos stone forms with Microcline varieties of Feldspar, they may be a mix of white, off-white, yellow, or pink. Use this crystal formation balance and power.
  • Petalite with Cleavelandite: Pink Petalos crystal forms with green, blue, and pink from Cleavelandite. It’s especially good for soothing nerves, especially if stress is usual. 
  • Petalite with Nigerite: When the super-rare stone, Nigerite, forms in black or brown crystals inside Petalite, it’s great for grounding and safety. 
  • Petalite with Montebrasite: A greenish-yellow variety of Petalita, this crystal connects your physical body with the etheric self.
  • Petalite with Montmorillonite: This is a variety of Petalos healing stones in white, pink, yellow, and green hues. It brings Petalite benefits like psychic abilities, including intuition and clairvision.

How To Cleanse Petalite?

A woman is meditating near the lake while facing the sun light

  • Moonlight: Keep your crystal overnight in a room with an open window to soak up the moon’s cleansing energies after using it.
  • Smudging: Wafting the smoke of a smudge stick from Sage or Palo Santo is good for resetting your crystal with its innate positivity.
  • Chanting: You can hold the crystal before your mouth and chant a cleansing mantra like “OM, VAM, RAM, LAM, HAM, or Padme Hung” to cleanse it. 

Questions and Answers

Is Petalite a gemstone?

Yes, Petalite is cut as a gemstone when colorless and eye-clean, but other varieties in white, pink, brown, and black hues may also be used for lapidary.

How to spot the difference between Petalite and Quartz?

Quartz is harder and has a higher luster than Petalite, while the latter has the unique cleavage to split into thin sheets.

Is Petalite the same as Arfvedsonite?

No, Petalite is not the same as Arfvedsonite because it’s a lithium-bearing aluminum-silicate, and the latter is a silicate with sodium, iron, and magnesium. Arfvedsonite is also softer than Petalos stone.

How to store Petalite?

The best way to store Petalite is in a velvet pouch or airtight box because it has natural fractures that may crack the stone. Keep it away from places prone to accidental collisions and falls. 

Is Petalite safe in the water?

Yes, Petalite is safe to cleanse or charge with water, but avoid soaking it for prolonged hours.

Can Petalite go in the sun?

Yes, Petalite is safe in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may remove colored Petalites.

Is Petalite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

No, Petalite is not dangerous or toxic to the touch, but wash your hands after touching safe and dangerous crystals, especially when dealing with broken Petalite crystals.

How to identify real Petalite?

The easiest way to spot a real Petalite is by its colorless or white streak. Rub it against unglazed porcelain for this.

Is Petalite good as an engagement stone?

Yes, Petalite is good for engagement stones. It boasts excellent clarity, sometimes better than diamonds, although Petalites aren’t brilliant like diamonds due to their low refractive index.

Is Petalite expensive?

No, Petalite isn’t expensive in white hues, yet colorless and pink Petalites cost more. They may cost $2 to $5 or up to $550 per carat.

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