(feld - spahr)
Main Origins:
Turkey, Thailand, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, Antarctica, USA, Russia, Canada, Ethiopia, Israel, China, Afghanistan, USA, Japan, Namibia, and Norway.

What is Feldspar?

A raw feldspar crystal on a table

Feldspar is a silicate mineral and compound making up 60% of the Earth’s crust. They’re found in many colors, shapes, formations, and 40+ varieties around the globe. 

Amazonite, Moonstone, Larvikite, Labradorite, and Spectrolite are some of their varieties. 

Did you know Feldspar has been in use for thousands of years? This versatile mineral has been used for everything from amulets and talismans to jewelry and decorative objects in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Europe. 

Feldspar, Felspar, Feltspat, or Skalen, has a gazillion names and even more utilities. It’s commonly used in the ceramic, insulation, glass, painting, and cleaning industries. 

This aluminum-silicate mineral is called the best crystal for creativity and mind power. Feldspar crystals are mainly made up of potassium and plagioclase minerals that include Orthoclase, Microcline, Sanidine, Albite, Anorthite, Labradorite, and Oligoclase. 

Feldspars may be transparent, translucent, or opaque with blocky, prismatic, platy, or thin crystals. They show various lusters, like waxy, dull, pearly, resin-like, or greasy. 

Did you know Feldspathoid crystals have lesser silica? They also have different structures from Feldspars but are a category we’ll learn under the varieties section.

Fun Fact: Feldspar varieties may show all or some optical phenomena, like Asterism, Chatoyancy, Adularescence, Aventurescence, Flashes,  Color Change, Pleochroism, Phosphorescence, Fluorescence, Dichroism, Fire, Brilliance, and Birefringence.

Feldspar Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Feldspar is a large mineral group showing crystals in white, black, blue, brown, olive-green, beige, tan, green, pink, red, orange, indigo, purple, lavender, gold, silver, and clear hues. 

Did you know there’s a Feldspar for every type of chakra blockage? This crystal group is linked to all the primary chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. 

Feldspar properties also open the Earth Star, Higher Heart, Lunar, Solar, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, and Universal Life Force Chakras, responsible for higher powers, psychic protection, luck, success, fortune, and psychic abilities.

The planetary powers of Saturn, Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are associated with this mineral in Astrology, and it may change from one variety to the other. 

Who should wear Feldspar? People with the zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, and Leo will find power, courage, and inner healing. If you feel otherwise, consult an astrologist. 

Spiritual awareness, manifestation, freedom, creativity, and emotional healing are associated with its cosmic vibration numbers 7 and 9. 

Did you know Feldspar minerals open endless elements? They’re mainly associated with the elements Fire, Water, Ether, Earth, Spirit, and Light and are responsible for power, energy, wisdom, fertility, psychic shielding, spiritual guidance, and luck. 

Where to keep Feldspar stones in your house? According to feng shui, you should charge it with any elemental energy and place it in the Center of your home.

Feldspar benefits come from the lunar energies of Gods like Selene (Greek) and Tsukiyomi (Japanese). It also taps into the Irish God of Fertility, Morrigan; the Norse God of Wisdom, Odin; the Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood, Isis; and the Hindu God of Protection, Vishnu.

Feldspar Healing Properties and Benefits

Freedom and Balance

  • Amazonite, Moonstone, Sunstone, and Lapis Lazuli are good Feltspat crystals for harmony, openness, liberation, and stability in life. 
  • Charge your Felspar for harmony by soaking it overnight under the energy of Moonlight. 

Strength and Vitality

  • Red Orthoclase, Sunstone, and Red Aventurine are great for clearing chakra blockages for energy, healing, and power. 
  • To absorb the healing energies of Felspar, make an indirect crystal elixir of the crystal and consume it for a while. 

Self-Love and Emotional Healing

  • Pink Orthoclase, Peristerite, Moonstone, and Albite are good for self-discovery. They can help you heal repressed and suppressed hurt. 
  • Charge your crystal with the affirmation “I belong” or “I am loved” into your crystal a few times before placing it in the center of your home. 

Creativity and Power

  • Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Orthoclase, Blue Plagioclase, and Blue Moonstone help you find your inner fire. It’ll uplift and motivate you by boosting your willpower and mind power
  • The best way to charge your healing rock for creativity is by holding it in your palms and meditating on your intention for a few minutes. 

Fertility and Pain Management

  • Red Anorthite, Red Andesine, and Red Aventurine are great for clearing the blockages in your reproductive system. Use Amazonite to manage pain and discomforts associated with your menstrual cycle. 
  • Bury your crystal under three inches of soil for 12 to 24 or 150 hours to charge it with the power of Mother Gaia for a healthy pregnancy or menstruation.

Feldspar Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables

Abundance and Success

  • Did you know Sunstone attracts prosperity and good fortune? Keeping it on your left side brings luck to your work and career. 
  • Set a crystal grid with Feldspar crystals in green, yellow, white, green, and golden colors after charging them with the mantra OM.

Spirit Contact

  • Blue Moonstone is the best stone for getting your message to the other side of the world. Psychics and shamans also use Larvikite, Spectrolite, Perthite, and Sanidine for contacting spirits and angels.
  • Program your crystal by gazing into it and visualizing your intentions without pausing. Then keep your crystal under your pillow when you go to sleep. 

Psychic Abilities

  • Have you heard about telepathy? Moonstone, Labradorite, and Gabbro Feldspars are great for telepathy and divination, like clairvoyance.
  • The best way to program your Felspar for psychic powers is by combining multiple techniques. Place your crystal next to a singing bowl and play it for a few minutes while visualizing your intention. 


  • Did you ever want to manifest your dreams? Some types of Feldspar can help by clearing the way and boosting your luck with cosmic energies. 
  • Set an altar using Amazonite, Sunstone, Adularia, Peach Orthoclase, Spectrolite, Microcline, Anorthite, and Sanidine. Charge your crystals before placing them with Fire energy.


  • Feldspars are great for boosting the power of auric shields and home protection. Use Black Moonstone or Labradorite for this.
  • Program four crystals for psychic protection by wafting a lit incense thrice over them and burying them in the four corners inside/outside the home. 

Feldspar Side Effects

  • Miscalculations: Feldspar crystals are good for pumping adrenaline and taking action, but too much spontaneity pulls a lot of risks and failures, too.
  • Bias: You might feel biased toward some people, things, animals, or regions when you connect with your past life karma with Feldspar stones. Cleanse with a Selenite and restart in this case.
  • Conflicts with the Birthchart: If you’re seeing a flood of misfortune in your life, the ruling planets of Feldspar may be to blame. Consult an astrologist to clear this out. 

Feldspar Meaning: What does Feldspar Symbolize?

A woman painting on a canvass in a room

The meaning of Feldspar is creativity

Different types of Feldspar target different chakric, elemental, and planetary energies. They’re mainly recommended for protection, stability, harmony, focus, grounding, intelligence, intuition, psychic vision, abundance, self-love, and kindness.

Types of Feldspar

  • Microcline: A vastly available variety, this is a type of potassium-rich Alkali Feldspar. It shows pale yellow, pink, gray, pale green, or white. Use it for mental clarity, empathy, and regeneration. 
  • Orthoclase: Showing clear, colorless, white, yellow, green, or pink hue, this variety is known as K-Feldspar. It’s good for emotional healing. 
  • Plagioclase: This is a variety between Anorthite and a series of tectosilicate, red, white, gray, and green. Use it for psychic abilities, like intuition, fertility, and inner peace.
  • Anorthite: This Plagioclase Felspar is rich in Calcium with red, green, gray, or white colors. It’s good for balance, peace, and focus. 
  • Albite: A Felspar rich in sodium, this variety may be clear, white, or gray and is excellent for focus, clarity, decisiveness, and growth. 
  • Anorthoclase: This is a rare Felspar between potassium and sodium varieties in white, gray, or colorless hues. Use it for manifestation and psychic vision.
  • Oligoclase: The solid Feltspat between Anorthite and Albite shows white, yellow, green, and red. Use it for growth, motivation, and energy. 
  • Anorthosite: A coarse-textured Plagioclase Felspar, this variety may be white or gray from Calcium in its structure. Use it for purification.
  • Amazonite: This Felspar is a Microcline variety in blue-green that opens the Throat and Heart Chakras. Use it for physical healing.
  • Moonstone: Also called Felspath Adularia, this Felspar crystal shows a range of colors, like white, peach, gray, and blue. It’s good for wisdom. 
  • Larvikite: Another coarse Plagioclase Feldspar, this variety may be gray, blue, or black and is often called Norwegian Moonstone. Use it for karmic penance and healing.
  • Andesine: This is a Plagioclase Feldspathoid (lesser silica than Felspars) in white, green, red, or gray for mental and spiritual growth. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: Another Feldspathoid variety of Felspar, this crystal may show blue, white, gold, and gray hues. It’s great for psychic visions and awareness.
  • Buddingtonite: AAmmonium-bearing Feldspathoid variety, this crystal may be white, yellow, or gray. Use it for good health. 
  • Danburite: This is also a Feldspathoid with a prismatic appearance in clear, pink, yellow, or white colors. Use it for deep healing and a sense of purpose. 
  • Scapolite: Another Feldspathoid with prismatic crystals, this variety shows yellow, pink, white, or colorless hues. It’s great for self-discovery. 
  • Marialite: This variety is a Scapolite Feldspathoid in clear, gray, or white colors. It’s great for inner strength and conviction. 
  • Nepheline: Yet another Feldspathoid in the hexagonal shape, this crystal may show yellow, gray, or clear hues. Use them for spirit contact, willpower, and creativity.
  • Aventurine: This Quartz Felspar crystal with Mica is good for fertility, creativity, and abundance. It shows a range of colors like green, yellow, red, orange, and blue.
  • Sunstone: A Plagioclase Feldspar, this is a variety of Aventurine with Goethite or Hematite. Use it for manifestation, vitality, and fertility.
  • Labradorite: This is an iridescent type of Plagioclase Felspar, showing green, blue, orange, gray, black, and yellow. It’s good for mediumship and spiritual growth. 
  • Spectrolite: An iridescent Felspar in the Plagioclase series, this is a Labradorite variety showing yellow, green, blue, orange, and gray. Use it for intuition. 
  • Gabbro: Showing gray, black, or indigo hues, this is a Plagioclase Felspar from the Pyroxene group that is good for psychic protection. 
  • Lepidolite: Seen in tabular to plate-like formations in purple, pink, white, and gray hues, this is a Quartz Feldspar with Mica. Use it for opening the Crown Chakra. 
  • Unakite: A granite rock from the Orthoclase Felspar variety, Unakite is a Jasper that works well for immunity, strength, and regeneration. 
  • Sanidine: One of the Potassium-Feldspar varieties, this crystal may show yellow, clear, white, or gray colors. Use it for energy and strength. 
  • Perthite: This type of Alkali-Feldspar shows intergrowth with other crystals in multiple colors. Use it for clearing multi-chakra blockages. Anti-Perthite is an intergrowth variety of this. 
  • Mesoperthite: A Perthite Feltspat with an equivalent ratio of Plagioclase and Alkali, this crystal boasts a brown-black hue and psychic protection when kept on you
  • Peristerites: An iridescent variety of Plagioclase Felspar, this crystal shows shades like yellow, blue, green, brown, orange, white, or gray. It’s good for health, harmony, and intelligence. 
  • Carlsbad Twin: This term explains the crystal formation of twinning in Feldspar crystals, so it can exist in multiple colors. Use it for manifestation.
  • Banalsite: The brown, red, or pale orange variety of Felspar is used for Kundalini Awakening and fertility.
  • Cleavelandite: Showing captivating tabular and plate-like formations, this type of Feltspat is good for studying and self-respect. It may be white, yellow, brown, beige, or clear.
  • Celsian: Quite uncommon in the geological and gemological market, this crystal contains Aluminum and Barium and shows blue, brown, white, red, green, or gray colors. Use it for mediumship and spiritual guidance
  • Bavenite: An acicular variety with Beryl-Feldspar, this crystal shows clear, white, yellow, colorless, pink, or brown hues. It’s good for cleansing and pain management. 
  • Hyalophane: This is a tectosilicate Felspar, rich in barium and potassium, showing clear, white, yellow, and olive-green hues. It’s often called Jaloallofane and is great for growth and success. 
  • Diorite: A Plagioclase Felspar, this crystal shows spots of black and white hues from Zircon, Sphene, Apatite, Magnetite, and Ilmenite. It’s good for wisdom and balance. 
  • Bytownite: Another Plagioclase Feldspar, this variety may be pale yellow, white, clear, orange, or golden. It’s good for attracting prosperity and abundance. 
  •  Fluorapatite on Feldspar: This is a captivating variety of Felspar with Fluorapatite showing beige, indigo, blue, white, and brown colors. It’s great for intuition and creativity. 
  • Feldspar with Adularia: Showing clear, pale green, yellow, and white crystals, this Feltspat variety is good for purification and charging. 
  • Spessartine Garnet and Muscovite on Feldspar: Featuring several colors, like red, brown, or orange on a beige base color, this Feltspat variety with Garnet and Muscovite is great for boosting healing and recovery. 
  • Morganite on Feldspar: A bicolor Felspar, this variety shows pink or purple with white, lavender, peach, or yellow hues. Use it for compassion and universal connection. 
  • Feldspar with Beryl and Goshenite: A snowy crystal or cluster showing red, white, yellow, brown, or colorless hues, this is great for charging, power, and manifestation. 
  • Black Tourmaline with Feldspar: Velvet Black Tourmaline is often seen with white, yellow, or beige Feldspar. It’s great for psychic protection and awareness. 
  • Opal in Feldspar: Two types of Opals are seen with Feldspar-Brazilian and Hyalite. They show multiple colors and are great for higher powers and consciousness.

How To Cleanse Feldspar?

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  • Sunlight: You hold your Felspar crystal under the morning or evening Sun for a few minutes while visualizing the solar energy cleansing the crystal.
  • Incense: Light an incense and waft the smoke over your crystal to smudge it with sacred smoke and clear stubborn negativity. 
  • Moonlight: Place your crystal in a room with an open window on moonlit nights for a few hours or overnight. 


Questions and Answers

Is Feldspar a gemstone?

No, Feldspar forms in igneous and metamorphic rocks and are a type of silicate and mineral group.

What is the rarest Feldspar?

Bytownite is the rarest Feldspar available in a few locations around the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

What are the main differences between Feldspar and Quartz?

The main difference between Feldspar and Quartz is that Feldspar contains aluminum in addition to the silicon and oxygen atoms they share.

Which is harder – Feldspar or Quartz?

Quartz is harder than Feldspar.

Is Feldspar safe in the water?

Yes and no. Feldspar is water-safe for a short period of time and should be avoided for soaking or direct elixir consumption. This is mainly due to its low hardness.

Can Feldspar go in the sun?

Yes, Feldspar can go in the sun for short periods, but direct and prolonged exposure is discouraged.

Is Feldspar safe?

Yes and no. Feldspar is generally safe if you wash your hands after using it or wear gloves while using it.

How to identify real Feldspar?

Real Feldspar is denser than other stones, cold to the touch, and harder than window glass. You can also compare the physical trait of one Feldspar with its universally-accepted traits online or offline. For the best results, consult a gemologist.

Is Feldspar good for daily use?

Yes and no. Feldspar crystals are good for some people to work with daily but not for all. It mostly depends on your mind, body, and spirit.

What is Feldspar’s natural color?

Feldspars are seen naturally in various colors, most commonly in white, green, blue, gray, and orange.

Interactions with Feldspar

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