How To Cleanse Aquamarine Crystal? 10 Ways

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Aquamarine?
  2. 10 Ways to Cleanse Aquamarine
  3. What to Keep in Mind When Cleansing Aquamarine?
  4. Conclusion: Cleanse and Clean Your Aquamarine Crystal With the Power of Water

Aquamarine offers a healing vibration that is cleansing and protective. You may not yet know that after assisting you energetically, your Aquamarine crystal now holds what it has cleared for you. 

Your Aquamarine crystal needs to be cleansed to return to its original vibrational clarity and effectiveness. So, let us learn how to cleanse Aquamarine in the most effective, engaging, and safe ways.

One of the best ways to energetically and physically cleanse Aquamarine is by using the naturally cleansing energy of pure water. You can also use harmonic cleansing and 

aligning sound vibrations to cleanse Aquamarine energetically. 

Be sure to read on attentively for guidance and inspiration on the appropriate ways to cleanse Aquamarine. Some typical crystal cleansing methods can result in damaging your stone.

Why Should You Cleanse Aquamarine?

Aquamarine offers benefits, including balancing negative emotions, healing from trauma, and clearing negativity within people and spaces. These effects result in this crystal absorbing and storing the lower or non-resonant vibrations during its work to purify and heal.

This is why it is important to cleanse Aquamarine. As it is a crystal with so many healing and aligning effects, it should be cleansed fairly regularly to maintain the positive effects of the crystal.

You should cleanse, charge, and program your crystal when purchasing it. Suppose you find and remove a crystal from the earth yourself. In that case, there is no need to cleanse and recharge the Aquamarine initially. Still, you can program it with specific intentions.

Try to cleanse it after any active healing session. At a minimum, if you wear the stone daily, wash it at least twice a month. Read all about this crystal’s metaphysical and healing properties on the Aquamarine Crystal Page.

A custom graphic table for Aquamarine metaphysical properties

10 Ways to Cleanse Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a stone that should be cleansed often, and there are many safe and effective ways to cleanse it. It is very important to be aware of the cleansing restrictions for Aquamarine, according to its durability.

Pure water works best for easily cleansing Aquamarine on both a physical and energetic level. It will not affect the crystal structure or polish, so working with water as a cleansing element is perfectly safe. 

Cleansing options, such as sunlight, are not an option for Aquamarine, as it should be kept from excessive light and heat. These factors can alter the color of the crystal, especially in stones that have already been heat treated.  

The Best Way to Cleanse Aquamarine: Water

Water is a popular way of cleansing many crystals, but be aware that using water, even pure water, is not suitable for cleansing all crystals. A crystal’s hardness and chemical composition determines if it can be in water without alteration or damage.

As water is the ruling element of Aquamarine, working with this element to cleanse your stone is most natural and effective. Aquamarines’ chemical composition and high hardness mean it is safe from damage in water.

Place your Aquamarine crystal in water for a minimum of 1 minute to cleanse. Access an appropriate spot in a natural body of water to hold your stone underwater, as this is the ultimate Aquamarine cleansing method.

Alternatively, fill a vessel with pure water with the intention of crystal cleansing and submerge your stone for as long as you wish. You can soak and wipe your crystal with a wet natural fiber cloth to physically clean it with water.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Sounds 

Aquamarine energy is quite responsive to sound, as it is a crystal that is all about Throat Chakra activation and balance, which includes expression, vocalization, and music.

Cleanse your Aquamarine crystal by intentionally bathing it in harmonic and cleansing sound vibrations. You can place your crystal inside a singing bowl and play it to cleanse and charge your stone.

You can also play pre-recorded music that has a cleansing frequency such as 417Hz, 

purification mantras, or 741hz, the Throat Chakra balancing frequency.

How to Cleanse Aquamarine Crystal with Natural Light: Moonlight 

You can cleanse Aquamarine using the light and energy of the full moon or new moon. The moon’s energy has a strong effect on Aquamarine as the moon also affects water.

Place your crystal under the night sky for a full night under the moon. Set it in a safe spot 

outside or on a windowsill with the window open from after sunset to just before sunrise.

Be sure to only work with moonlight when cleansing your Aquamarine with natural light, as this crystal is sensitive to bright light and heat. Sunlight can cause discoloration of your stone.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Affirmations

Affirmations are an easy way to cleanse any stone, including Aquamarine. Use the directive energy of your Throat Chakra, the aligned power of words, the seed mantra sound vibration, and your power to intentionally cleanse Aquamarine.

You can also gaze at or hold your Aquamarine crystal while chanting a seed mantra, speaking your affirmation for crystal cleansing out loud, or writing them down on a piece of paper and leaving this paper under your crystal for 1 hour.

Positive Affirmations Suggestions for Purification and Cleansing Aquamarine:

  • All that is no longer resonant with the perfect energetic alignment of this Aquamarine crystal is now fully cleansed.
  • I am thankful for the healing work and alignment brought to me by Aquamarine. I now cleanse it with the power of my intention.
  • I use the power of my intention and connection to infinite source energy to cleanse this Aquamarine crystal.

HAM is the seed mantra for cleansing and alignment of the Throat Chakra, which is closely associated with Aquamarine.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Earth 

Cleansing Aquamarine by temporarily leaving it underground to be energetically cleansed by the earth is highly effective. The vibration of soil is grounding. It composts and cleanses the crystal’s energy, helping to easily return it to its original energetic signature. 

Be aware that you should bury your Aquamarine crystal under the soil so it is not exposed to sunlight that can damage it. If you wish to place your crystal on the soil surface instead, you can set it out on the soil at night.

Wrap your stone in a piece of thin natural fabric to keep it physically clean while it is buried or touching the ground. Your Aquamarine crystal should stay in contact with the earth for at least 1 hour.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Fire 

This method is not ideal for cleansing Aquamarine, as it is a heat-sensitive stone. Although it can be used with caution, only choose methods that don’t expose the stone to direct high heat.

The rapidly transformative and purifying effect of fire can be harnessed to cleanse Aquamarine by using candles and clear intentions. State your intention for burning the candle to purify your Aquamarine crystal energetically. 

Light 1 bigger blue or white candle and place your Aquamarine at the foot of the candle (away from the flame’s heat). You can also create a circle with smaller candles surrounding your Aquamarine crystal. Let your stone sit with the candles for up to 1 hour.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Self-Cleansing Stone

Certain self-cleansing and programmable crystals have the effect of cleansing other crystals. Selenite, Clear Quartz, and Citrine are the main set stones that you can work with to cleanse Aquamarine.

Depending on the crystal size, you can set up your Aquamarine and chosen cleansing crystal in any way where the stones are physically touching, within a crystal grid or special vessel.

Leave your Aquamarine with the cleansing crystal for a minimum of 1 hour for it to be cleansed of non-resonant vibrations.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Plants

You can cleanse Aquamarine energy with various plants in different forms. Get creative using plants to cleanse this crystal by burning dried botanicals and wood, essential oils, flower essences, and living plant energies.

Suppose you choose to use a smudge bundle or incense. In that case, you can simply light it and circle the smoke around your Aquamarine crystal in a clockwise direction 3 times to cleanse it. Be sure to keep the heat of the embers away from your crystal. 

You can rub a tiny drop of flower essence or essential oil on your stone. Alternatively, place your Aquamarine in the shade under a living plant, such as an ancient tree, or with herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, or sage, for no more than one hour.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Salt  

Salt has innate cleansing effects. It is cleansing on a physical and energetic level. Aquamarine is safe to be exposed to salt for cleansing, as it is high on the Mohs hardness scale.

Bury your Aquamarine in pink Himalayan salt or sea salt for up to one hour to clean up any low vibrational energies held by your crystal. You can use the wet salt method, salt water, or ocean water to cleanse your Aquamarine physically or energetically.

Different crystals can be damaged by salt, so be sure to research further with this list of crystals that can and can’t go in salt. Avoid soaking any crystal for a prolonged period (not more than 1 hour), especially in salt or salt water.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine with Meditation

Meditation is a great way to connect to the infinite source of energy that we are a part of and 

to channel this energy intentionally to cleanse and charge your Aquamarine crystal.

Set your intention for energetic cleansing and enter into a meditative state while holding your crystal. Various types of meditation can be used to cleanse Aquamarine. Meditate to enter into a full presence and deep connection with your crystal and the Divine. 

Suppose you need to cleanse an Aquamarine bracelet or any Aquamarine jewelry. In that 

case, you can wear it while meditating with full focus, including relevant mantras, cleansing visualizations, and cleansing affirmations.

What to Keep in Mind When Cleansing Aquamarine?

  • Cleanse Aquamarine fairly often, especially after healing work.
  • Aquamarine can be exposed to water.
  • Aquamarine should not be exposed to heat or excessive sunlight. 
  • Water is the best element to cleanse Aquamarine, especially in natural or wild bodies of water.
  • Always set your intention clearly before cleansing your Aquamarine stone. 
  • Experiment with the different methods for cleansing Aquamarine to decide what feels most effective for you.
  • You may also dedicate to a single method of cleansing, create a ritual with a few methods, or change it up each time you cleanse this crystal.

Conclusion: Cleanse and Clean Your Aquamarine Crystal With the Power of Water

Cleansing your Aquamarine should be an essential part of your ritual or practice of working with this crystal. Cleanse Aquamarine by using the elements, especially water, which is the element that truly resonates with this crystal.

You can also use any of the other methods mentioned. Remember that your intention, trust, 

and presence are important in forming a deep connection with Aquamarine and continually benefiting from the innately positive vibration of your crystal. 

Here is a recap of the essentials of cleansing Aquamarine that we explored earlier in this article:

A custom graphic table for the Best Methods for Cleansing Aquamarine

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