What are the Differences between Angelite vs. Celestite?

  1. What is Angelite Crystal?
  2. What is Celestite Crystal?
  3. 5 Striking Similarities between Angelite and Celestite 
  4. Differences: How To Tell Angelite and Celestite Apart?
  5. If You’re Trying To Identify Your Stone and the Above Isn’t How It Feels, There’s a Chance You Might Have a Blue Calcite.
  6. What is Blue Calcite?
  7. Celestite vs. Blue Calcite 
  8. Final Verdict: Angelite vs. Celestite vs. Blue Calcite

It’s common to misname crystals of the same color, texture, and properties. For example,  Amethyst could be mistaken for Lepidolite. 

Is Celestite and Angelite the same? How to spot the differences between them? How to identify Angelite? Is it Blue Calcite? 

No, Celestite and Angelite are not the same crystals. Although they have a similar blue color, Celestite is Strontium Sulfate, whereas Angelite is Calcium Sulfate. You can identify Angelite with its white banding, unlike Celestite with its red, yellow, or brown inclusions.

We will tell you how to identify Angelite from Celestite in just 2 minutes by analyzing its physical and metaphysical similarities/differences. 

We will also compare another crystal that looks like Celestite and Angelite at the end of this article. Let’s jump right in!

What is Angelite Crystal?

raw angelite on white background

Did you know Angelite was discovered on the eve of the world’s first global meditation event in 1987? A large majority of people believe it was heaven’s gift for meditating at energy vortexes around the world!

Blue Angelite shows shades of blue with a white center, with inclusions that look like tiny snowflakes. You can easily identify Angelite with its pearly to glassy luster or by touching its rough, chalky texture. 

Apart from its powder-blue variety similar to Celestite, Angelite also appears in purple, violet, lilac, pink, and red colors. 

Some believe Angelite is a gateway crystal that leads you into psychic experiences and multi-dimensional universes. That’s why Angelite is commonly used for spirit communication, divination, astral travel, psychic abilities, and cosmic guidance. 

The blue variety of Angelite properties connects with your Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. Hence, you’ll feel empathy, confidence, creativity, intuitiveness, and expressiveness. 

what is angelite crystal table

What is Celestite Crystal?

celestite chunk on a white background

Did you know the name Celestite comes from the Greek word “Caelesti?” Some say it stands for the Roman God of Sky, Caelus, and others say it means celestial, heavenly, and angelic. 

Celestite shows a pale blue with a lot of white or gray streaks. It may be more transparent or translucent than opaque in natural forms. 

Besides its sky blue shade, Celestite also appears colorless, white, gray, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown, or pink. Technically, it has a vitreous texture with a pearly luster on cleavages. 

As it opens the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, like Angelite, Blue Celestite helps become a medium to communicate with angels and guardian beings. It’s great for intuition, wisdom, universal connection, courage, and communication skills.

If you’re worried or scared, you can use Celestite for protection, grounding, and safety. 

what is celetite crystal table

5 Striking Similarities between Angelite and Celestite 

Did you know Celestite and Angelite were both named after the 18th century? Because of this, they don’t have a lot of history, yet there are many physical and metaphysical similarities between Angelite and Celestite, besides looking alike. 

Let’s decode them all! 


Both Celestite and Angelite boast glacial blue and purple tones. Celestite usually shows a darker color of blue than Angelite’s brighter blues. Both crystals also have white streaks.


Angelite is pearly all around, whereas Celestite is pearly on its cleavages. Both crystals feel rough, but Celestite may feel chalky to the touch. 


Blue Celestite and Blue Angelite share the same chakras – Third Eye (or Ajna) and Throat (or Vishuddha) Chakras. You’ll find it easy to communicate with spirits and angels via the Third Eye, while the Throat Chakra enhances your confidence, creativity, and voice. 


The Wind and Water elements rule the blue varieties of Celestite and Angelite, and they both share the same Seed Mantra of LAM and VAM. You can use either mantra to cleanse or charge both crystals.

Metaphysical Benefits 

When it comes to the metaphysical properties of Celestite and Angelite, they’re similar in many things. 

  • Angelite and Celestite are good for communicating with spirits and angels.
  • Celestite and Angelite activate many psychic abilities.
  • Angelite and Celestite are good for communication skills and creativity. 
  • Celestite and Angelite enhance universal connection and cosmic awareness.
  • Angelite and Celestite are good for self-awareness and confidence.


Because Angelite and Celestite score 3 to 3.5 on the MOHS hardness scale, they aren’t durable, nor are they used for jewelry. Instead, they’re carved into figurines or used as clusters. 

Differences: How To Tell Angelite and Celestite Apart?

A custom graphic for Celestite vs Angelite

Did you know Angelite is the trade name and not the mineral name? Angelite is an anhydrate and Celestite is a sulfate with strontium. 

Do Celestite and Angelite feel the same? How to spot the differences between Celestite and Angelite? Let’s find out!

Color: Celestite vs. Angelite 

While Celestite and Angelite crystals share nearly the same color, they’re different when you observe them side-to-side. 

  • Angelite appears in a lilac blue tone with a white center. 
  • Celestite may show pale or vibrant glacial blue shades with yellow, red, or brown inclusions from Hematite or Iron. 

Clarity: Celestite vs. Angelite 

While both Celestite and Angelite have a vitreous luster, they have different clarity grades. 

  • Angelite is translucent with a white center.
  • Celestite may be transparent or translucent with white banding. 

Astrology: Celestite vs. Angelite 

Celestite and Angelite may look alike, but they’re poles apart in astrology. 

Ruling Planet

  • The Moon and Uranus rule Angelite.
  • Venus and Neptune rule Celestite. 


  • Because the Moon rules Angelite, it’s best for Aquarius, Sagittarius, Cancer, and Scorpio. It’s bad for Leo as Moon’s enemy rules it. 
  • Because Celestite is ruled by Neptune and Venus, it’s good for Gemini, Taurus, Pisces, and Libra. It may be bad for all the other Zodiac signs because their planets are foes of Venus. 

Numerical Vibration: Celestite vs. Angelite 

Numerical Vibration is the energy number associated with each crystal based on its name, just like our names. It corresponds to our natural frequency, spiritual destiny, and metaphysical abilities.

  • Celestite corresponds to the numerical vibrations of 8, and Celestine (alternative name) corresponds to 2. Number 8 represents harmony, wisdom, and focus, while 2 represents joy, creativity, and calm. 
  • Angelite corresponds to the numerical vibration of 1. It represents leadership skills, creativity, and psychic abilities.

Side Effects and Toxicity: Celestite vs. Angelite 

Angelite is made of Calcium Sulfate, while Celestite is composed of Strontium Sulfate. Both crystals are toxic when inhaled or ingested. Don’t handle them while broken. Which is more toxic – Celestite or Angelite?

Touching or Handling 

  • You can touch Angelite and Celestite in solid forms. Dust and powder must be avoided. 


  • Angelite is a variety of gypsum that dissolves when soaked in water.
  • Celestite may dissolve when soaked for a long time. 


  • Angelite should never be put in dry salt or salt water.
  • Celestite is safe to cleanse or charge with dry salt but not salt water.


  • Angelite can go in the sun for a short time.
  • Celestite should never go in direct sunlight.


Properties: Celestite vs. Angelite 

The energy of Celestite feels different from Angelite to experts because both carry different metaphysical traits. 

According to many crystal experts, here’s the difference between Celestite and Angelite healing properties:

  • Celestite affects the Third Eye Chakra more, while Angelite affects the Throat and Crown Chakras more. 
  • Angelite is best for communicating with angels, and Celestite is best for getting you to the celestial realm.  
  • Celestite makes you feel calm and creative, while Angelite makes you wise and decisive. 

If You’re Trying To Identify Your Stone and the Above Isn’t How It Feels, There’s a Chance You Might Have a Blue Calcite.

Do you have a Blue Calcite or a Celestite? How to identify the crystal correctly?

We will describe the metaphysical and physical characteristics of Blue Calcite before comparing it to Celestite.

What is Blue Calcite?

blue calcite stone on a white background

With almost the same color, features, and luster, it’s hard to set Celestite apart from Angelite. Here’s an expert tip – Celestite is 1.5 times heavier than Blue Calcite.

Let’s first learn Blue Calcite properties to distinguish the two stones correctly.

Blue Calcite is a blue crystal, like Celestite. That’s why it’s one of the most commonly mixed-up crystals. Blue Calcite has a darker or deeper blue tone, unlike Celestite’s pale or wheatish tone. 

Did you know Blue Calcite enhances creativity and confidence? While it opens the Crown, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras, Blue Calcite focuses more on the Throat Chakra. You’ll feel creative, courageous, and confident with it. 

Unlike the blue crystals we learned today, Blue Calcite is opaque. It’s just one variety of the many types of Calcite crystals.

what is blue calcite table

Celestite vs. Blue Calcite 

Celestite forms with the matrix at times, but Blue Calcite forms masses without any matrix. That’s why it’s great for making jewelry, unlike Celestite. Blue Calcite is also cheaper than Celestite. 

Let’s quickly look at the similarities and differences between Blue Calcite and Celestite.

Similarities in Celestite and Blue Calcite 

similarities in celestite and blue calcite table

Difference between Celestite and Calcite 

differences between celestite and blue calcite table

Final Verdict: Angelite vs. Celestite vs. Blue Calcite

Celestite, Angelite, and Blue Calcite are great crystals with the same chakras and MOHS with similar clarity and color. However, there are more differences than similarities between Celestite and Blue Calcite when you take a deeper look. 

The best way to identify Angelite, Celestite, and Blue Calcite is by color, patterning, clarity, and chemical characteristics. 

Here’s the complete comparison of Angelite vs. Celestite vs. Blue Calcite that we learned today:

differences between angelite, celestite and blue calcite table

Do you know how to distinguish Angelite from Celestite and Blue Calcite?

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