Amethyst awakens wisdom, intuition, and other psychic abilities on its own. But when combined with certain crystals, it can bring even bigger surprises into your life. What crystals go with amethyst? What are the effects of combining amethyst with other crystals? 

Citrine, quartzes, carnelian, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, topaz, and moonstone are crystals that go well with amethyst. They attract love, luck, healing, psychic abilities, protection, and grounding when worn or used with amethyst. 

Read on to discover the 23 best crystals to pair with amethyst, and how to use them in everyday activities. 

Amethyst and Rose Quartz Together for Divine Love 

Polished rose quartz on a white background

Rose quartz is a heart chakra crystal that shifts your focus when combined with amethyst. Together, amethyst and rose quartz help you move on from traumas, loss, grief, and the past.

Labradorite and Amethyst Together for Psychic Powers 

tumbled labradorite on a white background

Labradorite and amethyst are higher chakra stones. Therefore, they enhance your psychic abilities when worn together. You can also fuse their energies for meditation, Reiki, and chakra charging.

Citrine and Amethyst Together for Miracles 

Citrine chunk on a white background

As a lower chakra crystal, citrine attracts luck into your life. However, when combined with amethyst, citrine is great for manifestation and miracles. Wear them together for physical healing.  

Carnelian and Amethyst Combination for Fertility 

Tumbled carnelian on a white background

Are you finding it hard to fall pregnant? Then, use carnelian and amethyst together in yoni charging. One way to improve your chances of conception is to try Kegel exercises with carnelian and amethyst yoni eggs.

Clear Quartz and Amethyst Together for Deep-Spiritual-Cleanse 

clear quartz on a white background

Clear quartz is an all-cleansing crystal that clears confusion and misunderstandings, to focus on the important things, when used with amethyst. Together, these crystals also unlock your higher self. 

Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst Crystals Together for Divination 

lapis lazuli for divination on a white background

The combination of a lapis lazuli and amethyst bracelet is best for divination rituals. You can shift realities, access Akashic records, and astral travel by meditating with this amethyst combination.

Green Aventurine and Amethyst Together for Calmness 

Aventurine tumbled on a white background

Seers say the heart and crown chakras help build a good leader. The amethyst pairing with green aventurine makes the wearer tolerant, wise, intuitive, and empathic. 

Black Tourmaline and Amethyst Together for Protection 

black tourmaline on a white background

Black tourmaline is similar to clear quartz, in that it repels negativity because it’s a grounding stone. Paired together with amethyst, black tourmaline strengthens your auric shield, to prevent negative energies from affecting you.

Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye Together for Creativity 

polished tiger's eye on a white background

Do you fear the future? If overthinking and stress are your biggest problems, this duo will help. Tiger’s eye, with amethyst, awakens your life force energy to make you fearless. 

Smoky Quartz and Amethyst Together for Grounding 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

Another grounding necessity, smoky quartz wands work like a charm with amethyst, by invoking balance and peace. Besides being a “quartz duo,” amethyst and smoky quartz work well for manifestation grids. 

Malachite and Amethyst Together for Confidence 

malachite on a white background

Malachite is a motherly stone, and amethyst is the fatherly equivalent. Together, these crystals help you recognize and realize your purpose in life. Wear them together for self-confidence and inner power. 

Moonstone and Amethyst Crystals for Sleep Health 

moonstone on a white background

As a higher-chakra stone, moonstone works as a guidance crystal with amethyst. Keep moonstone and amethyst together on your nightstand, to unlock psychic powers and a good night’s sleep. The two together may even send you powerful messages in your dreams.

Black Obsidian and Amethyst Together for Shielding 

3 polished Black Obsidian on a white background

A stone that protects, black obsidian works as a spiritual shield with amethyst. It balances your aura by enhancing your spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical energies. Wear them together if you have lots of enemies. 

Bloodstone and Amethyst Together for Courage 

polished bloodstone on a white background

Bloodstone is another excellent crystal to pair with amethyst for clearing negativity, hexes, and curses. Together they increase your self-esteem, knowledge, wisdom, and inner power. Bloodstone is connected to the planet Mars and the Zodiac sign Aries, giving you extra courage!  

Hematite and Amethyst Crystals for Focus 

Hematite chunk on a white background

When worn with amethyst, hematite activates your dormant skills. Seers say they bring mental clarity, concentration, wisdom, and critical thinking skills when worn together. 

Jade and Amethyst Combination for Wealth 

jade chunk on a white background

Do you know that jade was once considered the elixir of life? It’s a great crystal to pair with amethyst for attracting success, good luck, prosperity, health, power, and abundance into your life.

Sodalite and Amethyst Together for Mental Clarity 

sodalite on a white background

Sodalite is the best crystal pairing with amethyst if you want to clear mind chatter and boost intelligence. Sodalite rules over your emotions, and amethyst clears the mind. Together, they lighten your mental baggage. 

Aquamarine and Amethyst Together for Communication 

polished aquamarine stones on a white background

Wearing aquamarine crystal and amethyst as a ring or pendant enhances your interpersonal and social skills. They’re best for doctors, lawyers, managers, CEOs, business heads, and HRs. 

Amethyst and Topaz Together for Tranquility 

Topaz chunk on a white background

The best crystal combination with amethyst, for healing past trauma and working on stress, is topaz.  Wear them together as a ring, or necklace, to improve concentration, focus, willpower, and inner strength. 

Amazonite and Amethyst Together for Truth 

amazonite chunk on a white background

When you’re feeling lost, get the help of the amazonite and amethyst combination, to find your spiritual purpose. This crystal pairing helps you find inner truth, angelic support, and guidance. 

Turquoise and Amethyst Together for Physical Healing 


Besides being a gorgeous color combination, turquoise accelerates upper body healing when combined with amethyst. Together, this crystal duo can flush out any negativity blocking your chakras, and connect your spirit to the universe. 

Amethyst and Peridot Together for Prosperity 

Peridot chunk on a white background

Astrological karma often stands in the way of good luck, in the world of spirituality. However, wearing crystals like peridot and amethyst together can neutralize the bad energies, and clear karmic debts, to attract abundance. 

Moldavite And Amethyst Together for Peace 

moldavite chunk on a white background

Moldavite-amethyst crystal pairing is best for transmuting negativity into positivity and is often recommended for tranquility. The duo helps you connect with your guardian angel, spirit guide, and ancestral energies. 

In a Nutshell 

If you’re in love with amethyst, like most of us are, you now know the best amethyst combinations and how to use them. Amethyst works well with these other crystals because it’s a crown chakra stone that connects you with the higher powers. 

Wear the best amethyst combination crystals, or keep them in bowls around the house, to attract luck, prosperity, positivity, healing, and psychic abilities.

So, which crystal will you pair with your amethyst?


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