Can You Put Amethyst in the Sun?

  1. How Long Can Amethyst Be in the Sun?
  2. What are the Best Ways for Charging Amethyst in the Sun?
  3. How to Charge Amethyst Without the Sun? 12 Alternative Ways 
  4. In a Nutshell 

The sun is crucial for life on earth. Solar energy is one of the most potent ways to cleanse and charge people, objects, and crystals. But can you put amethyst in the sun? How long can amethyst be in the sun? Can it get damaged in the sun?

All forms of quartz stones lose their colors when exposed to direct sunlight for over 15 minutes. You should never keep amethyst for more than five minutes in direct sun, and over six hours in partial sunlight. 

Today, I’ll teach you all the things to consider when charging amethyst in the sun, and three easy ways to cleanse amethyst without the sun. 

How Long Can Amethyst Be in the Sun?

sun above the clouds in the sky

While leaving amethyst in the sun for up to 15 minutes is okay, you shouldn’t sunbathe amethyst for hours on end. What does sunlight do to amethyst crystals? How safe is amethyst in the sun? Let’s find out!

Is Amethyst Sun Safe? 

Amethyst crystal is sun-safe for short periods. It’s good to cleanse, charge, and set intentions with the healing energies of sunlight. 

However, that doesn’t mean amethyst is safe to leave out in the sun throughout the day. Doing so may fade the quartz crystal due to intense light and heat.

Is Amethyst Sensitive to Light?

Yes, amethyst is sensitive to sunlight. Moreover, cleansing amethyst takes only a few seconds in the sun.

When the sun’s light falls on amethyst, the molecules in the crystal rearrange. As a result, amethyst may fade to black, or different shades of white,  based on how long it was exposed to light and heat. 

Do Amethysts Fade in Heat? 

Yes, amethysts can fade in the heat. In fact, temperatures above 360 °C can change their color into yellow or clear. 

Fun Fact: The purple color of the amethyst changes into light green when exposed to temperatures between 420°C and 440 °C.

Can Amethyst Turn White?

Yes, amethyst crystals can turn white or clear, when left for long under direct sunlight.

Besides changing into citrine yellow, the purple quartz may even change to brown or orange colors. The color change depends on the exposure to heat, light, and UV radiation. 

You can prevent amethyst crystals from turning white, clear, or black, by limiting their exposure to the sun. 

Can Amethyst Be Charged in the Sun?

Yes, you can charge amethyst under the sun. However, prolonged exposure to heat and light can degrade the stone’s color and structure. 

So, if you’re charging amethyst crystal in the sun, make sure to do it quickly with rituals that take only a few minutes. 

I’ll explain how to charge amethyst crystals with sunlight next.

What are the Best Ways for Charging Amethyst in the Sun?

amethyst pyramid on an open palm

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz that’s easy to cleanse and charge in the sun. But first, you should learn to do it safely.

I’ll share my three favorite ways to program amethyst with solar energies. 

Mindfulness Walk and Meditation at Sunrise 

Walking early in the morning with an amethyst in your pocket is a good idea to cleanse, charge, or bond with this purple quartz. 

Not only will it keep your crystal safe from the harsh rays of sunlight, but it’ll also connect you with the universe. Another way is to meditate while facing the sun with an amethyst in your lap, early, between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Solar Elixir with Amethyst 

Infusing amethyst energies into a glass of water, and amplifying it with solar energies is excellent for physical healing

To make such an elixir, keep an amethyst crystal next to a glass of water from sunrise to noon. But remember to keep the arrangement away from direct sunlight. 

Mantras to Chant with Amethyst 

I love waking up in the morning and cleansing myself and my crystals under the sunlight. You can also hold the amethyst over your head and chant positive affirmations, to charge this crown chakra crystal early in the morning. 

My absolute favorite is placing my amethyst on my yoga mat for a few minutes while greeting the sun.

How to Charge Amethyst Without the Sun? 12 Alternative Ways 

Sunlight is accessible and available, but there are other ways to charge purple quartz without heat and light coming in the way. 

I’ll share 7 of my favorite ways, so you can pick the right one to start today!

table showing different techniques on how to charge amethyst without the sun

In a Nutshell 

Amethyst is a durable and strong crystal. However, it can fade easily into clear quartz, citrine, or smoky quartz from long-term exposure to light, heat, and UV radiation in sunlight. 

Most importantly, restrict sunbathing your amethyst to a few minutes rather than hours on end. Otherwise, your amethyst can turn into other colors like white, black, green, yellow, or clear.

Alternatively, you can place your crystal out of direct sunlight in a shaded area. Other great ways to charge your amethyst crystal with the sun are solar elixirs, sunrise meditation, and chanting.

But if you want to avoid the sunlight altogether, cleanse your amethyst with moonlight, rice, salt, water, essential oils, smudge sticks, or singing bowls. 

Also, never keep your amethyst out in the open if you live in a hot area.

So, what’s your favorite way to cleanse and charge amethyst crystals?

Did you know that you can strengthen the power of a selenite crystal by placing it under the sun’s rays?

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