What are Clairaudience Crystals and How to Use Them

  1. Meaning and History of Clairaudience
  2. How to Do Clairaudience Rituals with Crystals
  3. 14 Crystals for Clairaudience and How to Use Them
  4. Use Clairaudience Crystals Today!

Crystals, those sparkly rocks, have more going on than just looking pretty! Believe it or not, different crystals can actually help amplify and focus different intuitive abilities. 

One lesser known one is clairaudience, the psychic ability to hear messages, music, words, and guidance from the spiritual realms. Makes you wonder: what crystals out there can help boost clairaudience skills?

Well, gather around, crystal lovers, and get ready to hear all about the magic minerals that tune your spiritual hearing aids! I’ve got the inside scoop on exactly which crystals help open your mind’s ear to the metaphysical melodies all around us. 

Whether you’re a pro sound seer or total newbie noise novice, these stones will have you hearing the heavenly channels in no time.

Meaning and History of Clairaudience

a person listen attentively with palm behind her ear

Clairaudience, sometimes called “clear hearing,” is the psychic ability to hear messages, words, music, or guidance from the spiritual realms. It allows those who possess the skill to tune into otherworldly audio channels and receive communications from energies beyond the physical.

The concept of clairaudience dates back to ancient oracles, shamans, and indigenous cultures, where it was often considered a rare divine gift or message from the gods. The term has its roots in French clair (meaning “clear”) and audience (“hearing”). 

Certain crystals amplify clairaudient capabilities by focusing, attuning, and raising the vibration of psychic hearing. By combining intention and the inherent properties of crystals, natural clairaudience can be awakened.

So, how do you know if you may have untapped clairaudient potential? Key signs include hearing distinct ringing in the ears, humming tones, or music with no identifiable source. You may also find yourself receiving extra sensory information, almost like a voice whispering intuitive ideas or answers. 

The Throat and Third Eye Chakras, in particular, govern clairaudient reception. As you develop this psychic sense, work to keep these energy centers aligned, balanced, and clear of blockages. 

How to Do Clairaudience Rituals with Crystals

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the need-to-know techniques for activating your ingrained clairaudience.

When to Practice Clairaudience Rituals

The best times to open up psychic hearing are when the energies are calm and expanded. The quiet stillness of early mornings and late evenings allows us to tune in without distraction. 

New moon phases provide blank-slate energy to set intentions, while full moons amplify everything metaphysical. Rituals are also fruitful during reflective periods when we seek guidance around big decisions, transitions, or confusing fork-in-the-road moments.

Where to Create a Sacred Space 

Indoors spaces like the bedroom, a meditation nook, or a candlelit bath make ideal ritual settings. These environments nurture relaxation, amplifying inner senses. 

If weather permits, secluded outdoor spots, surrounded by the recharging energies of nature, also work. Trees, water, and desert landscapes will infuse elemental magic.

Techniques to Open Psychic Hearing 

  1. Crystal Body Layouts: Lie down and place amplifier and chakra stones on the body to open energy channels. Hold and breathe with stones corresponding to the Third Eye and Crown. Voice desires to connect with the ability to perform clairaudient out loud.
  2. Tuning Forks: Use tuning forks matched to the Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, or Third Eye. Allow fork tones to permeate as you chant affirmations of alignment and amplification.
  3. Clairaudient Guided Meditation: Follow along with a recorded meditation focused on opening psychic hearing. Visualize an inner temple or garden where spirit guides approach and speak.
  4. Automatic Writing: Enter a meditative state while holding a pen and paper. Verbalize a desire to receive messages and allow writing to flow unconsciously.

Preserving Clairaudient Messages

Record all sensations, words, sounds, and visuals in a journal just for psychic downloads. Over time, patterns and meanings will emerge. Craft personal symbols, glyphs, or imagery to capture concepts.

Cleansing Your Space and Crystals

Use sound, air, water, or sunlight to clear crystals after sessions. Alternate methods to prevent energy stagnation. Open windows, play cleansing music, and diffuse cleansing oils in the ritual area.

14 Crystals for Clairaudience and How to Use Them

When it comes to boosting psychic hearing, certain crystals go the extra mile. Amplifier minerals can awaken and focus untapped clairaudient abilities. 

Get ready to meet the heavy hitters. Here are the top crystals to turn up your inner channels and have you tuning into guidance beyond the veil.

Selenite to Prepare for Clairaudience

polished heart shaped Selenite on a white background

Selenite clears blockages, opening pathways for psychic downloads through the Crown Chakra. This makes it an ideal crystal to use before clairaudient rituals or spiritual communication sessions. 

Holding or placing Selenite at the top of the head invites complete stillness and receptiveness. Messages can then flow freely across ethereal planes. 

To charge Selenite wands or towers for ritual use, surround them with Clear Quartz clusters for amplification. 

Celestite for Divine Communication

celestite crystal on a white background

With its blue hue, Celestite connects directly to angelic realms and galactic federations. Hold this stone during meditation or clairaudience sessions to request inner wisdom from cosmic consciousness. 

Celestite sharpens receptivity to the guiding voices of light beings, spirit animals, ancestors, and other evolved entities who overlight humanity. 

For best results, charge Celestite geodes in sunlight to ignite radiance and infusion by Archangel Metatron. Combine Celestite with Danburite or Moldavite for an extra dose of energy. 

Lepidolite to Open Psychic Channels

polished Lepidolite on white background

Lepidolite provides a balancing frequency that soothes an overactive mind, reduces stress, and ushers in spiritual attunement. Placing stones on the Third Eye and Throat Chakra invokes higher awareness and downloads from multidimensional realms. 

For amplifying Lepidolite’s receptivity boosting effects, charge in moonlight combined with Clear Quartz. Use Lepidolite before automatic writing, channeling, or medium sessions.

Amethyst to Clear Mind for Clairaudience 

Amethyst crystal on a white background

Amethyst clears limiting mental, emotional, and vibrational blockages, opening the Third Eye Chakra to connect with the intuition plane. Once the mind is still and detached from everyday thoughts, divine audio messages can emerge.

Charge Amethyst with Clear Quartz to intensify insight and awaken energetic channels. Create a miniature generator by placing a small Amethyst crystal inside a Clear Quartz crystal point. This configuration funnels and directs Reiki energy through the body.

Blue Lace Agate for Communicating with Spirit Guides

Polished Blue Lace Agate on a white background

This stone’s soothing sky-blue energy opens the Throat Chakra for clearer expression with spirit guides, angels, and higher self aspects. By taming a turbulent mind, it enables inner voice messages to shine through.

Charge in sunlight to amplify receptivity. Holding, wearing, or placing in prayer posture on the Third Eye anchors connection with benevolent forces overlighting humanity. Use Blue Lace Agate to amplify dreamwork, as well.

Moonstone for Intuition and Clairaudience

Moonstone on a white background

Linked with the moon goddess, lunar cycles, and receptivity, Moonstone aligns with clairaudient abilities governing intuition and mystic insight. It allows us to trust feelings over logic, enhancing perception beyond normal senses. 

By placing Moonstone over the heart, high vibrational guidance can emerge directly from the divine feminine. Charge Moonstone under moonlight, preferably full or new cycles. Combining with Selenite amplifies Moon energy infusion, sharpening ethereal communication. 

Charoite to Interpret Clairaudient Messages

charoite on a white background

During clairaudience work, Charoite tunes Third Eye perception to interpret verbal and nonverbal messages received from spiritual planes. Charoite’s complexity mirrors the multidimensionality of psychic information.

Combine with Amethyst in grids or layouts. Its Crown Chakra activation properties boost psychic downloads and telepathic transmissions. You can also charge Charoite by placing indoors near a window during a full moon.

Sodalite to Enhance Communication Skills

polished Sodalite crystal on a white background

Sodalite encourages truthful inner communication, sharpening skills needed to relay otherworldly messages accurately. With dense royal blue hues flecked with white Calcite, Sodalite resonates with the Throat Chakra. It lends confidence in verbal channeling while retaining humility.

Charge Sodalite stones by placing outdoors under a full moon. Use during meditative training to strengthen connection between intuitive hits and ability to describe them out loud. Sodalite increases precision when transcribing clairaudient downloads.

Blue Apatite for Psychic Development

raw Blue Apatite on a white background

Blue Apatite expands psychic and intuitive abilities, even in beginners. It opens avenues of communication between the right and left brain, merging logic with creative insight. This bridging allows you to process unseen signals.

Charge Blue Apatite by pairing with Amethyst geodes, which amplify its intensity. Sleeping with Blue Apatite instills lucid dreaming, enhancing ability to retain and decode astral travels

Labradorite for Enhancing Clairaudience 

Labradorite stone on white background

Labradorite expands clairaudient channels, sharpening the ability to hear, download, and interpret multi-dimensional communication. Labradorite lends protection during these vulnerable states.

Create grids with Labradorite or charge overnight under moonlight. Place at the Crown Chakra or hold gently during meditation to invite psychic transmissions through stabilized conduits. Record messages and insight gained for interpretation.

Oco Agate for Self-Expression and Clairaudience

Oco Agate On a white background

This stone’s grounding, earthy vibes mixed with rainbow touches align the Throat and Crown Chakras, merging mystical connection with tangible outcomes. Oco Agate helps translate clairaudient messages into expressed ideas and action.

Place above the workspace or vision board to integrate divine creativity. Charge monthly in sunlight. Use during brainstorming, channeling work, or automatic writing sessions requiring a blend of otherworldly signals distilled into human form.

Ametrine to Expand Your Mind 

Ametrine crystal on a white background

Ametrine synthesizes spiritual and intellectual gifts for whole brain power. Its violet and golden hues activate Crown and Solar Plexus energy centers simultaneously, uniting “as above so below.” 

Place an Ametrine near a workspace or creative altar to light up solutions. Harness Ametrine’s alchemical fusion during automatic writing, trance channeling, or talks with spirit guides to receive and ground transmissions in one flow state.

Blue Kyanite to Channel Messages

Polished blue kyanite crystal on a white background

Shaped like a blade, Blue Kyanite cuts through illusion straight into truth, amplifying accuracy in channeling and interpreting psychic downloads. Blue Kyanite opens verbal expression of messages flowing from spiritual realms during clairaudient work. 

Place it horizontally at the Throat center when entering meditative or writing states to receive and transcribe intel from ascended masters, ancestors, galactic beings, and the Akashic Records with integrity.

Black Tourmaline for Protection during Clairaudience

black tourmaline on a white background

While increased sensitivity from clairaudience connects us to elevated realms, it also unshields from dense energies seeking entry. Black Tourmaline offers an impermeable buffer around light channels.

Charge Black Tourmaline by burying in salt or rice to absorb negative charge then rinse. Grid around sacred spaces or place near energy centers to seal vulnerability gaps. Meditate with it when establishing boundaries or reclaiming sovereignty over mind space.

Use Clairaudience Crystals Today!

By establishing sacred ritual, setting clear intentions, and invoking the magnifying energies of these stones, a world of inner guidance is available. As the veil lifts, allow messages to come forward that once seemed like faint whispers in the static. 

Know that, with practice, the voices of spirit and energy beyond physical reality can emerge and translate into tangible insight for daily life. The crystals await, the multidimensional channels await; are YOU ready to tune in? 

Why not start charging up your amplifier set and experimenting today? With an open mind and subtle senses, may you receive the divine transmissions meant to uplift your journey.

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