How to Cleanse Aragonite Crystal? 10 Ways 

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Aragonite?
  2. 10 Ways to Cleanse Aragonite
  3. What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Aragonite?
  4. Conclusion

Aragonite is a mineral that encourages self-healing and truth. It energetically removes ignorance in many forms. It aligns you to take better care of your life and the earth. 

Aragonite absorbs the negatively charged emotions that are shed during the healing processes associated with it. Cleanse it fairly often but not unnecessarily, especially due to its delicacy. For this reason, it is necessary to learn exactly how to cleanse Aragonite.

The best way to cleanse Aragonite is by connecting with its ruling element and celestial body, Earth. Place your Aragonite crystal on the natural surface of the earth. Spending 90 minutes on sand, soil, rock, grass, ground cover, roots, or branches will cleanse this crystal.

The options of how to cleanse this crystal are many, and each requires a little extra care, consideration, and creativity due to the delicate physical form of this crystal. Let’s delve into everything you need to know about cleansing this crystal safely and effectively.

Why Should You Cleanse Aragonite?

close up photos of aragonite

Aragonite helps one deal with and clear unresolved emotions, mental noise, and non-beneficial habits. It is supportive during inner child healing and mental health challenges.

Once a crystal is removed from the earth or its formation habitat, it can be vibrationally affected by its new environment, energetic interactions, and the healing work it is used for.

Working with Aragonite crystal or even simply keeping it in a specific environment can affect it vibrationally. It is impacted by lower energies that are released during deep healing. This is why you should cleanse it after intentionally working with it.

You should also cleanse and charge your Aragonite after purchasing it and charge it at least once every nine months, even if you have only been storing or displaying it.

Learn more about Aragonite here.

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10 Ways to Cleanse Aragonite

Knowing the cleansing specifications and restrictions for this crystal is important. Aragonite is not to be exposed to direct sunlight, high heat, water, salt, or acid.

Aragonite is only 3 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it is a soft stone that will need more specific care to cleanse it without compromising its structure.

 The safest ways to use the elements and practices for energetically cleansing Aragonite are as followed below.

The Best Way to Cleanse Aragonite: Earth Surfaces

A person is shoveling the soil

The ruling element and celestial of Aragonite is Earth. This makes it the element of choice for cleansing this crystal. 

We often bury crystals under the soil to cleanse them using Earth. But we suggest refraining from burying Aragonite, as it is delicate. Instead, you can use this element in a different way that is effective and safe for cleansing your crystal.

  • Choose an Earth surface that you have easy access to. Consider sand, soil, rock, grass, groundcover, or at the roots or in branches of a tree.
  • Make sure you choose a dry and fully shaded spot because this crystal does not respond well to sunlight, heat, and most types of water.
  • Set your intention for cleansing your Aragonite using the power of the Earth to ground your stone to its natural vibration.
  • Place your Aragonite on your chosen natural surface for 90 minutes.

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Plants

A plant that is surrounded by crystals while being touched by a person

This method also harnesses the cleansing power of the Earth element but more specifically works with the cleansing properties of plant energies. Plants are great at gently yet effectively transforming and sharing energy. 

Herbs, such as sage, rosemary, lavender, mint, echinacea, and dandelion, have cleansing effects in herbalism that are also energetically effective for cleansing a crystal. You can also choose to work with ancient trees or other flowers and herbs that call to you for this purpose.

  • Choose the type of cleansing plant you want to use.
  • Acquire or process the plant in the form of flower essence or essential oil, or work with living plants.
  • If you use the essence or oil of the plant, place the tiniest drop onto a piece of natural fiber cloth and wrap your Aragonite gently in this cloth for 9 hours.
  • If you work with a living plant for crystal cleansing, place your Aragonite under the plant in a way that it is dry and fully shaded from the sun. You can wrap your crystal in cloth for this purpose.

How To Cleanse Aragonite Crystal with Natural Light

The moonlight shines over the trees to the body of water

Aragonite crystal is highly responsive to cleansing in the correct type of natural light. Use only moonlight to cleanse this stone, as the light and heat of the sun can physically damage it and cause its subtle coloration to fade.

  • Set your intention for cleansing Aragonite with the power of the Moon.
  • Place your stone under the night sky, preferably indoors next to an open window or in a safe and dry spot outdoors.
  • Leave your crystal here for 9 hours to a full night.
  • Be sure to move it before the sun fully rises.

Tip: Anytime during the moon cycle will work for cleansing Aragonite, the days around and on the full moon and new moon are especially powerful for crystal cleansing. You can experiment for yourself with how to cleanse and charge Aragonite with moonlight.

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Sounds

A person is holding a singing bowl and a mallet

Harmonious sounds are perfect for cleansing Aragonite, as specific sounds have cleansing effects. When a crystal is exposed to sound frequency, it is energetically attuned to the sounds. 

You can choose from different forms of sound to cleanse Aragonite, including a gong, bells, singing bowls, tuning forks, tuned instruments, frequency music, medicine songs, or mantras.

  • When creating sounds vocally, set your intention and focus on your stone while singing or chanting.
  • When using a sound healing tool or instrument, place the crystal near the source of the sound.
  • If you use a singing bowl, place your stone inside the bowl.
  • If you use tuning forks, direct the vibration toward the crystal. 
  • If you use pre-recorded music with cleansing frequencies, place your stone near the speaker. 
  • The frequency for cleansing Aragonite is 396Hz, which resonates with the Root Chakra.
  • Expose your Aragonite to the harmonic sounds for a minimum of 9 minutes.

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Affirmations

I am enough affirmation

Positive affirmations are an easy and powerful way to cleanse Aragonite. It is a practice that is so simple to use that you may initially not realize how impactful these intentional statements are. Remember that every word spoken and every thought is energy.

  • Repeat the seed mantra LAM 9 times. It is the sound vibration linked with the Root Chakra.
  • Repeat the following affirmation 9 times: I cleanse this Aragonite crystal with the power of my intention and my connection to infinite source energy.
  • You may also write down any cleansing affirmation and place the page under your Argonite for 90 minutes.

How to Cleanse Aragonite with Water

An open water faucet at the outdoors

It is best not to submerge this soft crystal, as it has a slightly water-soluble composition. Therefore, for cleansing Aragonite with water, it is recommended to use an indirect method. This crystal can become energetically attuned by simply being near a natural water source or visualizing a water scene in meditation.

  • Take your Aragonite near a source of natural water, such as a river, creek, pond, marsh, lagoon, or the ocean (don’t get it wet).
  • Place it next to or near the body of water for at least 9 minutes.
  • If you can’t get to a natural water source, you can also use the Water element through visualization. 
  • Simply hold your stone in deep meditation for 9 minutes and take the time to visualize the details of taking it to an exquisitely beautiful natural water source.

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Smoke

Incense sticks that is burning with the smoke is rising

Aragonite is heat-sensitive, so to safely harness the power of fire for cleansing this stone, we can utilize the gentle smoke of an incense or smudge bundle. This method also has the added cleansing effects of the plants used.

  • Set alight a natural incense or smudge bundle of cleansing herbs. 
  • Hold your incense and connect with the Fire element and plants (Earth).
  • Encircle yourself with smoke and set an intention to cleanse your Aragonite. 
  • Circle the smoke around your crystal 9 times in a clockwise direction.

Be mindful to keep the hot embers away from your stone. Use only the dispersed smoke to cleanse it.

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Selenite or Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal on a moss

Selenite is a stone that consistently maintains a pure vibration, as it is a stone connected to source energy. This makes Selenite a powerful energetic tool to use for cleansing other crystals.

Clear Quartz can be used for cleansing Aragonite, as it is a master healing crystal that can be programmed with specific intentions.

  • Place your Aragonite so that it touches a larger piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz programmed for crystal cleansing.
  • If you only have a smaller stone, place the crystals within a little crystal grid pattern or in a bowl.
  • Affirm your intention to use these crystals for cleansing Aragonite. 
  • Leave the stones together for up to 9 hours.

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Salt

A wooden bowl that is full of salt on a black background

Although some varieties of Aragonite are formed in seawater environments, salt water is not suited for cleansing Aragonite. To be cautious, it should be in direct contact with dry salt.

If you feel drawn to cleansing your Aragonite with salt, then try out this indirect method.

  • You will need a chunk of pink Himalayan salt or pink Halite.
  • You may also use a salt lamp or a small natural fiber bag or cloth filled up with rough pink salt.
  • Place your pink salt close by but not physically touching your crystal.
  • Affirm your intention to use salt to restore your Aragonite to its natural energetic state.
  • Leave your crystal near the salt for a minimum of 9 hours. 

How To Cleanse Aragonite with Meditation

woman doing meditation outdoor while facing towards the sun

Meditation will allow you to energetically connect with and receive benefits from your Aragonite. It can be used as a means to focus your divinely connected energy on cleansing your crystal.

  • Meditate while gently holding your Aragonite crystal until you feel completely energized and connected.
  • Use the power of your thoughts, emotions, words, or visions to direct cleansing energy toward your Aragonite crystal.
  • Meditate with your crystal for a minimum of 9 minutes.

What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Aragonite?

  • Aragonite should only be cleansed when necessary.
  • Cleanse Aragonite once every 9 months when not in direct use.
  • Cleanse Aragonite after active healing.
  • Aragonite is not sun-safe, so be mindful of this.
  • Instead of sunlight, use moonlight to cleanse Aragonite.
  • Argonite is not water-safe, so we choose only an indirect method of cleansing with water.
  • Experience different methods of cleansing Aragonite and discover which is most effective for you.
  • Trust the natural elements and divine source energy through your direction to cleanse this crystal.


Cleanse this delicate crystal on the Earth’s surface while being mindful that it should not be exposed to sunlight, high heat, water, and salt.

With those considerations in mind, you can also use any of the benefits detailed above or summarized below:

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