How To Cleanse Angelite Crystal? 9 Ways 

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Angelite?
  2. 9 Ways to Cleanse Angelite
  3. Conclusion: Cleanse Angelite Only When Necessary Using Light, Smoke, or Mantras.

Angelite is a high-vibrational crystal that does not need to be cleansed too often. There will come a time, especially when you have worked with this crystal often, when you feel like your Angelite needs cleansing or cleaning. 

It is a delicate stone that responds best to subtle physical and energetic treatment. Take the time to properly learn how to cleanse Angelite. 

Due to its composition and metaphysical connections, the best ways to cleanse Angelite are through working the smoke of sacred plants, expressing intentional cleansing mantras, and in the natural light of the sun and moon.

This crystal has many wonderful, multi-dimensional effects. It can increase our sensitivity, and it has an innately nurturing way of clearing the way for us to explore the subconscious, astral, angelic, elemental, and higher vibrational realms.

Why Should You Cleanse Angelite?

An angelite crystal on a bluish background

This crystal helps to remove internal energy blocks on all levels so that we can freely communicate with only the most benevolent beings. We can choose to deeply connect with this crystal by cleansing it and intentionally maintaining the pure vibration of Angelite.

For good measure, we recommend a gentle intentional cleansing of Angelite just once a year. Otherwise, cleanse this crystal when you first purchase it and if you have been using it often and feel strongly called to cleanse or clean it.

Learn more about the meaning and uses of this crystal in the Angelite Crystal Profile.

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9 Ways to Cleanse Angelite

All elements can be used to cleanse Angelite, but with some elements, such as water and salt, be cautious and know the limits surrounding how they can be used safely. 

These limits are relevant when deciding how to cleanse and recharge Angelite jewelry as well as raw and tumbled Angelite pieces.

To physically clean a piece of Angelite, use only a soft, woven natural fiber cloth and rub the surface gently. Keep Angelite far from all types of water and natural or chemical cleaning agents.

Below we discuss the most preferable elements and other suitable methods for cleaning Angelite. Always use these methods with clear intention and presence.

The Best Way to Cleanse Angelite: Smoke

A sage stick that is burning

Connect with Angelites’ association with the Air element by cleansing this stone using the easy, enjoyable, and effective technique of smudging. Create gentle plumes of scented smoke of sacred plants, such as sage, palo santo, frankincense, rosemary, and other herbs and resins.

  • Light your chosen form of incense, fan out the flame, and gently blow the ember to create more smoke.
  • State your intention to connect with the plant, fire, and Air elements to cleanse your Angelite. 
  • Bathe your crystal in smoke for a full minute.
  • Keep the hot embers away from your crystal, as its color can be altered by long and high heat exposure.

How To Cleanse Angelite Crystal with Natural Light

The sun light is passing through the cloud

The natural light of the sun and moon can cleanse an Angelite. Although this crystal is low on the Mohs scale, it is a sun-loving crystal and can handle full sunlight well.

One of the ruling celestial bodies of Angelite is the Moon. Moonlight, during any stage of the cycle, is connected to this stone. Consider the following steps when cleansing Angelite with natural light:

  • Set your intention to use the cleansing and energizing light of the sun and moon to cleanse your crystal.
  • Put your Angelite outside in the early morning sun.
  • Place it where you can leave it for a full day and night without it getting wet. 
  • The next morning, collect your fully cleansed crystal.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Mantras

A singing bowl with two white flowers inside

This cleansing technique includes the power of sound vibration. The frequencies created by vocalizing a specific mantra with presence can restore Angelite to its purest energetic form.

  • Enter into a state of presence. 
  • Repeat the seed mantras related to the ruling chakras of Angelite 10 times each.  
  • Chant HAM 10 times, resonating with a cleansed Throat Chakra energy.
  • AUM 10 times to cleanse the Third Eye and Crown Chakras energies.
  • You can also research and learn other mantras that have cleansing effects. 
  • Another example of a suitable cleaning mantra for Angelite is the Gayatri mantra, which restores the true nature of being.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Positive Affirmations

Woman meditating with incense with the sky as its background

As Angelite, especially classic baby blue Angelite, is connected to keeping physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual communication pathways clear, using clear and powerful words in the form of affirmations works well to cleanse this stone.

  • Repeat the following affirmation once with full presence: I cleanse this Angelite crystal using the power of intention and clear connection to infinite source energy.
  • You can also write down a suitable Angelite cleansing affirmation and place this page under your Angelite for 1 hour.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Water

An open water faucet at the outdoors

When exposed to water, Angelite transforms into an even softer mineral called Gypsum. It is a sensitive crystal, so it can be attuned using the element of Water indirectly by being near natural water sources or by practicing a cleansing visualization including water.

  • Take your Angelite crystal to a natural water body, such as a river, creek, pond, marsh, lagoon, or ocean.
  • Be careful not to get it wet.
  • Place the stone next to the body of water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can use visualization to direct the naturally cleansing vibration of the water. 
  • Hold your crystal and meditate for 10 minutes.
  • Engage in visualization for 10 more minutes, taking the time to envision the details of cleansing your Angelite stone with water.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Angelic Assistance

An Angel Statue that is kneeling

Angelite is a stone that encourages connection and communication with angelic realms. We can call upon archangels or our angelic guides to assist with cleansing this crystal.

Archangels that you can work with for cleansing Angelite include Seraphiel and Shushienae, but you can connect with any other angel that you feel drawn to work with.

  • Practice breathwork or meditate for 10 minutes.
  • Affirm that you would like to connect with the angelic realm for cleansing.
  • Hold your Angelite and verbally ask for your chosen angel to assist you in this energetic crystal cleansing. 
  • You may visualize this cleansing energy as loving and pure white or light blue light.
  • Imagine this light completely enveloping your crystal.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Selenite

A polished selenite crystal on a nest

Self-healing stones are effective for cleansing Angelite, as these are also high vibrational crystals. Selenite shares both an energetic and structural connection with Angelite, making it highly appropriate for cleansing this stone. 

  • Place your Angelite in physical contact with a piece of Selenite. 
  • Affirm your intention for Selenite to cleanse Angelite.
  • Leave the stones together for just 1 hour to cleanse.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Plants

Resilient plant growing in between road crack.

Angelite is more responsive to subtle energies and gentle yet powerful vibrations. Different plants are used to cleanse this crystal using a few techniques.

  • Choose the plant you want to work with (suggested plants for Angelite are tulsi, chamomile, blue lotus, and rosemary).
  • It can be a living plant, or in the form of flower essence or essential oil.
  • If using a flower essence or essential oil, place the tiniest drop onto a piece of natural fiber cloth and wrap your Angelite stone in this cloth for one day.
  • If you have a living plant, then place your stone under the plant for one day, making sure it is in a dry spot.

How To Cleanse Angelite with Meditation

A woman is meditating outside, surrounded by a beautiful sky scenery.

Angelite stone is connected to the higher chakras. Practicing meditation will not only allow you to attune to your crystal and receive benefits from it but is a great way to cleanse Angelite.

  • Meditate in whatever way works best for you while holding your crystal. 
  • When you feel energized and connected to divine energy, direct this energy to your crystal using relevant mantras, visualizations, or affirmations for crystal cleansing.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes or more.

What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Angelite?

  • Do not expose Angelite to salt or water.
  • Angelite can be damaged in high heat but is safe in sunlight, within reason.
  • Always set clear intentions when using any method for crystal cleansing.
  • Read everything about how to cleanse and recharge Angelite so that you can take care not to damage it.
  • The best ways to cleanse Angelite include smoke, mantras, or natural light.
  • Do not expose your Angelite to chemicals.
  • Clean Angelite by rubbing it with a soft and dry cloth.
  • There is no need to cleanse Angelite every time you use it for healing work or frequently.
  • Cleanse this crystal when you feel it needs to be cleansed and ritually cleansed once a year.

Conclusion: Cleanse Angelite Only When Necessary Using Light, Smoke, or Mantras.

Cleansing Angelite is a subtle and powerful practice that keeps your crystal’s energy pure and potent. 

Now that you have learned all you need to know about how to cleanse Angelite, experiment with the different suitable methods to find what works best for you and your crystal.

This table is a summary of the techniques that are suited for cleansing Angelite.

A custom graphic table for How To Cleanse Angelite

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