Turquoise Pairings: 16 Crystals to Combine with Turquoise 

  1. Citrine and Turquoise Combination
  2. Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli Together
  3. Pyrite and Turquoise Combination
  4. Turquoise and Amethyst Together
  5. Moonstone and Turquoise Pairing
  6. Turquoise and Malachite
  7. Chrysoprase and Turquoise Pairing
  8. Ulexite and Turquoise Combination
  9. Turquoise and Aquamarine Together
  10. Larvikite and Turquoise Pairing
  11. Turquoise and Rhodochrosite Together
  12. Boji Stone and Turquoise Pairing
  13. Chiastolite and Turquoise Combination
  14. Turquoise and Sunstone Together
  15. Chrysocolla and Turquoise Pairing
  16. Turquoise and Rose Quartz Together
  17. Manifest the Powers of Turquoise Pairings!

Ancient Egyptians used Turquoise for prosperity, Native Americans for protection, Tibetans for health, and Aztecs for divination. So, Turquoise purifies and amplifies healing vibrations when paired with other stones. What goes well with Turquoise?

Crystals that complement the energies of Turquoise are Citrine, Pyrite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Boji Stones, Aquamarine, Ulexite, etc. You can activate it for purity, divination, change, fertility, success, and more. 

In this article, we will explore 16 crystal pairings with Turquoise and unique ways to use them for serenity, divination, hex removal, success, and more.

Here’s a look at the properties of Turquoise before we discuss the best pairings:

A custom graphic table for Properties of Turquoise

Read more about its effects in the Turquoise Crystal Guide.

Citrine and Turquoise Combination

Citrine crystal on a white background

The pairing of Citrine and Turquoise is a good combination due to their compatible ruling planets. 

Most of us know Citrine attracts wealth when kept in your purse or wallet. It also enhances success, vitality, immunity, self-esteem, and manifestation. 

Combined with Turquoise energies, the duo becomes a great crystal pairing for good luck, focus, calm, success, confidence, and wisdom.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Citrine 

  • Sunlight Activation: Hold your stones in each hand while facing the morning sunlight. Close your eyes and visualize success and abundance. Afterward, carry the stone in your wallet or purse alongside your cash or cards. 
  • Fire Charging: Light a candle after dusk in a dark room. Hold your crystals before the candle’s flame and meditate on your intention. 

Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli Together

Polished Lapiz Lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise form a positive combination, as their ruling planets share a harmonious relationship.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of cosmic consciousness, mystic gifts, dreamwork, astral travel, and divination as it opens the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. 

You activate balance, wisdom, expression, and psychic powers by pairing them with Turquoise. This is a combination for connecting to the higher realms, ancestral spirits, and guardian angels. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli

  • Affirmations: Hold your stones before your lips and chant this affirmation for a few minutes daily after getting up: “With every touch, I am filled with the universe’s wisdom, insights, and powers.”
  • Crystal Elixir: Create a crystal elixir by placing Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli stones next to a glass of water for 2 to 4 hours. Consume the water regularly to connect your chakras to cosmic energies.

Pyrite and Turquoise Combination

pyrite geode rock on a white background

The crystal combination of Turquoise with Pyrite is positive because cooperative planets rule them in astrology. 

Did you know Pyrite is often called a wealth magnet? It clears the blockages in your financial struggle by grounding negativity. 

The union of Pyrite and Turquoise leads to manifestation, prosperity, grounding, peace, self-worth, and strength. You will feel elevated enough to speak your mind with this crystal combo. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Pyrite

  • Prosperity Grid: Set up a crystal grid in the Southeast corner of your home with Pyrite and Turquoise surrounded by compatible amplifier crystals in the center. Activate it daily with meditation over the grid.
  • Sage: Light a sage smudge stick and circle it over your crystals while visualizing your intention. Place the activated crystals on top of your money for a week.

Turquoise and Amethyst Together

amethyst on white background

Combining the healing vibrations of Amethyst with Turquoise is a good idea to boost your higher chakras because compatible planets rule them. 

Amethyst connects your Crown Chakra to etheric chakras like Soul Star and Stellar Gateway, leading you to spiritual awareness, clairvision, and awakening. 

Bringing Turquoise into this activates psychic abilities, like intuition, premonitions, astral travel, intelligence, and cosmic wisdom. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Amethyst

  • Crystal Gazing: Hold the stones in your palms at eye level and gaze into it. Tether your focus by chanting the syllable OM.  
  • Pendulum Dowsing: Place Turquoise on a flat table and hold an Amethyst pendulum over it. Calibrate and record the vibrations to find answers to the most important questions.

Moonstone and Turquoise Pairing

blue moonstone on white background

Moonstone is another high-vibration crystal compatible with a Turquoise combination due to their friendly ruling planets. 

Like Turquoise, Moonstone is a stone of divine feminine energy that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit. It’s good for self-discovery, intelligence, and cosmic consciousness. 

Combining their energies brings inner healing, comfort, awakening, self-reliance, intuition, and karmic healing. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Moonstone 

  • Full Moon Activation: In a room with an open window, keep your crystals with a little gap between them to soak the full moon energies. 
  • Intuitive Aromatherapy: Pour a few drops of sacred essential oils into your aroma diffuser and place your crystals nearby. It will soak the herbal energies and manifest your intention. 

Turquoise and Malachite

A polished malachite crystal on a white background

This is a good crystal Turquoise pairing due to compatible ruling planets. 

Malachite brings comfort, support, and warmth and works like magic for passion. It’s also a stone that boosts your chance of conception and health by connecting you to Mother Gaia. 

It enhances inner healing, activation of psychic gifts, fertility, and transformation when worn with Turquoise. You can use it for spiritual growth too.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Malachite

  • Crystal Altar: Create a crystal altar using Turquoise and Malachite in the center and surround them with other supportive crystals. This grid amplifies their energies and creates a powerful shielding field.
  • Incense Programming: Place your crystals on a table before you and light a sandalwood incense. Waft the smoke over your stones and place them on your chest. 

Chrysoprase and Turquoise Pairing

Chrysoprase crystal on a white background

An ideal pair of blue crystals, Larimar and Turquoise complement each other due to their friendly planets. 

Chrysoprase attracts serenity, communication skills, clarity, support, confidence, and psychic protection because it opens the Throat, Heart, and Root Chakras. Healers often recommend it for recovery from injuries and stress. 

The combination of Larimar and Turquoise brings peace, focus, wisdom, and emotional intelligence.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Chrysoprase

  • Moonlight Meditation: Sit in the open air under a moonlit light and meditate on tranquility with closed eyes for a few minutes. Try to visualize your desires. 
  • Seed Mantra: Hold your crystals before your lips and chant the seed mantra associated with the crystals, RAM, and VAM. Carry the charged crystal on your upper body. 

Ulexite and Turquoise Combination

Ulexite on white background

Due to friendly planets ruling this Turquoise pairing, you can use it for setting intentions.

Ulexite is a transformative stone that boosts your energy, focus, tranquility, imagination, and awareness. Although it’s an extremely-soft healing crystal, it opens the seven primary chakras. 

By pairing with Turquoise, the duo activates vitality, clarity, peace, creativity, and psychic abilities, like clairvision, intuition, and access to Akashic Records.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Ulexite 

  • Mind’s Eye Activation: Meditating with your crystals in each hand after dusk is a good way to activate your inner eye. During the session, place them on your eyelids, between them, and in the center of your forehead. 
  • Dreamwork Affirmation: Sit on your bed, hold your crystal in one hand, and chant this affirmation, “I am attuned to my psychic powers and ready to receive messages and guidance through my dreams tonight.” 

Turquoise and Aquamarine Together

polished aquamarine on white background

A powerful Throat and Third Eye Chakra combination owing to compatible energies between their ruling planets. 

Aquamarine is the Stone of Calmness and Tranquility. Opening the Throat Chakra brings confidence, expression, willpower, self-reliance, and maturity.

Pairing it with Turquoise brings out your inner wisdom, clairvoyance, mediumship, harmony, positivity, serenity, and emotional balance.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Aquamarine

  • Jewelry Activation: Get a Turquoise pendant and an Aquamarine ring. Charge them with a candle before wearing them or carrying them on your person throughout the day.
  • Gem Bath: Create an indirect crystal infusion or elixir by placing both crystals next to a bowl of clean water for 2 to 6 hours after dusk. Pour them into your bath and soak for 10 minutes while visualizing your intention. 

Larvikite and Turquoise Pairing

Larvikite rock on a white background

Pairing Turquoise with Larvikite is unconventional, but it’s astrologically beneficial because Jupiter rules both crystals. 

Have you heard Larvikite is the Stone of Wisdom? It typically opens the Root and Crown Chakras, known for divination, spirit communication, and grounding. Combining its energies with Turquoise manifests awakening and psychic protection.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Larvikite

  • Crystal Altar: Set a crystal altar with Turquoise and Larvikite in the center and surround it with healing scents, herbs, incense, and candles related to the Fire element. 
  • Soil Charging: Program your crystals by burying them under three inches of soil overnight. Take the charged stone in your bag or purse for spiritual transformation. 

Turquoise and Rhodochrosite Together

polished Rhodochrosite on a white background

Combining the energies of Turquoise with Rhodochrosite is positive because compatible planets rule them. 

Rhodochrosite is known for inner healing, shielding, support, letting go, and compassion because it opens the Heart Chakra. 

The bonding of Turquoise with Rhodochrosite spreads harmony, peace, empathy, willpower, comfort, and self-love. It is a powerful pairing that leads to progress in your romantic and family life. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Rhodochrosite

  • Heart Healing Reiki: Lie down on your back and place your crystals on your throat (Turquoise) and chest (Rhodochrosite). Cup the crystal with your palms and visualize your intention of healing. 
  • Love Spell Jar: Make a spell jar with your stones, a few drops of lavender, rose petals, and cinnamon to amplify the spell. Tie the mouth of the jar with a red or pink ribbon and set it on your bedside table. 

Boji Stone and Turquoise Pairing

Moqui Marbels AKA Boji Stone on a white background

The combination of Turquoise with Boji Stone is favorable because their ruling planets are friends. 

Did you know Boji Stone is known as the Shaman’s Stone? It opens the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, aligning the flow of kundalini. 

Paired with the Boji Stone, this pairing brings purification, hormonal balance, strength, inner power, and grounding to the body and mind. Using them together, based on feng shui principles, is beneficial in the East or North side of your home.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Boji Stone

  • Wand Activation: Program this Turquoise pairing for energy clearing by placing them in the East or North after charging with a Clear Quartz wand. 
  • Zen Gardening: For enhancing the combined vibrations of Turquoise and Boji Stone, it’s good to seek the help of Mother Nature. Place them next to a growing plant after setting your intention with imagination. 

Chiastolite and Turquoise Combination

polished chiastolite on white background

The pairing of Turquoise with Chiastolite is beneficial in astrology because of their friendly ruling planets. 

Have you heard the Cross Stone brings the brown energy of strength? Chiastolite is a psychic protection stone that opens the Root Chakra and eliminates every ounce of negativity in your body. 

This is a crystal combination for hex removal, miracles, spiritual growth, emotional balance, and transformation.  

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Chiastolite

  • Protective Talisman: Programming this Turquoise combination as a talisman with prayers and mantras will bring miracles into your life. 
  • Grounding Meditation: Sit in the open air before sunset with crystals between your hands. Let nature lead your meditation and manifestation. 

Turquoise and Sunstone Together

Sunstone gemstone on a white background

Using Sunstone and Turquoise is a good choice because friendly planets rule them. 

Sunstone is a lucky stone known for awakening the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, so it’s good for boosting wealth, creativity, and courage.

Bringing Sunstone and Turquoise together leads to abundance, success in your career, mind power, leadership, and self-esteem. Use them together from dawn to dusk to tap into the sun’s energy. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Sunstone 

  • Manifestation Grid: Create a crystal grid with the Sunstone/Turquoise combination in the center of your bedroom and surround it with manifestation stones. Smudge and meditate daily to activate the grid. 
  • Sun Salutations: Face the rising sun and do the yoga asana of “Surya Namaskar” or sun salutation for 5 to 10 minutes. Place the stones behind and before you before starting to set your intention.

Chrysocolla and Turquoise Pairing

A green Chrysocolla crystal on a white background

Turquoise combination with Chrysocolla is good in astrology because allied planets rule them. 

Chrysocolla is a Throat Chakra stone that clears emotional blockages and boosts self-expression. It comforts you in tough situations by freeing narrow-minded thoughts and beliefs. 

When paired with Turquoise, they attract energies of compassion, energy, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Chrysocolla

  • Herbal Smudging: Keep your crystals in a bowl, and add a few leaves of sacred herbs like sage, basil, cedar, or tobacco. Now rub the herbs over your crystals while chanting OM in your heart for 10 minutes. 
  • Anointing Liquid: Make a crystal infusion by placing Turquoise and Sunstone next to a glass of water from dawn until midnight. Sprinkle the liquid around the corners of your room and house after waking up to clear energies.

Turquoise and Rose Quartz Together

rose quartz on white background

Rose Quartz with Turquoise is a little-known pairing with high positivity due to their friendly planets.

Also called Pink Quartz, Rose Quartz is the stone of all things love. Did you know it’s also an energy generator that amplifies harmony, peace, health, balance, and stability? 

This is why the combined healing vibrations of Rose Quartz and Turquoise facilitate trauma healing, forgiveness, moving on, cosmic unity, empathy, and kindness.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Turquoise and Rose Quartz

  • Fertility Ritual: Bury your Turquoise and Rose Quartz stones together for a full moon cycle, from new moon to full moon, under three inches of soil. Once they’re charged, chant your intention and place it under the bed. 
  • Passion Energy Generator: A combination of several crystal shapes surrounding this Turquoise pairing creates a storm of healing vibrations when smudged with sage or cedarwood. 

Manifest the Powers of Turquoise Pairings!

Now that you know the positive effects of pairing Turquoise with crystals that have friendly planets, it’s time to use them for manifesting your dreams and wishes.

Remember, each combination unlocks distinct benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. 

You can activate Turquoise combinations for manifesting metaphysical benefits with your thoughts, meditation, fire, incense, smudge sticks, grids, altars, seed mantras, affirmations, water, sunlight, moonlight, and herbs. 

Here’s a quick look at the 16 Turquoise pairings we learned before you go:

A custom graphic table for 16 turquoise pairings

What’s your goal for pairing Turquoise with other crystals? 

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