Boji Stone

(boh - jee stohn)
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What is Boji Stone?

Moqui Marbles AKA Boji Stones on the ground

Boji Stone is a unique rock that only comes from Kansas, USA. They are concretion stones that are made up of various minerals and may contain other gemstones. Boji Stones are found at the base of a naturally forming pyramid that many people believe signifies the center of the USA.

These intriguing stones are usually sold in pairs, with one rock holding masculine energy and the other holding feminine energy. This means we can use Boji Stones to balance the male and female energy within us and create harmony. 

Male Boji Stones appear with sharp edges, a textured surface, and protrusions. Female Boji Stones, on the other hand, are smooth and even.

Boji Stone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Boji Stones bring a balance to your yin and yang energy, with both stones having their own unique powers. You may feel drawn to the masculine or feminine stone, depending on what energy you need in your life. Using them both will enhance harmony within you and bring forth tranquility. 

Did you know that Boji Stones works with both the Root and Crown Chakra? This means that they bring a flow of energy through the chakras from the top to the base. They are fantastic grounding stones, allowing you to stay connected with planet Earth as you explore your spiritual side. 

Boji Stones are also connected to the Soul Star Chakra. This chakra is located outside of your physical body, about a foot above your head. It opens us up to spiritual knowledge and connects us with our past lives and spirit guides. 

We can use Boji Stones to connect with the element of Fire. In spirituality, the element of Fire governs change and transformation and is connected to Boji Stones. This means we can use these amazing rocks to bring positive change and growth into our personal lives. 

Did you know that Boji Stones have the energy of cleansing and renewal? Their strong vibrations cleanse the auric field and flow through all the chakras. This means you will feel stronger, more balanced, and refreshed after meditating with Boji Stones. 

Boji Stone Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Boji Stones work to balance the yin and yang within you, bringing harmony and peace into your life. 
  • Charge your Boji Stones with incense. Then place them in your living room to enhance harmony and balance. 


  • Because of their dual-energy, you can use Boji Stones to tap into your personal power and strength
  • Charge your Boji Stones with positive affirmations of strength and willpower. Then carry them with you when you think you will need their powers. 


  • Boji Stones clears away negative thoughts and allow you to become a more confident and courageous person. 
  • Cleanse your Boji Stones with soil, leaving them submerged overnight. Then hold them in your hands as you repeat affirmations of strength and confidence

Overcoming Grief

  • If you have lost someone close to you, turning to Boji Stones can ease the pain. They give you the space to accept the grief you are feeling and the strength to overcome it. 
  • Hold your Boji Stones in your hands while reflecting on the person you have lost and how they impacted your life. 

Mental Clarity

  • Boji Stones create a flow of energy within you, unlocking thoughts and ideas. This means you can use it for problem-solving and gaining mental clarity.
  • Charge your Boji Stones with a candle. Then hold them in your hands when you need to solve a problem and gain understanding.

Boji Stone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

woman doing enlightening meditating by the beachside


  • Because they work to open up the Root Chakra, we can use Boji Stones for grounding. 
  • Meditate with your Boji Stone while sitting on the floor. Go through your senses one by one and connect with your body to ground yourself in the present. 

Psychic Powers

  • Boji Stones work with the Crown Chakra, boosting our connection with higher realms of existence and spiritual knowledge. Working with Boji Stones can unlock psychic powers. 
  • Charge your Boji Stone under the light of the full moon. Then hold it as you explore your psychic powers. 

Earth Connection

  • We can use Boji Stones to enhance our connection with Earth and mother nature. This ultimately provides us with a boost to our spiritual awareness. 
  • Walk in nature with your Boji Stones. Pay attention to the sights, smells, and sounds that surround you, and thank nature for its gifts. 


  • Boji Stones are connected with the element of Fire, which brings forth change and transformation. This means we can use Boji Stones to bring about change in our own lives through manifestation. 
  • Charge your Boji Stone with incense. Then hold it as you send out intentions into the world. 

Spiritual Growth

  • Boji Stones help us understand our connection with higher realms of existence sgand open us up to new ideas and spiritual growth. 
  • Charge your Boji Stone with sound, such as chanting or singing bowls. Then have it nearby when you practice spirituality, read Tarot, meditate, or do chakra work.

Boji Stone Side Effects

  • Imbalance: Because Boji Stones come in pairs, we may feel unbalanced if we only have one of the stones. Make sure you have access to both female and male Boji Stones to avoid this. 
  • Overwhelming Spiritual Messages: Because Boji Stones connect us to the Soul Star Chakra, we may receive spiritual messages from our guides, which may be overwhelming to some. 
  • Discomfort: As Boji Stones are ruled by Mars, those born with zodiac signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) may find working with these stones uncomfortable. This is because Mars and Mercury are enemy planets.

Boji Stone Meaning: What Does Boji Stone Symbolize?

Two stones that are balanced by another stone on the stone

The meaning of Boji Stone is “balance. 

These amazing stones come in pairs, with two opposing forces within them. This means that they can be used to balance the energy within you to come to a place of peace. 

You can use a female Boji Stone to enhance your feminine energy, bringing tenderness and care into your life. They are great to work with if you need time out to nurture yourself, your mind, and your body. 

Male Boji Stones bring masculine energy into your life. They boost self-confidence and assertiveness to allow you to move forward with your goals. They also bring you the energy of self-discipline and control. 

Regardless of our gender, we need both masculine and feminine energy within us to be balanced and successful. Boji Stones bring us this harmony.

Types of Boji Stone

  • Common Boji Stones: Common Boji Stones appear in a brown shade with darker specks. These bring balance and harmony into your life. 
  • Male Boji Stones: Male Boji Stones have a textured surface with irregular bumps. Use a Male Boji Stone to boost your self-confidence and courage. 
  • Female Boji Stones: Female Boji Stones have a smooth surface. These stones boost feelings of care and nurture in your life. 
  • Red Boji Stones: This variety of Boji Stones have a dark red color to them. Use Red Boji Stones to open up your Root Chakra and bring forth grounding and stability. 
  • Black Boji Stones: This variety appears black with a slight shine. Use a Black Boji Stone to boost your psychic powers. 
  • Gray Boji Stones: These Boji Stones can be found in dark or light shades of gray. Use this variety for meditation and spiritual work. 
  • Pyrite Boji Stones: This variety appears gray with specks of Pyrite crystals visible within the stone. Use Pyrite Boji Stones for manifestation and setting intentions. 
  • Marcasite Boji Stones: Marcasite Boji Stones are usually black with a metallic shine. Use this variety for problem-solving and mental clarity. 
  • Jarosite Boji Stones: Jarosite Boji Stones have a brownish-red hue and are great for connecting with Mother Nature. 
  • Conjoined Boji Stones: Conjoined Boji Stones look like a few different rocks stuck together. They come in a range of sizes and bring balance and harmony into your life. 
  • Rainbow Boji Stones: Rainbow Boji Stones appear brown with metallic inclusions that shine different colors. Use this variety to develop your psychic powers.

How To Cleanse Boji Stone?

The sun is shining over the mountains

  • Soil: Bury your Boji Stones in a bowl of soil and leave them submerged for 12 hours. 
  • Sunlight: Place your Boji Stones out in the sunshine for 10 minutes. 
  • Water: Hold your Boji Stone under running water for 30 seconds. Streams, rivers, or running water from the tap will all cleanse your Boji Stones.

Questions and Answers

What is a Boji Stone?

A Boji Stone is a concretion stone that is made up of various minerals and sometimes other gemstones. It is only found in a specific location in Kansas, USA.

How do Boji Stones Work?

Boji Stones work by bringing forth two different opposing energy forces to harmonize your soul and chakras.

What is another name for the Boji Stone?

Boji Stones are sometimes sold under different names, such as Kansas Pop Rock, Shaman Stones, and Alien Stones.

Where does the Boji stone come from?

The Boji Stone comes from Kansas, USA.

Can Boji Stones go in the water?

Yes, you can put Boji Stones in the water for short periods of time to cleanse them.

Can Boji Stones go in the sun?

Yes, Boji Stones will be fine in the sunlight for small amounts of time.

What zodiac signs should use Boji Stones?

Boji Stones are great for people born with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo.

What zodiac signs should avoid Boji Stones?

People born with the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo should avoid Boji Stones. This is because they are ruled by the planet Mercury, whereas Mars rules Boji Stones. These are enemy planets, and therefore they conflict.

Are Boji Stones rare?

Boji Stones are fairly rare as they are only found in one specific location.

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