Apache Tears

(uh - pa - chee teers)
Main Origins:
United States

What are Apache Tears?

raw apache tears on a black background

Apache Tears crystals are a type of Black Obsidian found in the Southwestern United States. They are named after the Apache tribe, known for their bravery and courage in battle. 

The legend behind these stones is that, when a group of Apache warriors was ambushed and killed by the US Cavalry, their wives and families wept so much that their tears turned into these stones.

The Apache Tears crystals have been used for centuries by Native Americans for healing and spiritual purposes. They are believed to be powerful tools for protection, grounding, and emotional healing.

Apache Tears Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

By holding an Apache Tear crystal during meditation or visualization exercises, one can more easily let go of negative thoughts or behaviors that may be holding you back from achieving your goals or living a more fulfilling life. 

Apache Tears host many metaphysical properties and benefits. This crystal can also be used as a talisman or amulet for protection against negative energies or influences from outside sources, such as people or places with bad vibes. 

Carrying an Apache Tear crystal on one’s person will provide a shield against any negative energies that may come your way, allowing you to remain safe and secure in any situation you may find yourself in. 

Apache Tears crystals are often used during rituals or ceremonies to connect with the spirit world and honor ancestors who have passed on before us. 

By placing an Apache Tear crystal on an altar during such rituals, one can open up communication between themselves and those who have gone before us, allowing us access to wisdom from beyond this world, which we may not otherwise have access to without such spiritual guidance from our ancestors.

Apache Tears Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Apache Tears crystals are helpful when it comes to releasing old patterns or habits that no longer serve us well. 
  • When overwhelmed by negative thoughts or feelings, meditate with Apache Tears in your palm for 5 minutes to release it from your mind and energetic body.


  • This crystal has healing properties that can help with emotional and physical pain. Apache Tears are said to be a powerful tool for releasing negative energy and restoring balance in the body.
  • Meditate with Apache Tears on your Root Chakra for 10 minutes to release deeply embedded emotional trauma and restore physical vitality.

Balance and Protection

  • Apache Tears are an excellent tool for anyone looking to heal emotionally or physically from past traumas or current issues they may face. This crystal can help bring balance back into your life and provide protection against negative energies that may be present in your environment.
  • Wear an Apache Tears pendant daily to shield you from harmful energy you might be exposed to throughout your daily life.

Confidence and Resilience

  • By healing the Root Chakra, Apache Tears give you the grounding, confidence, and faith needed to be stronger and more resilient in challenging times. 
  • Carry an Apache Tears crystal in your pocket to allow it to actively heal and balance your Root Chakra throughout the day.

Balances Male and Female Energy

  • Apache Tears transmutes rough, stiff, and nervous energy into nourishing, peaceful, and comforting energy.
  • Wear Apache Tears jewelry daily to balance your male and female sides and curb excessive aggression and anger.

Apache Tears Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Man with both hands above his head in a praying position

Relieves Grief and Sorrow

  • Apache Tears can reduce the pain and heartbreak associated with loss and trauma by showing how you can gain strength from each experience. 
  • Sleep with Apache Tears under your pillow to allow the subconscious to release painful thoughts, emotions, and memories while you sleep.

Calming and Peace Instilling

  • Suppose you suffer from anxiety or stress or experience aggressive and hostile emotions. In that case, Apache Tears will instill you with the critical insight and wisdom needed to be more conscious and at peace.
  • Meditate with Apache Tears in your palm for 5 minutes when you feel emotionally triggered.


  • By releasing negative habits, emotions, and thinking patterns that keep you stuck in the past, Apache Tears releases you from the bars you erect for yourself, giving you the freedom to be your best self.
  • Place an Apache Tears crystal next to a glass of water for an hour, and then consume the water to give yourself a spiritual and emotional cleansing.


  • Apache Tears lets you be more forgiving toward those who have wronged you by allowing you to release resentment, hate, and anger from your heart.
  • Hold an Apache Tears crystal for 5 minutes to release and allow it to absorb harmful and angry emotions from your heart space.


  • Apache Tears guides you and lights the path toward achieving happiness and success. These crystals let you make decisions that align with your highest purpose and prevent you from taking the wrong steps.
  • Place Apache Tears on a flower of life crystal grid with Selenite to activate its ability to bestow you with insight and intuition.

Side Effects of Apache Tears

  • Nausea and Fatigue: The most common side effects of Apache Tears crystals are headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue, as it can have a detoxing effect on the nervous system.

Apache Tears Meaning: What Do Apache Tears Symbolize?

Woman meditating over a grass field

The meaning of Apache Tears is Stone that heals sorrow.

The stones absorb negative energy and help bring balance and harmony into one’s life. They can also be used to help with decision-making, as they bring clarity of thought.

The physical properties of Apache Tears crystals make them ideal for jewelry making. The stones have a glossy black surface with tiny white specks throughout that make this stone very attractive when set in silver or gold jewelry. 

Apache Tears can also be polished to a high shine, which enhances their beauty even further. The metaphysical properties of Apache Tears crystals make them popular among those who practice crystal healing or other energy work. 

These stones can help open up blocked energy pathways, allowing for a better flow of energy throughout the body and mind. This renewed flow of energy can lead to improved physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Varieties of Apache Tears

  • Apache Tears Obsidian: This type of Black Obsidian is found in the Southwestern United States. It is believed to have been formed from volcanic activity and has a glassy texture.
  • Apache Tears Jasper: This type of Jasper is found in the same area as the Apache Tears Obsidian and has a reddish-brown color with white or yellow spots.
  • Apache Tears Agate: This type of Agate is also found in the Southwest United States and has a banded pattern with shades of brown, red, and yellow.
  • Apache Tears Quartz: Also found in the same areas, this stone has a milky white color with some black or gray spots.

How To Cleanse Apache Tears?

Woman holding selenite crystals while bathing in the sunlight at the beach

  • Water: Hold your Apache Tears crystal under a stream of running water for a quick cleanse. Avoid submerging this crystal in the water, as it can damage the crystal.
  • Sunlight: Place your Apache Tears crystal in the Sun for 1 hour to cleanse it. Avoid leaving it in the Sun for longer than 1 hour, as extreme heat and light conditions can discolor the crystal. The best time to cleanse your crystal outside is during sunset.
  • Meditation: Hold your Apache Tears crystal in your hand while meditating. Envision it being filled with white or yellow light for 2 minutes then charge it by stating an affirmation that is aimed toward helping you achieve your goals with this stone.

Questions and Answers

What do Apache Tears symbolize?

They symbolize grief and mourning and are said to be the tears of the Apache women who wept when their warriors died in battle. The legend says that the tears turned into stone upon hitting the ground, and anyone who finds one will be blessed with good luck.

What is the white stuff on Apache Tears?

The white stuff on Apache Tears is a type of mineral called Chalcedony. It is a form of Quartz that has been naturally formed into small, rounded pebbles.

What is the difference between Apache Tears and Obsidian?

Apache Tears are a type of Obsidian, but they are different in that they have a rounded shape and a glossy sheen. Apache Tears are formed when molten lava is ejected from a volcano and cools quickly in the air, forming small, round nodules. Obsidian is formed when molten lava cools quickly without crystallizing, resulting in a glassy texture.

Where can you find Apache Tears?

Apache Tears can be found in many places throughout the United States, including Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and Utah.

Are Apache Tears Obsidian?

Yes, Apache tears are a type of Obsidian, a volcanic glass formed as an igneous rock.

Can you put Apache Tears in a rock tumbler?

No, Apache Tears should not be put in a rock tumbler. Apache Tears are very fragile. Tumbling them in a rock tumbler could cause them to break or chip.

Are Apache Tears Tektite?

No, Apache Tears are not Tektites. Apache Tears are a type of volcanic glass, whereas Tektites are a type of natural glass formed from meteorite impacts.

Can Apache Tears go in the water?

No, Apache Tears should not be placed or submerged in water. However, it is acceptable to hold this stone under a stream of running water for 2 minutes.

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