(yoo - lek - sahyt)
Main Origins:
India, China, Germany, Iran, Canada, Tibet, Chile, Turkmenistan, Bolivia, Italy, Chile, Peru, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, the USA, Serbia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Greece, Thailand, and Ukraine.

What is Ulexite?

A close up shot of an Ulexite crystal

Ulexite is a mineral with interesting optical properties and is a beauty. It is distinct from other crystals due to its unique physical properties. The crystal has the same smooth, silky feel as a fiber optic cable and is colorless or white in color. 

When handled, it feels soft and delicate due to its texture. It can be split or fractured to produce translucent, thin fibers.

George D. Ulex, a California prospector, discovered it, and then scientists learned about the crystal’s remarkable optical properties from him. 

“TV Rock” or “Television Stone” was its nickname due to its light-transmitting fibers. Ulexite is attractive and scientific due to its optical properties.

Crystal enthusiasts and collectors are captivated by Ulexite’s captivating optical properties. When light passes through the crystal, it acts as a natural fiber optic system, transmitting the light along its slender fibers. Did you know Ulexite has a distinct myth? According to folklore, Ulexite can boost intuition and psychic powers. It’s claimed to open a portal to other dimensions, letting people tap into their inner wisdom and obtain insights beyond the physical world.

Ulexite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Each color of Ulexite has a different energy quality. The most common color of Ulexite – white – symbolizes enlightenment, clarity, and divine connection. Colorlessness is another symptom of openness to new ideas.

Ulexite has strong Third Eye Chakra connections. This chakra governs wisdom, understanding, and spirituality. With these Ulexite properties, it improves clairvoyance, intuition, and perspective.

The main element related to Ulexite is Ether, which is also called Spirit or Akasha. Ether is the universe’s energy, the mind of everything, and the glue that holds everything together. 

Feng Shui says that Ulexite should be placed in the North or Center of a room to improve attention, intuition, and spiritual growth.

Moon, Mercury, and Neptune affect this gemstone. Mercury represents communication, intellect, and mental clarity, whereas the Moon represents intuition, emotions, and psychic skills, and Neptune rules spirituality, intuition, dreams, and imagination. Planetary influences boost the crystal’s intuition, clarity, and spirituality.

One the this crystal’s ruling Gods is Apollo, the Greek God of Light, Music, and Divination, who illuminates, inspires, and boosts psychic powers. This crystal is also linked to Tara, a Tibetan Buddhist deity of compassion, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. 

The crystal vibrates at 8 and 33. Wealth and success come from the number 8, whereas the master number 33 symbolizes spiritual rebirth, enlightenment, and profound revelations, enabling powerful spiritual experiences and greater consciousness.

Ulexite Healing Properties and Benefits

Focus and Clarity

  • This gem improves attention and focus. Its unusual optical qualities activate the Third Eye Chakra, eliminating mental clutter and improving attention. It also relieves fatigued eyes. 
  • Hold it and establish the intention for more attention and clarity to program, charge, or activate it. Imagine the crystal receiving and emitting focused energy.


  • One of Ulexite’s benefits is to amplify calming effects on the mind and body.
  • Hold it and visualize stress melting away to program, charge, or activate it for stress relief. Allow the crystal’s energies to soothe and balance your emotions.

Intelligence and Problem Solving

  • This gem boosts intelligence and problem-solving by increasing mental agility and capacity. It promotes originality and problem-solving. 
  • Hold it near your Crown Chakra while clearing your mind of negative thoughts. Focus on your breathing and affirm that you can solve any problem in your way.


  • This crystal encourages creative expression as well as personal development. It encourages imaginative and original thought. 
  • Hold the crystal while engaging in a creative activity, such as drawing, writing, or brainstorming. Allow its energy to flow through you and ignite your imagination.

Empathy and Universal Connection

  • This crystal fosters empathy and universality. It fosters empathy and deepens connections. It heals the circadian rhythm, improving body balance.
  • Place the crystal on your heart center or hold it close to your chest and use it to help you meditate. Take a deep breath and picture its energy sending love and kindness through your whole body. 

Ulexite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic holding two tarot cards at the table

Clairvoyance and Clairsentience

  • Enhance your ability to see and sense beyond the physical realm with Ulexite metaphysical properties. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, awakening your psychic perceptions.
  • To tap into this effect, find a quiet space and hold the crystal in your hands. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and set the intention to open your clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. 


  • Create a shield of spiritual protection by harnessing the energy of this crystal. Its powerful vibrations ward off negative energies and psychic attacks. 
  • As you visualize, say, “I am protected by a powerful divine shield. My life is secure.” Know that the shield protects you from negativity and dangerous forces. To feel safe, repeat this visualization.

Akashic Records

  • Access the profound wisdom of the Akashic Records with the assistance of this crystal. It acts as a key to unlock the cosmic library of knowledge.
  • Write freely in a journal or on a blank page. Ask the Akashic Records for advice or let your thoughts flow. Imagine the Ulexite crystal’s energy channeling ancient wisdom onto the paper as you write. 

Spirit Contact

  • Establish a connection with the spirit realm using the energy of this crystal. It serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual dimensions. 
  • Light a candle or burn incense if desired. State your intention to connect with loving and wise spirits. Quiet your mind and be open to receiving messages or signs from the spiritual realm.

Business Success

  • Harness the energy of this crystal to manifest success and abundance in your business endeavors. Its vibrations enhance intuition, decision-making, and opportunities.
  • State your intention to attract favorable circumstances, make wise choices, and achieve financial prosperity. Visualize the crystal’s energy infusing your business with positive energy and success.

Ulexite Side Effects

  • Drowsiness: This crystal’s relaxing effect may produce sleepiness. Use it during the daytime or in shorter sessions to prevent or alleviate this.
  • Insomnia: Some people may have insomnia if they use this gem. Limit your usage of it in the hours leading up to bedtime and establish a relaxing routine to help you unwind.
  • Horoscopic Faults: This stone could make bad zodiac traits worse. Use it with grounding stones and talk to a psychic or energy practitioner for help on how to avoid or get rid of it.

Ulexite Meaning: What Does Ulexite Symbolize?

A woman looking through the binoculars

Ulexite crystal signifies “Clarity of Vision.”

The name “Ulexite” is derived from the mineralogist Georg Ludwig Ulex, who first described the crystal in 1850. It was first found in California, United States, specifically in the Death Valley region.

Some other names for this crystal are TV Stone, TV Rock, and Television Stone. These names come from its unique optical qualities, which make it look like images are appearing on its surface, like a TV screen. It does this by acting as a natural fiber optic system.

People have thought for a long time that this rock has the power to make people more psychic and intuitive. It is highly valued now because it helps us see things more clearly, both inside and out.

Amethyst is one of the best crystals to wear with this stone. The calming and spiritual qualities of Amethyst can help this crystal’s meditative and intuitive qualities. This creates a peaceful relationship between the two.

Did you know that, during World War II, Ulexite crystal was a vital part of making periscopes for the military? Its unique fiber-optic-like properties made it the best choice for transmitting light and improving visibility in submarine periscopes, which helped military operations go well.

Types of Ulexite

  • Common Ulexite: White or colorless, fibrous crystal. Its fiber optic-like qualities enhance intuition and provide non-physical insights.
  • White TV Rock: A cotton ball or needle-like texture that is white. It is appreciated for its capacity to transmit light and generate the illusion of text or images on its surface, like a television screen. It inspires creativity and growth.
  • Optical Ulexite: Light passes through transparent or translucent optical Ulexite. Clearing, focusing, and spiritual awareness are enhanced by its fiber optic-like characteristics.
  • Boronatrocalcite: This gray Ulexite has a satiny feel. Its calming energy promotes emotional balance and peace. Grounding and protection are related.
  • Cotton Ball or Acicular Ulexite: Like cotton, it’s white and soft. It boosts imagination, creativity, and personal development.
  • Silky or Satin Ulexite: Satin-like texture is called silky. It promotes serenity, tranquility, and emotional healing.
  • Clam Shell Ulexite: Its design resembles a clamshell’s delicate ridges and curves. Its unusual look creates harmony and balance.
  • Botryoidal Ulexite: Like grapes or bubbles, this Ulexite occurs in rounded clusters. Its form is smooth and rounded. Nurturing energy, emotional healing, and divine feminine connection is associated with it.
  • Gray Ulexite: Gray Ulexite may be fibrous or crystalline. It helps with practical decision-making and problem-solving due to its grounding and stabilizing characteristics.
  • Twinned Ulexite: Two crystals grow together to make unusual and complicated shapes. They promote spiritual growth and togetherness by symbolizing balance and unity.
  • Yellow Ulexite: This Ulexite has a vivid yellow color. It’s related to joy, contentment, and self-confidence. Yellow Ulexite stimulates creativity and positivity.
  • Milky Ulexite: Opaque and usually white, which helps emotional healing and self-care with its mild energy.
  • Black Ulexite: Black variation used for aesthetic purposes and collecting, with unusual colors and patterns, claimed to promote intuition and ground energy.
  • Cat Eye Ulexite: Exhibits a captivating cat’s eye effect with mesmerizing patterns when cut and polished, commonly used in jewelry for its unique optical phenomenon. It enhances intuition and perception.
  • Gerstley Borate: A white mineral that improves glaze flow, intensifies colors, lowers melting points, and promotes emotional equilibrium and creativity in ceramics.
  • Brown Ulexite: With warm brown tones and patterns, valued for its decorative use and sometimes utilized in jewelry or as a gemstone, it promotes stability and connection with the Earth.
  • Ulexite with Hydroboracite: This type displays a vibrant array of colors, including blues, greens, and pinks. ts presence of hydroboracite offers emotional healing and balance.
  • Ulexite with Borax: With its unique color variations, ranging from white to pale yellow, this type of Ulexite provides purifying and cleansing benefits.
  • Meyerhofferite with Ulexite: Featuring a combination of colors, such as browns, yellows, and grays, this type brings joy and positivity to those who appreciate its aesthetic appeal.
  • Ulexite Calcite: This composite mineral exhibits a mix of colors, including white, beige, and brown. Its presence promotes clarity of thought and energetic balance.
  • Ulexite Gypsum: With captivating hues of white, gray, and sometimes pink, this type is known to promote tranquility and serenity.
  • Ulexite Glauberite: Showcasing an intriguing combination of colors, such as yellow, orange, and brown, this type encourages open-mindedness and spiritual exploration.
  • Ulexite with Hallite: This variety displays a blend of colors, including white, gray, and pink. Its presence enhances insight and intuition.
  • Ulexite with Howlite: With a fascinating mix of colors, such as white, gray, and sometimes black, this type promotes calmness, patience, and emotional healing.
  • Ulexite Nodules: These formations feature a variety of colors, including white, beige, and brown, and their unique beauty inspires creativity and imagination.
  • Ulexite with Probertite: This type features captivating hues of white, pink, and occasionally orange, promoting inner peace and fostering spiritual growth.
  • Ulexite with Orpiment: Showcasing intriguing colors, such as yellow, orange, and sometimes red, this variety enhances intuition and deepens spiritual connections.
  • Ulexite with Realgar: With its striking blend of colors, patterns, and textures, including shades of red, orange, and yellow, it inspires courage and facilitates personal transformation.
  • Ulexite with Pararealgar: Displaying a mesmerizing combination of colors, patterns, and textures, with hues ranging from yellow to orange, this type amplifies positive energy and inner strength.
  • Ulexite with Inderite: White or colorless with streaks of green or blue, it enhances communication, self-expression, and fosters clarity and understanding in relationships.
  • Ulexite with Kurnakovite: Featuring white or colorless Ulexite with green Kurnakovite inclusions, this type supports emotional healing and spiritual growth, facilitating the release of old patterns and embracing positive transformation.
  • Ulexite with Colemanite: This type exhibits white or colorless Ulexite with translucent Colemanite crystals, enhancing mental clarity and focus, and aiding in problem-solving and decision-making processes.
  • Ground Ulexite: Typically appearing as a white or colorless crystal with a solid texture, this type offers grounding properties, bringing stability, balance, and a sense of connection to the Earth.

How To Cleanse Ulexite?

A full moon over the sea

  • Meditation: Place Ulexite in front of you during meditation, visualize pure energy cleansing the crystal, and set the intention to clear its energy.
  • Moonlight: Leave Ulexite under the moonlight overnight to cleanse and recharge its energy.
  • Sage: Pass Ulexite through the smoke of burning sage to remove any negative or stagnant energies attached to it.

Questions and Answers

How Is Ulexite Formed?

Ulexite is formed through the evaporation of water in arid regions, leaving behind borate minerals that crystallize over time.

Can Ulexites Get Wet?

Yes, Ulexites can get wet without causing any harm to their structure or properties.

Do Ulexites Decompose in Hot Water?

No, Ulexites do not decompose in hot water. They are relatively stable and unaffected by hot water.

Is Ulexite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Ulexite is safe in the sun and does not undergo any significant changes in its properties or appearance when exposed to sunlight.

How Do You Identify Ulexite?

Ulexite can be identified by its unique fibrous or acicular crystal structure, which creates an optical effect that resembles a television screen or fiber optics.

Are Selenite and Ulexite the Same?

No, Selenite and Ulexite are different minerals with distinct compositions and properties. Selenite is a form of gypsum, while Ulexite is a borate mineral.

How Do You Take Care of Ulexites?

To take care of Ulexites, handle them with care to avoid scratching or damaging their delicate fibers. Store them in a dry, safe place, and clean them gently with a soft cloth.

Is Ulexite Safe To Touch?

Yes, Ulexite is safe to touch. It is non-toxic and generally considered safe for direct contact with the skin.

What Is an Unusual Property of Ulexite?

An unusual property of Ulexite is its fiber optic-like effect, where it can transmit and project light along its slender fibers, creating visual illusions of text or images.

How Much Is Ulexite?

The cost of Ulexite can vary depending on factors such as size, quality, and rarity. Compared to some other gemstones, Ulexite is generally considered to be more affordable.

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