(smith - suh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Argentina, Iran, the US, Greece, India, Australia, Peru, Spain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Zambia, Pakistan, Canada, France, Congo, Morocco, Botswana, Italy, Kazakhstan, and China.

What is Smithsonite?

A Smithsonite crystal on a black reflective background

Smithsonite, a captivating gemstone, exhibits a delightful range of colors that can instantly captivate anyone’s attention. From pastel hues of pink, blue, and green to vibrant shades of purple and yellow, the physical color of Smithsonite is truly mesmerizing. 

Regarding the chemical and physical composition, Smithsonite is classified as a zinc carbonate mineral. Its chemical formula is ZnCO3, indicating the presence of zinc and carbon. The crystal structure of Smithsonite belongs to the trigonal system, forming beautiful rhombohedral or botryoidal formations.

This crystal derives its name from an esteemed British mineralogist, James Smithson. The gemstone was discovered in the late 18th century but was named in the early 19th. 

Did you know that Smithsonite, a beautiful crystal known for its calming energies, has a fascinating mythological connection? In Greek mythology, Smithsonite was formed when Selene’s, the Moon Goddess, tears fell to Earth and hardened into gemstones.

Smithsonite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Smithsonite’s enchanting green color carries a sense of serenity and harmony, making it an ideal crystal for those seeking emotional balance and inner peace. This gemstone symbolizes personal progress and spiritual rebirth.

Associated with the Heart Chakra, it resonates with the energies of love, compassion, and forgiveness. It helps heal emotional wounds, fosters harmonious relationships, and connects one with the healing powers of nature.

Because Water is the primary element, it is especially receptive to the free expression of feelings and insights. This elemental connection makes Smithsonite a valuable ally for emotional healing and psychic development. In feng shui, Smithsonite is often placed in the Southeast to attract abundance, wealth, and good fortune.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, infuses Smithsonite with its gentle yet potent energy. This crystal radiates the essence of love, attracting positivity, compassion, and nurturing energies into our lives. 

Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican feathered serpent God of Wisdom, Healing, and Spiritual Enlightenment, is associated with Smithsonite. 

The numerical vibration of Smithsonite is 5, which further enhances its metaphysical properties. The number 5 represents freedom, adaptability, and change. It inspires us to explore and change.

Smithsonite Healing Properties and Benefits

Tranquility and Trauma Healing

  • Smithsonite, a soothing gemstone with gentle energy, is known for its ability to promote tranquility and aid in trauma healing. Its soft pink color energy resonates with the Heart Chakra, encouraging emotional balance and inner peace.
  • Place a tumbled stone or jewelry piece on your Heart Chakra during meditation or times of emotional distress.


  • A powerful ally for self-discovery, assisting individuals in exploring their inner realms and uncovering hidden truths. Its connection to the Third Eye Chakra enhances intuition and insight, allowing for self-reflection and self-awareness. 
  • You can activate the stone by placing it under the moonlight, as the Moon’s gentle energy enhances its mystical properties.

Passion and Fertility

  • It ignites the fires of passion and fertility within, promoting vitality and creativity. Its pink hue stimulates the Sacral Chakra, promoting sensuality and emotional connection.
  • Wear a piece of Smithsonite as jewelry near your Sacral Chakra or hold it during intimate moments.

New Beginnings

  • Smithsonite facilitates new beginnings and fresh starts. The stone’s connection to the Crown Chakra encourages spiritual growth and greater consciousness, opening new doors.
  • Hold a piece of the stone in your hand and envision yourself stepping into a new chapter of your life.

Peace and Childbirth

  • This crystal’s energy promotes peace and tranquility, making it a beneficial stone for the journey of childbirth. Its connection to the Heart Chakra promotes love, compassion, and emotional equilibrium, calming mother and infant. 
  • Place a tumbled stone or a small piece of jewelry on the pregnant woman’s belly or hold it during meditation.

Smithsonite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

An angel statue that is kneeling

Good Fortune

  • Smithsonite is renowned for its ability to attract good fortune and abundance into one’s life. Its energy stimulates the Heart Chakra, aligning it with the energy of prosperity and luck.
  • You can program and charge Smithsonite by placing it under the full moon’s light or in sunlight for a few hours, allowing it to absorb the cosmic energies.

Angelic Guidance

  • It is a conduit for angelic guidance, facilitating a stronger connection with the angelic realm. Smithsonite’s color energies, mainly white and blue, resonate with the celestial realms, allowing for clear insights and divine messages.
  • Enhance its energy by placing the crystal near your bed or under your pillow to promote dream messages and angelic visitations.

Interdimensional Travel

  • Because of its special property, Smithsonite can be used to travel across dimensions and discover new worlds beyond our own. Its ethereal energy activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, expanding consciousness and spirituality.
  • Placing Smithsonite on your altar or sacred space, surrounding it with other crystals that amplify spiritual energies, creating a portal for interdimensional experiences.

Transformation and Ascension

  • A mesmerizing crystal, a zinc spar, holds profound spiritual properties and benefits that aid personal transformation and ascension. Smithsonite’s soothing blue and green tones promote self-expression and inner growth due to its connection to the Heart and Throat Chakras.
  • Place it on a Quartz cluster or in sunlight, allowing it to absorb the cleansing and amplifying energies. This enhances its ability to support your journey of transformation and ascension.


  • Smithsonite can assist in manifestation by connecting individuals to their innate creative power. Its energy aligns with the Heart Chakra, igniting the flame of passion and purpose.
  • Hold the crystal in your hands and visualize your desires as already manifested.

Smithsonite Side Effects

  • Disturbing Sleep: Sometimes, Smithsonite may disturb sleep patterns, causing restlessness or vivid dreams. To alleviate this, try placing an Amethyst crystal or lavender sachet near your bedside, as they promote relaxation and peaceful sleep.
  • Aggression: Rarely, it can trigger feelings of aggression or irritability. Combine it with relaxing gems, like Rose Quartz or Blue Lace Agate, to avoid this adverse effect.
  • Overwhelmed: In certain individuals, this crystal’s energy may lead to feelings of overwhelm or sensory overload. Use grounding crystals, like Black Tourmaline or Hematite, to calm the environment.
  • Exhaustion from Over-Empathy: Smithsonite’s empathetic qualities can sometimes result in emotional exhaustion. Self-care and energetic protection, such as wearing Black Obsidian or visualizing, can prevent this.

Smithsonite Meaning: What Does Smithsonite Symbolize?

A tree portraying seasonal change from Winter to Spring.

Smithsonite is also known as the “stone of transformation.” 

Originating from the name of its discoverer, James Smithson, Smithsonite’s name pays homage to its fascinating history. It’s unique composition and vibrant hues have captivated crystal enthusiasts for centuries.

It is known as “Zinc Spar” due to its high zinc content, which contributes to its mesmerizing colors and luminosity. It is also called “Turkey Stone,” as it was first mined and widely found in Turkey.

Traditionally, Smithsonite has been seen as a symbol of transformation and spiritual growth. It is recognized as a stone that promotes emotional healing and self-discovery in modern times.

Smithsonite exhibits a wide range of variations, each with its unique qualities. From pastel pinks and blues to brilliant greens and purples, this gemstone has a rainbow of colors to fit everyone’s taste and energy needs.

Did you know that Smithsonite is sometimes called the “Stone of the Pink Ray?” This nickname derives from its association with the Heart Chakra and its ability to enhance love, compassion, and emotional balance.

Types of Smithsonite

  • Common Smithsonite: This crystal exhibits a range of stunning colors, including vibrant blues, soft pinks, soothing greens, and delicate grays. Their relaxing energy promotes emotional healing, harmony, and peace.
  • Cuprian Smithsonite: Also known as Cupro Smithsonite, it features captivating hues of turquoise and green owing to its copper content. This crystal enhances spirituality and self-expression by encouraging intuition and communication.
  • Cobaltoan Smithsonite: Radiating a mesmerizing pink purple color, it is cherished for its gentle and loving energy. It promotes emotional healing and compassion, making it a good gemstone for self-love, empathy, and relationship mending.
  • Cadmium-bearing Smithsonite: Its distinctive yellow to yellow-green shades emanate a vibrant and uplifting energy. This gemstone is believed to boost self-confidence, creativity, and joy.
  • Green Smithsonite: It showcases a captivating range of green tones, ranging from pale mint to deep forest green. By balancing the Heart Chakra, it promotes emotional peace, compassion, and personal growth.
  • Apple-Green Smithsonite: Boasting a luscious apple-green color, it exudes a refreshing and revitalizing energy. This crystal is said to rejuvenate the spirit, enhance vitality, and promote feelings of rejuvenation and well-being.
  • Yellow Smithsonite: Its bright and cheerful color symbolizes warmth and positivity. It is believed to uplift the spirit, boost confidence, and stimulate mental clarity, making it an excellent crystal for manifesting abundance, joy, and success.
  • Champagne Smithsonite: This features an elegant blend of beige, tan, and light brown tones, reminiscent of effervescent champagne. Elegant, refined, and harmonious, this crystal promotes serenity, balance, and tranquility.
  • Botryoidal and Stalactitic Smithsonite: This crystal showcases rounded and bubbly shapes, often resembling clusters or hanging stalactites. This amplifies the energetic properties of Smithsonite, promoting emotional healing, spiritual growth, and inner transformation.
  • Agate Smithsonite: Mesmerizes with its banded patterns and a harmonious blend of colors, ranging from earthy browns to warm oranges, these crystal grounds protect and support Agate’s stabilizing energy and Smithsonite’s gentleness.
  • Blue Smithsonite: With its serene blue hue, it embodies tranquility and emotional balance. Its metaphysical properties promote clear communication and self-expression, making it a good crystal for improving relationships and resolving issues.
  • Transparent Smithsonite: Clear and translucent, this crystal resonates with purity and clarity. It enhances intuition and spiritual growth, helping people connect with their higher selves and receive spiritual insights.
  • White Smithsonite: Pure and radiant, White Smithsonite symbolizes purity and divine light. Its gentle energy promotes emotional healing and a sense of inner peace.
  • Red Smithsonite: It’s full of life and fire, stimulating passion and vigor. This crystal inspires action, ignites creativity, and boosts self-confidence.
  • Brown Smithsonite: It’s rooted in the Earth, bringing us closer to the life-giving energy of nature. It is believed to foster a sense of stability and security, grounding scattered energies and promoting practicality and focus in daily life.
  • Orbicular Smithsonite: Unique and captivating, it showcases mesmerizing patterns resembling orbs or circles. This gemstone supports change and promotes harmony inside and out.
  • Orange Smithsonite: It is a symbol of excitement, inventiveness, and abundance, and it exudes warmth and enthusiasm. It boosts motivation, positivity, and the Sacral Chakra, which controls passion and creativity.
  • Pink Smithsonite: Soft and gentle, it represents love, compassion, and emotional healing. Its soothing vibration opens the Heart Chakra, promoting self-love, forgiveness, and profound emotional connections.
  • Purple Smithsonite: This magnificent crystal is an outlet for the enlightened knowledge and clairvoyant insight it represents. The Crown Chakra is linked to this crystal, which enhances meditation, spiritual growth, and higher consciousness.
  • Lavender Smithsonite: Delicate and calming, Lavender Smithsonite combines the soothing properties of lavender with the nurturing energy of Smithsonite. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and supports emotional healing, creating a sense of inner harmony and peace.
  • Golden Smithsonite: Its golden shine is thought to inspire optimism and boost self-assurance. It’s used in manifestation rituals to attract wealth and abundance.
  • Black Smithsonite: Characterized by its deep ebony color, it is a powerful grounding crystal that helps release negative emotions and promote emotional healing.
  • Flame Smithsonite: The vibrant gemstone showcases a mesmerizing combination of red, orange, and yellow hues, reminiscent of flickering flames. It is known for igniting passion, creativity, and motivation.
  • Monheimite: It has a range of captivating colors, including shades of green, blue, and purple. It is a crystal that symbolizes transformation and growth. 
  • Herrerite: With its beautiful pale pink or peach tones, it is a crystal associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is believed to open the Heart Chakra, fostering self-love, forgiveness, and harmony in relationships. 
  • Turkey Fat Ore and Dry Bone Ore: Turkey Fat Ore resembles rendered fat, while Dry Bone Ore has bone-like beige and off-white tones. These crystals ground and protect against bad energies.
  • Smithsonite with Cadmium: Characterized by its vibrant shades of green, ranging from light pastel to deep emerald. This crystal is believed to stimulate the Heart Chakra and promote emotional healing. 
  • Smithsonite with Calcite: This crystal’s green, blue, and white colors come from Smithsonite’s relaxing energies and Calcite’s amplifying capabilities. It improves mental health, communication, and clarity. 
  • Smithsonite with Gaspéite: Showcasing a captivating combination of blue-green Smithsonite and vibrant green Gaspéite, this crystal is associated with harmony, balance, and emotional healing. 
  • Smithsonite with Otavite: A unique crystal featuring a blend of soft pink or peachy Smithsonite and the translucent white hues of Otavite. It is known to promote self-love, self-acceptance, and emotional healing. 
  • Smithsonite with Rhodochrosite: Combining the soft pink hues of Rhodochrosite with Smithsonite creates a harmonious crystal that promotes love, compassion, and emotional healing.
  • Smithsonite with Siderite: Blending the earthy tones of Siderite with Smithsonite results in a crystal that resonates with grounding and stability. This combination is believed to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Smithsonite with Cerussite: The enchanting fusion of Cerussite with Smithsonite creates a crystal that stimulates clarity and mental focus. Its gentle energies promote introspection and self-reflection, aiding personal growth and spiritual development.
  • Smithsonite with Hemimorphite: Pairing the calming blues of Hemimorphite with Smithsonite yields a crystal that promotes emotional healing and communication. This combination is known to soothe anxiety and promote inner peace.
  • Smithsonite with Fluorite: The vibrant colors of Fluorite, combined with Smithsonite, create a crystal that harmonizes the mind and spirit. It is believed to promote mental clarity, focus, and intuition. 
  • Smithsonite with Malachite: The rich green hues of Malachite blended with Smithsonite create a powerful crystal known for its transformative properties. This combination helps release emotional trauma and bad habits, facilitating emotional healing and personal growth. 
  • Smithsonite with Galena: Blending the silvery-gray tones of Galena with Smithsonite creates a crystal that promotes grounding, protection, and strength. It is often used for grounding and balancing the energies of the body and mind.
  • Smithsonite with Mimetite: The vibrant combination of Mimetite with Smithsonite creates a crystal that ignites enthusiasm, creativity, and passion. It is also thought to bring joy and positive energy into one’s life.
  • Smithsonite with Rosasite: Combining the soothing blues of Rosasite with Smithsonite creates a crystal that promotes emotional healing and tranquility. This combination is believed to assist in resolving emotional blockages and promoting forgiveness.
  • Smithsonite with Aurichalcite: The calming combination of Aurichalcite with Smithsonite creates a crystal that nurtures emotional well-being and serenity. This mix encourages free communication and harmony in relationships. 
  • Smithsonite with Willemite: Smithsonite crystals with Willemite come in mesmerizing shades of pale green and exhibit delicate transparency. These enchanting gemstones are renowned for enhancing intuition and connecting one with higher realms.
  • Smithsonite with Pyromorphite: Combined, they create a captivating fusion of vibrant green and rich brown tones. This unique combination inspires growth, transformation, and personal development. 
  • Smithsonite with Hydrozincite: Hydrozincite-infused Smithsonite crystals have a soothing blend of pastel blues and pure whites. These crystals are believed to possess calming properties and are often used to soothe emotional stress and anxiety.
  • Smithsonite with Azurite: The combination of Smithsonite and Azurite results in an exquisite display of vibrant blues and serene greens. Their energy is believed to inspire creativity and support self-expression.
  • Smithsonite with Descloizite: Smithsonite crystals paired with Descloizite exhibit a captivating blend of earthy browns, fiery reds, and warm yellows. This unique combination is known for its grounding and protective properties. 
  • Smithsonite with Apophyllite and Stilbite: When combined with Apophyllite and Stilbite, it presents a delightful palette of soft pinks, pale greens, and milky whites. They are often used in meditation to enhance spiritual connection and foster a sense of serenity and tranquility.

How To Cleanse Smithsonite?

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  • Sunlight: Gently place your Smithsonite where it can bask in the warm, gentle rays of sunlight. Sun’s energy will rejuvenate and revitalize the stone, enhancing its natural properties.
  • Moonlight: Allow your Smithsonite to soak up the mystical energy of moonlight overnight. The ethereal glow will cleanse and recharge the crystal, amplifying its metaphysical properties.
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold your Smithsonite in your hands and speak positive affirmations, such as “I am cleansed, balanced, and filled with positive energy.” Visualize white light enveloping the crystal, purifying its energy and restoring its innate healing properties.

Questions and Answers

Can Smithsonites get wet?

Yes, Smithsonite can get wet.

Is Smithsonite safe in the sun?

No, Smithsonite is not safe in direct sunlight, which can cause fading or discoloration.

How can you tell if Smithsonite is real?

You can tell if Smithsonite is real by checking its hardness and specific gravity and performing a streak test.

How do you take care of Smithsonite?

Store it in a dry place away from sunlight, pack it in a soft cloth or jewelry pouch to prevent scratching, and clean it using a soft brush and mild soapy Water.

Is Smithsonite expensive?

The price can vary depending on size, quality, and rarity, but it is generally considered an affordable gemstone.

What stones go well with Smithsonites?

Stones that go well with Smithsonites include other pastel-colored gemstones, such as Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Morganite, and Opal.

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