(sep - tair - ee - uhn)
Main Origins:
New Zealand, Mexico, USA, Morocco and Madagascar.

What is Septarian?

Polished septarian crystals on the ground

Did you know Septarian crystals form nothing but geodes and nodules? It looks so pretty because they show aesthetic cracks with a light center, brown banding, and gray exterior. 

Septarian gets its yellow from Calcite, brown from Aragonite, white from Barite, and gray from Limestone. 

Real Septarian crystals aren’t transparent or translucent but always opaque. They often have a white streak. 

Septarian isn’t a single crystal but a mix of several. Hence, Septarian benefits include healing, balancing, cleansing, and strengthening apart from protection.

How did Septarian form? 

Septarian formed due to underwater volcanoes that killed marine life. In the last 70 million years, their shells settled and became mud balls that dried, shrank, and cracked into the Septarian crystal we marvel at today. 

Did you know the current concretions of Septarian took four million years to form? Its unique structure, shape, and texture have led it to have nicknames like Turtleback Stone, Lightning Stone, and Dragon Eggs or Dragon Stones.

Septarian Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Millions of years ago, mineral-rich water seeped into mud balls in the ocean floor with shells and bones of marine animals and grew into Septarian crystals. 

Depending on the mineral content, Septarians developed different colors and metaphysical traits. Septarian is associated with the Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras. 

If your Septarian variety has more white, it’ll bring you higher powers by opening the Crown Chakra and cosmic connection via the Heart Chakra

In the same way, more yellow translates to luck via Solar Plexus chakra activation. Septarian balances the Root chakra based on the brown in it. 

All types of Septarian crystals are ruled by the same element and planet, Earth. It draws energy from Earth goddesses and teaches us to adapt to varied situations to spread harmony. 

The same is why Septarian draws from the powers of Tiamat, the Babylonian goddess of the sea, Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of life, Shenlong, the Chinese divine dragon, and Marduk, the Babylonian storm god.

Septarian Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Septarian cleanses, nurtures, and nourishes the mind, body, and soul. It’s one of the best rejuvenation stones for those battling mental and physical fatigue. 
  • The best way to use Septarian for nutrition and strength is by consuming Septarian crystal elixir.

Trust and Faith

  • Healers often recommend bonding with bear-shaped Septarian crystals to overcome trust issues. Bonding with it will help you trust yourself, your family, your friends, and the cosmos.
  • Meditation is the best way to enhance faith in life, humanity, and destiny. You can hold the crystal and close your eyes for a few minutes while visualizing your intentions for this.


  • Do you often feel drained out or tired of creative tasks? It might be because your kundalini energy or empathy is blocked, which you can unblock with Septarian geodes.  
  • Chant positive Affirmations to charge Septarian before carrying it with you. 


  • Holding your head high when you’re out of tolerance is difficult. However, holding onto Septarian is better because it makes you feel tranquil, clear, and calm, especially in stressful situations.
  • To charge your Septarian crystal for anger management and peace, bury it under three inches of soil overnight. Afterward, carry or wear it on your dominant side.


  • Septarian heart nodules are one of the best palm stones to use to find opportunities to grow. They open the mind and help you find enthusiasm in small to large things in life.
  • Septarian geodes are ideal for spreading good vibes of growth and enthusiasm by placing them in the Feng Shui direction of the north. Try to charge Septarian by smudging it with sage.

Septarian Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Different kinds of fruits and vegetable


  • Did you know Septarian amplifies positivity? You should go for Septarian with more green to attract prosperity, good luck, and success. 
  • Place a bowl of charged Septarian in the northeast or center of the house for abundance. This feng shui placement is also good for abundance and good fortune. 

Psychic Vision

  • Lightning Septarian enhances your psychic abilities like clairsentience, clairvoyance, and cosmic link. You’ll feel intuitive and hyper-aware when Septarian begins to work.
  • You can chant the seed mantra of Septarian into the stone to charge it for divination rituals. I suggest gazing into a charged Septarian to attune your mind to harness the dormant powers. 

Multidimensional Travel

  • Have you ever wanted to visit different realities? Septarian is one of the best stones for astral travel, especially for those new to the spiritual world.
  • The best way to activate Septarian for multidimensional travel is with lunar energy. You can leave the crystal overnight under the moonlight and then place them under the pillow for dream travel. 

Spirit Communication

  • We are part of the cosmos because we’re connected to everything. Septarian enhances this connection by establishing a mediumship with angels and spirits. 
  • You can charge Septarian for spirit contact by playing a Tibetan singing bowl close to it. The sound energy of the singing bowl will charge the crystal.


  • Septarian is excellent for psychic protection. It creates a ring of positivity around you, your home, or your family to prevent psychic harm. 
  • The best way to protect your home, family, or people from negativity or evil is by setting a crystal altar or grid with a Septarian in the center.

Septarian Side Effects

  • Vivid or disturbing dreams: Sleeping with Septarian under your pillow may wake or keep you up. Take a break if you experience this.
  • Exhaustion: You may feel overwhelmed or exhausted if you’re highly sensitive to cosmic connection.

Septarian Meaning: What Does Septarian Symbolize?

The father hugging his family in nature

Protection” is the meaning of Septarian.

Septarian comes from the Latin word “sēptum,” meaning “seven, separation, or wall.” The crystal is named so because of its seven separate sections or cracks. 

Do you know about the 7.2 ft Septarian nodules on the beaches of New Zealand called “Moeraki Boulders?” 

According to Māori legends, the Septarian nodules are the remnants of water gourds from the Āraiteuru wreck (a historic canoe wreck). They believe the cracked pattern comes from the fishing nets on the ancient canoe. 

Consequently, Septarian represents protection in Māori traditions.

Septarian also stands for invincibility, courage, vitality, power, growth, and change due to its association with dragons. Historically, many cultures suggest wearing it as a talisman near the Heart Chakra for strength and motivation.

Did you know Septarian was once used to command flora and fauna? Septarian benefits in the New Age include a manifestation, psychic powers, prosperity, spirit contact, immunity, health, and cosmic travel. 

Psychics, seers, and healers use Septarian for various divination rituals and talismans today.

Varieties of Septarian

  • Septarian Geode: Septarian form masses with hollow interiors called geodes and are best for spiritual purification.
  • Septarian Concretion or Nodules: This Septarian variety has a solid interior with angular patterns. Septarian Concretions or Nodules are excellent for growth, transformation, and inner power. 
  • Fluorite Septarian or Utah Septarian: Found in Orderville, Utah, Fluorite or Utah Septarian shows fluorescent insides from Aragonite and Calcite. They’re great for multi-chakra balance. 
  • Black Septarian: Predominantly black, this type of Septarian shows cracks of white, gray, and yellow. It’s excellent for protection and purification. 
  • Lightning Septarian: This variety of Septarian shows up with white or yellow lightning-shaped patterns. 
  • Druzy Septarian: This type of Septarian has cavities filled with druzy crystals. Druzy Septarian is great for divination, spirit contact, and energy. 
  • Wild Septarian: Rough or partially rough varieties of Septarian nodules form this variety. Wild Septarian is great for protection and grounding.
  • Brown Septarian: This type of Septarian has its cavity filled with black or brown crystals. Brown Septarian is great for self-esteem, self-expression, and critical-thinking skills.
  • Yellow Septarian: The Septarian in this variety has more yellow from Calcite and dark colors from Chalcedony. Use Yellow Septarian for prosperity, luck, and fortune.
  • Green Septarian: This is a lime-green Septarian variety with streaks of yellow, blue, gray, orange, brown, white, or black. Green Septarian is excellent for harmony and peace.
  • Belgium Calcite Septarian: This is a unique variety of Septarian with a cracked exterior in white and yellow. Belgium Calcite Septarian is excellent for psychic abilities and reinvention. 
  • Septarian with Pyrite: Septarian forms with Pyrite to show multicolored interiors and druzy stones. Septarian with Pyrite is an excellent stone for attracting financial success and wealth into your life.

How To Cleanse Septarian?

A person adding some essential oils on a bowl with flowers

  • Essential Oils: Septarian is best cleansed by steam. Start by adding sacred scents to your aroma diffuser. Next, keep the Septarian within 10 to 20 cm of the diffuser and switch it on for a few minutes.
  • Water: You can repeatedly chant the seed mantra associated with the water element (VAM) into the crystal. It’s better to keep Septarian away from direct contact with water. 
  • Clear Quartz Wand: A quick way to cleanse Septarian is with a Clear Quartz wand. Circle the wand

Questions and Answers

How old are Septarian Eggs?

Popular as Dragon Eggs, Septarian Eggs, or Dragon Eggs formed around 70 million years ago.

Why does Septarian glow?

Fluorescence inside Septarian nodules from Aragonite and Calcite makes some varieties of Septarian glow under long-wave UV light.

Is Septarian magnetic?

No, Septarian is not a magnetic stone.

Can Septarian go in the water?

Yes, Septarian can go for a quick rinse in water. However, prolonged exposure will depreciate their color and shine. So, it’s better to avoid using water with Septarian.

Can Septarian go in the Sun?

Yes, Septarian can go in the Sun, but it shouldn’t be left out for more than five minutes. Also, avoid direct sunlight when charging or cleansing Septarian with sunlight.

Which month is Septarian associated with?

Septarian is associated with December and is one of the secondary birthstones for December.

How can you tell if a Septarian is real?

Septarian Geodes typically show white or yellow centers of Calcite that narrow towards the exterior. This is followed by Aragonite in brown and a gray exterior made of Limestone. 

Real Septarian crystals have bubbly inclusions because of their mineral inclusions. Fake Septarian crystals may be translucent, but authentic Septarians are always opaque.

What’s the cost of Septarian?

The cost of Septarian depends on the color, size,  and traits. Typically, Septarian fetches from $20 to $1000 per carat.

How to take care of Septarian?

As a soft stone, you should avoid using Septarian in harsh conditions. Avoid wearing it daily, and pack it in a silk bag to prevent natural wear and tear. Never expose it to water or direct sunlight.

What’s the largest Septarian in the world?

Moeraki Boulders are the biggest Septarian nodules, ranking up to 3 meters in diameter. They’re found on the South Island of New Zealand.

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