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Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Bolivia, Russia, Mexico, and Argentina.

What is Bismuth?

A bismuth crystal on a black background

Bismuth is a metal that is naturally found in a white-gray metallic mass. However, most Bismuth crystals on the market have been made in the lab, with treatment causing the crystal to form a hopper shape. 

The metal is melted down and then cooled in a certain way that makes the edges of the crystal grow more quickly. This creates an incredible structure of spiraling square crystals, known as a hopper form. As the crystal cools, it develops a metallic shine of different colors due to the oxide layers on its surface.

Lab-grown Bismuth, with breathtaking shapes and colors, appears almost out of this world. But these crystals are created from real metal, with just a little help from scientists to generate their fantastic structures!

Bismuth Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Because of their own ability to transform their beauty, Bismuth crystals bring forth the energy of change and growth into our own lives. Working with Bismuth helps us to recognize our true selves and can allow us to discover our true path in life. This incredible crystal is a great companion for anyone who wants to transform their lives and develop their spiritual knowledge. 

Did you know that Bismuth connects with every primary chakra? This means we can use this crystal to harmonize the chakras and enhance inner balance and tranquility. We can also use Bismuth to raise the vibrations of a specific chakra by placing it near the chakra and repeating affirmations of healing. 

Bismuth’s vibrations stimulate connections and boost interpersonal relationships. It is perfect to work with if you feel lonely and distant, as it opens you up to deep connections with other souls and the Universe. Bismuth will boost teamwork and enhance your faith and trust in others.

A crystal with incredible spiritual energy, you can use Bismuth to unlock your connection with higher realms of existence. This crystal encourages and enhances spiritual journeys, astral traveling, and lucid dreaming. It helps you to stay focused on where you are going and raises your vibrational energy.

Did you know that Bismuth gains its powers from the planet Saturn? Saturn governs work, obligation, and ambition, and we can bring this energy into our life by working with Bismuth. Enhance your connection with Saturn by meditating with your Bismuth crystal.

Bismuth Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Bismuth allows you to see things clearly and enhances your focus and determination. If you need help concentrating on your work and life goals, use this crystal to boost you.
  • After charging your Bismuth with incense, place it on your desk at work or in your office. Hold your Bismuth crystal in your hand when you feel your mind wandering.

Connection to Others

  • Its powerful energy connects your soul to others and helps you overcome interpersonal issues. Bismuth enables you to understand others and encourages a deep and meaningful connection.
  • Charge your Bismuth by holding it under running water for a few moments. Then wear it as a necklace to open up your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra and connect with others.

Forward Planning

  • Bismuth opens our minds to new ideas and growth while bringing focus and determination into our lives. This means it is a fantastic crystal to work with when planning for the future.
  • Charge your Bismuth with soil, leaving it submerged overnight. Then hold it while meditating on your future and setting intentions.


  • We can turn to Bismuth to enhance our confidence, with its powerful vibrations boosting our personal power and sense of self.
  • Charge your Bismuth with positive affirmations of confidence and self-love. Then wear it as a ring on your dominant hand to remind yourself of your personal power.


  • Bismuth helps us understand ourselves, our connection with the Universe, and where we are going in life.
  • Meditate with your Bismuth crystal as you explore new ideas and your sense of self. Allow its energy to connect with your own as you do so, letting it guide you forward in life.

Bismuth Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Chakra Healing

  • Because it connects with all seven primary chakras, you can use Bismuth to bring balance and harmony within you.
  • Charge your Bismuth with a singing bowl. Then start by holding it at the Crown Chakra and move it down through each chakra one by one, repeating a chakra affirmation for each as you do so.

Astral Projection

  • Bismuth can enhance your ability to astral project and go on spiritual journeys.
  • Charge your Bismuth under the light of the full moon. Then hold it on your Third Eye Chakra as your practice astral projecting.


  • We can use Bismuth to enhance our connection with the Universe and feel at one with the world. This helps us stay both spiritually aware and grounded.
  • Hold your Bismuth crystal on your Crown Chakra when praying to your spirit guides or meditating.

Spiritual Transformation

  • A crystal of learning and growth, Bismuth boosts spiritual transformation and opens our minds to new ideas.
  • Charge your Bismuth crystal with a candle. Then incorporate it into your spiritual practices, such as meditation, Tarot reading, or automatic writing.


  • Bismuth is connected to the dream world and helps us recall dreams and interpret their meanings.
  • Place your Bismuth stone by your bed. When you wake up, hold it in your hands as you reflect on your dreams.

Bismuth Side Effects

  • Intense Dreams: Bismuth opens our minds to spiritual energy and growth, which may cause intense dreams. If the dreams are too much for you, keep your Bismuth out of your bedroom.
  • Unwanted Psychic Powers: Bismuth is an incredibly spiritual stone that unlocks the hidden depths of our souls. This means that you may find yourself experiencing psychic powers when using the stone, which may be overwhelming. 
  • Misfortune: Bismuth is ruled by Saturn, which is an enemy planet of the Sun. This means that people born in Leo are incompatible with Bismuth and may receive misfortune when using it.

Bismuth Meaning: What Does Bismuth Symbolize?

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The meaning of Bismuth is “expansion.” 

Bismuth opens us up to big dreams, transformation, and positive growth. It reminds us that we have the power to create our own future and that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. 

Bismuth was one of the first ten metals ever to be discovered, with its name dating back to the 1600s. Because it can be melted easily, it was often used by ancient alchemists for experimentation.  

Did you know that the Incas used Bismuth? Ceremonial knives have been found at the site of Machu Picchu that are made with Bismuth mixed with tin. 

Types of Bismuth

  • Common Bismuth: Common Bismuth is a silvery metallic crystal that is usually found in large clusters. Common Bismuth promotes positive change and transformation.
  • Iridescent Bismuth: This variety of Bismuth is usually created in a lab and has a rainbow metallic glow. Iridescent Bismuth enhances chakra healing and spiritual enlightenment. 
  • Bismuth Hopper or Stairstepped: Bismuth Hopper refers to specimens found in uniform, square crystal shapes. This variety is perfect for forward planning and setting intentions.
  • Spiral Bismuth: This variety is similar to Bismuth Hopper specimens, yet the squares spiral in on themselves. Spiral Bismuth is fantastic for astral projection, lucid dreaming, and shamanic journeys. 
  • Pink Bismuth: Pink Bismuth appears in a deep pink metallic shade and boosts your connections with others. 
  • Purple Bismuth: Purple Bismuth is found in a blue-purple shade with a metallic shine. Use a Purple Bismuth crystal to develop your connection with higher realms of existence. 
  • Blue Bismuth: Appearing in deep shades of blue that reflect the night sky, Blue Bismuth enhances dream recall and lucid dreaming. It also connects with the Throat Chakra. 
  • Green Bismuth: Green Bismuth appears in vibrant green shades and can sometimes have a yellow tinge. Use a Green Bismuth crystal to open up the Heart Chakra and enhance interpersonal relationships. 
  • Golden Bismuth: This variety of Bismuth is yellow-orange and perfect for amplifying self-confidence and personal power. 
  • Bismuth with Siderite: This variety appears in its natural form with a mixture of gray and dark orange inclusions. Use Bismuth with Siderite for focus and clarity. 
  • Nickeline Bismuth: Nickeline Bismuth appears as a metallic, gray cluster of crystals. Use this variety to bring grounding and stability into your life. 
  • Pyrite-Bismuth: This variety appears as a cluster of golden stones with gray inclusions. Use Pyrite-Bismuth for confidence and courage. 
  • Calcite-Bismuth: Calcite-Bismuth has a mix of gray metallic crystal structures and white Calcite inclusions. This variety is perfect for developing your spiritual awareness. 

How To Cleanse Bismuth?

A buddha and clear quartz on the floor

  • Clear Quartz: Place your Bismuth crystal between two Clear Quartz stones. Leave it there for 12 hours. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Bismuth crystal outside or on your windowsill on the night of the full moon. Leave it there from dusk till dawn to allow the moonlight to cleanse the crystal. 
  • Incense: Light a stick of incense and let it burn for a few moments. Then hold your Bismuth crystal in its smoke.

Questions and Answers

What is Bismuth used for?

Bismuth is used to bring forth change, clarity, and transformation. It also is used in chakra healing, as its energy connects with every primary chakra.

Is Bismuth a rare metal?

Yes, Bismuth is a relatively rare metal.

Can Bismuth be used in jewelry?

Yes, Bismuth can and has been used in jewelry. 

How much is Bismuth worth?

Bismuth is a relatively affordable crystal, with small clusters costing between $5 to $20.

Is Bismuth more rare than Gold?

No, Gold is rarer than Bismuth, but only slightly!

Are Bismuth crystals safe?

Yes, Bismuth crystals are safe to handle or use as jewelry.

Are Bismuth crystals natural?

Though Bismuth is naturally occurring, most Bismuth crystals are not found in nature but are made in a lab.

Can you grow your own Bismuth crystals?

Yes, you can grow your own Bismuth crystals at home! Bismuth needs to be melted in a metal container and then cooled down slowly. If you want to make your own Bismuth crystals, research online to learn how to do so safely.

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