(kree - dayt)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Bolivia, the U.S, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Peru, and Russia

What is Creedite?

A cut of a creedite crystal on the ground

Creedite is a rare mineral, typically forming slender, prismatic crystals in the oxidized zone of lead and zinc ore deposits. These excellent crystals are often found in clusters, and their colors range from white to yellow, orange, and reddish-brown.

Creedite crystals can frequently be discovered in mineral deposits that yield other minerals like Fluorite, Calcite, and Quartz.

Its name is derived from the Latin word “creta,” which means “chalk,” due to its white color. Its unique chemical composition consists of calcium, aluminum, sulfur, oxygen, fluorine, and water. 

The Santa Eulalia mining district in Mexico, where Creedite was first found, is a significant mineral source. This region is recognized for yielding various minerals and is regarded as one of Mexico’s most productive mining areas.

Did you know there is a fascinating myth of Santa Eulalia with Creedite? In ancient mythology, it is believed that Creedite’s tears on the mountain symbolized his grief for losing his people.

Creedite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Creedite crystal has various benefits for the mind and body, depending on color. Green enhances love and connection to nature, orange increases creativity and vitality, clear promotes spiritual awareness, and black brings grounding and safety.

This beautiful crystal is associated with three ruling elements: Storm or Wind, Fire, and Metal. These elements are believed to carry energies of change and power, making Creedite an ideal choice for those seeking transformation and strength.

Ruling planets linked to Creedite are Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune. Jupiter brings good luck and abundance, Venus represents love and beauty, and Neptune represents spirituality and intuition. Each planet offers different energies to Creedite, allowing it to suit various needs.

In terms of deities, Lakshmi, Sophia, and Susanoo are connected to Creedite properties. These deities bring different qualities to Creedite users, such as alchemy, wealth and prosperity, wisdom, and wind and storm energies.

Numerologically, Creedite has a vibration of 4 to 4.5, representing stability, groundedness, and practicality. Creedite is an ideal crystal for those seeking balance and a steady life foundation.

In Feng Shui, Creedite is typically associated with the East area of a home or room, representing health and family. By promoting harmony and balance in this space, Creedite enhances the energy of growth and renewal.

Creedite Healing Properties and Benefits

Strength and Immunity

  • One of Creedite’s benefits is to energize the body and enhance the immune system. Their elemental powers of Wind, Fire, and Metal may bring change and strength, promoting vitality and productivity.
  • To use it for its strength and immunity purpose, carry or wear the crystal. You can also place it on the affected area of your body to help accelerate the healing process.


  • Creedite promotes inner peace by aligning chakras from the Crown to the Sacral. Its soothing vibrations ease tension and a restless mind, making it ideal for those seeking respite from daily chaos.
  • Hold or meditate with the crystal near these chakras – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, and Sacral. You can also place it under your pillow or on your nightstand to promote restful sleep and a peaceful atmosphere.


  • Its diverse color options, particularly Black Creedite, promotes clarity and sharpens decision-making skills. This crystal is ideal for those who seek mental focus and emotional balance.
  • Choose a color that resonates with you and carry or wear the Creedite crystal to benefit from its clarity properties. You can also place it in your work area to enhance focus and productivity.


  • Unleash your full potential with Creedite! Its power to help you access your inner creativity grants greater productivity, out-of-the-box problem-solving, and more.
  • To amplify Creedite’s creativity-inducing benefits, you can energize it by placing it in the light of a Full Moon or holding it while visualizing your goals and intentions

Communication Skills

  • Creedite connects to divine guidance, awakening eloquence and confidence through ascended masters, like Lakshmi. Ideal for public speakers, it enhances communication through divine inspiration.
  • When using Creedite for its communication skills purpose, placing the crystal near your Throat Chakra can help to stimulate and balance this energy center, which is associated with effective communication and self-expression.

Creedite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A crystal ball on a piece of cloth


  • Creedite spiritual properties and benefits can enhance intuition by stimulating spiritual insight and deepening the connection with higher realms of consciousness. Its association with Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune can bring good luck, love, and spirituality.
  • Holding or meditating with Creedite can activate and amplify intuitive abilities, allowing for more precise guidance and understanding of one’s inner voice.


  • This gemstone helps people transcend their intuition while accessing deeper spiritual understanding, which is especially useful for those looking to develop their clairvoyant powers!
  • Placing Creedite on the Third Eye Chakra or carrying it with you can enhance clairvoyant abilities and bring clarity to visions and channel messages.


  • By aligning one’s energy with abundance and prosperity, Creedite attracts opportunities for growth and success and releases a scarcity mindset.
  • Carrying Creedite or placing it in a space where abundance is desired can help to attract and manifest it into one’s life.

Psychic Protection

  • It provides security against harmful energies and helps to strengthen intuition while fostering spiritual awareness. All of this allows individuals to recognize potential sources of negative energy with greater ease.
  • Enhance your psychic protection by holding a crystal in one hand then visualize an aura of safety around yourself and affirm your intention for security.

Access to Akashic Records

  • Creedite can enhance spiritual awareness and facilitate access to higher realms of consciousness, activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras for accessing the Akashic Records.
  • Utilizing Creedite in meditation by holding or placing it on the Third Eye Chakra can help receive guidance and information from higher realms of consciousness, accessing the Akashic Records.

Creedite Side Effects

  • Overstimulation: Overstimulated upper chakras cause headaches and dizziness. Use smaller Creedite crystals or limit usage time.
  • Emotional overwhelm: An overload of psychic or spiritual energy from Creedite crystals can cause emotional overwhelm, leading to anxiety or stress. Try meditation or deep breathing exercises to alleviate these symptoms to release excess energy.

Creedite Meaning: What Does Creedite symbolize?

A monk sitting on the floor

Creedite crystal is a key that unlocks the doors of “Spiritual Growth and Awareness.”

Did you know that Creedite is often found in clusters or sprays of small, pointed crystals that resemble a bouquet? These formations are highly sought after by collectors and are considered some of the most beautiful examples of Creedite.

Adding Creedite to crystal grids can be beneficial because they are believed to activate upper chakras and stimulate spiritual growth. They can amplify the energy of other stones and crystals in the grid. 

Creedite is a rock that boosts spiritual growth and psychic abilities.

Types of Creedite

  • True Creedite: Yellow, purple, white, or transparent Creedite enhances spiritual growth and amplifies high energy.
  • Orange Creedite: Orange activates the Sacral Chakra and enhances creativity and sexuality.
  • Yellow Creedite: Yellow and cluster-like Creedite activates the Solar Plexus and promotes self-esteem and confidence.
  • Purple Creedite: Purple and cluster-like Creedite enhances psychic abilities and intuition and supports spiritual growth.
  • Pink/Rose Creedite: Pink, or rose, and cluster-like Creedite activates the Heart Chakra and enhances emotional healing and compassion.
  • White Creedite: White and cluster-like Creedite enhances spiritual growth and amplifies energy.
  • Transparent Creedite: Clear or transparent Creedite enhances spiritual growth and amplifies energy.
  • Creedite-Fluorite: Creedite with green and purple crystals patterned enhances spiritual growth and amplifies high energy while promoting mental clarity.
  • Creedite-Quartz: Clear or transparent Creedite with inclusions enhances spiritual growth and boosts energy.
  • Creedite-Pyrite: Golden and cluster-like Creedite enhances manifestation and encourages abundance and prosperity.
  • Creedite-Chalcopyrite: Green, blue, and gold patterned Creedite enhances spiritual growth and amplifies energy while promoting joy and happiness.
  • Creedite-Sphalerite: Brown, red, or black patterned Creedite enhances spiritual growth and strengthens energy while promoting grounding and stability.
  • Creedite-Calcite: White and cluster-like Creedite enhances spiritual growth and boosts energy while promoting clarity and manifestation.
  • Creedite- Baryte: Blue or white Creedite enhances spiritual growth and boosts energy, promoting relaxation and stress relief.

How To Cleanse Creedite?

A clear Quartz crystal on a table in nature

  • Incense: Light the incense and pass the smoke over the crystal. Set your intention to clear any negative energy.
  • Clear Quartz: Place Clear Quartz near the crystal to be cleansed. Visualize the Clear Quartz absorbing and transmuting any negative energy.
  • Positive Affirmation: Hold the crystal and say a positive affirmation or prayer. Set your intention to release negative energy and fill the crystal with positive energy.

Questions and Answers

Why isn't Creedite used for making jewelry?

Creedite is rare and not ideal for jewelry making due to its low hardness and tendency to dissolve in water.

Can Creedite go in the water?

Yes, Creedite can go in the water, but it’s not advisable, as it may dissolve due to prolonged exposure.

Is Creedite safe in the sun?

Yes, Creedite is safe in the sun, but prolonged exposure can cause fading of its color.

Can Creedite go in salt water?

No, Creedite should not be put in salt water since it can cause damage to the stone.

Is Creedite toxic to touch?

No, Creedite is not toxic to touch.

How can you tell if Creedite is real?

You can tell if Creedite is authentic by checking its color, crystal formation, and hardness.

How do you take care of Creedite stone?

To store Creedite, keep it in a soft cloth or pouch in a dry, cool place. To pack, wrap it in bubble wrap and secure it in a box. To physically clean, use a soft brush and mild soap and water.

Is Creedite a rare stone?

Yes, Creedite is considered a rare stone.

How expensive is Creedite?

Creedite’s price can range from a few dollars per gram to over $100 per gram, depending on its quality and rarity.

Why is Creedite called the Stone of Light?

Creedite is called the Stone of Light because it is believed to enhance spiritual growth, clarity, and intuition.

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