K2 Stone

(k - too stohn)
Main Origins:
Pakistan (K2 Mountain)

What is K2 Stone?

A close-up shot of K2 Stone. Source: Wikimedia | James St. John
Source: Wikimedia | James St. John

K2 Stone combines minerals, like Granite, Azurite, Feldspar, Plagioclase, Biotite, Quartz, and Mica, so, it is part of more than one mineral group. 

The name comes from its origin, the K2 mountains in the Karakoram Range in Pakistan, which is also the world’s second-highest mountain. 

Did you know that a group of climbers discovered this stone while climbing K2 Mountain? Given that K2 was summited first in 1954, the history of this crystal is brief. 

This healing crystal is characterized by blue spots, orbs, and spheres due to the presence of Azurite on top of black and white Granite. Hence, it’s called Raindrop Azurite, K2 Azurite, and Blue-Dotted Granitoid. 

This Granite-Azurite crystal sometimes appears with green stains due to Malachite. A little-known trade name for K2 Stone is Ketonite.

Have you seen K2 in other colors? Some varieties of K2 crystal appear in several colors, like yellow, brown, orange, and shades of blue. 

The blue-dotted granitoid is a Granite Gneiss type with extremely rare geology. It results from numerous erosions and weathering that erodes copper but leaves Azurite and Malachite in the Granite-rich Feldspar. 

Fun Fact: Although K2 Stone is sometimes called K2 Jasper or Blueberry Jasper, it’s not a type of Jasper.

K2 Stone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Since Raindrop Azurite mainly appears with blue, gray, white, green, and black inclusions, it’s commonly associated with the Crown, Root, and Third Eye Chakras. They inspire balance, creativity, wisdom, confidence, and promote self-expression.

The K2 crystal appears with many other colors, opening the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Throat, Crown, Earth Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. 

Did you know K2 stone is associated with the Earth, Water, and Storm elements? These elements are responsible for K2 Stone benefits, like transformation, protection, and patience. 

Where to keep K2 Stone in your house? According to feng shui, the best place to keep K2 Stone in the house is in the North direction. Doing so helps you advance in your career and life path. 

Jupiter and Venus are believed to rule the Ketonite stone, associated with growth, prosperity, enlightenment, harmony, wisdom, and luck.

Who should wear K2 Stone? Capricorn and Sagittarius are the best zodiac signs for wearing K2 Stone for benefits

K2 Stones are also associated with ruling deities, such as Thoth, the Egyptian God of Writing; Saraswati, the Hindu God of Knowledge; Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom; Odin, the Norse God of Magic; and Han Xiang, the Chinese God of Music.

Bonding with the healing energies of K2 Azurite brings creativity, growth, psychic powers, intuition, and wisdom due to the numerical vibrations of 3 and 7.

K2 Stone Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Using K2 varieties with bright white and blue hues is beneficial for tapping into balance, understanding, and empathy.
  • Soak your crystal for an hour or two under the light of the full moon or new moon to program patience into it. 

Communication Skills 

  • Did you know K2 Stone is good for boosting confidence? It boosts your self-esteem by connecting you to the Goddess energies of Athena and Saraswati. 
  • Gaze into your crystal for a few minutes and visualize your vocal cords getting charged. Carry the stone with you after. 

Focus and Creativity

  • Super blue varieties of K2 Stone are best for activating dormant centers of your intellect. You’ll find it easier to focus without getting distracted.
  • Program your crystal for creativity and concentration by charging it with sunlight for three to five minutes. 



  • If you’re constantly working against toxic self-talk, use Purple K2 Stones to charge you up. 
  • Program your stone with Fire energy by holding it in front of a lit candle for a few minutes. Then carry it on your dominant side.

K2 Stone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A guardian angel statue on the book

Angelic Guidance

  • Dark blue varieties of K2 Stone are ideal for divine intervention in your life from angels.  
  • Activate your stone for angelic help by combining multiple programming techniques like meditation and smudging. 

Protection and Grounding


  • Many dark varieties of K2 Stone link your physical body to the etheric one. As a result, the universe will reveal your past and future. 
  • Activate your crystal to connect with the etheric body using a sage or Palo Santo smudge stick. It combines the energy of several elements, like Fire, Air, Ether, and Light. 

Reality Shifting

  • Did you know light shades of K2 Stone help you achieve spiritual transformation? It enables you to shift to your desired reality via cosmic travel. 
  • Set a crystal altar in your bedroom with K2 Stone and 12 other compatible stones. You can add a candle, incense, singing bowls, and colors to your altar to amplify its energies. Chant OM to activate your altar every day. 


  • Have you been trying to communicate with angels and spirits? If the psychic messages you’ve been getting aren’t clear enough, take the assistance of Gray, White, or Blue K2 Jasper. 
  • Program your crystal for clairvision and clairvoyance by gazing into the stone for a few minutes.

K2 Stone Side Effects

  • Weariness: If you are overusing this crystal, there’s a high chance you’ll feel tired. Take a break and cleanse with a Heart Chakra stone.
  • Misfortune: When the planet associated with your zodiac sign conflicts with the ruler of the K2 Stone, it may invite bad energies, luck, and fortune. Consult an astrologist to know more. 
  • Sleep Disturbances: Disturbing psychic visions are common to people who are new to the energies of K2 Jasper. Avoid keeping it under your pillow.

K2 Stone Meaning: What Does K2 Stone Symbolize?

Stack of stones that are balanced near the beach

The meaning of K2 Stone isperfect balance.” 

Due to its recent discovery, the stone doesn’t have a lot of history. It’s still famous for combining the Earth (of Granite) and Water (of Azurite) elements to create equilibrium. Because of this, it may be known as the yin-yang stone in some places. 

K2 Azurite is good for inner peace, wisdom, spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, and spirit communication. 

Did you know K2 Azurite has been called fake, dyed, inked, or synthetic by many experts? Although the blue dots on K2 Azurite look unreal and its geology even more bizarre, this is a naturally occurring stone from Pakistan. 

Check out the heated debate from 10 years ago on the validity of K2 since its discovery by experts, geologists, and skeptics on the Mindat forum.

Some believe the rare occurrence of K2 gems on the second-highest peak on Earth proves it’s a high-vibration stone. Psychics and shamans often recommend this stone for connecting with the body, spirit, and mind. 

Fun Fact: Note that crystals with similar colors and patterns of K2 Stone from other parts of the world aren’t called K2 Stone but simply Granite-Azurite. 

Types of K2 Stone

  • Common K2 Stone: Raindrop Azurite shows white, cream, black, and blue hues and is graded based on its depth of color, clarity, cut, saturation, and size into AAA+, AA+, and A+. Use it for spiritual development. 
  • Green K2 Stone: When the blue-spotted Granitoid shows a green stain or spots, it may be called Malachite K2 Stone. Use it to clear financial and emotional blockages. 
  • Dendritic K2 Stone: A variety of K2 Azurite with a dendritic pattern in black on a cream base color with blue spheres, this crystal helps you jump different realities, dimensions, and timescales. 
  • White K2 Stone: This is a type of Ketonite with one or two blue spots on a white, cream, or off-white base color. Use it to open your mind and connect the physical body to the etheric one. 
  • Super Blue K2 Stone: Sometimes called Electric Blue K2, this variety shows deep blue hues staining most of the white and black base of the Granite. It’s best for focus, clarity, confidence, and self-expression.
  • Dark Blue K2 Stone: A duller version of the above K2 Stone variety, this crystal may show indigo or dark blue spots. Use it for mediumship and spiritual guidance.
  • Single Orb K2 Stone: If your K2 Azurite has a single blue spot or sphere, it’s a stone believed to lead you to good fortune and destiny.
  • K2 Stone Orb Aggregates: This variety shows multiple blue spots in one or more areas. Use it for manifestation, imagination, and strength.
  • Yellow K2 Stone: Also popular as Golden K2 Stone, this is an uncommon variety with yellow staining due to impurities. It’s ideal for physical health, luck, and fortune. 
  • Black K2 Stone: Showing dots and plates of black inclusions on a white, cream, or gray base, Black K2 Stone may show stains of blue and yellow rather than blobs or orbs. They’re great for psychic protection and grounding. 
  • Brown K2 Stone: If you notice specks, lines, or inclusions of brown, beige, or tan color on the Granite and Azurite patterns, this is the Brown Raindrop Azurite. Use it to clear confusion and enhance decisiveness.
  • Fantastic K2 Jasper: A type of K2 Stone with a base color of peach and orange forms the Fantastic Ketonite. It’s ideal for kundalini awakening, strength, and power. 
  • Blue-Green K2 Stone: Sometimes called Blue-Green Ketonite, this is a variety of Raindrop Azurite showing blue and green hues. Use this crystal for opening the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras. 
  • Purple K2 Stone: This type of Ketonite forms purple spots adjacent to the blue Azurite spots on Granite. It’s great for wisdom, enlightenment, and manifestation. 
  • Multicolored K2 Stone: A type of Granite Gneiss with trace impurities of several minerals, this stone may show orange, brown, black, white, blue, and yellow colors. It’s best for chakra alignment and balance. 
  •  Gray K2 Stone: If you’re sold a Gray K2, it might be Apatite in Cleavelandite rather than a variety of Ketonite. Regardless, Gray K2 is said to promote manifestation and deep healing.
  • Rainbow Leklai K2 Stone: This isn’t a real K2 Stone, but an Azurite-Feldspar variety with iridescent flashes. It’s also popular as the Thai Buddhist Mysterious Stone and opens several chakras simultaneously.

How To Cleanse K2 Stone?

  • Smudging: Use your hand to fan the smoke of Sage or Palo Santo smudge stick for a few minutes over your crystal. It will eliminate negativity absorbed by the stone. 
  • Clear Quartz: Circle a Clear Quartz wand over your stone thrice to release negative energies absorbed by the stone.
  • Cleansing Affirmations: Hold your crystal near your mouth and chant cleansing affirmations into the stone.

Questions and Answers

Is K2 Stone natural?

Yes, K2 Stone is a naturally occurring combination mineral of Granite and Azurite found around the K2 Mountain.

Where does K2 Granite come from?

K2 Granite is found along the K2 or Karakoram Ranges in Pakistan.

How is K2 Jasper formed?

K2 Jasper is a misnomer of K2 Stone, composed of Granite and Azurite. It forms White or Gray Granite from magma solidification from Quartz, Albite Feldspar, Muscovite, and other stones. 

The formation of Azurite happens after the solidification of Granite. It occurs from copper impurities that seep into the rock through water, ultimately crystallizing into Azurite.

What is the color of K2 Stone?

K2 Stone is characterized by spheres or balls of Azurite in light to dark or pale blue shades on a base color of white-black Granite.

Is K2 Stone safe in the water?

Yes, K2 Stone is safe in the water for a short while. Avoid soaking it for over 10 minutes in water.

Can K2 Stone go in the sun?

Yes, K2 Stone is safe under the sun for a short while. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes.

Is K2 Stone dangerous or toxic to the touch?

No, K2 Stone isn’t dangerous to the touch because it contains no toxic elements. However, washing your hands after touching healing crystals with your bare hands is better.

What is the difference between K2 Stone and Apatite in Cleavelandite?

K2 Stone and Apatite in Cleavelandite are combination minerals that resemble one another but are vastly different. 

The former has opaque transparency with a bright white base color, while the latter is translucent with a darker gray or blackish base color.

How to identify a real K2 Stone?

Authentic K2 Stone is opaque with a trigonal crystal system under the microscope. It shows a white streak when scratched on unglazed porcelain.

Is K2 Jasper expensive?

No, K2 Jasper, or Stone, is inexpensive.  You can get low-quality or small ones for $10 to $40. Higher quality pieces may cost a few hundred dollars per specimen.

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