(gahr - nee - uh - rahyt)
Main Origins:
New Caledonia, Zimbabwe, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Norway, Australia, France, Congo, the USA, India, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Madagascar, Morocco, Philippines, Poland, and Spain.

What is Garnierite?

A raw garnierite on a black reflective surface

Disclaimer: If you have nickel allergies or skin sensitivities, check with a medical professional before using Garnierite because it may cause irritations or rashes in some people. 

Garnierite is a Serpentine variety of green Nickel Ore that forms from the change of magnesium and nickel rocks, like Dunite and Peridotite. They’re usually opaque with green, blue-green, or gray with a waxy or resinous luster.

It’s also called Green Moonstone, Nickel Serpentine, and Green Nickel Ore; or Garnerit, Garbhaltite, and Garnierita in other languages. They may also show blue flashes, dendrites, clusters, and botryoidal, fibrous, nodular, or aggregate stones.

Did you know Garnierite isn’t an official mineral name? 

According to the Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature, and Classification, Garnierite is not named yet and may be called Ni-Mg silicates or Ni-Mg hydro silicates. 

Fun Fact: Some types of Garnierite may stick to your tongue and dissolve quickly. 

Garnierite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Garnierite is mainly associated with Root, Heart, and Third Eye Chakras because it appears in brown, black, or blue with pink fluorescence. Use it for protection, courage, strength, inner healing, foresight, and joy.

As it exists in many colors, Garnerit properties include opening the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, and Crown Chakras. They’re good for kundalini awakening, luck, creativity, and wisdom. It’s linked to the minor chakras of Earth Star and Soul Star, bringing safety and confidence.

Venus is linked to the Nickel Ore crystal in astrology, responsible for love, romance, and beauty. Who should wear Garnierite? Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Libra are the best zodiac signs for wearing Garnierite.

Nickel Ore relates to the elements of Water and Earth. They attract inner healing, peace, joy, abundance, fertility, and knowledge. 

Where to keep Garnierite in the house? The best places to keep Garnierite at home are East and North, according to feng shui. 

Garnerita is linked to Ma’at, the Egyptian Harmony Goddess; Odin, the Norse Wisdom God; Parvati, the Hindu Fertility Goddess; Athena, the Greek Protection Goddess; Gaia, the Greek Earth Goddess; and Brahma, the Hindu Creation God

The crystal is associated with intuition, wisdom, success, transformation, and psychic powers because it’s linked to cosmic vibrations of 7, 8, and 9.

Garnierite Healing Properties and Benefits

Anger Management

  • Did you know Garnierite can soothe you? It’s a tranquilizing crystal to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety, frustration, and stress. 
  • It’s good to meditate for a few minutes while playing a metal or crystal singing bowl with your Garnierite next to you. Then use it as a worry stone by carrying it on you.

Letting Go and New Beginnings

  • The warm, gentle energy of the Nickel Ore is good for letting go of hurt and regrets. It helps you forgive others and yourself by healing you from within.
  • Program your crystal for letting go and moving on to new beginnings by cleansing and smudging with sage. 

Fertility and Resilience

  • Botryoidal and Ferrian varieties of Garnierite increase the chance of conception, fertilization, and smooth delivery by increasing the strength of expecting mothers and newborns. 
  • Bury your crystal under three inches of soil overnight or for 7 days to program it for drawing into Mother Earth’s fertility. 

Gratitude and Joy

  • Bright green and fluorescent varieties of Nickel Ore fill the wearer with positivity, universal connection, and thankfulness. 
  • Charge your crystal for joy by letting it soak in the early morning sunlight for a few minutes. 

Self-Expression and Creativity

  • Garnierite with Opal and Unakite is perfect for activating dormant areas of your mind and spirit. 
  • Charge Garnerit for communication skills by using positive affirmations. 

Garnierite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person wrote the manifest word on a paper


  • Have you ever heard your inner voice? Regardless, you’ll be able to hear it with Blue Flash and Chromite varieties of the Nickel Ore.
  • Gaze into the crystal on a moonlit night for a few minutes then keep it under your pillow.


  • Many healing crystals help with manifestation, but Garnierite with Dendritic Agate and Quartz sends your intentions to the universe’s heart. 
  • Set an altar with Garnierite in the center. Remember to charge your crystal before setting them. 


  • Garnierita with zinc and iron are primarily good for attracting good fortune and prosperity, as they remove blocks from you. 
  • Set a crystal grid with the Nickel Ore in the center after charging healing stones with incense or smudge sticks.

Cosmic Consciousness

  • Noumeite and White Garnierite are great for spiritual awakening and awareness. They reveal cosmic secrets and broaden your perspective.
  • Meditate for a few minutes with your crystal before bed and play a metal singing bowl for a few minutes next to it. 

Psychic Protection

  • Building a cocoon of protective energies around your home is easy with dark-colored Garnieritas, especially those with Millerite, Hematite, Realgar, and Sard.
  • Combine different techniques to create a psychic shield around the house with your crystal by burying the crystal around the house. 

Garnierite Side Effects

  • Overexcitement: Beginners often feel unhinged with their feelings and senses when they use Garnierite without a break. 
  • Stress: Garnierite may turn you into a workaholic or over-ambitious, so it may lead to burnout in some.
  • Detachment: While using Garnierite for anger management, it’s possible to feel hopeless or indifferent, especially if you are regularly aggressive. Use a bridging stone, like Morganite, to prevent this. 

Types of Garnierite

  • Light Green Garnierite: Showing a bluish-white color, this Nickel Ore evolved from Olivine stones into a clay-like stone with maximum weathering. Use it for growth and stability.
  • Bright Green Garnierite: This Garnerita variety is the effect of magnesium and iron, leaving a vibrant or olive-green stone high in nickel. It’s good for inner healing and forgiveness. 
  • Dark Green Garnierite: The nickel-rich variety of Garnerita with the least weathering, this stone shows more gray, white, and dark green hues with higher refractive index than the bright green varieties. Use it for universal connection. 
  • Noumeite: First thought of as a unique stone, it was reclassified in 2004 as a Garnierite variety. It may be too soft or brittle for sculpting. It comes in brown, beige, tan, and pista-green hues. Use it to amplify the flow of Chi inside you. 
  • Botryoidal Garnierite: A bright green variety of the Nickel Ore, these form bulbous formations in the dark to bluish shades of green. Use it for fertility and healing.
  • Ferrian Garnierite: This resin-green variety of Nickel Ore appears in dark green hues. It’s used for strength and vitality. 
  • Ferrihalloysite-Garnierite: A naturally occurring crystal combination of Ferrihalloysite with Garnerita, this stone shows brown and green colors. The bicolored Garnierite is great for clarity, courage, and drive. 
  • Zinc-Bearing Garnierite: The light-green variety of Nickel Ore is a good crystal for prosperity and luck. It’s also called Desaulesit and Zincian Garnierite.
  • Blue Flash Garnierite: This nickel ore shows a mix of gray, blue, and pale green colors with iridescent flashes from different angles. Use it to open the intuition and psychic abilities. 
  • Pink Fluorescent Garnierite: A unique pale-green stone with reddish or pink fluorescence, you should use this crystal for letting go and cosmic consciousness.
  • Puerto-Rican Garnierite: This is a rare variety of Nickel Ore from Puerto Rico with pastel to pistachio shades of green. Use it for joy and hormonal balance. 
  • White Garnierite: The lightest shade of Nickel Ore, this white stone enhances your perspective and helps you look from the universe’s eye. 
  • Orange and Green Garnierite: White Calcite inclusions in brown or tan Nickel Ores show bicolor crystals with magnesium and nickel. They’re great for awakening your life force energy and finding luck on your own.
  • Garnierite with Sard: This type of Nickel Ore forms with Chrysoprase, Chalcedony, Hematite, and Dendritic Agate in white, green, brown, and yellow colors. Use it for psychic protection and clarity. 
  • Garnierite with Serpentine: Nickel Ore crystal often forms with a coating of Serpentine in gray, black, and green hues with Antigorite, Olivine, and Bastite. Use it for psychic protection and positivity. 
  • Garnierite Pseudomorph after Millerite: A wispy variety of Garnerit in white, olive-green, and gray hues, this is a good healing stone for anger management and awareness.
  • Garnierite with Willemseite, Nepoulite, Falcondite, Lizardite, Pecoraite, and Pimelite: A unique combination of several crystals, you’ll notice orange, brown, green, blue, and blue-green colors here. Use it for chakra cleansing. 
  • Garnierite on Carmel Chalcedony: Showing a mix of bright green and chocolate brown colors, this crystal formation is usually found in Oregon. It’s good for cosmic awareness, manifestation, and self-expression. 
  • Garnierite in Hematite-stained Matrix: A variety of Garnerit with gray, black, green, and red hues, this is an excellent stone for grounding and stability. 
  • Garnierite with Chrysoprase: Often occurring with Pimelite, this is a blue-green stone for communication skills, manifestation, and creativity.
  • Garnierite with Quartz: Nickel Ore often occurs naturally with Green Quartz, making a banded stone. It’s good for inner healing and letting go. 
  • Garnierite with Magnetite: Forming pale green to yellow stones with flecks of black or gray stones, this is a Garnerit for fertility, regeneration, and joy. Talc often forms in this formation, lending beige, tan, or brown colors to the stone.
  • Garnierite with Limonite: Also called Yellow Garnierite, this is a bright or deep yellow variety of Nickel Ore in Nickeliferous Limonite. Use it for vitality and health. 
  • Garnierite with Chromite: Showing white, gray, green, black, and indigo hues, this stone brings Garnierite benefits of higher powers, like intuition, clairvoyance, and wisdom.
  • Garnierite with Opal and Unakite: A multicolored stone in brown, beige, tan, blue-green, and white hues, this variety of Nickel Ore is good for inner healing and fertility.
  • Garnierite with Moss Agate: If your gray Nickel Ore has veins or dendritic formations in vibrant green, you’ve got a great crystal for manifestation. 

Garnierite Meaning: What does Garnierite Symbolize?

A small tree is growing on an old tree trunk

The meaning of Garnierite is “new beginnings.”

The Nickel Ore crystal helps you release your spirit from vicious cycles of poverty, negative thoughts, failure, and heartbreak. It’s traditionally linked to happiness, strength, power, fertility, calm, and patience

Did you know Garnierite is called “the Stone of the Goddess” because it’s linked to the divine feminine? You’ll find names like Abundance Stone, Acquisition Stone, and Accumulation Stone in history, referring to Garnerita. 

It was discovered in 1864 by the French Geologist Jules Garnier in New Caledonia. It’s a powerful stone used extensively for spiritual rituals, past life recall, protection, revelations, and manifestation. 

Fun Fact: Garnierite is an Old Earth Stone found only inside the Earth or in meteorite deposits.

How To Cleanse Garnierite?

A person is shoveling the soil

  • Soil: Bury your crystal under three inches of soil for 24 to 72 hours to reset the healing crystal.
  • Selenite: Keep your crystal next to a Selenite tower or touch them gently to remove absorbed negativity.
  • Smudging: Light a sage smudge stick and waft the smoke thrice over your Nickel Ore crystal to clear negativity transmuted by the crystal. 

Questions and Answers

Is Garnierite a variety of Moonstone crystals?

No, Garnierite is not a variety of Moonstones, even though it’s called Green Moonstone.

Is Garnierite safe in the water?

Yes and no. Garnierite may dissolve in water depending on the variety and mineral composition, so it’s better to avoid water-related rituals with it.

Can Garnierite be in the sun?

Yes, Garnierite is safe in the sun for an hour, though avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Is Garnierite a mineral?

Yes, Garnierite is a silicate mineral known as Nickel Ore.

How to take care of Garnierite?

The best way to care for Garnierite is by keeping it safe and handling it like a fragile object. Don’t touch it with bare hands if you have skin sensitivities and nickel allergies.

Is Garnierite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

Yes, Garnierite is poisonous to the touch, so wash your hands thoroughly if you touch it without gloves. It may be a dangerous crystal for people with nickel sensitivities.

How to identify real Garnierite?

You can identify authentic Garnierite by its colors, such as green, yellow-green, gray, and blue-green. It shows a white streak when rubbed on unglazed porcelain.

Is Garnierite expensive?

No, Garnierite is not an expensive stone. You can get small stones for $1 to $5 and bigger specimens for $100 or more.

How to use Garnierite for multiplying wealth?

Use Garnierite to multiply wealth by setting a manifestation grid with this stone in the center. You can add other crystals associated with luck and fortune as focus or way stones on your crystal grid.

What crystals go well with Garnierite?

Some good crystals to pair with Garnierite are Calligraphy Stone, Indigo Gabbro, Unakite, and Larvikite.

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