White Agate

(wahyt ag - it)
Main Origins:
India, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, Spain, Botswana, Russia, and Morocco.

What is White Agate?

White agate on a whitish background

White Agate is a form of Chalcedony, which is a mineral that is made up of microscopic crystals of Quartz. Its physical appearance can vary from translucent to opaque, and it is usually white or light gray, with occasional banding patterns of other colors. 

This type of Agate is composed primarily of silicon dioxide, with small amounts of other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. 

Agate is from the Latin word “achates,” the name of a river in Sicily where Agates were first discovered. 

White Agate bracelets have been used for various purposes throughout history, including as a protective amulet and for its healing properties. 

Did you know that White Agates were first believed to have been formed from the tears of the Greek Goddess Venus? Its tear can promote purity, balance, and release of disarrays.

White Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

White Agate is a stone used for centuries for its powerful healing and protective properties. Its white color energy represents purity and clarity, while its other colors are believed to enhance communication and self-expression, bring joy, and promote stability and grounding.

This crystal is particularly effective for grounding and stability for the Root Chakra. Its connection with the Crown Chakra also facilitates higher consciousness and spiritual connection.

White Agate is governed by the Air element, representing mental clarity and communication. It is also associated with emotions and intuition, given that its ruling planet is the Moon.

In feng shui, it is often used in the Center or Entrance space areas to promote balance and harmony, giving a sense of calm. 

Having the Gods Ambika, Dhanvantri, and Isis ruling this stone gives healing, protection, and feminine energy. Its numerical vibrations of 7 and 9 are linked with intuition, higher consciousness, and transformation.

White Agate is a powerful stone with many metaphysical properties and benefits, making it a valuable addition to any spiritual or healing practice.

White Agate Healing Properties and Benefits

Clarity and Concentration

  • The element Air is believed to rule White Agate. Utilize its associated properties to develop mental functions, enhance concentration, and promote focus. It’s a suitable stone for anyone looking to advance their cognitive abilities.
  • Place this stone in direct sunlight for several hours to acquire clarity and concentration effectively. 

Decision-Making Skills

  • White Agate is believed to promote inner stability, increase self-confidence, and encourage rational thinking, making it an excellent crystal for enhancing decision making skills.
  • It is best to program White Agate with positive affirmation to harness decision-making skills. It is also suggested to carry the stone with you or place it on your desk to enhance its benefits further. 

Joy and Self-Expression

  • The color energies of White Agate promote inner peace, positivity, and self-confidence. This leads to increased joy and self-expression.
  • Bury it in the ground for 24 hours to activate it for joy and self-expression benefits. You can also meditate on the stone with positive affirmations. 

Stability and Grounding

  • One of White Agate’s benefits is to give you stability while grounding you in any problematic situation. It ensures emotional balance and inner strength in difficult times.
  • Charge this crystal by placing it in the sunlight or moonlight for several hours, then hold it in your hand or place it on your Root Chakra to benefit from its grounding properties.


  • White Agate healing properties and benefits promote self-love and inner peace by providing a sense of calm and emotional stability. It also helps one release negative emotions that may hinder self-love, while encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of oneself. 
  • To use White Agate for self-love, hold it in your hand or you can wear it as jewelry. To charge, visualize yourself surrounded by white light, and repeat positive affirmations to yourself.

White Agate Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A stairway leading to the light


  • White Agate aids in spiritual growth and ascension by promoting clarity and connecting with higher consciousness. Its soothing vibration helps release negative patterns and promotes inner peace and joy.
  • Charge it by placing it under the moonlight for a few hours. Meditation or prayer helps establish a connection with higher consciousness and promotes spiritual growth.

Astral Travel

  • White Agate properties include aiding astral travel and lucid dreaming by promoting mental clarity and intuition. It helps to release fear and anxiety, allowing for a more relaxed and peaceful astral journey.
  • Place it on a Selenite charging plate for several hours to redeem its benefits. Set it under your pillow during astral travel or lucid dreaming to enhance mental clarity and intuition.

Spiritual Connection

  • This crystal also promotes spiritual connection by helping to clear the mind and enhance intuition. It aids in connecting with higher consciousness and divine energy.
  • Charge this stone under the moonlight for several hours. Hold it in your hand or place it on your Crown Chakra during meditation or prayer to enhance intuition and connect with higher consciousness.


  • White Agate promotes balance by helping to release negative energy and emotions while promoting inner peace and harmony. It aids in finding emotional stability during challenging times.
  • Program your crystal on under the moonlit night for 6 to 12 hours. Carrying it with you throughout the day or placing it in the center of your home after this promotes emotional balance and harmony.


  • White Agate is considered a stone of opportunity and good fortune, helping to manifest abundance and prosperity in all areas of life. It is often used in manifestation practices to release limiting beliefs and clear the mind for abundance to flow in.
  • To use White Agate for abundance, hold it during meditation or carry it with you throughout the day to help you stay focused on your goals and attract abundance into your life.

White Agate Side Effects

  • Overstimulation: Excessive emotions tend to cause restlessness, anxiety, or insomnia. Combine it with grounding stones, such as Black Tourmaline or Hematite, to balance its energizing effects.
  • Physical Discomfort: Allergic reactions, skin irritation, or rash may occur. Use White Agate in moderation and for short periods. If you experience an allergic reaction, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

White Agate Meaning: What Does White Agate Symbolize?

Two stones that are balanced by another stone on the stone

White Agate means “balance.

Did you know that White Agate is often used in crystal grids and healing layouts due to its ability to harmonize energy and promote balance?

This stone is known for its calming and grounding energy, which promotes emotional stability and inner peace. According to ancient myths, It also has protective powers that could ward off evil spirits.

One myth surrounding White Agate is that it can protect against the evil eye and bring good luck and prosperity. It is also believed to be capable of dispelling negative energy while promoting emotional healing.

This stone has numerous benefits, including promoting emotional balance and enhancing creativity and self-expression. It is also excellent for supporting spiritual growth and ascension.

Types of White Agate

  • Common White Agate: This type of Agate is characterized by its stunning opaque white color. It radiates purity, balance, and peace, making it an excellent crystal for emotional healing and calming the mind.
  • Red and White Agate: This crystal has a distinctive mix of white and red colors. This crystal is said to promote strength, courage, and vitality while balancing the energy flow in the body.
  • Black and White Agate: This powerful grounding stone combines black and white colors. Use this stone to create a balanced yin and yang energy that provides protection, promotes emotional balance, and alleviates anxiety and stress.
  • Banded White Agate: This unique stone is white or creamy with bands or stripes in different shades. Keep this stone for inner stability, courage, and clarity of thought.
  • Brown and White Agate: This Agate is a grounding stone of layered brown and white colors. Confidence, inner strength, and emotional balance are the prime benefits of this crystal.
  • Orange and White Agate: This is a stone with multiple layers of orange and white colors. This stone enhances confidence, courage, and self-expression while promoting emotional healing.
  • Green and White Agate: This is a beautiful stone that combines green and white colors representing growth, balance, and harmony. Keep this crystal to boost emotional stability, promote physical healing, and attract abundance. 
  • Pink and White Agate: A mesmerizing crystal with a mix of pink and white colors, it is the perfect crystal for aiding emotional healing, promoting self-love and self-acceptance, and attracting positive energy.
  • Fighting Blood White Agate: This type of White Agate has an intriguing red tinge resembling blood. This excellent stone can increase your physical strength, courage, and determination.
  • Spotted White Agate: This playful variety has a white or cream color with black or brown spots. Have it around on your work desk for mental clarity, promoting grounding, and attracting good fortune.
  • Purple and White Agate: This crystal shows a hue of purple and white colors. Build your spiritual awareness, and stimulate creativity with this stone.
  • White Lace Agate: White Lace Agate has a white or cream color with intricate lace-like patterns. It gives inner peace, enhances communication, and attracts abundance.
  • White Botswana Agate: White Botswana Agate is a type of banded crystal with gray or black banding patterns. Work on your projects with this crystal, as it stimulates creativity and helps in overcoming negativities that could hinder your success. 
  • Turkish White Agate: This unique milky-white colored crystal has a translucent appearance. Have this crystal around for inner stability, enhance spiritual growth, and attract positivity.
  • Dendritic White Agate or White Moss Agate: This stone, also called White Moss Agate, is known for its white color with green or brown dendritic inclusions that resemble moss. This beautiful crystal enhances patience, perseverance, and inner peace.
  • Colorless and White Agate: A stone with a white to almost colorless inclusion, add this crystal to your collection for spiritual cleansing and enhancing mental clarity and focus. 
  • Olive-Green and White Agate: A calming crystal with a combination of olive-green and white hues. This stone brings a sense of balance and harmony to mind and body while providing emotional healing and physical energy. 
  • Blue and White Agate: This stone has a bold color of blue and white. Use this crystal to promote calmness and tranquility while improving communication and self-expression.
  • Yellow and White Agate: This crystal shows the inclusion of mellow yellow and white colors. It enhances self-confidence and inner strength while promoting joy and positivity.

How To Cleanse White Agate?

A full moon above the mountain

  • Moonlight: To cleanse White Agate, place it on a windowsill or outside under a Full Moon overnight while reciting positive affirmations, such as, “I release all negative energy and embrace positive vibrations.”
  • Meditation: To cleanse, meditate with White Agate while burning sage or palo santo, allowing the smoke to clear any negative energy.
  • Positive Affirmations: Cleanse this crystal with positive affirmations, like, “I release negativity and invite positive energy into my life.” This will enhance the crystal’s energy and promote emotional well-being.

Questions and Answers

What type of stone is White Agate?

This gemstone is a variety of Chalcedony, a mineral in the Quartz family.

Can White Agate get wet?

Yes, this crystal can get wet, but it’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to water or harsh chemicals.

Is White Agate safe in the sun?

Yes, it is safe in the sun, but prolonged exposure may cause fading or discoloration.

How can you tell if White Agate is real?

You can tell if White Agate is real by looking for its characteristic banded pattern and examining it for any bubbles or inclusions that may indicate it’s an artificial imitation.

How do you take care of White Agates?

To take care of this delicate crystal, store them separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching and clean them using a soft cloth and mild soap with water.

What crystal to pair with White Agate?

This type of Agate pairs well with other calming and grounding stones, such as Amethyst and Black Tourmaline.

Is White Agate expensive?

No, the cost of this crystal varies depending on the quality and size of the stone, but it is generally considered an affordable gemstone with its price range starting from 1$.

Can anyone wear White Agate?

Yes, anyone can wear White Agate because it is a gentle and versatile stone that promotes emotional well-being and balance.

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