(ill - vayt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, China, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Tibet, Iceland, Mexico, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, the USA, India, Kazakhstan, Greece, Russia, Poland, the UK, Turkey, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Spain, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, and Namibia.

What is Ilvaite?

a close-up of an Ilvaite Crystal

Ilvaite is an opaque sorosilicate mineral in schist, gneiss, and other metamorphic rocks. They’re usually black but may include brown, gray, red, pink, indigo, blue, green, yellow, or purple, with a sub-metallic luster. It’s also called Ilvait and Ilvaitas. 

Geologists usually find this in pyro-metasomatic iron deposits in tabular, cross, prismatic, acicular, striated, and pyramidal shapes. They contain calcium, silicon, iron, magnesium, or manganese and are called Calcioferrite.

Did you know Ilvaite is a mineral from the Lawsonite mineral group? They usually form in magnetic skarns. 

Calcioferrite crystals are strongly pleochroic (i.e., they display varying colors when observed from different angles, typically silver, black, and green, but may also include yellow, blue, or gray hues0.

Have you heard its alternative name Yenit? It’s a long story we’ll learn under the meanings section. 

Ilvaite is used industrially in the ceramics industry. 

Fun Fact: Popular among collectors due to its unique crystal habits, they aren’t usually cut as gems but carved or used as they are. 

Ilvaite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Ilvaitos usually show black, brown, gray, and silver hues and open the Root, Earth Star, and Lunar Star Chakras. They’re responsible for Ilvaite benefits like grounding, safety, balance, courage, confidence, and wisdom. 

This crystal also shows yellow, gold, pink, white, green, purple, blue, indigo, orange, and clear hues with many minerals. It opens the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. 

Did you know Ilvaite properties include the astrology of Saturn? That’s why zodiac signs like Capricorn and Aquarius are recommended for this stone the most

Ilvaite properties include the powers of the ruling elements of Earth and Metal. Do you know where to keep Ilvaite at home? In feng shui, keep Ilvaite in the Southwest and Northeast corners for love, relationships, growth, and awakening

This dark sorosilicate stone taps into the powers of Kuan-Yin, the Buddhist deity of Healing; Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun God; Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom; Freyja, the Norse Fertility Goddess; and Mama Killa, the Incan Moon Goddess

Spirituality says this Lawsonite crystal vibrates to the number 5, attracting freedom, balance, and creativity.

Ilvaite Healing Properties and Benefits

Immunity and Fertility

  • Go for Ilvaite with Garnet when intending for a child. It can also increase the chance of conception when kept in the bedroom after charging.
  • Bury your crystal under three inches of soil for 28 days to tap into Earth Mother’s reproductive powers. Then carry the stone with you.


  • Did you know Yenit crystals amplify your imagination? It’s also suitable for problem-solving skills, especially during exams and interviews.
  • Activate your stone for intelligence and creativity by holding it safely before a flame for 20 to 30 seconds. Don’t forget to chant your intention or visualize it while doing this.


  • Ilvaite varieties with Siderite and Hedenbergite are good for finding stability, especially if you lead a stressed-out life.
  • Program your crystal for harmony, patience, and balance by smudging it with healing incense like sage, citronella, or sandalwood.

Courage and Independence

  • Varieties of Yenit crystals with Sphalerite, Cathedral Quartz, Marble, and Granite are great for eliminating fears and negative thoughts.
  • Charge your stone for courage and freedom by holding it in front of the Sun for a few minutes. Chant the seed mantra OM to pivot your focus around your intentions.

Clarity and Inspiration

  • Ilvaite with Calcite, Barite, Pyrite, and Rhodochrosite is excellent for boosting self-respect and self-worth.
  • Find self-love and support with your crystal by carrying it in your left pocket. Don’t forget to charge it using positive affirmations.

Ilvaite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic holding two tarot cards at the table


  • Have you heard about healing crystals that block EMF radiations? Ilvaite is a protective stone that repels psychic attacks, evil eyes, hexes, and curses.
  • Charge your crystals for shielding and protection by meditating with them at twilight and burying one in each corner of your home.

Wisdom and Transformation

  • Yenit varieties with contrasting colors with Beta Quartz, Manganilvaite, and Hedenbergite are good for broadening your perception.
  • Set a crystal altar with your crystal in the center to channel the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. Activate each crystal before setting the altar with an incense or smudge stick.

Psychic Abilities

  • Did you ever wish for ESP or other powers? Crystals with high vibrations, like Ilvaite, open your mind’s eyes. It can activate the dormant areas of your spirit.
  • Hold your crystal before your mouth and chant the Om Mane Padme Hung mantra for a few minutes until your heartbeat syncs. Keep it under the pillow before sleep.

Good Fortune

  • Most people use Ilvaite for psychic protection, but it can amplify luck, fortune, and wealth, too.
  • Activate your crystal using the healing sounds of a singing bowl and set it in the center of a crystal grid for manifesting wealth.

Universal Connection

  • Many Ilvaitos crystals with Chlorite, Greenalite, Hematite, Galena, and Hedenbergite connect your physical body with the subtle body.
  • Charge your crystal by soaking it in moonlight energies. Then place it in your bag or purse throughout the day. You can also lie down and put the charged stone on your seven chakras.

Ilvaite Side Effects

  • Sleep Disturbances: Keeping Ilvait crystal under your pillow may cause psychic visions that disturb your sleep. 
  • Karmic Retribution: Negative deeds while wearing Ilvait results in karmic debts, like suffering or misfortune.
  • Fatigue and Lethargy: The problem might be from overuse, especially if you feel tired. Take a break and cleanse yourself and the stone with a Selenite wand.

Ilvaite Meaning: What Does Ilvaite Symbolize?

a Lady meditating at the lake

The meaning of Ilvaite is “grounding.” 

It’s a protective stone that awakens the inner power and works like a charm for focus, clarity, courage, and independence. 

Ilva is an old Latin name for Elba Island, where the crystal was found in 1811. The crystal was originally discovered in 1784 by the French geologist Déodat de Dolomieu and misnamed Black Schorl. 

Ilvaite is also popular as Ilva Stone or Elba Stone and is often used for grounding. Another French mineralogist, Romé de l’Isle, labeled this a “magnetic iron mineral.” 

The sorosilicate crystal was first named in an 1807 publication by Claude-Hugues Leliévre as Yenite, referencing the Battle of Jena. Yenite didn’t stick, though, due to mixed views on the battle, so Ilvaite is called Breislakit in Germany. 

Norwegian-German mineralogist Henrik Steffens proposed Ilvaite in 1811, which has remained ever since. 

Yenit stone has emerged as a high-vibration crystal in the new age for psychic protection, harmony, stability, intuition, awareness, courage, and self-esteem. 

Fun Fact: Ilvaite is also called Lievrite in honor of Leliévre, who first described it.

Types of Ilvaite

  • Common Ilvaite: Ideal for grounding, protection, and strength, Ilvaite stones are commonly seen in black or gray colors. 
  • Cyclopite: Known for bearing Vanadium, this is a rare Ilvait variety named after where it’s mined chiefly – Cyclops. Black, gray, and dark red colors are seen in tabular, prismatic, and small shapes. Use them for amplification. 
  • Ferro-Hornblende: When Hornblende is seen in a higher amount with Calcioferrite, it appears with radial needles of black crystals on a tan, beige, or yellow base. Use this crystal for patience, peace, and clarity. 
  • Black Ilvaite: The most popular Yenit variety, this crystal shows dark black hues and repels negativity and evil from touching you.
  • Mirror Black Ilvaite: When Ilvait shows a mirror-like shine, it’s excellent for awakening psychic abilities, like intuition and foresight. 
  • Sharp Ilvaite: Naturally occurring Yenit with sharp or pointed ends, usually in black or brown colors, this crystal is excellent for intelligence, wit, and fertility.
  • Acicular Ilvaite: Black Ilvait crystals with radiating patterns from this variety, use them to set intentions and realize your dreams. 
  • Breislakit: A popular type of Ilvaitos from Breislak Mine in Italy, this stone shows gray, beige, or black hues. Use it for spiritual awakening and inspiration. 
  • Ilvaite Twins: This variety is formed when two Yenit stones grow from a common center or intersect. It’s good for fertility and auric shielding. 
  • Ilvaite Crosses: In this type of Black Ilvaitos, crystals naturally grow in a cross or a 4-legged star shape. They’re great for finding Christ Consciousness.
  • Ilvaite Miniature: Showing aesthetic terminations, intersections, and shapes, this Ilvait cluster is usually less than 2 inches tall with dark hues. Use it for the feng shui benefits of balance and harmony. 
  • Multi-Terminated Ilvaite: A powerful manifestation crystal, Yenit stones exist in black, white, and brown hues with multiple terminations. They’re suitable for activating dormant skills and abilities.
  • Manganilvaite: Also famous as Manganoan Ilvaitos, this variety contains Manganese and may show white, black, clear, brown, and cream colors. It’s great for relieving tension and stress.
  • Ilvaite with Apophyllite: Manganilvaite often forms with Fluorapophyllite-(K) in white, yellow, brown, black, and cream hues. Use them to clear negative thoughts and energies.
  • Ilvaite Barite: A common crystal combination of Yenit and Baryte, this variety shows black, white, and gray crystals. They’re great for protection from hexes, curses, and evil eyes. 
  • Ilvaite with Almandine Garnet: Showing dark brown, pale orange, black, red, and maroon colors, this is a naturally-occurring Yenit variety for energy and immunity. 
  • Ilvaite with Pyrite: This Pyrite after Ilvait appears in black, gray, white, cream, and golden colors. Use it for clearing blockages, especially for successful pregnancies. 
  • Ilvaite with Calcite: A mix of brown, black, and golden crystals on White Calcite, this is a high-vibration crystal cluster for wisdom, foresight, and intuition.
  • Ilvaite with Hedenbergite: This Yenit variety combines two sorosilicates in black, blue, white, olive-green, yellow, and gray colors with a metallic shine. They’re great for creativity and joy. 
  • Ilvaite with Arsenopyrite: Often found with Hedenbergite in golden, silver, black, green, or white crystals, this Ilvaitas stone is great for physical health and balance.
  • Ilvaite with Chlorite: This type of striped Ilvait variety occurs in hydrothermal veins with a metallic luster in black, brown, and gray hues. It’s good for clairvoyance, clairsentience, and psychic visions.
  • Ilvaite with Pyrrhotite and Chalcopyrite: Ilvait in brown, black, gray, and yellow, like Marcasite Discs or Suns, is perfect for psychic strengths and powers.
  • Ilvaite with Magnetite: A black, brown, or gray crystal with a shiny luster, this type of Ilvait stone may occur with different types of Quartz. It’s good for grounding and safety.
  • Ilvaite with Beta Quartz: This Quartz-Ilvait combination of white, clear, brown, gray, and black crystals is ideal for purification and charging.
  • Ilvaite with Prase Quartz: Black Yenit crystal often forms with the dark green variety of Quartz and raises your intelligence, intuition, and wisdom.
  • Ilvaite with Pineapple Cathedral Quartz: This is a cluster of pineapple-shaped Cathedral Quartz crystals in white or gray on a dark brown or black matrix of Yenit. Use it for creativity and universal connection. 
  • Ilvaite with Sphalerite and Epidote: Small crystals of Epidote may be visible on dark black Sphalerite and Ilvaitas formations. They’re great for courage and grounding.
  • Ilvaite with Siderite: A dark brown, tan, peach, or orange formation on black Ilva Stone, this Siderite crystal is great for health and wealth.
  • Ilvaite with Fluorite: Did you know Ilvait forms with Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Yellow Fluorites? They’re good for higher consciousness and spiritual guidance.
  • Ilvaite with Rhodochrosite: Often found in hydrothermal veins, this Yenit variety shows contrasting shades of pink and black. They’re great for self-care, growth, and transformation.
  • Ilvaite with Apophyllite: A mix of white, black, and brown color stones, this type of Ilvaitas is good for fertility and nourishment.
  • Ilvaite with Hematite and Greenalite: This is a natural combination of Yenit stones rich in iron and red, pink, yellow, purple, brown, black, and dark green hues. Use this stone for creativity and harmony. 
  • Ilvaite with Datolite: Showing a greenish-yellow, pink, or white, this is a Black Yenit cluster with inclusions of Datolite. Use this abundance crystal to boost your financial freedom, sexual drive, and imagination. 
  • Ilvaite with Syenite: A bicolor stone with black, cream, white, or pink inclusions, it works well on calming your nerves.
  • Ilvaite with Natanite: Typically found in Chihuahua, Mexico, this type of Ilvaitas shows gray, black, brown, and orange crystals. They’re great good for immunity and strength. 
  • Ilvaite with Scheelite: This type of Ilvaitas stone occurs with Purple Fluorite and Yellow Fluorite on a black matrix. They’re great for attracting financial luck.
  • Ilvaite with Galena: Mainly found in Peru, this natural crystal pairing with Galena shows a silver luster with brown, black, and gray crystals. They’re good for finding motivation and overcoming mental blocks. 
  • Ilvaite with Hubeite: Often found in hydrothermal veins with manganese, this is a dark color Yenit variety in brown, black, red, or maroon. Use it for self-discovery and chakra cleansing.
  • Ilvaite with Marble: A crystal formation for inner peace and emotional release, this variety forms in cream, black, brown, gray, yellow, and pink hues. It’s good for hormonal balance and stress relief. 
  • Serifos Ilvaite: A bicolor Ilvaite from Serifos Island in Greece, this gemstone appears in black and yellow, tan, beige, or brown hues. It’s good for safety. 
  • Ilvaite with Granite: Found chiefly in Namibia and South Korea, this type of Yenit stone may show dark color crystals in tabular crystals. Use this crystal for clarity and universal connection.

How To Cleanse Ilvaite?

lighted candles on a dark background

  • Soil: Keep your crystal on the ground overnight to reset its healing energies. 
  • Fire: Hold your healing stone for a few minutes in front of a candle flame. 
  • Singing Bowls: Place your stone within 5 inches of your singing bowl and play it for a few minutes to clear negativity stuck onto your stone.

Questions and Answers

Is Ilvaite rare?

Yes, Ilvaite is a rare or somewhat rare mineral.

Is Ilvaite safe in the water?

Yes, Ilvaite is safe in the water, but it shouldn’t be soaked for prolonged hours for any ritual. Remember to pat dry the stone after using water.

Can Ilvaite go in the sun?

Yes, Ilvaite is safe to go in the sun, though avoid prolonged or direct exposure to sunlight for over an hour.

Is Ilvaite dangerous or toxic?

No, Ilvaite is not dangerous or toxic to touch, though it’s good to wear gloves before or wash your hands after touching raw stones, including Ilvaite.

How to identify real Ilvaite?

The best quality of Ilvaite is its black-to-dark-green streak. They’re typically dark with a MOHs hardness between 5.5 and 6.5.

Interactions with Ilvaite

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