(kroh - koh - ahyt)
Main Origins:
Australia, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, Germany, and South Africa

What is Crocoite?

A crocoite crystal on a black background

Disclaimer: Crocoite contains high lead levels, making it hazardous. Take extra care when handling this beautiful mineral.

With its eye-catching red-orange hue, Crocoite is a rare mineral containing lead chromate and traces of other minerals, like calcium and magnesium.

It is known for its vibrant red-to-orange colors and is often used as a gemstone or in pigments. The crystal has an orthorhombic structure typically found in tiny, elongated prismatic crystals.

The Greek word “croco” means “saffron” or “yellow,” which refers to the mineral’s bright yellow color when heated.

In the 18th century, Crocoite was initially discovered in Russia and has since been unearthed in multiple nations, such as Australia and America.

Crocoite is a stunning mineral that has captivated the world due to its striking appearance, and it’s even used as an ingredient in certain pigments created by artists.

Crocoite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Crocoite is a crystal with vibrant colors, each associated with different meanings. For instance, it is believed that red represents passion, orange symbolizes creativity, and yellow represents happiness. 

The powers of Crocoite can provide individuals with a sense of balance and protection while also enhancing creativity and manifesting desires.

By opening the Crown, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras, Crocoite is believed to help individuals connect with their higher selves, develop compassion and confidence, and feel grounded and secure. It is also thought to aid in accessing spiritual wisdom and strengthening willpower.

Filled with vitality, Crocoite is a Fire element crystal that embodies strength, passion, and transformation. It is associated with the planet Mars, which can further bolster courage in an individual while enabling assertion.

Resonating with the energy of the number 9, Crocoite is believed to aid in spiritual growth and personal transformation. Incorporated into Feng Shui practices, this mineral is thought to bring forth passion and fame while inviting recognition from the South direction.

Crocoite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Crocoite’s vibrant yellow tone stimulates the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra, allowing for greater self-assurance and authority. This stone can also foster creativity and mental clarity, ultimately boosting one’s outlook.
  • If you want to get the most out of Crocoite, consider wearing it as jewelry or meditating. Place a piece in your office or living space and bask in its calming energy all day!

Passion and Vitality

  • Crocoite benefits, it is said to increase passion and vitality while encouraging courage, confidence, and motivation. Feng shui suggests using it in the South direction for optimal energy levels.
  • Take advantage of the profound power of Crocoite by wearing it around your neck, bringing it with you wherever life takes you and harnessing its energy through meditation or placing it in the southern region of any area.

Abundance and Balance

  • Let Crocoite help you find balance and abundance by activating and harmonizing your Root, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Crown Chakras. Its green hue encourages growth in prosperity. Connect to the divine power within yourself with its energies today.
  • Harness the power of Crocoite by meditating with it, carrying it around, or positioning it in locations where you’d like to cultivate abundance and balance, like your office or living area.


  • Strengthen willpower with Crocoite! This crystal helps activate the Solar Plexus Chakra, giving you greater control over your decisions and increasing personal power. It encourages positive behaviors while helping break negative patterns.
  • Utilizing Crocoite in your life is simple: meditate with it, keep it close to you for its vibrational energy, or place it where you want more willpower, like at your job or home.


  • Unlocking the spiritual vibration of 9 with Crocoite can bring you closer to your higher power and divine guides, aiding in personal growth and enlightenment.
  • To benefit from the energizing properties of this stone, meditate on it by placing its energies on your Third Eye chakra. You can also incorporate this stone into jewelry and carry it around with you to amplify its effects throughout the day.

Crocoite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic holding two tarot cards at the table

Dream Recall

  • Boost your ability to remember dreams by energizing the Third Eye chakra and unlocking deeper access to your subconscious mind.
  • Leverage the power of crystals to increase your dream recall by either keeping it in hand or placing it under your pillow before you drift off to sleep.


  • This stone helps to set and align clear intentions while promoting creativity, confidence, positive energy, and abundance. With Crocoite by your side, manifesting dreams is easier than ever.
  • Hold the Crocoite crystal in your hand and clearly visualize your intention or desire. You can also meditate with it or keep it in your environment to amplify the energy of manifestation.


  • Let Crocoite crystal be your guide to uncovering greater depths of awareness and achieving a glimpse into the future. It provides an avenue for connecting with spiritual realms and gaining insight from higher sources.
  • While performing divination practices, such as tarot reading and scrying, hold the Crocoite crystal in your hand to deepen spiritual awareness. 

Psychic Protection

  • The powerful Crocoite properties can create a shield against negative energy, entities, and psychic attacks. It can help keep your aura strong and healthy to shield you from harmful energies.
  • You can either place Crocoite in your environment or carry it with you to increase psychic gifts and protection. Hold the crystal and envision spiritual energy forming a protective shield around your aura.


  • Utilizing Crocoite properties is an excellent way to unlock your full potential. It can assist in releasing outdated patterns and ideas, allowing you to welcome new experiences with open arms.
  • By simply holding the Crocoite in your hand, you can meditate with it and create an atmosphere of growth and personal evolution. As you do so, imagine yourself undergoing a significant change or transformation.

Crocoite Side Effects

  • Energy Overload: Crocoite’s potent energy may cause headaches, dizziness, or emotional imbalance in some. Limiting exposure and applying grounding techniques such as deep breathing meditation is best for better control.
  • Physical Discomfort:  Crocoite contains lead and can cause physical discomforts such as headaches and stomach pain. Prolonged exposure can damage organs. Handle with care and seek medical attention if symptoms arise.

Crocoite Meaning: What Does Crocoite symbolize?

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Crocoite symbolizes “personal growth and the bravery to chase one’s innermost ambitions.”

As the Sun brings new beginnings every day, Crocoite encourages transformation and personal growth. Its vibrant colors are associated with passion, creativity, energy, and happiness, signifying strength to pursue one’s deepest desires.

Crocoite is often paired with other healing crystals, such as Quartz, Carnelian, and Garnet, to amplify its properties. Did you know Crocoite crystals from Tasmania are among the most sought-after minerals? This is because of their vibrant red-orange color and distinct crystal formations. They are highly prized by mineral collectors and can be pretty valuable.

Types of Crocoite

  • Common Crocoite: Bright red-orange with elongated, prismatic crystal formations are associated with transformation, personal growth, and courage.
  • Olive Crocoite: Red Crocoite crystals encrusted with green Vauquelinite enhance creativity, manifestation, and emotional healing.
  • Red Crocoite: Bright red-orange with elongated, prismatic crystal formations are associated with transformation, personal growth, and courage.
  • Orange Crocoite: Saffron orange-red with elongated, prismatic crystal formations enhances creativity, manifestation, and reproductive well-being.
  • Reticulated Crocoite: Red-orange crystals arranged in a net-like pattern encourage exploration and expression of one’s true self.
  • Brown Crocoite: Dark brownish-red with elongated, prismatic crystal formations promotes grounding, stability, and creative expression.
  • Pink Crocoite: Pinkish-red with elongated, prismatic crystal formations encourage self-love and emotional healing.
  • Yellow Crocoite: Yellowish-orange with elongated, prismatic crystal formations enhance manifestation, abundance, and personal power.
  • Brazilian Crocoite: Bright red-orange crystals on a white matrix promote transformation, personal growth, and courage, as well as clarity and focus.
  • Bellite: Yellow-orange crystals with brownish-red streaks enhance communication, creativity, and emotional healing.
  • Crocoite-Cerussite: Red-orange Crocoite crystals on white Cerussite enhance intuition, spiritual growth, and emotional healing.
  • Crocoite-Calcite: Red-orange Crocoite crystals on white Calcite promote emotional healing, clarity, and personal growth.
  • Crocoite-Quartz: Red-orange Crocoite crystals on Clear Quartz enhance manifestation, personal power, and spiritual growth.
  • Crocoite-Coronadite: Red-saffron orange Crocoite crystals on black Coronadite promote transformation, personal growth, and courage, as well as grounding and stability.
  • Crocoite-Pyromorphite: Red-orange Crocoite crystals on green Pyromorphite enhance creativity, manifestation, and emotional healing, as well as promote abundance and prosperity.

How To Cleanse Crocoite?

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  • Sunlight: Place Crocoite in direct sunlight for several hours to cleanse and energize its fiery energy.
  • Singing Bowl:  Place Crocoite on or near a singing bowl and strike the bowl, allowing loving vibrations to clear and recharge the crystal.
  • Sage: Burn sage and pass the smoke over the Crocoite to purify its energy and release any negative or stagnant vibrations.

Questions and Answers

Is Crocoite poisonous?

Yes, Crocoite is toxic and should not be ingested or inhaled. Crocoite contains lead, a poisonous substance that can cause health problems if ingested or inhaled.

Can you touch Crocoite?

Crocoite is safe to handle with your bare hands, but washing them thoroughly afterward is advised. This is essential to prevent any possible lead contamination.

How is Crocoite made?

Crocoite is a lead chromate mineral featuring Saffron Orange to red crystal formations created by the oxidation of lead redeposits.

Can Crocoite go in the water?

No, Crocoite should not be submerged in water or exposed to moisture, as the stone is delicate and can easily break apart when exposed to moisture.

Is Crocoite safe in the sun?

Yes, Crocoite is safe to be exposed to sunlight. Crocoite can be placed in direct sunlight to recharge and energize its fiery energy.

Can Crocoite go in salt water?

No, Crocoite should not be submerged in salt water. Crocoite can be damaged by exposure to salt water, which can cause it to deteriorate the stone

How can you tell if Crocoite is real?

Real Crocoite is identifiable by its bright orange-to-red hue, sparkling luster, and unique crystal structure of elongated prismatic crystals.

How do you take care of Crocoite stone?

To clean Crocoite physically, you can use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dirt or dust gently. It’s essential to avoid exposure to moisture or harsh chemicals that can damage the stone.

Is Crocoite a rare stone?

Crocoite is a rare mineral with an eye-catching hue and remarkable crystal structure, located mainly in Australia, that entices collectors from across the globe.

How expensive is Crocoite?

Crocoite stones can range from $100 to several thousand dollars, depending on size and quality. More rare examples may be priced as high as tens of thousands of dollars for collectors.

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