Blue John

Main Origins:
The United Kingdom and Norway.

What is Blue John?

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Blue John is known for its beautiful appearance. Patterns of soft pastel colors, like blues, yellows, and purples, move around. It looks airy because it is smooth and see-through. Collectors love Blue John crystals because they have a deep color when they are cleaned.

This crystal is made of fluorite, a high-calcium fluoride material. Tiny amounts of iron and manganese give it its unique color. It has unique patterns and shapes because of its cubic crystalline structure and veins in the limestone.

In the 18th century, Blue John was first found near Castleton, in Derbyshire. In the 1800s, it was used to make jewelry, vases, and bowls. Its color-related name, “Blue John,” may have come from the French words “bleu” and “jaune,” which mean blue and yellow.

Crystal enthusiasts really love Blue John. Collectors value it because it is rare, beautiful, and important to history. Metaphysical aspects, like emotional equilibrium and spiritual progress, are also said to make Blue John more intriguing.

One interesting fact about Blue John is that it keeps bad spirits and spells away. People used to keep Blue John near doors and windows to keep evil away. The crystal has a mysterious quality that comes from people believing it can protect them. This makes it visually appealing and psychologically significant, as well.

Blue John Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Most of the time, purple and yellow tones make up Blue John. Purple stands for spiritual awareness, intuition, and the higher self. Yellow, on the other hand, stands for happiness, clarity, and focus. Blue John can help you get closer to God and clear your mind with these color energies. 

Blue John has a remarkable connection to all chakras. It harmonizes with the Root Chakra, grounding one to the Earth’s energy. Simultaneously, it stimulates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, encouraging creativity and personal power. 

The Heart Chakra benefits from Blue John’s ability to foster compassion and emotional healing, while the Throat Chakra supports clear communication. Its link to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras promotes intuition and spiritual awakening.

In feng shui, Air represents communication, clear thinking, and creativity. Put Blue John crystals in the West or Northwest of your home to bring out these qualities. Metal is linked to Blue John because of the minerals that make it up. Metal’s strength and accuracy help Blue John concentrate and think clearly.

Neptune and Mercury rule Blue John. Neptune, the planet of intuition, is linked to its ability to raise mental and psychic awareness. Mercury, the planet of speech and intelligence, helps Blue John focus and think more clearly. 

Saraswati, Veles, Hecate, and Athena are all connected to Blue John. Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Learning and the Arts, can make people smart and creative. Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Magic and Witches, can bring out psychic abilities when used with Blue John. Athena helps people think more clearly and plan better.

Blue John resonates with 5 and 33. The number 5 stands for adaptability, change, and freedom. The number 33 stands for spiritual awakening and selflessness. It shows that Blue John can help people gain spiritual understanding and a stronger drive to help others.

Blue John Healing Properties & Benefits

Emotional Intelligence

  • Balancing and calming feelings and making people more self-aware and empathetic are some of Blue John’s benefits.
  • Close your eyes, take it in your hand, and imagine it soaking up and transmuting all the stress and anxiety you’re feeling.

Decision-Making Skills

  • Clearing people’s thoughts and making things more understandable are Blue John’s properties.
  • It should be placed on your Third Eye Chakra. Take a deep breath and ask for help. During meditation, go with your first gut feeling.


  • This crystal makes you creative by balancing your mind and heart, making it easy to develop new ideas.
  • Display it at your workstation. Touch a creative endeavor and set the intention for inspiration and originality before starting.

Growth and Success 

  • Blue John helps people make personal and professional progress by assisting them to find their life’s meaning and succeed.
  • Hold it and imagine your success. Feel the successful energy within you.

Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Helping people sleep and think better by balancing their circadian clock is one of Blue John’s healing properties.
  • Putting it under your pillow helps you sleep. This makes your mind clearer and more focused when you’re awake.

Blue John Spiritual Properties & Benefits

a hand writing goals on a notebook surrounded by wrapped presents

Psychic Protection 

  • Bad energies are pushed away by Blue John’s ability to harmonize with the aura and guard against psychic attacks.
  • Hold it and picture a protective bubble building around you. Then say, “Blue John, protect my energy and keep bad things away.

Spirit Communication

  • Opening the Third Eye and Crown Chakras helps Blue John communicate with spirits.
  • Meditate with Blue John and picture a clear line of contact with guides or spirits.

Psychic Abilities

  • Raising your energy and connecting you to higher frequencies, which makes your psychic skills stronger, are Blue John’s metaphysical properties.
  • You can keep in touch with your psychic ability by wearing it as jewelry or carrying it daily.

Awakening and Transformation

  • Blue John gets rid of stuck energy to awaken and change, which is good for both physical and spiritual growth.
  • While you meditate, put it on your heart center and picture old patterns falling away. Enjoy its power to change things.


  • This crystal helps you align your goals with higher guidance to get what you want.
  • Put it on top of your list of goals, write them down, and then pray for divine help to reach your targets.

Side Effects of Blue John

  • Fatigue: Too much use can tire you because it drains your energy. Keep Blue John workouts brief and ground yourself with a stone to avoid weariness.
  • Anti-Social Behavior: Overuse can lead to antisocial behavior and social withdrawal. Balance its use of social activities and self-awareness to reduce antisocial behavior.
  • Dependency: Overusing it may cause energy dependency. Take breaks from Blue John and focus on your inner power to avoid reliance.

Blue John Meaning: What Does Blue John Symbolize?


Blue John symbolizes “transformation and growth,” mirroring its ability to help individuals evolve spiritually and mentally.

The main metaphysical benefit of Blue John is that it can improve spiritual insight and psychic skills. This makes it a useful tool for people who want to grow spiritually and intuitively.

The other nicknames for Blue John include “Derbyshire Spar” and “Blue Fluorite.”

During the Victorian Era, Blue John was admired for its use as an ornament in making beautiful vases and jewelry. These days, people love it for its metaphysical powers and use it a lot in energy work and meditation.

It works well with Amethyst, which helps you understand spiritual things better; Lepidolite, which promotes peace; and Diamond, which cleans and polishes its vibrations.

An interesting fact about Blue John is that it was meant to protect people from spells and bad spirits. The fact that Blue John was put above doors and windows to fight evil gave it a mysterious look.

Types of Blue John Crystals

  • Common Blue John: It features purple, blue, and yellow colors. Crystal fans prefer it for its ability to boost intuition and spirituality.
  • Golden Blue John: It has bright golden tones. People think that it will bring wealth and success into their lives.
  • Hopper or Stepped Blue John: Has unusual geometric shapes with steps and a gorgeous range of purple and yellow tones. This captivating crystal assists people in overcoming mental hurdles that prevent personal growth and change. 
  • Blue John Cubes: These elegant crystals typically showcase shades of blue, making them instantly recognizable. It is a cube-shaped crystal growth, and it improves clarity and organization, making decisions and problem-solving easier.
  • Indigo Blue John: It exhibits deep blue, strengthening psychic skills and making talking to the spiritual world easier.
  • Orangish Blue John: It has warm orange tones that make it look orange. It’s linked to creativity and motivation and can help people reach their full artistic potential.
  • Yellowish Blue John: It displays sunny yellow colors, making you feel good and helping you concentrate, so it’s good for people who want clarity and happiness.
  • Chevron Blue John: This variety shows off unique zigzag patterns. Its captivating colors are mostly blue and white, with occasional streaks of gray or black. This gem is supposed to help one achieve their life objectives and provide direction.
  • Brownish Blue John: It has rich brown tones. It grounds and stabilizes energies, which makes people more realistic and emotionally balanced.
  • Blackish Blue John: It has very dark tones. As a result, it keeps away harmful forces and makes you feel safe.
  • Teal Blue John: This variety is a mix of blue and green tones. It brings the Heart and Throat Chakras into balance, which helps with communication and mental healing.
  • Greenish Blue John: It has lots of lush green colors. It helps you grow and connect with nature, which makes it perfect for mental growth.
  • Dark Blue John: It features deep and rich blues. It makes spiritual and intuitive insights stronger, which helps with deep meditation and psychic powers.
  • Bicolor Blue John: A purple line runs through the white sections. It keeps the Crown and Third Eye Chakras in balance, which helps psychic growth.
  • Blue John on Matrix: This variety displays the crystal within its mother rock. It features beautiful purple and yellow bands. This stone is said to bring spiritual energy down to earth and stabilize them, promoting spiritual growth and connection.
  • Interlocking Blue John: Showcases intricate and complex shapes that fit together harmoniously. Its purple and yellow colors symbolize unity and harmony.
  • Round Banded Blue John: Exhibits concentric circles in its patterns, primarily in purple and white colors. This represents personal progress and accepting change because its circles represent wholeness and completeness.
  • Blue John Nodule: Round, rough, and commonly purple, yellow, or white, these distinctive formations symbolize metamorphosis, making them powerful tools for human growth and progress.
  • Blue John with Baryte: It combines Blue John with White Baryte. It makes your mind clearer and gives you spiritual insights. 
  • Blue John with Galena: When you mix Blue John with Galena, you get silver-gray Galena. The grounding and spiritual forces that are in sync with it protect and help you grow spiritually.

How to Cleanse Blue John?

Singing bowl for sound programming and surrounded by different types of gemstones

  • Meditation: While you meditate, hold it in your hand, focus on its energy, and picture impurities leaving it to cleanse and refresh it.
  • Selenite Wand: To get rid of bad energies from Blue John, gently swing a Selenite wand over him.
  • Singing Bowls: Put it next to a singing bowl and hit the edge of it. The sound waves will cleanse the crystal’s energy and make it balanced.

Answers and Questions

How is Blue John Fluorite Formed?

Blue John is found in the veins of limestone. It happens when minerals, like fluorite, settle in cracks or holes in the rock over millions of years.

What are the Veins of Blue John?

Blue John has bands or swirls of different colors, usually purple, blue, and yellow, that run through the crystal and make its unique patterns.

How Do You Identify a Blue John?

Blue John often has distinct bands or stripes of color running through it. These bands can be wavy or straight and are a key identifying feature.

What is the Difference Between Amethyst and Blue John?

The major differences are the chemicals they are made of and their color. Blue John is a type of fluorite and comes in many colors, including purple. Amethyst is a type of Quartz and is usually purple.

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