Arkansas Diamond

(Are-kan-saw Diamond)
Main Origins:
Crater of Diamonds Park, USA

What is Arkansas Diamond?

assorted uncut diamonds from crater of diamonds park in arkansas
Image Source: ArkansasStateParks

Arkansas Diamonds are known for their clarity and transparency. These clear or white crystals shine strongly because they have a high refractive index. Their smooth, crystalline quality makes them popular for jewelry. Crystals that are octahedral or cubic have a clear geometric design that adds to their beauty.

Like real Diamonds, Arkansas Diamonds are made of pure carbon atoms in a crystalline structure, making up their chemical composition. They are one of the hardest substances on Earth due to their arrangement. 

Arkansas Diamonds were first discovered in 1906 at Crater of Diamonds State Park. After the first diamond was found, the park, which is the only public Diamond mine, was established so anyone could dig for Diamonds. 

Crystal collectors like Arkansas Diamonds for their unusual origin and accessibility. Unlike many commercially made gems, Arkansas Diamonds can only be found in the Crater of Diamonds State Park, which is exciting. This hands-on experience makes them unique and treasured collections.

Did you know that Arkansas Diamonds have an interesting history of being used in folklore and healing practices? Some believe that these crystals possess metaphysical properties, such as enhancing one’s clarity of thought and amplifying positive energies.

Arkansas Diamond Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Most Arkansas Diamonds are clear or white, representing purity and clarity. This color stands for truthfulness, openness, and spiritual light. Clear Arkansas Diamonds are great for meditating and energy work because they clean and boost energy. 

Arkansas Diamonds primarily influence the Crown Chakra, promoting spiritual growth and a broader understanding of the world. They also align with other chakras, including the Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Crown Chakras, contributing to overall energy balance and connection.

In the realm of metaphysical properties and benefits, Arkansas Diamonds are linked to a diverse range of ruling elements, including Fire, Light, Water, Air, Earth, and Wood, showcasing their adaptability to various energy influences. 

These versatile crystals also find a place in feng shui practices, aligning with regions such as the South, Southeast, North, Northwest, and the Center. This makes them valuable tools for harnessing and directing energies within these specific areas, promoting balance and alignment in both elemental and spatial contexts.

Venus rules over Arkansas Diamonds, standing for love, beauty, and peace. Arkansas Diamonds are thought to help with relationships, self-love, and appreciating beauty.

Connected to a diverse group of ruling Gods, including Indra, Apollo, Ganesha, Thoth, and Hermes, these deities enhance the crystal’s power, amplifying wisdom, knowledge, and insight for those who work with it.

Arkansas Diamonds possess a significant numerical vibration of 9, which holds profound meaning in numerology. This numerical energy harmonizes perfectly with the transformative and emotionally uplifting properties that are characteristic of Arkansas Diamonds.

Arkansas Diamond Healing Properties & Benefits

Mental Clarity 

  • Some of Arkansas Diamond’s benefits are getting rid of mental fog and making you more focused.
  • Imagine a bright, clear light filling your mind as you hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand. This will help clear your mind and get rid of confusion.

Career Success 

  • By aligning your intentions with your professional goals, Arkansas Diamonds can help you do better in your job.
  • To make this effect happen, put the crystal on your desk or work area and say your career goals aloud while holding it before commencing work.


  • One of Arkansas Diamond’s properties is making you smarter by making it easier to think critically and process knowledge.
  • To get this benefit, you need to meditate with the crystal and focus on growing your mind and learning from different sources.

Courage and Confidence 

  • These crystals give you strength and self-confidence by eliminating fear and self-doubt.
  • Carry an Arkansas Diamond in your pocket or wear it as a pendant. Tell yourself that it will give you the confidence to face obstacles with no doubts.

Energy Amplification

  • Revitalizing spirit and improving your circadian cycle are also some of Arkansas Diamond’s properties.
  • To use it to this benefit, leave the crystal in the moonlight overnight to cleanse and charge it. Then carry it with you daily to increase your energy and vitality.

Arkansas Diamond Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Woman doing intuition meditation hand gesturesIntuition

  • Some of Arkansas Diamond’s healing properties include improved perception by removing mental clutter and opening the Crown Chakra. 
  • To make this effect happen, hold the crystal to your Crown Chakra while you meditate and imagine it as a way to get clear, intuitive thoughts.


  • These crystals cleanse the spirit by removing bad energies and making it easier to clean up on the inside.
  • To use this benefit, put the Arkansas Diamond in a bowl of saltwater or use sage smoke and tell it to cleanse your energy and the space around you.

Growth and Awakening

  • Awakening spiritually by linking you to a higher level of awareness is one of Arkansas Diamond’s metaphysical properties.
  • To get this benefit, put the crystal near your Crown and Root Chakras while you meditate and imagine a beam of divine light moving through you. 

Transcendental Meditation

  • The stones help you reach deeper states of awareness and a higher level of consciousness, which is helpful for transcendental meditation.
  • Before you meditate, hold the Arkansas Diamond and ask it to help you reach a higher level of awareness.

Spirit Contact

  • By raising your vibrational level, Arkansas Diamonds can help you connect with the spirit world.
  • To activate this technique, ask for spiritual direction and protection while meditating and trust that it will help you connect more with the spiritual world.

Side Effects of Arkansas Diamond

  • Hyperactivity: Overuse of energy may result in restlessness and hyperactivity. To avoid this, reduce your use of crystals, walk barefoot, or meditate with Black Tourmaline.
  • Energy Overload: Vibrational energy overflow can cause anxiety or distress. Avoid this by wearing Arkansas Diamonds mindfully, intermittently, or with grounding stones, like Hematite, to balance energy.
  • Dependency: Overreliance on crystal energy might cause dependence. Use Arkansas Diamonds as tools, not crutches, and regularly reflect and grow without them

Arkansas Diamond Meaning: What Does Arkansas Diamond Symbolize?

A White Rose placed on a white silky textile

Arkansas Diamonds represent “Purity and Clarity.”

“Crater of Diamonds Diamonds” is also referred to as Arkansas Diamonds because they come from the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Traditionally, Arkansas Diamonds have been viewed as purity and divine illumination symbols. In modern times, they are viewed as spiritual development and interior knowledge instruments.

Arkansas Diamonds work well with other high-vibration crystals, like Amethyst and Clear Quartz, to boost their spiritual and metaphysical benefits.

An intriguing fact about Arkansas Diamonds is that they are found in the only Diamond mine that is open to the public, allowing visitors to seek them. While learning about the long past of this unique gemstone, many people believe in the power of personal discovery.

Types of Arkansas Diamond Crystals

  • Common Arkansas Diamonds: They are usually clear or white, which stands for cleanliness and clarity. They are known for helping people think more clearly and gain spiritual understanding.
  • Yellow Arkansas Diamond: Radiating a warm, lively, yellow energy, often linked to creativity and positivity. They can help you have a more optimistic view of life.
  • Straw Yellow Arkansas Diamond: This softer straw-yellow color makes you feel warm and cozy. They are thought to help people feel more emotionally stable and at peace.
  • Arkansas Golden Diamond: It exhibits a rich golden color, which is a sign of wealth and plenty. They attract money and financial opportunities.
  • Canary Yellow Arkansas Diamond: The bright canary yellow color of “Okie Dokie Diamonds,” as they are sometimes called, makes them very popular. People think that they will bring happiness and a sense of fun into their lives.
  • Brown Arkansas Diamond: It exudes earthy energy and grounding properties. They give people security and help them stay rooted in their goals.
  • Pale Brown Arkansas Diamonds: With their soft pale brown color, they are known for making people feel calm and stable. They can help a person feel less stressed and more at ease.
  • Dark Brown Arkansas Diamond: They are valued for strengthening inner strength and resilience due to their earthy tone.
  • Clear Arkansas Diamond: These crystals symbolize purity and clarity with their transparent appearance. They are known for enhancing mental focus and spiritual perception, enabling higher wisdom and insight.
  • Bluish Arkansas Diamond: Its calm blue color helps people sincerely talk to each other. They help people speak more calmly and clearly.
  • Arkansas Maroon Diamond: A deep maroon color sparks desire and energy. They give you more energy and help you come up with new ideas.
  • Shiny Metallic Arkansas Diamond: Sporting a reflective, metallic sheen, these crystals symbolize resilience and flexibility. They are often used to help individuals overcome obstacles and failures, reflecting the ability to bounce back and adapt.
  • Pinkish Arkansas Diamond: This variety of Arkansas Diamond emits a gentle, pinkish hue. They are associated with a loving and nurturing spirit. These crystals are employed to foster self-love, kindness toward others, and emotional healing.

How to Cleanse Arkansas Diamond?

The sun seen through the flower

  • Meditation: Hold Arkansas Diamonds in your hand, focus on their energy, and envision a bright, cleansing light engulfing and revitalizing the stone to cleanse them through meditation.
  • Sunlight: Set Arkansas Diamonds in direct sunlight for a few hours to clear and replenish their energy, but limit prolonged exposure to prevent fading.
  • Clear Quartz: For a day, place them on a Clear Quartz cluster or next to a Clear Quartz crystal to clear and reset their energy.

Question and Answer

Can Arkansas Diamonds Get Wet?

Yes, most Arkansas Diamonds can get wet. Their hardness rating of 10 on the hardness scale makes them highly resistant to damage from water exposure. However, it’s advisable to avoid long-term soaking to prevent any potential harm.

Are Arkansas Diamonds Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Arkansas Diamonds are safe in the sun. Placing them in full sunlight for a few hours can help clean and charge them energetically. Extended exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading over time.

What is the Largest Diamond Found in Arkansas?

The “Uncle Sam Diamond,” the biggest diamond ever found in Arkansas, weighed 40.23 carats and was found in 1924.

How Do You Take Care of Arkansas Diamond?

To take care of Arkansas Diamonds, store them separately to keep them from getting scratched, wash them with soft soap and water, and keep them out of direct sunlight for long periods.

What is the Most Expensive Diamond in Arkansas?

The “Strawn-Wagner Diamond,” which weighed 3.03 carats and was known for its exceptional clarity, was the most expensive Diamond found in Arkansas. It was worth more than $34,000

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