Harlequin Quartz

(hahr - luh - kwin kworts)
Main Origins:
Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mexico, Madagascar, England, Spain, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Scotland, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States

What is Harlequin Quartz?

a piece of Harlequin Quartz twisted with a wire to make it into a necklace
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Harlequin Quartz is the trade name for Milky, Clear, or Smoky Quartz with Hematite (red) and Lepidocrocite (silver) inclusions. These inclusions resemble stars or sparkling clouds and bring benefits such as passion and balance.

The patchy pattern of colors resembles the colorful costume of Harlequins, hence the name. It was used in protective amulets and talismans in Aztec, Hindu, Chinese, and Aboriginal cultures. 

Hematoid Quartz may be dense or sparse and form needles, specks, flecks, and dots. Hence, it’s also called the Black Dot stone. It naturally occurs in many shapes, sizes, and formations instead of a solid color.

Did you know Harlequin Quartz is also called Fire Quartz, Hematoid Quartz, Scarlet Quartz, and Brandberg Hematite? 

The Black Dot Stone may be transparent or translucent with a glass-like luster. It forms druzy stones, aggregates, and geodes. Under the microscope, it may show rhombohedral or hexagonal inclusions. 

Harlequin Quartz Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Harlequin Quartz is a combination of multicolored inclusions, and it’s mainly associated with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Earth Star, and Solar Star Chakras. Some varieties also open the Heart, Crown, Lunar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras.

Earth is the ruling element of Harlequin Quartz, attracting benefits of wisdom, protection, stability, and balance.

Where to keep Hematoid Quartz in the house? It should be kept in the Southwest or Northeast corners of your home, based on its ruling element.

Most of its divine energies come from Goddesses like Pachamama, the Andean Mother Goddess; Thor, the Norse Thunder God; Geb, the Egyptian Earth God; Bhumi, the Hindu Earth Goddess; and Gaia, the Greek Earth Goddess.

The cosmic vibrations associated with Hematoid Quartz are 7 and 9, signifying wisdom, self-awareness, stability, and karmic healing.

Mars is the ruling planet of Fire Quartz and is responsible for passion, courage, fertility, action, hormonal balance, kundalini energy, and channeling divinity.

Harlequin Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

Confidence and Leadership

  • Bonding with Fire Quartz crystal awakens your inner fire. You should carry a charged stone when working on self-esteem, personal power, decisiveness, and critical thinking skills. 
  • Awaken your inner fire by charging your stone with the Fire element’s energy. Just hold your crystal at a safe distance before a flame. 

Detox and Vitality 

  • Phantom Hematoid Quartz crystal is good for unblocking negativity and toxins from your body, mind, and spirit. You can use it to eliminate fatigue, drowsiness, and disinterest. 
  • Charge your crystal with the Fire energy by holding it before a lit candle for a few minutes. Carry the charged stone on your dominant side when eating or drinking to help the body absorb nutrients.  

Hormonal Balance 

  • Bonding with the Harlequin gemstone can evoke a sense of peace and spiritual connection. It results from the stability of hormones it creates in your body. 
  • You can program your Quartz for hormonal balance by creating an indirect crystal elixir with your crystal. Taking a gem bath with this variety of Quartz also helps. 


  • The nourishing capabilities of Fire Quartz calm your nerves and help you think clearly. Use this grounding stone during stressful or crucial times to solve problems efficiently. 
  • Meditating with your crystal for a few minutes, focusing your gaze on it, is beneficial for setting intentions and manifesting peace. 


  • Did you know Harlequin Quartz with bluish and greenish tints spikes passion and virility? Healers recommend keeping a charged Scarlet Quartz in your bedroom to increase the chances of conception. 
  • Bury your crystal under three inches of soil overnight during the new moon. After charging it, clean the stone with a damp cloth and place it in the Southwest corner of your bedroom.

Harlequin Quartz Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman practicing yoga with Lotus pose

Kundalini Awakening

  • Fire Quartz with blue flash awakens the Kundalini energy flow. It accelerates its flow through the lower chakras into the higher chakras. 
  • Charge your crystal by chanting your affirmation while sitting in the lotus pose or padmasana. Place your stone in the lap to quickly energize the Sacral and Root Chakras

Psychic Protection

  • Most people use this stone for passion and vitality and forget its aura-shielding abilities. You can use black Fire Quartz to repel negativity and spread harmony around your home.
  • Program a few Hematoid Quartz stones for psychic protection or love at home by holding them under the early morning sun. After charging, place one stone in each corner of your home. 

Karmic Healing 

  • Rainbow and Phantom Hematoid Quartz crystals guide you to clear karmic debts. It’s a soul mission stone that takes you into your spiritual journey. 
  • Lie on your yoga mat before sleeping, preferably under the dark moonlight, and place the crystal between your brows. Close your eyes and chant OM while visualizing your intention. 

Success and Luck 

  • Banded varieties of Fire Quartz, especially in yellow and golden hues, clear the blockages in your career and fortune for luck. Use it as a good luck charm by keeping it always on you.
  • Set up a crystal altar using crystals that complement your intentions and the energies of Harlequin Quartz. Charge your stone at the center of the altar daily with mantras or chants. 

Channeling Energies

  • The divination effects of Clear and Rainbow Hematoid stones channel angelic energies. You’ll also awaken hidden talents of clairvoyance and mediumship. 
  • Programming your stone with the Fire and Etheric energies of smudging using sage or sandalwood do wonders for divination.

Side Effects of Harlequin Quartz

  • Dizziness: One of the symptoms of overusing Hematoid stones is uneasiness, giddiness, and fatigue. 
  • Fatigue: A sign of detox on the way, the initial days with Harlequin Quartz may tire you out physically. Take a break and recharge with your birthstone. 
  • Overstimulation: Overusing this crystal without a break for days on end can drain your spiritual energy, especially if you’re a beginner.

Harlequin Quartz Meaning: What Does Harlequin Quartz Symbolize?

a hand holding a balancing scale with the view of the ocean

The meaning of Harlequin Quartz is “Balance.”

Psychics and healers say it’s a protective stone used in talismans, amulets, divination, and religious ceremonies. Many believe the stone contains the blood of the Earth Mother Gaia.

The red-flecked stone is full of surprises as it’s colorful for grounding, stability, inner healing, energy, and psychic powers. It’s often called Fire Quartz for its sparkling inclusions and fiery appearance. 

Types of Harlequin Quartz Crystals

  • Common Harlequin Quartz: Harlequin Quartz is usually clear or white with red and silver inclusions. Most are good for emotional balance and grounding. 
  • Red Harlequin Quartz: In this Hematoid variety, you’ll notice more Red Hematoid flecks with white, clear, or maroon flecks. Use it for hormonal balance, fertility, and willpower. 
  • Black Harlequin Quartz: When the inclusions in Fire Quartz consist of black dots, it’s called Black Dot or Black Hematoid Quartz. The stone is great for psychic strength and protection
  • Orange Hematoid Quartz: Appearing in vibrant to pale and dark shades of orange with red flecks, this stone is also called Scarlet Quartz. It’s a good stone for passion and sexuality. You can use it for mind power and creativity. 
  • Yellow Harlequin Quartz: This is a natural yellow variety of Fire Quartz with patches or stripes of white, gray, and cream colors. It’s good for luck, success, and abundance. 
  • Clear Harlequin Quartz: When Hematoid Quartz shows red and silver inclusions on a clear or colorless base, it’s a high-vibration stone. Use it for astral travel, lucid dreaming, and enlightenment. 
  • Brown Harlequin Quartz: In this Harlequin, Hematite, and Lepidocrocite form on a base of brown from the Smoky Quartz crystal. It’s a great stone for mental clarity and grounding.
  • Green Fire Quartz: Resembling Clear Moss Agate, this type of stone may show black, blue, or blue-green shades apart from dark green. 
  • Pink Fire Quartz: Often seen on a yellow base color with sparkles of pink and silver flashes, this is a crystal for reuniting with your twin flame or soulmate.
  • Phantom Harlequin Quartz: Consisting of red or black phantom crystal with a clear exterior, this type of stone opens higher and lower chakras. It’s also a manifestation and mediumship stone.
  • Blue Flash Harlequin Quartz: In maroon, red, and orange Hematoid varieties, the mineral composition may lead to teal blue flashes. Use it for Throat and Third Eye Chakra openings. 
  • Rainbow Harlequin Quartz: When the Black Dot stones show rainbow iridescence, they are powerful for chakra balancing. 
  • Banded Harlequin Quartz: Often seen in cracks or stripes of red-white, orange-gray, and other color variations, this is a goal-setting variety that helps you find stability and emotional balance. 
  • Brandberg Harlequin: This type of Hematoid originates from Brandberg and shows red inclusions. Use the stone for multi-dimensional healing. 
  • Amethyst with Harlequin Quartz: A purple variety of Hematoid Quartz, this type of crystal may appear in pale or dark purple hues. It’s good for grounding, wisdom, and mental clarity. 
  • Harlequin Quartz Cluster: Often seen in brown, smoky, white, or clear hues, this type of Hematoid crystal may also include silver or red flakes. They’re great for amplifying energies and manifesting intentions. 
  • Harlequin Quartz Pyramid: Naturally pointed or pyramidal Fire Quartz shows red flakes at the tip in this case. Such a crystal is excellent for courage, confidence, energy, and charisma. 
  • Twin Harlequin Quartz: Twin-tipped Hematoid Quartz in white, clear, smoky hues naturally forms this variety. It’s good for manifesting intentions and improving the chances of conception. 
  • Harlequin Quartz with Malachite: A rare occurrence showing pale to olive green tints on the Hematoid crystal, this type of crystal is a multi-chakra stone that ejects toxins and negativity from your mind, body, and spirit.

How to Cleanse Harlequin Quartz?

A woman meditating, seated on a big rock with her eyes close and hand on her chest

  • Sunlight: Holding the Hematoid Quartz for a few minutes under the early morning sun will remove the negativity it absorbed. 
  • Meditation: Gazing into the stone for a few minutes and imagining the universal energy cleansing it thoroughly. 
  • Seed Mantra: Chant the mantra OM into your crystal for a few minutes after every use. You can also combine chanting with meditation to do a thorough cleanse. 

Questions and Answers

What is a Harlequin Crystal?

Harlequin Quartz is known by many names, including Harlequin Crystal.

Is Harlequin Quartz a Gemstone?

Yes, Harlequin Quartz is a gemstone with high value among collectors and crystal users. However, it’s not a precious gemstone like Rubies, Diamonds, or Sapphires.

What is the Difference Between Harlequin Quartz and Strawberry Quartz?

Harlequin Quartz is called Strawberry Quartz when the Hematite inclusions are dark, intense, or red.

Is Harlequin Quartz the Same as Fire Quartz?

Yes, Harlequin Quartz is interchangeable with Fire Quartz when the Lepidocrocite inclusions are intense. When their inclusions are plating and patchy with red, yellow, and silver sparkles, it’s called a Harlequin Quartz.

Is Harlequin Quartz Safe in the Water?

Yes, Harlequin Quartz is safe to use with water, as it’s a Quartz crystal with a Mohs hardness of 7.

Can Harlequin Quartz go in the Sun?

Yes, Harlequin Quartz is safe in the sun for a short period. Prolonged exposure may lead to the loss of the red color in this type of Quartz.

Is Harlequin Quartz Dangerous or Toxic to the Touch?

No, Harlequin Quartz isn’t dangerous or toxic to the touch. It’s better to wash your hands after touching it, though.

How to Identify Real Harlequin Quartz?

The streak of Harlequin Quartz is white. It’ll typically show brown from Smoky Quartz, red flecks from Hematite, and silver specks from Lepidocrocite. You can also take the stone to a gemologist to get an accurate reading.

What are the Best Stones to Pair with Hematoid Quartz?

Clear Quartz, Ametrine, Citrine, Amethyst, and Super Seven are the best stones to combine with the energies of Hematoid Quartz.

How to Clean Harlequin Quartz?

The best way to clean Harlequin crystal is with a damp cloth. This will prevent dust and grime from depreciating the healing stone.

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