(goh - shuh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Zimbabwe, the USA, Afghanistan, Namibia, Pakistan, China, Russia, Mexico, Austria, Madagascar, Italy, Sri Lanka, Canada, the UK, Bulgaria, Myanmar, Portugal, Mongolia, Argentina, and the Czech Republic.

What is Goshenite?

A raw Goshenite crystal on a black background. Source: Wikimedia | Géry PARENT
Source: Wikimedia | Géry PARENT

Goshenite is the clear, white, or colorless variety of Beryl. It’s a sister crystal to Emerald and Aquamarine. While it hasn’t trended as much as Diamonds, for its lack of color, like in Green or Blue Beryl, its clarity is often linked to higher powers. 

The mineral composition of Goshenite includes Beryllium, Silicon, Aluminum, and sometimes Lithium, Iron, and Manganese. That’s why it’s called White Beryl, Snow White Beryl, Lucid Beryl, and Colorless Beryl.

This silicate mineral has been popular as Goshenit to Goshen Stone and Goshenita in different areas worldwide throughout history. It’s commonly seen with Aquamarine. 

Did you know Goshenite is named after Goshen in Massachusetts? It was discovered in the Bay Stone around the 19th century, but the crystal has been used in jewelry and spirituality for 2,000 years. 

Ancient Greeks used it as a divination stone, the Egyptians used it to connect with their ancestral Gods, and the Chinese revered it as a stone for health and medicine. 

White Beryl forms in clear or white prismatic crystals with a glassy luster that may be transparent, translucent, or opaque. It’s called the mother of all crystals or stones because you can convert it into other stones like Morganite, Emerald, and Bixbite. 

Fun Fact: Goshenite is often called Pure Beryl because it rarely contains trace amounts of impurities. 

Goshenite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Lucid Beryl is commonly colorless or white in color; hence, it’s linked to the Crown, Lunar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. Using these chakras, the Goshen stone brings wisdom, enlightenment, spiritual consciousness, and psychic abilities.

There are many varieties of Goshenite with blue, green, purple, silver, golden, yellow, gray, and black colors with numerous minerals. It’s also responsible for opening the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras. 

Venus and Neptune rule the Goshenita healing crystal. Who should wear it? Libra, Taurus, and Pisces are the best zodiac signs for attracting Goshenite benefits.

Did you know Goshenit is associated with the elements of Air, Metal, Water, Light, and Ether? These Goshenite properties help the stone manifest your desires, enhance immunity in the body, uplift the spirit, and connect it to higher realms. 

Where to keep Goshenite in the house? You should keep Goshenite in the North, West, South, or Center of the house. 

The healing properties of Goshenite also come from Tara, the Buddhist deity of compassion and luck; Themis, the Greek Goddess of justice; and Tiamat, the Babylonian Sea Goddess

It’s also linked to the Slavic Sun God, Dazhbog, and the African Creation and Fertility deity, Oxalá. 

Did you know Goshenit crystal is linked to cosmic vibration of 1? It stands for independence, confidence, self-discovery, power, and peace.

Goshenite Healing Properties and Benefits

Eyesight and Clarity

  • Did you know Ancient Greeks used Clear or Pure Beryl for the world’s first glasses? Use White, Clear, or Blue varieties to improve vision, mental clarity, and decisiveness.
  • Lie on your bed and place a Goshenite above your brows or eyes. Meditate briefly before bed in this manner then keep the crystal under the pillow after.

Strength, Power, and Creativity

  • Black and Brown Goshenite pyramids and points are good for getting rid of fatigue and drowsiness after waking up. You can also use it to improve your creativity, drive, and fertility.
  • Bury your crystal under the soil overnight and retrieve it in the morning after sunrise. You can also cleanse it with lukewarm water or a soft cloth to set your intention for power.

Love and Relationships

  • Use Goshenite with Cassiterite, Muscovite, or Herderite to find acceptance, belonging, and empathy in different relationships.
  • Hold the crystal in your palms and chant positive affirmations associated with love and joy. The rest will follow.

Emotional Release

  • Did you know Goshenite is a purifying stone? Clear, White, Clevelandite, Hyalite, and Siderite formations of Goshenite cleanse other stones, auras, and emotional scars.
  • Set a crystal altar with Goshenite points or pyramids in the center in the Southwest direction. You can activate it by lighting an incense stick and playing a singing bowl once per day.

Skincare and Haircare

  • Clear and Pink Goshenite stones are excellent for clearing negativity from your hair, scalp, and face.
  • Infuse the energy of Goshenite into your cosmetic products by placing it over them. Indirect crystal elixirs or Goshenite gem water are good for face wash before applying anything.

Goshenite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A reiki therapist is performing a meditation ritual

Awareness and Intuition

  • Try to get Goshenite with Muscovite or Quartz to tap into higher powers and psychic abilities, like wisdom, universal connection, insight, and intuition.
  • Soak your crystal overnight in moonlight energies in a room with an open window for an hour or two before placing it under your pillow before sleep.

Reiki Chakra Healing

  • Are you seeking a thorough chakra cleanse? It’s good to book a session with a certified Reiki practitioner and ask them to use a Goshenite with Herderite or Pyramid.
  • Activate your Goshenite for chakra cleansing and charge it by holding it for a few minutes before a Fire, dipping it in water, burying it in the Earth, or chanting seed mantras (OM/VAM/HAM) into it.

Manifestation and Amplification

  • Whether it’s good fortune or luck, varieties of yellow or Golden Goshen Stone with Cassiterite, Heliodor, and Quartz is good for manifestation grids.
  • Use small crystals as focus or way stones on your crystal grid to manifest or amplify your intentions.

Spiritual Peace and Destiny

  • Many types of Goshenit crystal with Muscovite and Feldspar or in blue are good for finding inner peace and your spiritual purpose.
  • Scrying with Brookite and Tourmaline is excellent for accessing Akashic records and finding cosmic truths.


  • Did you know naturally clear and pyramidal Goshenite crystals are used for divination? They help to make the journey into the netherworld smooth and less challenging.
  • Meditate at twilight under the Moon and the Sun. Then lie down on your bed with your eyes closed for a few minutes to tap into dreamwork.

Goshenite Side Effects

  • Disturbing Dreams: You will find sleeping hard if you’re new to Goshenite. It’s often linked to vivid dreams that make you sleepless after.
  • Restlessness: Overusing Goshenite can lead to overexcitement, irritation, frustration, and jitters. 
  • Embarrassment: Using some varieties of Goshenite can clash with your birth chart and lead to a loss of reputation or good conduct.

Goshenite Meaning: What Does Goshenite Symbolize?

Beautiful woman smiling while posing for the camera

The meaning of Goshenite is mental clarity.

Ancient Greeks used this crystal to make the world’s first lenses due to their stellar quality. It’s also been used for eyesight, psychic vision, sixth sense, and ESP. 

Goshenite was a versatile crystal also used in the Middle Ages for making lenses for magnifiers, telescopes, and spectacles. As it was abundantly available and harder than Quartz, it was relatively scratch-free owing to its high Mohs hardness. 

Did you know Goshen crystal was used in imitation stones of Diamonds and Emeralds? Clear Goshens were used to make fake crystals of both precious stones, with colored foils added to create Emeralds. 

While the name Goshenite was added a few centuries ago, this crystal was used in many ancient cultures and regions. Goshenit is revered for vitality, love, empathy, luck, good fortune, manifestation, dreaming, and inner healing these days.

Types of Goshenite

  • Common Goshenite: Goshenites usually look white, milky, or clear and are good for amplifying positivity and tapping into psychic powers.
  • Goshenite Points: Lucid Beryl naturally occurs with single or double terminations in this variety. Use it for setting intentions.  
  • Clear Goshenite: Clear Goshen Stone is often transparent without any color impurities, and it’s good for purifying the Crown Chakra, spaces, and auras. 
  • Blue Goshenite: This is a rare type of Goshenita with high amounts of iron, giving it a pale blue color. Use this stone for scrying and clarity. 
  • Yellow Goshenite: Another type of White Beryl with yellow tips or inclusions inside, this is a good stone for physical healing and luck. 
  • Golden Goshenite: When the yellow inclusions in Lucid Beryl shine in Golden or Silver tones, it may contain Mica. Use this variety for manifesting wealth. 
  • Green Goshenite: Rarer than the yellow and blue varieties, this type of White Beryl shows a blue-green hue. It’s good for abundance.
  • Pink Goshenite: When Goshenite forms naturally with Morganite, the pink variety of Beryl, it shows a pale pink hue with high clarity and color-zoning. It’s good for skin care and romance. 
  • Etched Goshenite: During its natural growth, some types of Goshenite grow natural ridges and indentations. Use this variety of intuition, psychic abilities, or dreamwork.
  • Goshenite Pyramids: If your White Beryl has a natural pyramidal shape, it’s an excellent stone for manifesting success, power, and clarity. Use it for exams and interviews.
  • Resplendor Goshenite: A captivating Goshenite variety, this crystal is mostly clear with yellow inclusions in the center or sides. They’re excellent for scrying and divination and come from Minas Gerais in Brazil. 
  • Twin Goshenite: When two Goshen crystals grow from a single center, they contain double the energy and work fell for amplifying other stones on a crystal grid. 
  • Super Goshenite: This is a Goshenit variety with clear and black crystals and forms with Black Tourmaline. Use it to keep evil vibrations away and protect your family. It’s also called Goshenite Schorl. 
  • Goshenite with Elbaite: Black needle-like formations of Elbaite (Tourmaline) form naturally with colorless or clear Goshenit crystals in this variety. It’s good for nurturing positive self-talk, support, and power. 
  • Orange Goshenite: Goshen Stone naturally forms with Scheelite with clear, white, and orange crystals. It’s good for spiritual awakening and courage. 
  • Bicolor Goshenite: When Blue and Clear Beryl form together, they’re half clear or white and half blue. Use this stone for confidence, creativity, and focus. It’s also called Goshenite with Aquamarine. 
  • Goshenite with Quartz: Did you know Goshenite can exist with Quartz varieties like Citrine, Amethyst, and Smoky Quartz? If you have one of these, use them for prosperity, wisdom, and mental clarity. 
  • Goshenite with Cleavelandite: Found in pegmatite veins, this natural formation may show white, off-white, or snowy white crystals. It’s good for inner peace and emotional release. 
  • Goshenite with Fluorite: Forming a clear, white, purple, or green cluster. Goshen crystal forms with many types of Fluorites. Use them for tapping into higher powers and consciousness.
  • Goshenite with Muscovite and Albite: A cluster variety of Lucid Beryl, this stone may be white, off-white, cream, beige, clear, brown, or orange. It’s good for spiritual awareness and enlightenment. 
  • Goshenite with Apatite: Often forming with Pink or Blue Apatites, this type of Goshenita enhances dreamwork and spirit contact. 
  • Goshenite with Brookite: A dark variety with black and brown hues, it may be clear in certain areas. Use this crystal to set intentions for career, family, and wealth. 
  • Goshenite with Heliodor: A multicolored variety of Goshenit stone, you’ll notice pale yellow, brown, white, orange, and golden hues in this. Use it for immunity, health, and energy. 
  • Goshenite with Granite: Goshen stones form clear or white crystals in the Granite pockets and veins. They’re great for confidence and grounding.
  • Goshenite with Siderite and Hyalite: This is a Goshen crystal variety that forms in yellow, orange, beige, or tan colors with Siderite and Hyalite. Use it to free your body from fatigue and weakness.
  • Goshenite on Matrix with Feldspar: Another cluster variety of Goshenita crystal, this variety appears in white, off-white, clear, brown, or black crystals. Use it for emotional intelligence and deep peace.
  • Goshenite with Lepidolite: Showing purple, beige, yellow, pink, and brown hues, this natural formation of Goshen with Lepidolite is good for wisdom and knowledge.
  • Goshenite with Cassiterite: A dark-colored variety of Goshenita, this crystal may show beige, brown, black, yellow, white, clear, and blue crystals. It’s good for psychic abilities, like foresight and intuition.
  • Goshenite with Herderite: Often forming with Schorl crystal, this is a black and white stone for traveling astrally through different dimensions and universes.
  • Goshenite with Yellow Topaz: This is a clear Goshen variety crystal that forms naturally with Topaz’s honey and yellow varieties. Use it for vitality and power.

How To Cleanse Goshenite?

A full moon over a town

  • Moonlight: Keep your crystal overnight to soak moonlight energies in a room with an open window or ventilation. 
  • Sage: Rub dry sage or the smoke of sage smudge sticks over your crystal thrice clockwise to reset it. 
  • Meditation: Hold the crystal with both hands at your eye level and visualize a white light washing away all the bad energies it absorbed.

Questions and Answers

Is Goshenite a gemstone?

Yes, Goshenite is a gem-quality crystal from the Beryl group of minerals.

Is Goshenite rare?

No, Goshenite is not a rare or expensive gemstone.

Is Goshenite safe in the water?

Yes, Goshenite is safe to use in the water, but avoid prolonged exposure like soaking for hours.

Can Goshenite go in the sun?

Yes, Goshenite can go in the sun, but prolonged exposure may affect the color and integrity of the stone.

Is Goshenite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

No, Goshenite is not dangerous or toxic to the touch; however, don’t handle broken or cracked crystals without personal protective equipment (PPE).

How to identify real Goshenite?

Real Goshenite has a colorless streak, and you can check this by scraping it against unglazed porcelain.

Is Goshenite expensive?

While you can get low-quality specimens for $2 to $5 per piece, crystals over 30 to 40 carats can fetch hundreds of dollars. They might even be collector or museum-worthy. You can get Goshenite jewelry between $50 and $100.

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