Malachite Pairings: 20 Crystal Combinations with Malachite

  1. Aquamarine and Malachite Pairing
  2. Malachite and Carnelian Together 
  3. Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Combination
  4. Malachite and Amethyst Together
  5. Malachite and Red Jasper Pairing
  6. Moonstone and Malachite Combinations
  7. Malachite and Rose Quartz Together
  8. Prehnite and Malachite Pairing
  9. Black Obsidian and Malachite Combination
  10. Malachite and Azurite Pairing
  11. Malachite and Green Jade Together
  12. Malachite and Tiger’s Eye Together
  13. Malachite and Chalcopyrite Pairing
  14. Malachite and Black Tourmaline Together
  15. Emerald and Malachite Pairing
  16. Malachite and Chrysocolla Together
  17. Amazonite and Malachite Pairing
  18. Malachite and Moldavite Together
  19. Rhodonite and Malachite Pairing
  20. Malachite and Citrine Together
  21. Unlock the Power of Malachite Pairings!

Also called the Malakkos Stone, Malachite is a healing stone made of copper carbonate hydroxide. The stone is prized for its dark green hues and iconic swirling patterns and is called the Stone of Transformation, Support, and Health.

Which are the best crystals to pair with Malachite? How to use Malachite with other crystals? 

The most suitable crystals to combine with Malachite are those friendly with its ruling planets, Jupiter and Venus. This crystal opens the Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras, bringing love, courage, luck, and change. It works well with Aquamarine, Citrine, and Rose Quartz, to name a few. 

I’ll show you more crystals to combine with Malachite and how to use them.

Note: It is important to pair Malachite with compatible crystals to avoid negative astrological consequences.

Aquamarine and Malachite Pairing

polished aquamarine on white background

Aquamarine and Malachite pairing is good because their ruling planets are friendly. This crystal combination brings stress relief, peace, confidence, and joy. 

The combination of Aquamarine with Malachite targets the Heart and Throat Chakras, leading to tranquility, support, comfort, growth, and self-discovery. Together, they soothe mental pains and clear emotional blocks.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Aquamarine

  • Meditation: Hold your Aquamarine in your right hand and Malachite in your left while meditating on your intention and allowing their energies to merge.
  • Seed Mantras: Chant the seed mantra VAM into the stone for a few minutes after waking up. Touch the stones with one another for a second 

Malachite and Carnelian Together 

Carnelian Polished Gemstone on a white background

The crystal combination of Carnelian and Malachite is good because friendly planets rule both stones. Carnelian opens the Kundalini center in the Sacral Chakra, while Malachite balances the higher chakras. 

As a result, this Malachite pairing is great for willpower, fertility, vitality, strength, and success. Wearing these stones together boosts motivation, passion, and drive.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Carnelian

  • Crystal Elixir: Make an indirect infusion by keeping Malachite and Carnelian on a coaster atop a glass of water for 3 to 6 hours. Drink the energized water over a few days for fertility, power, and health. 
  • Charged Jewelry: To set the intention, expose them to the energy of the setting sun then wear them near around the neck, arms, fingers, or waist as jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Combination

lapis lazuli on a white background

The ruling planets of Malachite are friendly with that of Lapis Lazuli. They open the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, and Root Chakras when used together.

Using them together fuses their metaphysical benefits, leading to divination, growth, success, and inner healing. Lapis Lazuli is good to pair with Malachite because the duo brings intuition, psychic gifts, spiritual contact, and imagination. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Lapis Lazuli

  • Journaling: To enhance the benefits of this Malachite crystal combination, place the stones on yourself while journaling. It’ll help you release emotional blockages to heal your inner self.  
  • Yoga: Keeping the stones on you and doing yoga in the morning is a good way to amplify intentions for success, transformation, or spirit contact with physical, mental, and spiritual energies. 

Malachite and Amethyst Together

Polished Amethyst Gemstone on a white background

Combining the energies of Malachite with Amethyst may be good or bad depending on their astrological traits. In general, Malachite’s ruling planets are incompatible with the ruling planets of Amethyst, so they may be affected neutrally or adversely. 

Some Malachite-Amethyst pairings may activate psychic gifts, like intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, and enlightenment. Then again, they may take a toll on your mind, body, or spirit. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Amethyst 

  • Breathwork Meditation: Hold your crystals before your lips and breathe into the stone. Repeat the process after waking up daily. 
  • Dreamwork: Charge your Malachite crystal pair by sprinkling tap water on both crystals under a moonlit night and meditating for a few minutes. Finally, place the charged stone under your pillow to find answers via dreams. 

Note: Avoid combining Malachite and Amethyst if your intuition recommends otherwise.

Malachite and Red Jasper Pairing

Red jasper on a white background

As the ruling planets of Red Jasper and Malachite are friendly with each other, they’re a good crystal combination to wear for protection, grounding, courage, and stability. 

While many are familiar with Red Jasper activating the Root Chakra, fewer know it is also linked to the Earth Star Chakra below the feet. 

When combined with the chakra energies of Malachite, this crystal pairing promotes emotional release and personal growth. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Red Jasper

  • Soil: Bury your Red Jasper and Malachite under three inches of soil for 6 to 24 hours. Once they’re charged, place them in your palms and visualize Mother Gaia’s energies grounding your spirit. 
  • Crystal Grid: Set up a crystal grid with your crystals in the center and grounding crystals around them. Set it in the center of your house to repel negativity and boost stability and harmony. 

Moonstone and Malachite Combinations

blue moonstone on white background

Malachite is compatible with Moonstone because friendly planets rule them. 

Have you heard about the nurturing powers of MoonstoneThey’re great for tapping into the divine feminine and finding joy, wisdom, and deep healing. 

Combining their energies leads you to a higher realm, healthy lifestyle, and mental peace. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Moonstone

  • Full Moon Ritual: It’s good to pair your stones for healing and knowledge under the energy of the Full Moon. Keep them in a room with an open window to soak the healing vibrations for 4 to 12 hours. 
  • Sage: Light a sage stick and fan the sacred smoke onto the Malachite crystal combination. Hold your palms over them and meditate on your intention for a few minutes before carrying them on your left side. 

Malachite and Rose Quartz Together

Rose Quartz Crystal on a white background

The combination of Malachite and Rose Quartz is positive and nourishing because Venus rules both stones. It’s a lucky crystal combination for true love, acceptance, empathy, and balance because both stones open the Heart Chakra.

Healers say this is a crystal pairing that fuses earthly and cosmic love. Rose Quartz brings unconditional love, and Malachite beckons unconditional support. They’re ideal for letting go, forgiveness, hatred, guilt, revenge, and pity.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Rose Quartz

  • Reiki: Lie down on a yoga mat with your eyes facing up. Place the stones on your chest, at the same level as your heart, and allow their energies to flow into your body.
  • Sunlight: Hold your crystals above your head while facing the rising sun and Look upward while chanting OM for Heart Chakra healing. 

Prehnite and Malachite Pairing

Prehnite crystal on white background

Malachite works well when paired with Prehnite because friendly planets rule them. On its own, Prehnite brings about prosperity and good health. 

Both target the Heart Chakra when combined, leading to deep healing, calmness, vitality, peace, transformation, comfort, and good fortune. It’s a nurturing crystal pairing that connects your spirit with the guardian and ancestral spirits.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Prehnite

  • Zen Gardening: Tending to plants and infusing crystal energies into your garden is a self-care routine that draws positivity from Mother Nature. Spend a few minutes charging your plants with the Prehnite-Malachite pair.
  • Crystal Altar: Set up a crystal altar using several Malachite and Prehnite crystals. Light a candle to activate the grid daily to manifest good fortune.

Black Obsidian and Malachite Combination

Polished black obsidian crystal on white background

Fusing the powerful vibrations of Malachite with Black Obsidian isn’t a good idea because conflicting planets rule these crystals. While their union may be positive sometimes, they usually have chaos, anguish, and negative thoughts.

Suppose your astrologist recommends this Malachite crystal combination. In that case, you may use it to shield your aura, home, or ideas from evil vibrations. 

Psychics often use this combination under favorable conditions to relieve hexes, curses, karmic debts, and traumas.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Black Obsidian 

  • Burial: It’s good to channel the energy of this Malachite gemstone pairing by burying the stones together overnight. It will reset the energies and ground the wearer.  
  • Energy Shielding Ritual: In this technique, you place four charged pairs of Black Obsidian and Malachite stones at the four corners of your house for protection via meditation, affirmation, or visualization. 

Note: Exercise caution when pairing Malachite and Black Obsidian, especially if your intuition, mind, or body advises against it.

Malachite and Azurite Pairing

azurite crystal on white background

A powerful and beneficial crystal pairing due to friendly ruling planets, combining the energies of Malachite and Azurite paves the way to spiritual awakening and transformation. 

Azurite is a higher chakra stone in tune with Throat and Third Eye Chakras, complementing the grounding energies of Malachite, especially on astral travel. 

Use this healing stone combination for lucid dreaming, reality shifting, astral projection, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Azurite 

  • Dowsing: Use an Azurite-Malachite pendulum to find answers to your spiritual destiny via tarot cards, vibrations, or psychic professionals. 
  • Visualization: Lie on a yoga mat, close your eyes, and put your crystals on each eyelid. Stay mindful of the crystal energies and follow their directions.

Malachite and Green Jade Together

jade crystal on a white background

As Venus rules Green Jade and Malachite, they’re compatible to use together. Their combination attracts prosperity, tranquility, love, beauty, wellness, and mindfulness.

Did you know Green Jade also opens the Heart Chakra? It’s perfect for boosting the chances of conception, promotions, and spiritual gifts. Paired with the transformative and healing vibrations of Malachite, this combo manifests positivity. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Green Jade

  • Harmony Elixir: Create a direct elixir using both crystals and sprinkle it daily in the Southwest corner of your room or home. 
  • Healing Sounds: Place the Malachite/Green Jade pair next to your singing bowl before playing them. You can also chant mantras or positive affirmations to amplify intentions at this time.

Malachite and Tiger’s Eye Together

A polished tiger's eye crystal on a white background.

Fusing the healing vibrations of Tiger’s Eye with Malachite is astrologically beneficial for the user because friendly planets rule them.

Tiger’s Eye is a focus stone that sharpens your wit, intelligence, and mind power. Combined with the love and belonging from Malachite, this dynamic pairing manifests freedom, success, willpower, self-control, and abundance. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Tiger’s Eye

  • Essential Oils: Pour a few drops of essential oils into a bowl and cover it with a lid. Place your stones on the lid and hold your hands over the setup to set your intention.
  • Visualization: Hold a Tiger’s Eye stone in your dominant hand and a Malachite stone in the other. Close your eyes and affirm your intention to embrace courage and positive transformation. 

Malachite and Chalcopyrite Pairing

Chalcopyrite crystal on a white background

Using Malachite with Chalcopyrite is a favorite combination because their ruling planets are friendly. 

Chalcopyrite opens all the chakras but is most linked to the energies of the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, boosting metaphysical benefits like intuition, clairvoyance, and communication skills. 

When combined, these stones lead to cosmic consciousness, spiritual communication, emotional transformation, and self-discovery. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Chalcopyrite

  • Activated Smudging: Light a candle after dusk in a lightless room. Keep your crystals on the left and right of the candle and light a sage stick with the candle. Once it starts smoking, circle the smudge stick over the crystals clockwise.
  • Floral Energies: Place your crystals in a small bag next to a budding flower. Ensure the flower is healthy enough to infuse the floral energies into your stone.

Malachite and Black Tourmaline Together

black tourmaline on a white background

Pairing the energies of Malachite with Black Tourmaline isn’t a good idea because their ruling planets are incompatible. It’s a controversial combination that may lead to adverse effects. 

If your astrologist recommended this pairing, use the stones together for grounding, strength, recovery, and stability. This duo enhances self-reliance with Malachite.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Black Tourmaline

  • Activated Mudras: Pick a mudra or gesture based on your intention, such as Abhayamudra, for protection. Create the mudra with your palms and place them on the Malachite pairing. Do it at sunrise to set your intention.
  • Midnight Meditation: Sit in the lotus pose and hold your crystals in your lap a few minutes before midnight. Close your eyes and meditate with the stones before placing them at the Entrance of your house. This will prevent negativity from entering it.

Emerald and Malachite Pairing

Hexagonal emerald on a white background

Using Emerald and Malachite together is a good combination because Venus rules both crystals. It’s a combination best for luck in love, career, and business.

Did you know Emerald was once used to reveal the future? It’s a Heart Chakra stone, like Malachite, but with strong connections to the angelic realm. 

They enhance strength, peace, fertility, intuition, and psychic protection when paired with Malachite.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Emerald 

  • Prosperity Grid: Smudge both your stones by setting an intention for psychic gifts and set them in the center of a crystal grid. Arrange 11 crystals around them and smudge them with a sage stick daily to manifest your wishes. 
  • Soil: Place your crystal on the ground and close the top with your dominant hand. Now chant the word OM onto it for a few minutes.

Malachite and Chrysocolla Together

polished Chrysocolla on white background

As Venus rules both these crystals, they’re a compatible combination that brings happiness, wellness, immunity, self-expression, truth, willpower, and peace.

Chrysocolla usually opens the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Solar Plexus Chakras. Hence, it’s popular for recovery, stability, communication skills, and calmness. With Malachite, it becomes the invincible duo of health and joy.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Chrysocolla

  • Classical Music: Keep your crystals next to speakers playing the classical music of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, or Bach.  
  • Open Air Meditation: Sitting on the ground in the open air instead of a room with both stones in your hands is good for discovering your destiny. 

Amazonite and Malachite Pairing

amazonite crystal on white background

The planet Venus rules both stones; hence, they’re beneficial when paired.

Have you heard about the physical healing effects of AmazoniteIt clears chakra blockages that lead to fatigue, pain, weakness, and illnesses and activates inner power. 

When united with Malachite, Amazonite enhances passion, enthusiasm, emotional balance, self-esteem, charisma, and power. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Amazonite

  • Salt: Place your crystals in a bowl and sprinkle some salt over it. Cover the mouth of the bowl with your palms and meditate on your intention for a few minutes. Carry the stones everywhere you go. 
  • Affirmations: Chant this affirmation while holding onto both crystals: I am filled with vitality, immunity, and strength.

Malachite and Moldavite Together

A Moldavite crystal on a white background

The combination of Moldavite and Malachite is intense but favorable because friendly planets rule them. 

Moldavite is a high-vibration stone known for its transformative, restorative, intuitive, enlightening, and balancing effects. It’s a Heart Chakra stone, powerful enough to clear emotional blockages. 

When fused with the energies of Malachite, Moldavite accelerates your spiritual journey and takes you closer to your destiny. En route, you’ll find cosmic consciousness, manifestation, wisdom, clairvoyance, and many other psychic gifts.

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Moldavite 

  • Palo Santo: Take a Palo Santo stick and walk around your bed for a few minutes at a slow pace with it. Try to visualize your intentions, realizing them via dreams. 
  • Essential Oils Soak: Place your stones with a little gap between them on a flat table. Draw circles around the stones with a dab of sacred essential oil like myrrh, rose, or sandalwood. 

Rhodonite and Malachite Pairing

rhodonite crystal on a white background

This crystal pairing is beneficial because friendly planets rule these stones. It also brings wellness, love, passion, and inner healing into the wearer’s life. 

Rhodonite is popular as the Stone of Love and is used for self-care, empathy, and emotional balance. When you pair it with another Heart Chakra stone, like Malachite, they work in tandem to help you move on and grow with kindness in life. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Rhodonite

  • Heart Chakra Reiki: Lie down and place your stones on your chest. Close your eyes, meditate, and place your hands on the stones. This will channel the universal energy via the stones into your body to manifest intentions. 
  • Gem Bath: Infuse your crystals indirectly and pour the crystal elixir into your bathtub. Soak in the gem bath for 10 to 15 minutes after sunset. 

Malachite and Citrine Together

Tumbled citrine gemstone on a white background

Another excellent crystal combination with Malachite, this duo is good because compatible planets rule them. 

Malachite and Citrine attract prosperity and abundance by opening the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras. Citrine is a natural luck magnet that clears physical blockages and fills you with courage and willpower. 

Best Crystal Pairing Techniques for Malachite and Citrine 

  • Sun Salutations: Tap into divine luck and abundance by charging your crystal combination under the rising sun with yoga. Check out sun salutations to draw the solar power of victory into your stones. 
  • Luck Magnet with Light: Program your stones by meditating with them from sunset to midnight for prosperity. Finally, you can set them in the Southeast corner of your house or inside the wallet. 

Unlock the Power of Malachite Pairings!

Malachite is a powerful support stone on its own, but when paired with stones friendly or compatible with its ruling planet, Malachite becomes an energy generator. 

Whether you strive for emotional balance, spiritual awakening, grounding, protection, or abundance, compatible crystals like Citrine, Aquamarine, Red Jasper, Green Jade, or Rhodonite can help. 

Here’s a quick look at 20 Malachite combinations we learned today:

A custom graphic table for Malachite Pairings

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