(oh - liv - uh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Argentina, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Morocco, Slovakia, the UK, Chile, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Austria, France, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Morocco, Switzerland, the USA, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

What is Olivenite?

A raw Olivenite crystal on a black background. Source: Mindat.org | Robert M. Lavinsky
Image Source: Mindat.org |
Robert M. Lavinsky

Gemologists, crystal healers, and scientists have all found Olivenite fascinating. Olivenite, a copper arsenate mineral, is exceptionally beautiful. The occasional clusters of sharp, acicular crystals make a little olive-green forest appear.

Its science is intriguing, too. Olivenite is mostly copper, arsenic, oxygen, and hydrogen. It can be transparent or opaque, depending on its development. Olivenite can also be resinous or glassy.

Olivenite has a rich history in mining mythology. It was first discovered in Cornwall, England, known for its copper and tin mines, in 1820. Since then, it has been discovered in many countries with local legends. Some cultures believed Olivenite in a mine indicated substantial copper resources.

Through its high vibrational qualities, Olivenite has metaphysical effects that aid in the healing and forgiveness of the Heart Chakra. Its capacity to improve people’s mental health is a big part of its appeal.

Olivenite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The most common color of Olivenite is a distinctive olive green, although shades may vary. The vibrant green hue of this mineral is deeply connected to the Heart Chakra, which is considered the center of love, compassion, and emotional well-being in many metaphysical traditions.

Olivenite’s Heart Chakra is amplified by Earth deities Ostara, Freyja, Parvati, and Cernunnos, enhancing love and growth. Inspired by Freyja, Olivenite attracts love with its fiery energy. Parvati’s presence brings peace and love to Olivenite, while Cernunnos provides stability. These goddesses infuse Olivenite with love, beauty, harmony, and the calming essence of Earth.

Olivenite carries a numerical vibration of 5. In numerology, the number 5 symbolizes freedom, adventure, and transformation. This vibration aligns well with Olivenite’s metaphysical properties, amplifying its potential to help individuals open their hearts and navigate emotional changes.

In the practice of feng shui, which aims to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, Olivenite can promote balance and peace. Its green color is associated with growth, healing, and vitality, making it an excellent addition to spaces where calmness and rejuvenation are needed.

The metaphysical benefits of Olivenite are believed to stem from these associations. The crystal is said to promote emotional healing, open the heart to love, and assist in personal growth and transformation. While scientific evidence supporting these beliefs is limited, many find comfort and inspiration in Olivenite’s rich color, unique properties, and ancient connections.

Olivenite Healing Properties and Benefits

Kindness and Empathy

  • The Heart Chakra, which controls emotions and compassion, and Olivenite’s high vibrational energy, are said to provide kindness and empathy.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand and establish the desire to increase love and empathy using Olivenite. Imagine the crystal radiating love, compassion, and understanding. Place the crystal on a bed of rose petals, which signify love and tenderness, to charge it.

Love and Bonding

  • Olivenite enhances love and bonding through the Heart Chakra. Its green tint evokes these positive feelings and deeper connections.
  • Make a wish while holding the stone. Moonlight or sunlight will clean it. After that, holding or wearing Olivenite maintains its vigor.

Inner Healing

  • Olivenite helps you become brave and confident. It’s like your personal cheerleader, encouraging you to believe in yourself.
  • Hold the Olivenite, envision yourself being courageous and self-assured, and make a wish. Cleanse the stone by leaving it in moonlight or sunlight. Carrying it with you keeps its energy close for ongoing support.

Communication Skills

  • Olivenite helps improve your communication skills. It’s like a tutor teaching you how to express yourself clearly and kindly.
  • To use this power, hold the Olivenite, envision communicating well, and make a wish. Wearing it as jewelry or carrying it keeps its energy close.


  • Olivenite helps in balancing emotions, making you feel more centered. It’s like a gentle wave smoothing out emotional storms.
  • To use, simply hold the Olivenite in your hands, imagine your feelings subsiding, and make a wish. Put it in your pocket or wear it as jewelry to always have its soothing energy close at hand.

Olivenite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Lady meditating behind several trees

Universal Connection

  • Olivenite bridges us with the universe, acting like a cosmic phone line. It helps you feel more connected to the vastness of the universe.
  • Hold an Olivenite crystal and ask for a connection with the cosmos. Meditate with the stone or keep it near while sleeping to deepen this universal bond.

Psychic Protection

  • Olivenite acts like a guardian, shielding you from harmful thoughts and energies. It’s like a protective cloak for your spirit.
  • To use Olivenite for this, hold the stone and ask for psychic protection. Carry the stone with you, or keep it near where you sleep to help maintain this psychic shield.


  • Olivenite works like a flashlight for your inner voice, making your intuition brighter and clearer. It helps you trust your gut feelings.
  • To use Olivenite for this purpose, hold the stone and ask for strengthened intuition. Keep the stone with you during the day or under your pillow at night to keep this intuitive light shining.


  • Olivenite supports spiritual growth by connecting you to Earth’s energy, acting like a spiritual guide on your journey.
  • To charge Olivenite for this purpose, hold the stone in your hand and visualize yourself progressing on your spiritual journey, becoming wiser and more in tune with the universe.

Spiritual Equilibrium

  • Olivenite helps balance your spiritual energy, acting like a set of scales for your soul. It ensures your spiritual energy flows smoothly without disruptions.
  • To tap into this power, hold the Olivenite in your hand and ask for balance. You can also meditate with it or place it on your Solar Plexus Chakra during meditation to maintain energy balance.

Olivenite Side Effects

  • Blind Positivity: Using Olivenite can sometimes lead to excessive optimism, clouding reality. It might lead to ignorance of serious issues that need attention.
  • No Personal Radar: Over-reliance on Olivenite can make you overlook your own intuition. This can hinder your personal growth, as you may start depending too much on the crystal.
  • Bad Karma Leads to Misfortune: If you misuse Olivenite with negative intentions, it can bounce back. This could lead to bad luck or misfortune as a reflection of your negative energy.

Olivenite Meaning: What Does Olivenite symbolize?

A flower growing in nature while the sun shines over it

Olivenite represents “growth and transformation.”

Olivenite gets its name from its historical origins and references to its characteristics. Originally, it was named “arseniksaures kupfererz by Martin Klaproth in 1786, reflecting its chemical composition. Later, in 1789, Abraham G. Werner named it Oliver due to its olive-green color. In 1920, Robert Jameson modified the name to Olivenite.”

Copper, arsenic, and oxygen are the three elements that, when combined, result in the formation of Olivenite, a unique type of crystal.

Pairing Olivenite crystals with other powerful crystals boosts their powers. Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst are advised for emotional healing, energy balancing, and protection. These combinations promote spiritual growth and well-being.

Did you know that gems like Olivenite can be found in many different parts of the world, each with its own shape and color? They are truly amazing examples of how nature works.

Types of Olivenite

  • Common Olivenite: Common Olivenite’s olive-green tint symbolizes growth, change, and success. Its beauty and self-discovery are appreciated in mineral collections.
  • White Olivenite: White Olivenite or dirty white may have aesthetic significance for collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Cuprian Olivenite: Copper colors Cuprian Olivenite green-blue. Its beauty and ability to balance emotions, creativity, and happiness make it a mineral collection favorite.
  • Zinc-bearing Olivenite: Zinc-bearing colors make Olivenite green, brown, or yellow. Mineral collectors and fans admire it for its unique composition and beauty.
  • Minulite: Minulite is a rare Olivenite type with a deep blue to blue-green color that mineral enthusiasts love. It is mostly known for its beauty.
  • Terrywallaceite: Named after famous geologist, Terry A. Wallace Jr., Terrywallaceite is a variant of Olivenite with brownish-black or dark green crystals.
  • Tsumcorite: A mineral that can occur as a variety of Olivenite, featuring colors ranging from green to black, it is valued by collectors for its aesthetic qualities.
  • Phosphatian Olivenite: Also known as Bright Green Olivenite, this variety exhibits a vibrant green color due to its phosphorus content. It is appreciated for its visual appeal.
  • Black Olivenite: A rare dark variant. Black Olivenite is considered to bring strength, endurance, stress alleviation, and protection from harmful energies in crystal therapy.
  • Olivenite with Barite: Olivenite becomes more earthy with Barite. Spiritual activities ground and balance energy with this combo. It may promote detoxification and recuperation.
  • Cobaltoan Olivenite: Due to Cobalt, this pink-to-rose-red stone is thought to promote love, compassion, and emotional healing. It energizes the Heart Chakra, promoting joy and calm.
  • Leucochalcite: A green, fibrous variety, Leucochalcite is used in crystal healing for spiritual growth and change.
  • Wood Copper: With its earthy tones and wood-like fibrous texture, spiritual traditions employ it to ground energies and strengthen them. Resilience inspires endurance and perseverance.
  • Acicular Olivenite: This deep green to brown mineral has needle-like crystals. Spiritual traditions employ it to improve attention and communication.
  • Grass-Green Olivenite: Its vivid green color resembles new grass and is associated with nature’s restorative energies. Crystal healing associates it with the Heart Chakra for emotional healing and growth.
  • Nikeloan Olivenite: Nickel makes Nikeloan Olivenite green. It promotes courage, balance, and personal growth in spiritual pursuits.
  • Arsenogoyazite: A light to dark green mineral, it is used in meditation to ground and defend against bad energies and increase creativity and cognitive clarity.
  • Bariopharmacosiderite Olivenite: This brownish-red mineral promotes courage, strength, and grounding in crystal healing.
  • Duftite: A green mineral that protects and clarifies. Spiritual practices use it to repel negative energy and promote self-discovery.
  • Chalcophyllite: Its deep blue-green color is connected with calmness and tranquility. It improves communication and self-awareness.
  • Cornishite: Green Cornishite symbolizes prosperity and expansion. It boosts creativity and power.
  • Olivenite-Adamite: This mineral combination is considered to inspire optimism and joy with its brilliant green color. It boosts self-esteem and emotional clarity.
  • Fluorite with Olivenite: Fluorite with Olivenite promotes focus, intuition, and comprehension. Spiritual cleansing and protection are common uses.
  • Olivenite with Azurite: Brilliant blue-green crystal blend symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and intellect. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic and intuitive powers.
  • Olivenite with Limonite: Earthy colors are thought to ground, protect, and strengthen. It promotes change in spiritual habits.
  • Olivenite with Clinoclase: This mineral pairing, frequently green, promotes personal growth and transformation. It aids spiritual healing and clarity.
  • Olivenite on Conichalcite: Green combination is utilized in meditation to balance energy and mend emotions.
  • Olivenite with Germanite: Earthy version is thought to ground and strengthen. It boosts resistance in tough times.
  • Olivenite with Rosasite: A unique stone combo promotes tranquility with its blue-green colors. It improves communication and cognition.
  • Olivenite with Barite: Barite gives Olivenite earthy tones. It grounds spiritual energies. Detoxify and revitalize.
  • Olivenite with Cornubite: Green mixture promotes development and metamorphosis. It’s linked to the Heart Chakra for emotional equilibrium.
  • Olivenite with Cornwallite: Brilliant green color symbolizes nature’s vigor, growth, and well-being.
  • Olivenite with Tennantite: Dark and metallic combination is thought to protect and ground. Spiritual practices employ it for strength and endurance.
  • Libethenite-Olivenite: This deep green combination promotes grounding, balance, and personal growth.
  • Arseniosiderite: Grounding and protective, it comes in many colors, including brown. It boosts courage and strength in spiritual pursuits.
  • Olivenite with Arthurite: A special combo of gem promotes grounding, change, and resilience with earthy colors.
  • Olivenite with Lemanskiite: Green combination is said to promote personal growth, transformation, and equilibrium.
  • Olivenite with Lammerite: Olivenite is rich green, while Lammerite is dark or reddish-brown. These hues contrast and merge earthy tones beautifully.
  • Bronchatite with Olivenite: Olivenite’s texture and Bronchatite’s brilliant hue and patterns are visually appealing. This combo improves communication, relieves respiratory difficulties, and grounds and balances emotions.
  • Olivenite with Goethite: Goethite’s earthy colors and natural patterns complement Olivenite’s beauty. They may encourage deep emotional healing, intuition, inner strength, and resilience.
  • Quartz with Olivenite: Quartz’s clarity contrasts with Olivenite’s vivid green colours. This combination boosts spiritual growth, clarity of intellect, and heart-centered energies.

How To Cleanse Olivenite?

A burning white sage smudge stick in the bowl

  • Moonlight: To cleanse Olivenite, place it under the moonlight overnight, allowing Moon’s energy to purify and recharge the stone.
  • Smudging: Cleanse Olivenite by passing it through the smoke of sacred herbs, like sage or palo santo, visualizing the smoke can clear away any negativity.
  • Positive Affirmation: You can clean Olivenite by holding it in your hand and saying positive things to it, like “You are clean and give off positive energy.” This will fill the stone with good thoughts and energy.

Questions and Answers

Are Olivenite and Olivine the Same?

No, Olivenite is a copper arsenate mineral, while Olivine is an iron-magnesium silicate mineral.

What Colors Can Olivine Be Found In?

Olivine typically occurs as greenish-yellow, yellow-green, or olive-green-colored crystals. It may also be gray or brown in color due to oxidation and impurities.

Can Olivenites Get Wet?

No, Olivenites must stay dry because, when they get wet, they are more likely to break down and deteriorate.

What Type of Rock Is Olivine Found In?

Olivine is commonly found in igneous rocks, such as basalt and peridotite. It is also found in some metamorphic rocks, such as serpentinite and dunite.

Is Olivenite Safe in the Sun?

No, Olivenite is not resistant to UV light, and it may fade or change color over time when exposed. It is best to store the mineral in a sealed container where direct sunlight cannot reach it.

How Can You Tell if Olivenite Is Real?

Olivenite can be identified by its green color and silky or pearly luster. It is usually found in an amorphous form but may also occur as botryoidal aggregates or reniform masses.

How Do You Clean Olivenite?

It should not be cleaned with abrasive methods, as this may damage or dull its luster. Instead, it should be gently wiped with a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and dirt.

How Do You Take Care of Olivenites?

Olivenites should be kept cool and dry. Keep the mineral free from damaging substances, like acids and alkalis. To avoid scratches and breakage, store it in individual containers.

Is Olivenite Expensive?

No, Olivenite can vary in price depending on its size and quality. Generally, it is not a particularly expensive mineral and can be found at many rock and mineral shops.

What Stones Go Well With Olivenites?

Olivenite complements Chrysoprase, Malachite, and Jade. Jewelry with these stones creates a colorful, earthy aesthetic. It also looks great with Diamonds and Topaz.

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