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The United States, Canada, Antarctica, Greenland, Russia, Nova Scotia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Turkey, Mexico, Japan, India, Costa Rica, Yemen, Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, Greece, Australia, Iceland, China, Romania, Ethiopia, Germany, Iran, Madagascar, Ukraine, and Portugal.

What is Mordenite?

a hand holding White Mordenite on Peach Stilbite
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Mordenite is a Zeolite mineral, chemically known as a hydrous potassium, calcium, sodium, and aluminum silicate. It’s usually white, pink, or clear. It may also appear in cream, brown, yellow, and orange hues, forming fibrous, acicular, reniform, porcelaneous, cotton-like, spheroid, and radiating aggregates.

This Zeolite mineral is often called Morden Stone, Arduinite, Ashtonite, Steelite, Ptilolite, Mordenit, Mordenita, Mordenite Zeolite, and Mordenite Crystal Zeolite. 

Morden Stone typically forms as a hydration product in veins and vugs of igneous rocks as a compact fibrous material, mostly forming sprays and tufts. It’s also seen naturally with minerals like Quartz, Calcite, Apophyllite, Cavansite, Chalcedony, and Stilbite.

Did you know Mordenite is extensively used industrially, like most Zeolite minerals? Its molecular sieve abilities enhance its ability to sustain reversible dehydration. Hence, it is crucial for water purification, waste remediation, petrochemical refining, and desalination.

It’s uncommon to find Arduinite or Mordenite gemstones as it’s only done when sought by collectors. Although it is one of the most common Zeolite minerals, it is a semi-precious crystal often misnamed Pseudonatrolite.

It promotes peace, renewal, self-discovery, transformation, and rejuvenation. 

Zeolite Crystal Mordenite has an orthorhombic crystal structure with a vitreous or pearly luster and ranges from transparent to translucent. Additionally, some varieties may exhibit chatoyancy.

Fun Fact: Synthetic Mordenite is made in laboratories called K-dominant Mordenite, which is used industrially.

Mordenite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Mordenite is traditionally in white, clear, pink, and yellow shades; thus, it activates the Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. These chakras are for strength, grounding, mindfulness, transformation, luck, wisdom, and nourishment.

Zeolite also balances the Root, Sacral, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, Higher Heart, Lunar Star, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras when it appears in other colors. As a result, you’ll find inner healing, peace, self-discovery, and astral travel.

Divine powers you can tap into with Morden Stone come from deities like Sedna, the Inuit Sea Goddess; Bendis, the Thracian Moon Goddess; Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess; and Eir, the Norse Goddess of Healing

Air and Earth are responsible for stress relief, communication skills, clairvoyance, new beginnings, intelligence, and abundance. Based on these properties, you should place the crystal in your home’s Northeast, Southwest, and Center to promote growth, harmony, and love. 

According to astrology, Earth is the ruler of Mordenite Zeolite, signifying decisiveness, leadership, grounding, ancient wisdom, awareness, and reality shifting. 

Who should wear Mordenite? Capricorn zodiac signs will find this crystal most beneficial as it fosters discipline, self-control, strength, health, and deep peace. 

Morden Stone resonates with the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 in numerology, representing unity, partnership, growth, self-reliance, and psychic awakening. 

Mordenite Healing Properties & Benefits

 Strength and Nourishment

  • Some varieties of Morden Stone, like Orange, Tuft, Pentagonite, and Siderite, tap into the lower chakras to help your body absorb more nutrients.
  • Make a crystal elixir by placing your crystal next to a glass of water in the daylight for 4 to 6 hours while focusing on your intention. Drink the water throughout the day and repeat it for a week.

 Self-Discovery and Mindfulness

  • Mordenite with Erionite and in Tuft, Orange, Calcite, or Dachiardite is ideal for opening your mind to the world and within you.
  • Chant this affirmation to cultivate mindfulness and discover your most authentic self, “I have discovered myself, and my path is clear to destiny.”


  • Did you know some varieties of Zeolite Crystal Mordenite clear blockages in your reproductive system? For this, charge Red or Pentagonite Morden Stone and carry it below your waist. 
  • You can also enhance fertility by taking a gem-infused bath with your healing stone. For this, make a crystal elixir and add it to your bathtub. Soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes once a week while visualizing your intention. 

 Stress Relief and Peace

  • Varieties such as yellow, fibrous, Heulandite, Chalcedony, and Erionite boost focus and clarity by removing distractions and managing anxiety and PTSD. 
  • Charge your stone for relaxation and emotional balance by meditating in the sunlight for a few minutes after waking up. 

New Beginnings 

  • When you feel stuck in life, use a White, Spray, Opal, or Chalcopyrite Arduinite to lead the way. They’re good for overcoming addiction and paving the way to positive and fruitful opportunities. 
  • Make a spell jar for new beginnings by adding your crystal, basil, daffodils, green leaves, and a few drops of lemon or peppermint oil. Tie the mouth of the jar while visualizing your intention to activate it.

Mordenite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

The transformation stages of a butterfly


  • Ashtonite formations with Calcite, Yugawaralite, Gyrolite, and Dachiardite help you adapt to change mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 
  • Build a crystal grid with your stone in the center, surrounded by transformation crystals like Malachite, Chrysocolla, Moss Agate, and Smoky Quartz

 Clairvoyance and Psychic Vision

  • Mordenite Balls and Acicular varieties open your dormant spirit to psychic gifts, like clairvoyance. You can also use formations with Cavansite and Okenite to tap into psychic vision and intuition. 
  • Practicing scrying by moonlight is a powerful method for charging your stone for psychic abilities. To do this, stare into the crystal for a few minutes while visualizing your intention. 

Awareness and Enlightenment

  • Erionite and Apophyllite Pseudonatrolite varieties are spiritual development stones. They change your path to soul journey and mission by opening your mind to higher powers. 
  • To activate your stone for enlightenment, place it beside a singing bowl and play with the bowl for several minutes. Don’t forget to visualize your intention during the session to manifest it. 

Ancestral Wisdom 

  • Did you know some crystals can tap into Akashic Records, revealing ancestral wisdom? Mordenite in Brown, Rhyolitic Ash, and Chabazite are the best choices if this is your goal. 
  • Wrap your crystal in a cloth or a box, then bury it under three inches of soil overnight. Afterward, clean it, hold it near your lips, and chant the beej mantra, “YAM.”

 Reality Shifting and Cosmic Travel 

  • Mordenite with Heulandite, Yugawaralite, and Amethyst Geode are high-vibration stones connecting your physical body to the higher realm. You can then use it to shift reality or travel astrally. 
  • To charge your stone, combine multiple elements. Light a candle and a smudge stick, then circle the stick over your crystal. Place the charged stone under your pillow to shift to your desired reality. 

Side Effects of Mordenite

  • Fatigue: New users may feel drained after using Mordenite, as it’s a powerful healing stone. If this happens, take a break from it and meditate without crystals for a few days.
  • Detachment: Overusing Mordenite can lead to antisocial tendencies, detaching you from reality. Keep a grounding stone, like Red Jasper, in such cases. 
  • Disturbed Sleep: Placing a charged Mordenite under your pillow can result in vivid dreams and psychic visions during sleep. Avoid keeping it in the bedroom if this is your case.


Mordenite Meaning: What Does Mordenite Symbolize?

confident man shadow transform into a muscular person

The meaning of Mordenite is “transformation.”

Did you know that Mordenite was discovered in the 19th century? Therefore, legends about the stone are close to none. Still, it is revered for spiritual development, awakening, astral travel, divination, strength, inner peace, and deep healing.

Fun Fact: The name Mordenite comes from Morden in Nova Scotia, Canada, where it was discovered. Thus, this Zeolite mineral is also called Morden Stone. 

Types of Mordenite

  • Common Mordenite: Generally, Morden Stone is colorless in needle-like or banded aggregates and fosters mindfulness, transformation, soul mission, and grounding.
  • Yellow Mordenite: When the crystal exhibits cream, amber, or yellow hues, it’s a powerful tool for opening the Solar Plexus Chakra. Charging and bonding with it leads to inner healing, acceptance, and awareness. 
  • Red Mordenite: This is a rare color for Arduinite and often forms with white and yellow inclusions. It’s a grounding stone that protects you from psychic attacks and self-doubt, besides boosting your reproductive health. 
  • Brown Mordenite: Often found in vugs or cavities, the brown variety of Morden Stone shows pale hues. Use this variety to access Akashic Records to find ancestral wisdom and karmic healing. 
  • Orange Mordenite: Featuring bright to pale and dull orange hues, this type of Ashtonite is a Kundalini Awakening stone that improves willpower, strength, vitality, and self-discovery. 
  • White Mordenite: A Pseudonatrolite variety in bright to pale and grayish white shades, this is a high-vibration stone. It’s ideal for astral travel, spiritual awakening, new beginnings, and transformation. 
  • Fibrous Mordenite: Characterized by its fibrous or hair-like texture, this Ptilolite exists in many colors but is mostly white. Use it for stress management, shifting reality, and deep healing. 
  • Mordenite Spray: Arduinite sprays exhibit fine needle-like bursts of crystals, mostly colorless or white. It is said to aid with new beginnings, deep healing, and growth. 
  • Mordenite Tuft: This type of Steelite variety mimics puffs with a pompom-like shape. It’s excellent for psychic vision, premonitions, mindfulness, confidence, and nourishment.
  • Mordenite Balls: A variety of Pseudonatrolite that forms spherical aggregates, this is an enlightenment stone. You can also use it for stability and ancestral wisdom.
  • Acicular Mordenite: The most popular type of Morden Stone, this variety shows radiating needle-like formations. Seers and spiritualists use it for awakening psychic gifts, like intuition, spirit communication, clairvoyance, and cosmic travel. 
  • Mordenite in Pocket: Featuring a gray exterior with white or cream color stones inside, this type of Arduinite helps you discover your most authentic self.
  • Mordenite Calcite: This type naturally forms with Yellow, White Spatic, and Orange Calcite. It’s a powerhouse of mindfulness, transformation, manifestation, and strength. 
  • Mordenite on Apophyllite: Pseudonatrolite naturally forms on Green Apophyllite in this variety. Use it for inner healing, love, empathy, growth, awareness, and ancestral wisdom. 
  • Mordenite Heulandite: This is a natural formation with Pink Heulandite, also called Pink Mordenite. It’s an ideal stone for reality-shifting, stress relief, deep healing, and new beginnings. 
  • Mordenite Stilbite: Arduinite forms naturally with many Stilbite groups of minerals. Healers say it opens dormant centers of your mind and soul, boosting mindfulness, nourishment, intuition, and peace. 
  • Mordenite Cavansite: In this Red Mordenite variety, electric blue and indigo Cavansite minerals occur naturally; it’s a powerful healing stone for new beginnings, intuition, psychic gifts, and enlightenment. 
  • Mordenite Quartz: When Ashtonite forms with white and dark Quartz varieties, it becomes a high-vibration stone that promotes purification, awakening, new beginnings, and cosmic travel. 
  • Mordenite Clinoptilolite: A blocky type of Clinoptilolite with Morden Stone, this variety shows white, off-white, and clear hues. It’s recommended for transformation, awareness, peace, and physical strength. 
  • Mordenite Chalcedony: Pseudonatrolite forms naturally with Blue Chalcedony in stalactite and tabular shapes. Use it for stress management, trauma healing, lucid dreaming, divination, and clairvoyance.
  • Mordenite Pentagonite: White Ashtonite forms with teal, blue, and indigo varieties of Pentagonite. It stimulates psychic gifts, inner strength, vitality, and fertility. 
  • Mordenite with Erionite: Arduinite forms spheroid shapes with needles of Erionite in white and cream shades. Spiritualists say bonding with this variety leads to enlightenment, stress relief, and self-discovery.
  • Mordenite with Opal: Steelite often forms on Blue Opal with spiked balls and acicular crystals. It’s powerful for cosmic travel, spirit contact, and new beginnings. 
  • Mordenite in Rhyolitic Ash: This Ashtonite variety is a gray-white crystal with acicular needles and tuft formations. Activating it reveals ancestral wisdom, etheric connection, higher powers, and spiritual awareness. 
  • Mordenite with Yugawaralite: This variety comprises a Pseudonatrolite with white needles and colorless blades of Yugawaralite. Using it works well for shifting reality, transformation, mindfulness, and trauma healing. 
  • Mordenite Siderite: Steelite variety with brown hues of Siderite enhances nourishment, vitality, willpower, and the Kundalini life force of the user. 
  • Mordenite with Okenite: Sunny Side Up Stone is a smooth yellow Mordenite on White Chalcedony with White Okenite. It’s best for psychic gifts, cosmic travel, enlightenment, and deep peace. 
  • Mordenite Epimorph after Anhydrite: Also called Epimorph of Mordenite, this variety exhibits cream elongated crystals on a dark matrix. Use it for stress management, mindfulness, and new beginnings. 
  • Mordenite with Gyrolite: Natural Arduinite formation is a unique stone that shows vugs filled with multi-faceted crystals in white, cream, yellow, and cream color with a dark exterior. It’s good for transformation, growth, and grounding. 
  • Mordenite with Dachiardite: When Mordenite Spheres form with Dachiardite Sprays, it looks like snow on cracked Earth. Use it for clairvoyance, intuition, mindfulness, and spirit contact. 
  • Mordenite inside Amethyst Geode: This little-known variety of Ashtonite naturally forms in cavities filled with Amethyst and Stellerite in white, purple, gray, and orange hues. It’s perfect for stability, clarity, manifestation, and reality shifting. 
  • Mordenite with Pyrite: Featuring gold and silver hues of Pyrite on hair-like Steelite, this variety is ideal for luck, wealth, grounding, and inner healing. 
  • Mordenite with Chabazite: Fibrous Mordenite with minute Cubic Chabazite in white and brown comprises this variety. It promotes enlightenment, transformation, and ancestral wisdom. 
  • Mordenite with Chalcopyrite: This Steelite variety brings success, willpower, self-discovery, stress relief, and new beginnings into the user’s life. It exhibits brown, white, black, gray, orange, and cream hues and forms vugs with Analcime.

How to Cleanse Mordenite?

A person basking in nature

  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal while facing the rising or setting sun for a few minutes. Visualize universal energies, ejecting negativity absorbed by your crystal at this time. 
  • Palo Santo: Light a palo santo stick and waft the sacred smoke over your crystal to reset its positivity.
  • Clear Quartz: Circle a Clear Quartz wand thrice over your crystal before and after rituals to cleanse it. 

Questions and Answers

Is Mordenite Toxic?

Yes, fibrous varieties of Mordenite are toxic. Hence, never touch it with bare hands, and always wash your hands after use.

What is Mordenite Zeolite?

Mordenite Zeolite is a mineral with transformative metaphysical benefits and molecular sieve capability, useful in industrial applications.

Can Mordenites Get Wet?

Yes and no; Mordenite is a Zeolite with a high affinity for water. It can absorb and absorb water without damaging the crystal structure. Hence, it’s best to avoid exposing Mordenite to water.

Is Mordenite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Mordenite is safe in the sun for short periods. At the same time, prolonged and direct exposure may fade its color or affect its structural integrity.

Is Mordenite Expensive?

Yes and no; Mordenite is inexpensive, but some specimens may be costly by size, shape, and color. Pieces may cost $30 to $12,000.

What Stones Go Well with Mordenite?

Pink Opal, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline are the best crystals to combine with Mordenite. 

Interactions with Mordenite

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