Main Origins:
Italy, Germany, Australia, Scotland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Japan, Antarctica, Greece, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Iceland, Kenya, Finland, Romania, Tanzania, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

What is Erionite?

Erionite on levyne
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Erionite is a type of Zeolite that forms fibrous masses in cavities of rock formations. It’s a natural fibrous mineral with properties like asbestos, transformed by weathering and groundwater. This type of Zeolite forms wool-like brittle masses with Chabazite-like internal composition. 

Did you know it’s one of the most lethal minerals on the planet? While Erionite is not magnetic or radioactive, it is extremely toxic when disturbed. Interestingly, it’s more hazardous than asbestos, especially when airborne. 

Some of the biggest health risks of Erionite include mesothelioma (lung and digestive tract tumors), chest pain, breathlessness, lung cancer, and fibrosis. It is a Group 1 carcinogen.

This Zeolite mineral is highly vitreous, appears transparent to translucent, and is commercially used for water treatment, road construction, stone building, radioactive ion extraction from nuclear waste, and cat litter production. However, it is no longer mined or marketed for commercial purposes. 

Erionite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Erionite is mostly seen in white, clear, yellow, orange, and golden hues. Hence, it activates the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. These chakras foster virtues like health, willpower, luck, and awakening into your life. 

This type of Zeolite is also seen in many other colors, activating the Root, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Earth Star, and Lunar Star Chakras. These chakras are responsible for protection, intuition, courage, destiny, and astral travel.

Did you know Neptune is associated with Erionite? It’s responsible for enlightenment, psychic powers, decisiveness, and emotional balance. It makes Pisces-born people intuitive and leads Scorpios to self-discovery. 

The elements of  Water and Light govern Erionit mineral, symbolizing wisdom, detox, health, cosmic awareness, and destiny. 

These elements are also why it is good to place the Zeolite mineral in the Eastern and Northern areas of your home. Doing so will bring success in career, spiritual gifts (like psychic vision), harmony at home, and health. 

It resonates with the numbers 1 and 5, representing liberation, adaptability, empathy, intelligence, self-sufficiency, focus, and determination. 

Erionite taps into the powers of Lugh, the Celtic God of Skill; Freyja, the Norse Goddess of Love; Odin, the Scandinavian God of Wisdom; Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec God of Learning; Tara, the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion; and Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Poetry and Healing

Erionite Healing Properties & Benefits

Detox and Vitality

  • Erionite-Ca and those varieties that naturally form with Pyrite are treasure houses of healing, immunity, strength, and cleansing. 
  • Make a gem elixir by keeping your crystal next to a glass of water for a few hours. Afterward, consume the elixir and repeat the process whenever you want a detox session.


  • Erionite with Blue Chalcedony and Erionite-K tap into the Heart Chakra, connecting you with other beings around you. It will also bring kindness, compassion, and broader understanding to you.
  • Gazing into your mineral on moonlit nights is one of the best ways to connect with your reality, nature, and its beings. 

Decision-Making Skills

  • Did you ever want to have a lucky charm that helps you make all the right decisions? Erionite varieties with Mordenite and Clay clear brain fog to help you decide correctly. 
  • Light a candle and hold your crystal close to the flame at a safe distance to charge your mineral for decisiveness with the Fire energy. 


  • Yugawaralite and Thomsonite, varieties of Erionite, help you focus on academics and work without distractions.
  • You can charge your mineral for mental clarity by holding it in the dominant hand while facing the direction of the rising sun for a few minutes.

Self-Discovery and Inner Growth

  • Do you want a crystal that reveals your most authentic self to you? Then get Erionite with Chabazite, Sodalite, or Lévyne and find true healing, evolution, and personal growth.
  • Chant this affirmation to activate your mineral for growth and self-discovery, “Every day, I learn more about my truest self and find ways to level up my mind, body, and spirit!”

Erionite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A successful woman under falling money

Success and Luck

  • Attracting success, abundance, wealth, and prosperity is easy with Golden, Pyrite-Included, and Offretite-Included varieties of Erionite.
  • Set up a crystal altar with your mineral in the center (in an airtight box) and surround it with a four-leaf clover, jasmine, and a golden candle. Light the candle to set your intention daily. 

Spiritual Growth

  • Are you looking for spiritual awakening? Erionite-Na, Hyalite-Included, and Paulingite-K varieties of Erionite not only open your psyche but also lead you to enlightenment. 
  • Make an indirect crystal elixir and pour a glass of it into your gem bath. Finally, soak in it for 5 to 10 minutes before bed to find guidance on cosmic growth and awareness.

Astral Travel

  • A couple of Erionite varieties, such as Hexagonal, Prisms, and Chabazite-Included, can shift your reality and help you travel the cosmic world.
  • The best way to charge your stone for astral travel is with the powerful sounds of a singing bowl. Once it’s activated, keep your mineral under the bed and go to sleep.

Spiritual Destiny

  • Did you know certain minerals can pave the way to your soul mission? Colorless Erionite and those that form on the Basalt matrix are especially good for clearing the blocks in your destiny, too.
  • Take a transparent mason jar and place your mineral (well-wrapped) inside it. Now, top the jar with white lily, rose, and indigo color candle shavings. Finally, tie the mouth of the jar with a silver satin ribbon while visualizing your intention. 

Psychic Gifts 

  • Erionite with Black and White patterns and those that form fan-like formations activate dormant areas of your spirit. As a result, you will find new spiritual powers, like clairvision, intuition, and premonitions from using this mineral.
  • Place your crystal next to a healthy plant for 6 to 12 hours to activate it with Zen gardening. Once it’s ready, keep the crystal within 10 feet of you at night.

Side Effects of Erionite

  • Disturbing Dreams: Placing charged Erionite in your bedroom may lead to vivid dreams that often disturb the sleep cycle.
  • Radical Thoughts: When this mineral reveals your spiritual destiny, you may end up feeling like your thoughts are too radical. In such cases, use a grounding crystal and keep going!
  • Fatigue: One side-effect of the detoxification benefit of Erionite is weariness, especially if you have a sensitive aura. 


Erionite Meaning: What Does Erionite Symbolize?

girl holding her hand up while facing the sunrise depicting spiritual expansion

The meaning of Erionite is decisiveness. 

It is also a powerful crystal for facilitating cosmic travel, activating psychic gifts, revealing spiritual destiny, and paving the way to success. 

Healers often recommend it for immunity, fertility, strength, confidence, and deep healing. If you hold a leadership position at work, keeping this mineral will keep your head clear and help you make decisions easily. 

This type of Zeolite derives its name from the Greek word “εριον,” meaning “wool,” owing to its wooly fibers. It was named in 1898 by Arthur Starr Eakle, and Erionite-Na was the first discovered variety. At present, Erionite isn’t just one mineral but a whole group.

Types of Erionite Crystals

  • Erionite-Ca: This is one of the main types of Erionite in yellow and orange shades bearing calcium. It’s good for strengthening the bones, eradicating toxins, and enhancing vitality.
  • Erionite-K: White Erionite with golden patterns on it constitutes this variety, bearing potassium. It fosters empathy, deep healing, and angelic contact. 
  • Erionite-Na: This type of Erionite includes white and beige hues and bears sodium in its composition. It’s excellent for making decisions, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. 
  • Fibrous Erionite: Erionite, with white fibrous crystals, form this variety. It’s dangerous but a powerful tool for manifesting intentions, revealing your destiny, and activating empathy. 
  • Hexagonal Erionite: This type of Erionite forms hexagonal columns and is often called Columnar Erionite. It facilitates cosmic awareness, astral travel, and decisiveness. 
  • Laidley Creek Erionite: A type of Erionite in telescopic shapes with multiple terminations constitutes this variety. It’s great for spiritual awakening, intuition, and detox. 
  • Deep Orange Erionite: The best type of Erionite for Kundalini awakening, personal power, passion, and fertility, this variety has a vibrant orange hue that’s borderline brown. 
  • Green Erionite: Erionite in pale green hues form this variety, often on lighter matrices. It opens the Heart Chakra, attracting prosperity, luck, and empathy into your reality. 
  • Green in Orange Erionite: A Bicolor Erionite with a structure resembling egg yolk, this type of mineral opens multiple chakras. It’s great for personal growth, self-reflection, destiny, and intuition. 
  • Black and White Erionite: A type of White Erionite with a black line through its center constitutes this variety. It opens the lower and higher chakras, ensuring psychic protection, clarity, and higher consciousness at once.
  • Golden Erionite: Erionite with golden flecks, spots, patches, and patterns tap into the Solar Plexus and Solar Star Chakras, attracting luck, abundance, success, and detox. 
  • Colorless Erionite: Also known as Transparent Erionite, this type of mineral is a high-vibration stone that reveals your spiritual destiny. You can also use it to activate psychic gifts like clairvision and intuition.
  • Red Erionite: Often seen on porous matrices, this type of Erionite opens the Root and Crown Chakras. It’s a reservoir of spiritual destiny, willpower, decisiveness, and empathy. 
  • Erionite Balls: Erionite in spherical shapes form this variety and are nearly round. These are great for emotional balance, manifestation, spiritual growth, and revelations of destiny. 
  • Erionite Tufts: Small groups of White Erionite fibers constitute this variety. They are great for mental clarity, intuition, astral travel, and inner growth. 
  • Erionite Prisms: Also known as Prismatic Erionite, this is a good stone for fertility, creativity, and astral travel. Keeping it by your side also broadens your perspective.
  • Erionite Sprays: Often called Erionite Fans, these are radiating formations of the Zeolite mineral associated with tranquility, fertility, and chakra alignment. 
  • Erionite on Basalt: When Erionite crystals naturally grow on vugs or White Basalt, they are categorized this way. Such a natural formation establishes an earthly connection, protecting you and leading you toward destiny. They are also great for self-discovery.
  • Erionite with Yugawaralite: Erionite vugs are often seen in Yugawaralite, showing brown, cream, and beige hues. They are great for transformation, spiritual growth, emotional maturity, and clarity. 
  • Erionite with Offretite: A white natural crystal formation with Erionite and Offretite often looks like a single crystal. They are great for divination, spiritual awakening, and self-discovery. 
  • Erionite with Hyalite: Erionite also forms naturally with Hyalite-covered Faujasite crystals in spherical and tuft-like shapes. These are great for enlightenment, cosmic awareness, mental clarity, and immunity. 
  • Erionite with Pseudobrookite: This variety of Fibrous Erionite naturally forms with red and maroon Pseudobrookite. It’s excellent for willpower, fertility, empathy, and self-awareness. 
  • Erionite with Lévyne: Erionite forms with Lévyne in alternating layers or intersecting formations. This type of crystal is a powerhouse of psychic gifts and decisiveness. 
  • Erionite with Thomsonite: In this variety, Yellow Erionite forms with white balls of Thomsonite. The natural crystal combination is excellent for learning abilities, intelligence, and astral travel. 
  • Erionite on Blue Chalcedony: A multicolor variety, you’ll notice lavender to blue Chalcedony formations in this. Use it for intuition, empathy, and vitality. 
  • Erionite with Sodalite: A type of intuitive crystal that naturally forms with dark blue Sodalite, this variety opens the higher chakras and leads you to spiritual destiny. 
  • Erionite with Chabazite: Erionite Balls often form with Cubic Chabazite crystals on their own. They’re good for astral travel, clarity, empathy, detox, and strength. 
  • Erionite on Clinoptilolite-Ca: Found mostly in Arizona, this type of natural crystal formation with Erionite-Ca crystals exhibits white and pale orange hues. Use them for confidence, willpower, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening.
  • Erionite with Pyrite: Another source of luck and success due to the presence of Pyrite in Erionite-Ca, this is a white, clear, or cream stone. It’s great for mental clarity, psychic gifts, and detox. 
  • Erionite with Palagonite: The calcium-bearing Erionite variety also occurs with Palagonite, forming bright to pale yellow needle-like crystals. Use this variety for vitality, wealth, success, spiritual growth, and astral travel.
  • Erionite with Paulingite-K: Mostly found in New Zealand in colorless hues, this is a variety for mental clarity and decisiveness. It also leads you to spiritual destiny if you spend more time with it.
  • Erionite with Mordenite: A combination of brown, white, clear, pink, cream, gray, and yellow hues is seen in the Mordenite-Erionite formation. They activate psychic gifts and boost your empathic connection with the nature around you.

How to Cleanse Erionite?

A burning palo santo on a wood and bowl

  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal for a few minutes under the sunlight while thinking about the rays of the sun, ejecting all the negativity absorbed by it during rituals.
  • Moonlight: You can also keep your mineral in a place with an open window on a moonlit night to let it cleanse with the Moon’s energies. Full moons and new moons are great for thorough cleanses!
  • Palo Santo: Light a palo santo smudge stick and circle it over your mineral to quickly cleanse it and reset its original vibrations.

Questions and Answers

Is Erionite Safe?

No, Erionite is not safe. In fact, it is one of the most hazardous minerals in the world, deadlier than asbestos. 

Why is Erionite Called the Most Hazardous Mineral in the World?

The fibrous variety of Erionite that’s airborne is lethal and more carcinogenic than the strongest asbestos. According to tests, Erionite is 800x more capable of causing tumors than Chrysotile asbestos. Shockingly, it caused malignant mesothelioma in 100% of cases of exposure. 

How is Erionite Formed?

Erionite is formed when volcanic ash or tuff turns into glass and gets altered by water. It forms in volcanic rocks under alkaline conditions. 

Can Erionite Get Wet?

Yes, Erionite can get wet because it is stable in water, but it’s better not to get this lethal mineral wet. 

Is Erionite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Erionite is safe for short periods in the sun. However, avoid leaving it out for more than 5 minutes in sunlight.

Where Can You Find Erionite?

You can find Erionite in many parts of the United States, such as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico, and California. 

How Much Does Erionite Cost?

Erionite isn’t retailed but sold in large scales for $85 to $160 per ton.

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