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So, you’re walking down a path, and suddenly you find a four-leaf clover. Feels lucky, right? Now, imagine you could create a space in your home that’s like a magnet for that kind of good fortune. 

That’s what a luck altar is all about. It’s like crafting your personal lucky charm. A luck altar is your little corner of magic. It’s like setting up a date between you and Lady Luck.

You gather crystals that are like good luck cheerleaders. Then arrange them in a space that feels special to you, add a dash of your personality, and maybe a symbol or two that screams “good luck” to you. 

Curious how to make your own? Stick around, and let’s dive into creating a space where good vibes just can’t resist hanging out.

History of Luck Altars 

Woman crossing her fingers for luck

The concept of luck altars is as old as the hills, though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when and where the first one popped up. Think ancient civilizations, where people were big on connecting with the universe’s energy. 

They’d set up sacred spaces (sort of the early version of luck altars) to attract good fortune, be it for harvests, battles, or just everyday good vibes. The aim of these altars? It’s all about setting intentions. 

When you’re building your luck altar, it’s not just about the physical setup. You’ve got to visualize what you want to attract. Imagine good luck flowing toward you like a gentle stream. 

How to Make a Luck Altar 

So, how do you go about making a personal fortune magnet? Let’s dive into each step needed to create your very own luck altar!

 Step 1: How to Choose the Perfect Place for Your Luck Altar 

You’re walking through your house, looking for that perfect spot to set up your luck altar. The Southeast corner might catch your eye. In the feng shui world, that’s the jackpot area for wealth and abundance. It’s like setting up a beacon that shouts, “Hey, luck, over here!”

What if the first thing you see when you walk in your door was a little oasis of good vibes? Your Entrance can be a prime spot for your Luck Altar. 

Remember, it’s your personal space, so the vibe matters more than the rules. Avoid those forgotten corners or cluttered spots. What you’re looking for is a place that feels bright, happy, and alive. 

Think of a place where you’d tell your best stories or share a secret laugh. That’s where your luck altar should be, ready to soak up all the good energy and vibes. 

Step 2: How to Cleanse the Altar Space 

Cleansing your altar space is like prepping for a super important guest. In this case, Lady Luck herself. First, roll up your sleeves and get the space physically clean. Dust off, maybe rearrange a bit to make the area feel welcoming and cozy. 

You want the energy to be as fresh as your space looks. Sage smudging is like the energy equivalent of opening all the windows to let fresh air in. Light that sage stick, wave it around gently, and as the smoke swirls, imagine it’s carrying away any lingering negativity.

Not into smoke? No problem. Grab a bell or a singing bowl, or even just use your hands to clap around the space. Each ring or clap is like a ripple, pushing away stale energy. 

Step 3: When to Set Up Your Luck Altar

Imagine you’re up at sunrise. It’s quiet, the world’s just stretching its arms, and there’s this sense of a brand new start. That’s the perfect moment to set up your luck altar. Sunrise is your ally in signaling a fresh, hopeful beginning for your lucky journey.

Now, think about sunset. There’s something magical about the sky painting itself in oranges and pinks as the day winds down. Setting up your altar at this time feels like you’re tucking your intentions under the stars, asking the night to bring dreams of good fortune.

Even though sunrise and sunset are the times I advise for setting up your luck altar, there are no rules set in stone. Choose a time that feels intuitively right to you.

Step 4: What to Add to Your Luck Altar 

Step 4 is the fun part where you get to decorate your luck altar with all the things that scream “good fortune” to you. Crystals are really the stars of the show here. Each crystal is like a little powerhouse of specific energies, so choose the ones that resonate with your luck intentions.

Think of colors – golds and greens bring luck and prosperity. Candles are not just for romantic dinners; they represent light and guidance. Light a green candle for growth, or a gold one for success. 

Herbs, like basil or bay leaves, can add a whiff of prosperity, and a dash of rice or salt can symbolize abundance and purification. Then get creative with symbols or affirmations that mean something to you. 

A picture of a dream destination, a written affirmation like, “I attract luck effortlessly,” or even a little sigil you’ve created – all these elements come together to make your luck altar deeply personal and powerful. 

Step 5: Guide to Activate Luck Altar 

  1. Kick things off by smudging with sage or ringing a bell. This is dusting away old vibes to make room for new, lucky ones.
  2. Stand in front of your altar, close your eyes, and imagine your luck goals.
  3. Pick a candle or incense that feels lucky to you. Lighting it is like flicking the “on” switch for your altar’s luck-attracting power.
  4. As you arrange each item, think of it as placing little pieces of your luck puzzle. Every crystal, photo, or symbol has its special spot.
  5. Finish up by taking a minute to just feel thankful. You can even affirm something like, “Thanks for the luck I’m about to receive.”

10 Crystals for Luck Altar

Let me introduce to you my favorite 10 crystals that I like to place on my luck altar. These are my go-to’s for when I need a big dose of lucky energy in my life.


Citrine crystal on a white background

When I have a Citrine in my pocket, it’s like having a pocketful of sunshine. This crystal attracts joy and abundance into your space, filling each crevice with the hope of an abundant and happy future.

Charge it in the Sun. Imagine it acting as a sponge absorbing the energizing and light bringing rays of the Sun, in turn flooding your life with an endless stream of sunshine and success. Citrine is a piece of eternal daylight on your altar.


aventurine on white background

Aventurine transmutes you into the realm of opportunities, guiding you toward possibilities for luck and success. 

Charge this stone among greenery during the full moon, letting the Moon’s light sync it with the abundant possibilities within the heartbeat of the Earth. 


A bloodstone crystal on a white background

Determination and resilience embodies within this stone. Bloodstone inspires endless courage within you. It guides you to overcome obstacles that are speed bumps on your road to finding endless luck and happiness.

Place this stone in a bowl with a small bit of water. Then place it in the sunlight for 20 minutes. This warrior stone loves drawing energy from the Water and Sun, making this a great way to charge it before placing it on your luck altar.


polished Sodalite crystal on a white background

Sodalite is a deep ocean of insight, and it is a perfect stone if you are seeking truth and clarity. On your luck altar, it acts as a radar of intuition, helping you make lucky choices and decisions. 

To charge Sodalite, let it rest under the moonlight while surrounded by a ring of salt. Imagine it absorbing the calm, reflective energy of the Moon, filling it with the power to bring clarity and lucky insights into your life.

Green Jade

jade crystal on a white background

I have a Green Jade necklace I wear when going out and wanting to attract interesting and lucky opportunities. It really works! I’ve had some of the most mind blowing chance encounters while out and about with this stone.

To charge it for your luck altar, cradle it in your hands and meditate on your intentions. Share with it your dreams, your hopes, and let it absorb your wishes and transmute them into real-life experiences.


A polished Turquoise crystal on a white background

Turquoise is a piece of the sky and the ocean combined. I love how many varieties of this stone there are, and they all go to stones for inviting more luck! By helping you be more expressive, it allows you to voice your desires and open doors for opportunities.

To infuse Turquoise with luck-attracting energy for your luck altar, place it under a clear blue sky for a day, letting it bask in the vastness of the open air. Be sure to place it in a shady spot. Let it capture a piece of the sky’s infinite possibilities.


Ammonite crystal on a white background

Ammonite, with its ancient, spiral shell, is a symbol of continual change and evolution. This fossilized sea creature, millions of years old, attracts health, prosperity, and success through its continuous pattern. 

To charge an Ammonite, hold it under running water, then let it dry in a spiral pattern of salt. This ritual symbolizes the flow of life and the cyclical nature of luck.


Sunstone crystal on a white background

To me, Sunstone brings a burst of sunshine on a gloomy and cloudy day. This means that it can bring hope when times are really dark. It chases away the shadows in your mind and brings cheer and joy.

When charging it for your altar, place it in a spot where it can be kissed gently by the morning Sun. Let it soak up the Sun’s rays of good fortune and optimism, and be the light of your luck altar.


Topaz chunks in a white background

Topaz is a stone that celebrates your highest aspirations. It’s ideal for a luck altar, as it helps with the achievement of goals and the attainment of desires. It also bestows you with generosity which in turn, makes the universe more generous toward you.

Charging Topaz under a full moon bathes it in a light of fulfillment and possibility. While laying in the moonlight, it is aligning your dreams with the universe’s rhythm, ready to guide you toward success with a gentle, lucky glow.


Garnet stone on a white background

To make your luck altar come to life, it needs a heart. That is what Garnet functions as – the heartbeat that keeps your altar alive. It pulsates with vitality, invites endless courage, and helps you wholeheartedly embrace life’s opportunities.

When charging Garnet, hold it close to your heart, envisioning it storing all your passions and hopes. Let it act as the echo of your heart on your altar, being the embodiment of your hopes and wishes.


Pyrite on a white background

Pyrite is the stone I use on my altars for prosperity and protection. It’s a guardian on your luck altar, standing watch over your dreams of wealth and success. It also shields against negativity that can tamper with your luck finding abilities.

To charge Pyrite, place it amidst symbols of wealth, maybe surrounded by coins or beside your financial plans. As it lies there, imagine it absorbing the essence of wealth and success, strengthening its role as a guardian of prosperity.


What is the Purpose of a Luck Altar?

The purpose of a luck altar is a dedicated space for attracting good fortune and positive energy. It’s a physical and spiritual hotspot in your home where your intentions for luck, abundance, and prosperity are magnified. 

Where Should I Put the Luck Altar in My House?

Ideally, you should put the luck altar in a space where you feel positive and relaxed in your house. Many choose to place it in a living area or a personal sanctuary where they can regularly interact with it.

What is a Spiritual Luck Altar?

A spiritual luck altar is an embodiment of your spiritual journey and intentions. It includes items that represent personal growth, spiritual awakening, and inner peace, alongside those that attract luck. 

Make Your Own Crystal Altar!

And that’s how you make a luck altar just for yourself where you can join up your dreams with magic and crystals. It is not only about putting stones with symbols on a shelf; it is designing a place you really feel can bring you luck and prosperity.

Your altar can serve as a living diary where every crystal and item is a story of your aspirations, wishes, and energies that you would like to attract. The playground of possibility and positivity is laying in front of you.

image for luck altar with healing crystals

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