Spiritual Altar with 11 Healing Crystals for Awakening

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  2. How to Make a Spiritual Altar 
  3. 11 Crystals for Spiritual Altar
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  5. Make Your Own Spiritual Altar!

What overworked, anxiety-ridden soul couldn’t use a special spot to infuse some serenity into life? An altar is your own personal patch of soulful retreat, a place to display objects pretty and peaceful.

Craft your altar intentionally, and it might just become a vortex of clarity amid chaos, a port for prayer, a spark of awe inspiring you back to purpose. Of course, even the noblest intentions can fizzle without the right altar additions. 

What items impart an altar with its mystical mojo? Do certain crystals boost healing vibrations? How exactly does one arrange an altar to open channels between earthly realms and, dare I say, divinity itself?

History of Spiritual Altars 

Spiritual altars have an ancient history, used across cultures and faiths as sacred spaces to connect with the divine. Some of the earliest evidence of altars for ritual use dates back over 8,000 years to Göbekli Tepe in modern day Turkey.

Indigenous cultures created earth and stone medicine wheels to harness divine energies. Ancient Egyptians furnished grand temples with altars to deities, while Eastern traditions incorporated intricate home shrines for offerings, prayers, and meditation.

The intention is to create a focal portal for communicating and communing with spiritual realms. An altar grounds our loftiest aspirations into tangible space, concentrating energy to nourish mind, body and soul.

When establishing your altar, clarify your orientation. Is this space for general spiritual refuge, an altar to a specific pantheon of deity(ies), an expression of seasonal celebrations?

Some basic tips:

  • Choose a clean, calm surface at eye/body level when seated.
  • Cleanse the space energetically before building your altar.
  • Curate 3 to 7 items that hold spiritual significance to you.
  • Sit in front of your altar to bask in its light.

How to Make a Spiritual Altar 

a small altar with orgonite and various decorations

So, you feel the call and are ready to create sacred space. Transforming a spiritual intention into a physical altar may seem daunting. Have no fear! With mindful attention and a few magical touches, you can establish an altar that uplifts and transforms.

Let’s explore the fundamentals for building an altar that nourishes your soul.

Step 1: How to Choose the Perfect Place for Your Spiritual Altar 

When selecting an altar location, consider Feng Shui and energetic flow. Some ideal spots:

  • Eastfacing: Connects to the element of wood, promoting health. Also aligns with sunrise for beginnings.
  • Near a window: Natural light infuses cleansing energy and connects to cycles of the moon.
  • Entryway: Allows you to pass the altar entering/exiting, setting intentions.
  • Bedroom: Establish peace and reflection. Place by bed to channel dreams or use your nightstand.

You might also be drawn intuitively to a particular space that feels sacred. Trust this intuition! Listen closely, as your soulful spot may whisper to you!

Step 2: How to Cleanse the Spiritual Altar Space 

Before placing any objects, ritually purify the altar area to establish a positive energetic foundation. You may choose to combine several cleansing methods:

  1. Begin by burning sage throughout the space and corners to banish stagnant energies. Light a bundle of dried white sage, allowing its smoke to fill the area as you move slowly clockwise. As you sage, set the intent for your altar by asking that it promote insight and blessings.
  2. You can amplify this cleansing by adding sound vibration. Ring a singing bowl or gently strike a Tibetan chime as you make cleansing circuits. Allow the tone to build an envelope of harmony. You can also simply sit in front of your altar space, playing an uplifting spiritual soundtrack.
  3. Visualization further focuses purposeful energy. Sit comfortably with eyes closed and hands facing your altar area, palms forward. Envision white or gold light emanating from your heart center, flowing outward to entirely fill the space. Hold this vision for one minute before releasing.

Finish by speaking a personalized blessing, dedication, or mantra over the sanctified space. For example, “With loving intention, I dedicate this altar to my highest self. May it uplift my days with the spirit’s graceful guidance.

Step 3: When to Set Up a Spiritual Altar

  • During sunrise or sunset: These transition times harness change energy. Dawn invokes beginnings while dusk facilitates release. Face East, welcoming the sunrise to inspire renewed optimism, or situate West to soak up the sunset, making peace with the day’s close.
  • By moonlight: Moon cycles exemplify the spiraling cadence between illumination and shadow. Setting your altar under moonlight (outside or by a window) connects your purpose to waxing and waning universal rhythm. Dark moon phases provide introspective space for inner work and intention setting. Full moons bestow a swell of culminating energy to magnify manifestations.
  • At solstice or equinox: Earth’s seasons offer transition touchpoints, much like sunrise and sunset daily. Honor summer solstice with fiery candles to stoke creativity, and winter solstice with Moonstone for inner light. Equinoxes bridge these poles, so furnish your altar accordingly with the Sun and Moonstone.

Step 4: What to Add to Spiritual Altar 

Now for the fun part—curating altar objects infused with intention! Tailor these to your goals, choosing elements symbolically aligned to your purpose. Some ideas:

  • Crystals: Clear Quartz amplifies energy, Rose Quartz invites unconditional love, Obsidian shields negativity. Select 3 to 6 stones that resonate. Charge them beforehand under the full moon.
  • Candles: Fire transforms. Pick colors aligned to your inner work like purple for mystic vision or green for heart healing. Carve sigils into candles to release their magic as they burn.
  • Herbs: Rosemary sharpens focus, sage cleanses spaces and minds, and lavender and chamomile quiet anxious thoughts. Bundle into sachets or display in small bowls.
  • Essential oils: Sandalwood and frankincense connect to spiritual realms. Anoint altar objects or mix with water in a mister to mist the area.
  • Symbols: Images, statues, or printouts representing your focus help manifestation visualization. If dedicating your altar to a pantheon or religious figure, adorn appropriately.
  • Offerings: Gifts to your focus amplify connection like coins, flowers, special keepsakes, food, beverages, and written prayers or mantras.

The goal is gathering 3 to 7 items that feel spiritually potent and transmit purpose. 

Step 5: Guide to Activate Spiritual Altar 

  1. Settle into a comfortable seated position facing your altar.
  2. Take several full, deep breaths with eyes closed to cleanse and center your energy.
  3. Light any candles first, and then any incense or sage bundles second.
  4. Chant an intention-setting mantra like “Om” 3 times while visualizing the altar radiating light.
  5. Still your mind through silent meditation for 5+ minutes, simply observing the altar.
  6. When complete, offer your gratitude by bowing over pressed palms or through a written note tucked under a stone.

11 Crystals for Spiritual Altar

Here we explore 11 potent crystals for spiritual centering and sanctuary. Each uplifts altar work through unique vibrational gifts aligned to ritual goals of insight, serenity, and transcendence.

Amethyst Altar for Spiritual Awareness

amethyst on white background

An Amethyst geode makes a great altar centerpiece. As you gaze into its crystalline caverns, visions seem to swirl. An Amethyst cluster can have a similar effect, blooming like a sacred lotus to reveal hidden dimensions of consciousness. 

On your Amethyst altar, practice tarot, rune reading, or automatic writing to access inner guidance beyond rational limits. Record prophetic dreams and mystical meditations in a journal kept by glowing candles.

Clear Quartz Altar for Spiritual Clarity

clear quartz on white background

Clear Quartz has multi-faceted surfaces that catch and concentrate white light to all the rainbow colors, clarifying stagnant spaces with purity and potential. Clear Quartz spars bring lustrous light to any altar, pinpointing intentions out. 

In foggy moments when the way forward seems obscured, sit with this crystal and breathe in its transparency, and your path shall reveal itself. Does a complex personal decision or looping worry plague you? Place the issue written on paper beneath this stone to receive insight.

Celestite Altar for Spirit Communication

celestite crystal on a white background

Celestite calms the overactive ego, allowing channeling of the higher self’s loving wisdom. Adorning your altar with these soothing blue crystal wands awakens connection to spiritual guides, departed ancestors, power animals, or angelic guardians. 

Meditate with Celestite to welcome their visions, whispers, and half-forgotten memories rising like mist. Does a glowing blue orb or feather mysteriously appear after this communion altar work? Consider the sign a validation of friendship across the veil. 

Labradorite Altar for Spiritual Powers

Labradorite on a white background

Displaying Labradorite on your altar enhances spiritual communication, lucid dreaming, and energetic shielding to protect your aura. The labradorescence, the spectra of colors flashing across its surface, make this a visually stunning altar centerpiece.

Try combining with Black Tourmaline for grounding scattered insights, Clear Quartz to focus visions, or Amethyst to heighten divination capacity. Keep a dream journal handy to record prophetic night visions. 

Moonstone Altar for Spiritual Development

Moonstone on a white background

Moonstone resonates deeply with feminine intuition and cyclical wisdom. Use white, peach, gray, or rainbow Moonstone on your altar to attune to lunar cycles and amplify receptivity.

You can further activate a Moonstone altar by incorporating goddess imagery, silver items symbolizing the Moon, divination tools like tarot cards or runes, and a journal for recording dreams and insights prompted by moon-guided journeying. 

Citrine Altar for Spiritual Luck

Citrine chunk on white background

Citrine crystals incorporate the Sun’s vibrancy, light, warmth, and vitality, amplifying gratitude and prosperity. Place Citrine points or clusters in your altar space to clear negative energy and attract fortunate opportunities. 

Citrine activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, building confidence and self-empowerment. Combine your Citrine with candle magic using yellow or gold candles engraved with runes or sigils focused on drawing helpful resources and enriching life experiences. 

Black Tourmaline Altar for Spiritual Protection

Black Tourmaline on white background

Black Tourmaline crystals provide potent psychic protection due to their ability to absorb and transmute dense energy into light. Placing chunks of this grounding stone among your altar objects shields the space from outside harm or disruptive forces. 

Take care, though, as Tourmaline can crack from concentrated destructive energy it has volunteered to transform.

Lepidolite Altar for Spiritual Healing

Lepidolite on white background

Lepidolite has lithium and other soothing elements that calm anxiety, depression, stress, and drug withdrawal symptoms. Place Lepidolite in your altar space to quiet a turbulent mind and balance mood states. 

Activate Lepidolite’s healing effects with lotus candles. Flow state activities, like painting, poetry, and music, will be especially inspired and emotionally releasing after connecting with Lepidolite on your altar.

Herkimer Diamond Altar for Manifestation

Herkimer Diamond on white background

Doubly terminated Herkimer Diamond crystals on your altar can awaken inner sight to manifest dreams. Associated with attuning to angelic energies, these glowing gifts from the Earth radiate rainbow auras facilitating creative vision. 

Place pen to paper next to a Herkimer Diamond that is placed on your altar and watch as written words flow effortlessly, downloading inspiration directly from spirit. 

Moldavite Altar for Spiritual Transformation

Moldavite on white background

Moldavite emits otherworldly energy, as it fell to our planet from distant meteor collisions. This spiritual catalyst grasps those with open hearts, accelerating destiny through rapid spiritual evolution.

Place green Moldavite crystals alongside items representing desired growth. Arrange Moldavite shards in circular altar patterns, channeling otherworldly frequencies into a contained sacred vortex.

Angelite Altar for Contacting Angels 

Angelite on white background

Angelite’s soft sky-blue hues attune your altar to the peaceful presence of angelic guides. Place Angelite geodes, small tumbled stones, or candleholders carved from this soothing mineral around your sacred space to invite angelic connections.

Hold an Angelite sphere, gazing inward as you still the mind in meditation, allowing divine visions to arise. Use Angelite point crystals to trace sigils of angelic names into candles charged through focused intention. 


What is a Spiritual Altar?

A spiritual altar is a designated space, holding objects that have symbolic meaning and energetic resonance to support your spiritual practice, rituals, self-reflection, or devotion. An altar provides connection to the sacred in your everyday environment.

What Should I Put on My Spiritual Altar?

Meaningful items to include on your spiritual altar depend on your intentions, but commonly involve crystals, plants, candles, sacred imagery, offerings and prayers, vision boards, healing tools, divination objects, journals, items representing elements, like water or incense, and personal mementos carrying significance.

How Many Times Should I Activate My Spiritual Altar?

Activate your altar space daily if possible, even for a brief meditation or prayer session. Many find beginning and ending their day with an altar connection centering. You may also activate it during full moons, new moons, solstices/equinoxes, during important life events, stuck feeling disconnected, or when needing clarity.

Can I Include Personal Items and Objects on the Spiritual Altar?

Yes, incorporating personal items with spiritual meaning on your spiritual altar is encouraged to energize the space with your distinctive essence and intentions. Family heirlooms, gifts from loved ones, and nature finds from adventures can make the altar unique.

How Do I Choose the Right Crystals for My Spiritual Altar?

To choose the right crystals for your spiritual altar, think of your goals, then select 1 to 3 crystals matching those metaphysical properties. Referencing chakra associations can help. Listen to your intuition, as you may feel drawn to unexpected crystals fitting unseen needs. Arrange crystals harmoniously to enhance the cohesive vibrational field.

Make Your Own Spiritual Altar!

A spiritual altar allows us to step out of time’s hurried flow and into a quiet space for reverence—an oasis for parched spirits. We craft altars to gift ourselves sanctity amidst the everyday. As you carefully curate this intentional arrangement of objects, you bring your highest truths into physical form.

May your altar surface as a wellspring of clarity when life’s path blurs, a place to voice burning appeals or silent gratitude, and an ever-glowing lighthouse guiding your journey back to purpose when storms arise. 

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