Main Origins:
Spain, Russia, the UK, Turkey, Poland, Luxembourg, Cambodia, the USA, France, Canada, Austria, and Italy.

What is Jet Stone?

A jet necklace on a wooden table

Jet is a fossilized organic material from the Lignite group. It’s mainly made of carbon, which gives it a jet-black color, but may also show other colors like beige, yellow, orange, white, green, and even blue based on its formation with other minerals.

Most of us know the phrase “jet-black” as an adjective for the darkest shade of black, like jet-black hair, jet-black sky, jet-black mascara, etc. 

The name comes from the French Word jaiet or jais, which refers to the ancient town of Gagae (present-day Turkey). So, it’s sometimes called Gagae Stone, Gagate, Lignite, Jet Lignite, Brown Coal, and Gem Lignite. 

Did you know Jet is not a mineral but a mineraloid? It’s actually a wood that crystallized under high-pressure millions of years ago. 

Fun Fact: The oldest type of Jet crystals formed during the Jurassic Era, about 150 million years ago.

Jet Stone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

This healing stone is commonly seen in black and brown colors. Therefore, Jet is associated with the protective, grounding, and strengthening properties of the Root and Earth Star (minor) Chakras. 

But Gem Lignite also rarely appears in other colors, like yellow, red, orange, white, gray, green, pink, purple, and blue, depending on treatments and impurities. 

Gem Lignite opens the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Lunar Star, and Solar Star Chakras. 

It’s linked to the  Earth and Metal elements, responsible for wisdom, power, and creativity

Where to keep Jet stone in your house? The best place to keep Jet stone in the house is the Northwest Corner for good luck. 

Jet properties are also associated with the planetary influences of Saturn, which inspire focus, dedication, luck, and commitment in people who use this stone.

Who should wear Jet stone? Scorpio and Capricorn are the best zodiac signs that will find maximum benefits from wearing Jet.

This Gem Lignite crystal vibrates to the cosmic energy of 8, related to success, manifestation, abundance, and psychic abilities. 

Gagate stone taps into the powers of deities such as Callisto, the Greek deity of Transformation; Thea, the Greek Moon Goddess; Hecate, the Greek Goddess of Magic; Cybele, the Roman Earth Goddess; and Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Manifestation.

Jet Stone Healing Properties and Benefits

Focus and Productivity

  • Dark colored Jet stones are recommended most for helping students focus and commit to their goals. Use it to improve your attention span and aptitude toward skills. 
  • Charge your crystal with moonlight and place it on your work desk for maximum benefits. 

Digestion and Energy

  • Jet with Pyrite, Sandstone, and Clay is excellent for the digestive system because they open the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Make a crystal elixir by indirectly infusing the energies of Jet stone into a glass of drinking water. Consume the infusion regularly to unblock your fourth chakra from within. 


  • Asturian, Russian, and Whitby Jet benefits include detox and healing. They’re great for promoting physical and emotional strength. 
  • To charge your stone for strength, place it overnight under the energy of the full moonlight. 

Grief and Letting Go

  • Did you know that Jet stone clears toxic behavior and habits? It eradicates leftover hurt, repressed emotions, and scars of trauma easily 
  • Program your crystal to let go by burying it overnight under the earth. Carry it in your pocket or purse afterward. 

Inner Peace

  • Whitby Jet is mainly used for emotional healing, especially if you’re emotionally weak or easily persuaded by people, things, and ideas. 
  • Activate your stone for inner peace by combining different energy healing techniques, like sunlight, sacred herbs, incense, and fire.

Jet Stone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

An Angel Statue on a pedestal


  • Did you know Black Jet crystals have the unique ability to repel negative thoughts and energies? This comes from Jet stone raising your auric shield. 
  • Carry your stone on your dominant side after programming it with the sacred smoke of sage or Palo Santo sticks. 

Ancestral Connection

  • Are you facing recurring misfortunes? This might be a result of your ancestral karmic debts. Using rare types of Jet crystals helps you clear ancestral dues quickly. 
  • Activate your stone by soaking it in the healing sounds of singing bowls for a few minutes. You can keep the stone next to the bowl and play it for a few minutes. 


  • If you’re seeking spiritual guidance from angels, use Gem Lignite varieties with brown, orange, blue, and white hues. 
  • Charge your crystal by gazing into it for a few minutes before bed. Place the charged stone under your pillow for spirit contact.


  • Did you know Jet with yellow, beige, and tan inclusions are great for manifesting abundance? Use them for good fortune and financial planning. 
  • Charge your crystal with your affirmation or intention and set it in the middle of a crystal grid in the southeast corner of your house. Remember to charge the grid daily with the same affirmation. 


  • Jet helps to awaken dormant skills, like clairvoyance, foresight, and clairvision, if you’re looking for spiritual development. 
  • Charge your crystal using multiple methods, like water, mantras, and natural light before carrying it on your dominant side.

Jet Stone Side Effects

  • Sleep Disturbances: Although sleeping with a Jet crystal under your pillow can be beneficial for contacting angels and spirits, it may also cause sleep disturbances. Cleanse with a Morganite if this is the case.
  • Aggression: Overusing Gem Lignite may lead to emotional imbalances that cause rage. If this is happening to you, cleanse with sage and take a break for a few weeks. 
  • Accidents: You may suffer from malefic astrological effects, such as injuries, financial losses, or irreparable accidents, if your horoscope clashes with the ruling planet of Jet – Saturn. Consult an astrologist if this is the case.

Jet Stone Meaning: What Does Jet Stone Symbolize?

Man with outstretched arms on top of a mountain overlooking the sky, ocean and mountains

The meaning of Jet Stone is “inner cleansing.”

The healing crystal first gained popularity as a mourning stone in the Victorian Era, when Queen Victoria wore a Jet stone necklace as part of her mourning attire. 

Jet is the best stone for aiding in letting go, coping with grief, improving focus and productivity, enhancing psychic skills, and providing protection.

Throughout history, its jet-black color has earned alternative names, such as Brown Coal, due to its color and formation, and Azbache in Arabic, from “as-sabakh” or “black stone.”

Fun Fact: Gagate Stone is called Kimmeridge Clay in parts of South Britain where it’s found. 

Types of Jet Crystals

  • Common Jet Stone: Jet crystals occur primarily in brown and black hues. They’re great for psychic protection and inner power. 
  • Jet or Black Amber: When Gagato stones form with Amber in nature, they’ll exhibit a marbling pattern, usually in black, brown, and green shades. Use it for inner peace, healing, and cleansing. 
  • Whitby Jet: This type of Gagae Stone is actually fossilized driftwood that began forming 183 million years ago. This is an excellent healing crystal for travel protection. 
  • Jet Pyrite: A natural combination of Pyrite in brown, black, and gray Jet stone, this variety is suitable for amplifying energies and attracting abundance. 
  • Asturian jet: Popular as the Spanish Jet, this variety is called Asturian Jet owing to its origination from Asturias in Northern Spain. Use it to enhance faith.
  • Acoma Jet:  When Jet stones come from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, it has a smooth texture and a dark black hue. Use it for angelic contact and divine assistance. 
  • Turkish Jet: Popular as the Oltu Stone and Erzurum Stone, this variety of Gagate comes from Turkey and is popular in meditation and prayer. 
  • Jet Nuggets: This variety refers to naturally-rounded, small-sized pieces of Black Jet. Use it to boost strength, focus, and problem-solving skills.
  • Velvet Black Jet: If the appearance of Jet has a velvet sheen, it can help you harmonize with nature and the cosmos. 
  • Green Jet: Boasting a greenish tint, this is a Jet stone variety that mostly shows dark black or brown. It’s good for opening the Heart and Root Chakras.
  • Black Vein Turquoise: Popular as Jet with Turquoise, this stone is mostly black with veins of dark blue. It’s an excellent stone for intuition, deep peace, and confidence. 
  • Jet-Ruby-Feldspar: This is a natural triad of Jet, Ruby, and Feldspar, showing pink, purple, white, and red hues. It’s ideal for safety, grounding, and psychic protection. 
  • Jet-Halite: A super-rare and unusual crystal formation, Jet-Halite has a contrasting appearance and opens both higher and lower chakras to help you heal from within.
  • Jet-Clay: This rare variety of Jet stone naturally exists with brown clay and is often recommended for digestive health and dedication. 
  • Jet-Ocean Jasper: Gagate stones may form naturally with blue-green Ocean Jasper. It’s a good stone for communication and karmic healing. 
  • Jet-Chrysoprase: A natural fusion of Jet stone with Chrysoprase in green, white, and black forms this variety. It’s great for attracting good fortune and prosperity into your life. 
  • Jet-Larvikite: This is a black-and-white variety of Jet crystal, sometimes with flashes of blue and silver. It’s great for awakening dormant psychic abilities, like dreamwork, intuition, and spirit contact.
  • Jet Sunstone: A grounding stone that brings spiritual awakening and intelligence to the user, this is a peach and black stone that includes Sunstone and Gagate. 
  • Russian Jet: Sometimes characterized by dark green concentric circles on a black base color, this is a Jet variety from Russia. Use it to let go of guilt, hatred, and revenge. 
  • Soft Jet and Hard Jet: This is a natural combination of Pyrite and Sandstone with golden flecks and black or brown base color and indentations. They’re great for productivity and abundance.
  • Brown Jet Stone: When one side of the Jet crystal displays a brown or beige color, followed by black on the other, it’s called a Brown Lignite. Use it to clear confusion and focus without distractions. 
  • Vauxhall glass: This type of Synthetic Jet was created in the 18th century with iron and molten glass. It’s called fake Jet stone and is suitable for strength and protection. 
  • French Jet: This synthetic Jet from France is famous for its shine. It’s commonly recommended for stability.

How To Cleanse Jet Stone?

A white sage and selenite crystal on a bowl

  • Soil:  To cleanse and reset the stone’s positive and healing energies, bury it under three inches of soil overnight.
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold the stone near your lips and chant positive affirmations to remove negativity stuck in your stone.
  • Selenite: Circle a Selenite wand over your crystal three times clockwise to remove negativity absorbed by it.

Questions and Answers

Is Jet Stone water safe?

Yes and no. Jet stone is safe in the water for short periods but may crack or break after prolonged exposure to water.

Can Jet Stone go in the sun?

Yes and no. Jet stone is safe for a short while under the sun, but it may become brittle or crack under direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Does Jet stone feel like plastic?

Yes, polished Jet stones are often described as “plasticky.” Whitby Jet is one of the Gem Lignite varieties often described as plasticky due to its poor thermal conductivity. It doesn’t stay cold like most natural gemstones.

Is Jet Stone dangerous or toxic to the touch?

No, Jet stone isn’t dangerous or toxic to the touch. You can use your bare hands to handle it, but washing your hands after touching crystals is better, especially if broken.

How can you tell if a Jet Stone is authentic?

The streak test is the best way to check if a Jet stone is genuine. Real Jet stones leave a brown streak when scratched on unglazed porcelain. Authentic Jet stones may cost $2 per gram or even $300 per piece of jewelry on average.

Does Jet scratch easily?

Yes, Jet has a low hardness score on the Mohs scale and scratches easily with knives, glass, and most crystals.

Is Jet Stone good luck?

Yes, Jet is a stone of good luck, financial luck, and abundance when it contains flecks of yellow or golden hues.

Can Jet stones burn?

Real Jet has a low hardness and burns with a coal-like smell without combustibility. It’s the only stone that behaves in this manner. However, flame tests often end up damaging the stone.

Is Jet stone heavy?

No, the Jet stone is lightweight when compared to other stones.

How do you clean a Jet Stone?

You can clean Jet stone with a microfiber cloth after use to remove natural oils and dirt from handling it directly.

Interactions with Jet Stone

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