(saw - suh - rahyt)
Main Origins:
Belgium, Austria, France, Syria, Russia, Iran, the UK, China, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Italy, Finland, Egypt, Japan, Antarctica, Poland, India, Canada, Switzerland, Cuba, Guyana, Australia, and the United States.

What is Saussurite?

A Saussurit pendant on a table. Source: Etsy | SilentMonkShop
Source: Etsy | SilentMonkShop

Saussurite is a pale to dark green mineral with complicated veins or spots. Its granular to compact texture feels waxy or oily when touched. The crystal forms clusters or nodules in bigger rocks. These aggregates range in size and shape from small to huge. 

The Plagioclase Feldspar changes into Saussurite. Albatite and Epidote make up most of its chemical makeup. Minerals like Zoisite, Cinozoisite, and Actinolite come from Saussurite. This mineral has an unusual mix of minerals due to rock metamorphism under certain geological conditions.

Originating from the Alps near Mont Blanc, Saussurite, a mineral named in honor of the 18th-century Swiss geologist and mineralogist Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, showcases its scarcity through its discovery in these renowned mountains. 

Being present in North America, Asia, and diverse other regions, this precious crystal stands as a constant reminder of its remarkable scarcity.

This beautiful gem also attracts crystal collectors. It was made by metamorphic processes, which show how the Earth’s minerals and processes change over time. Its unique green colors and designs add to mineral collections and make them more attractive. 

Did you know that Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, whose name the mineral is named after, was one of the first people to explore the Alps and study glaciers? Its striking green colors and patterns come from the delicate interactions of minerals that happen when rocks change.

Saussurite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Each color of Saussurite has its own energy and meaning. Green is a color that stands for growth, healing, and rebirth, blue stands for communication and intelligence, while gold stands for success and plenty. 

The Heart Chakra is linked to Saussurite. This alignment promotes love, kindness, and emotional healing. It opens the Third Eye Chakra, which gives you more intuition and understanding, and the Solar Plexus Chakra, which gives you more confidence and power.

Saussurite possesses qualities that foster a deep connection with the Earth and the element of Air. In Feng Shui, putting Saussurite in the East or Center of a room makes it more stable, balanced, and harmonious. 

Several planets affect the powers of Saussurite. Mercury makes it easier to talk to people and think clearly, Earth gives us security, and Pluto helps us change and start over.

In the realm of Gods, Saussurite finds resonance with significant figures. Nisaba, the wise Sumerian Goddess, shares her knowledge and understanding with people. Terra, the Roman Goddess representing the Earth, brings a sense of place and connects us to the world around us.

With a numerical vibration of 8, this crystal embodies qualities of balance, wealth, and transformation. These attributes amplify its potential for personal growth and healing purposes.

Saussurite Healing Properties and Benefits

New Beginnings and Regeneration

  • One of  Saussurite’s benefits is clear emotional baggage and promotes inner growth. Its energies purify old patterns, allowing new beginnings.  
  • Hold Saussurite under running water or put it in the sun to strengthen this impact.

Creative Inspiration

  • Saussurite helps people be more creative and intuitive. It enables you to think creatively by connecting with your inner knowledge.
  • To boost inspiration, meditate with Saussurite and ask for artistic inspiration.

Confidence and Charisma

  • Radiating an aura of enhanced confidence and heightened charisma, Saussurite reveals its remarkable properties. This crystal enables the genuine expression of your true self, drawing in positive individuals naturally.
  • Consider keeping Saussurite in your pocket as a personal talisman. Regular contact can serve as a gentle reminder of your inherent skills and capabilities.

Stress Management

  • Within its gentle essence, Saussurite ushers in a sense of calm and grounding. It gently alleviates emotional stress, ushering in a state of serene relaxation.
  • For stress management, engage in calming meditation while holding Saussurite near your Heart Chakra. This practice promotes a sense of tranquility and relief from stress-induced tension.

Vitality and Fertility

  • Some of Saussurite’s healing properties are balancing energy flow, improving health, and making people more active and fertile.
  • Put Saussurite on your nightstand or wear it as a piece of jewelry to take advantage of its ability to make you feel more alive.

Saussurite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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  • Harnessing Saussurite’s metaphysical properties, this stone harmonizes your aspirations with the currents of growth and rebirth. 
  • Hold Saussurite as you think about your goals and wishes, allowing its energy to align with your intentions, paving the way for their realization.

Psychic Vision

  • Unveiling the Third Eye’s potential and nurturing intuition, Saussurite’s metaphysical properties promote spiritual growth.
  • Gently rest Saussurite on your forehead, inviting clarity into your visions. This dedicated practice fosters the blossoming of your psychic capacities and supports your profound spiritual journey.

Higher Attunement

  • Guided by Saussurite’s properties, you can attain heightened spiritual consciousness, aligning with your inner compass and authentic purpose.
  • Carry Saussurite during moments of mindfulness or meditation. This enhances your ability to forge deeper connections with others and the world around you.

Spirit Contact

  • Enabling a bridge between individuals and higher realms, Saussurite serves as a conduit for communication with ancestral spirits.
  • Find a serene space and hold Saussurite in your hand. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, focusing your thoughts on the idea of connecting with benevolent spirits.


  • Empowering personal evolution by releasing old patterns, Saussurite enables a smoother transition toward growth.
  • Use Saussurite’s power to change you, meditate with it, and imagine yourself transforming into your desired state.

Side Effects of Saussurite

  • Alienation: Feeling disconnected from reality. To avoid this, balance Saussurite with grounded stones like Hematite.
  • Apathy: Experiencing a lack of enthusiasm or interest. Use Saussurite in conjunction with powerful crystals like Carnelian to avoid it.
  • Dependency: Putting too much faith in crystal energy. Prevent this by using Saussurite in small amounts and taking care of yourself.

Saussurite Meaning: What Does Saussurite Symbolize?

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Saussurite metaphorically symbolizes “transformation and growth.”

Due to its likeness to Jade and its relationship with the Alps, Saussurite is also known as “Alpine Jade” or “Swiss Jade.”

Traditionally, Saussurite has been linked to Earth energy and stability. In modern times, it stands for spiritual and personal change and helps people start over.

Saussurite crystal goes well with stones that help you feel stable, like Hematite, and with energizing crystals, like Clear Quartz. It boosts its ability to change things.

People thought Saussurite helped them connect with nature spirits and the Earth’s energies. This made it a popular tool for those who wanted to strengthen their spiritual ties. It’s also linked to the idea of “greening the soul” and making people more aware of the environment.

Types of Saussurite

  • Common Saussurite: It is known for its pale to dark green colors. It is also prized for its transformative powers, which help people grow and heal emotionally.
  • Green Saussurite: Soothing green tones helps with healing and balance. This makes it an excellent choice for heart-centered and grounding activities.
  • Blue-Green Saussurite: A Combination of blue, which helps with communication, and green, which helps you feel grounded, lets you have intuitive thoughts and communicate well.
  • White Saussurite: With its pure white hue, it embodies a serene energy that aids in clear thinking and cultivates a feeling of stability.
  • Gray Saussurite: Featuring a gray hue, it can eliminate negative energy and bring balance back to your energy field.
  • Mottled Saussurite: Has intricate designs of green and other colors. It helps people be creative and learn more about themselves.
  • Matrix Saussurite: It is often green or mottled. It uses its grounding forces to help relieve stress and keep you stable when things are hard.
  • Swiss Saussurite: Its earthy tones help you feel close to nature and the spiritual world. It is good for your spiritual growth.
  • Italian Saussurite: The array of colors found in Italian Saussurite, ranging from earthy browns to soft greens, is intricately linked to themes of transformation and rebirth. This variant guides individuals in relinquishing outdated patterns and embracing change.
  • Yellow Saussurite: Its yellow hue gives off warmth and positivity. This makes it easier to think clearly and gives you a sunny outlook.
  • Bicolor Saussurite:  Showcasing harmoniously blended colors, Bicolor Saussurite combines shades like green and white, epitomizing unity and balance. Its influence extends to integrating diverse facets of oneself into a cohesive whole.
  • Saussurite-Syenite: Exhibits earthy colors and a mix of grounding and changing energies. It helps with mental healing, personal growth, and making changes.
  • Saussurite-Hornblende: It is often earth-colored and improves intuition and connection to higher worlds. This helps spiritual insights and inner exploration.
  • Saussurite-Feldspar: Encompasses shades that span from earthy tones to serene greens. This variation is a proponent of mental equilibrium and growth, offering assistance in adapting to change while nurturing personal transformation.
  • Saussurite-Biotite: It is usually dark in color and combines being grounded with having intuitive insight. 
  • Saussurite-Quartz: With Saussurite’s greens and Quartz’s clarity fusion, it increases transformational energies. This helps with spiritual growth, clarity, and healing.

How To Cleanse Saussurite?

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  • Meditation: Hold Saussurite in your hands, picture bright light all around it, and tell yourself that you want to get rid of any bad energy.
  • Moonlight: Place Saussurite under the full moon for a night to restore its energies and eliminate any bad ones.
  • Selenite Wand: Move a Selenite wand gently over Saussurite to clear it of energies and bring back its natural vigor.

Questions and Answers

Is Saussurite Rare?

No, Saussurite is relatively common and widely available.

Can Saussurites Get Wet?

Yes, Saussurite can get wet, but it should only be in the water for a short period if you want to keep its look.

Are Saussurites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Saussurites are usually safe in the sun, but the colors may fade over time if they spend too much time in the sun.

How Can You Tell if Saussurite is Real?

Real Saussurite has a characteristic green color, a waxy texture, and sometimes intricate designs.

What is the Difference Between Saussurite and Herkimer Diamond?

Saussurite is a green mineral often found in rocks, and Herkimer Diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal.

How Do You Take Care of Saussurites?

Keep them in different places to keep them from getting scratched. Clean them gently with a soft cloth, and avoid chemicals and harsh cleaners.

Is Saussurite Expensive?

No, compared to rare jewels, Saussurite is usually affordable.

What Stones Go Well with Saussurite?

Saussurite’s energy goes well with stones like Clear Quartz, Hematite, and Carnelian.

Is Saussurite the Same as Bluestone?

No, Saussurite and Bluestone are not the same material. They are different and have distinct properties and uses.

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