(shuh - tuh - kahyt)
Main Origins:
The United States, Mexico, the Republic of Congo, Japan, Namibia, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Chile, Jordan, South Africa, the UK, Greece, and Argentina.

What is Shattuckite?

A raw Shattuckite crystal on a black reflective background

Shattuckite is a rare Copper Silicate Hydroxide crystal discovered in 1915 in the Shattuck Mines in Bisbee, Arizona, hence its name, Shattuck Stone. It is a communication stone often believed to aid in clarity and truth. 

This crystal shows blue, green, and indigo hues with fibrous, spherulitic, botryoidal, or stalactitic habits. 

Shattuck Stone may be translucent or opaque. It is often found with crystals like Malachite, Azurite, and Chrysocolla, showing strong pleochroism. 

Copper Silicate Hydroxide is known as Sattukit, Shattuckit, Shattuckita, Shattuck Stone, and Shattuckite. It’s usually a secondary mineral in oxidized copper deposits, presenting a dull, greasy, vitreous, or silky luster. 

Fun Fact: Shattuckite isn’t technically a gem.

Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Shattuckite is mostly seen in blue, indigo, white, green, gray, and brown. So, it opens the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras, bringing awareness, communication, love, tranquility, balance, and astral travel. 

Shattucit is also found in other colors, like red, orange, yellow, gold, clear, black, gray, and silver. So, it opens the other chakras, like Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus,  Lunar Star, and Soul Star Chakras. These chakras represent protection, power, health, wisdom, abundance, and inner healing. 

The Copper Silicate Hydroxide crystal awakens Venus and Mercury, providing Shattuckite benefits like quick thinking, confidence, creativity, love, and channeling.

Who is Shattuckite good for? Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Taurus are the zodiac signs for decisiveness, emotional balance, patience, self-esteem, broad-mindedness, and joy. 

The ruling elements of Wind, Wood, and Water are linked to Shattuckita and bring manifestation, immunity, protection, family, mediumship, and shamanic journeying. 

Where to keep Shattuckite in the house? According to feng shui, placing this stone in the East and Southeast directions attracts harmony, growth, and vitality. 

The metaphysical effects of Shattuckite are associated with two Kings of Gods, Odin (Norse); and Indra (Hindu); plus, the Norse Love Goddess, Freyja; and the Greek Justice Goddess, Athena.

This blue Copper Silicate Hydroxide also links with the vibration of 2, representing relationships, communication skills, clarity, pragmatism, intuition, and peace. 

Shattuckite Healing Properties and Benefits

Problem Solving and Decisiveness

  • Keeping a charged variety of Copper Silicate Hydroxide on your study or work desk helps you stay sharp and on top of work. 
  • Activate your stone by holding it to your lips for a few minutes while chanting your affirmation. 

Harmony and Balance

  • Teal Shattuckite is a good stone to dispel feuds and spread harmony. Even varieties with Malachite are good for support, comfort, and peace
  • Hold your crystal close to the Throat or Third Eye Chakra to activate harmony and peace while chanting your intention.

Emotions and Relationships

  • If you struggle with communication and clarity in relationships, Shattuck Stone with Dioptase inclusions will help you. It helps you repair or cut off relationships based on personal views.
  • Charge your stone for joy and clarity in interpersonal relationships with the fire energy of a candle. 

Creativity and Communication Skills

  • Do you want to know the best stone for curiosity and imagination? Shattuckite with Azurite, Cuprite, and Chrysocolla boosts your enthusiasm and interest in learning. 
  • Program your crystal for creativity by meditating for a few minutes at dawn or dusk. Try to visualize your intention with your mind’s eye. 

Immunity and Inner Healing

  • Shattuck Stone works with Wulfenite, Malachite, and Duftite by boosting health and erasing trauma scars. They clear physical and spiritual blockages in your body, mind, and soul.
  • Create an indirect crystal elixir of Shattuckite and consume the liquid regularly. Try to smudge the crystal before you infuse it indirectly into drinking water.

Shattuckite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman having an astral projection


  • Shattuckite Balls or Spherulites are good for channeling otherworldly and psychic powers. These are good for finding hidden powers, skills, and talents. 
  • Program your Copper Silicate Hydroxide stones for channeling energies by circling a lit incense over the crystal on a moonlit or dark night. 

Clairvoyance and Telepathy

  • Are you looking for ways to activate psychic abilities? Clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, and clairvoyance are notable metaphysical benefits of using Shattuckite tufts and clusters.
  • Set your intention for psychic abilities by soaking your stone under the full moonlight for an hour or two. Once it’s charged, you can keep it under your pillow before sleep. 

Insight and Wisdom

  • Cosmic consciousness is an added benefit of Shattuck Stone with Cuprite, Plancheite, and Quartz formations. You’ll find access to Akashic Records, which includes the universe’s history. 
  • Set a crystal grid with your crystals in the center. Activate the grid by lighting a sage smudge stick every day. 

Psychic Protection

  • Do you know what auras or auric shields are? These are energy fields created by chakras around your body, house, etc. Shattuckite with indigo and black hues builds and amplifies auric shields. 
  • Keep your crystal 5 inches from a singing bowl, tuning fork, tongue drum, or speaker. Play the instrument or music so the crystal can soak in healing sound energies. Carry the charged stone on you after. 

Shamanic Travel

  • Radiating and Acicular Shattuckite help you discover your destiny by connecting you to the etheric body. It’s good for karmic healing, astral travel, and reality shifting
  • Activate your Shattuck Stone by chanting this affirmation into it before carrying it on your dominant side: “I accept the destiny the cosmos has paved for me.”

Side Effects of Shattuckite

  • Mood Swings: If you’re new to crystals and have overused Shattuck Stone for over a week, your awareness and emotions might wreak havoc.
  • Detachment: You might feel detached from reality during excessive astral travel
  • Paranormal Experiences: This is common to people who sleep with Shattuckite under the pillow. It may cause disturbing dreams and experiences that alter your perspective.

Shattuckite Meaning: What Does Shattuckite Symbolize?

A woman scrying a crystal ball

The meaning of Shattuckite is psychic channeling.

This stone is named after its place of origin and was discovered a little over a century ago, so there aren’t many legends or myths about it in ancient folklore. Although psychics and healers often recommend it for psychic abilities. 

Shattuck Stone is a high-vibration stone that sharpens your wit and clears chakra blockages, health, wisdom, protection, imagination, and emotional balance.

Types of Shattuckite

  • Common Shattuckite: Most of these Copper Silicate Hydroxide stones are associated with Throat and Third Eye Chakras powers, enhancing intuition, clarity, and communication skills.  
  • Shattuckite Balls or Spherulites: In this crystal variety, Shattucit crystals occurring in natural spherical structures in blue, green, blue-green, and white colors are included. They work well for premonitions, channeling, and scrying. 
  • Acicular Shattuckite: When you see needle-like blue crystals of Copper Silicate Hydroxide, it’s an acicular formation ideal for manifestation. 
  • Radiating Shattuckite: Also called Shattuckite Discs and Suns, these are symbolic of growth and transformation.  
  • Shattuckite Tufts: These are tiny, ball-like clusters of Shattucit with a spiky exterior in blue, white, or blue-green hues. They’re great for activating latent psychic skills. 
  • Botryoidal Shattuckite: If your crystal has a globular or grape-like shape in blue or indigo, it is a good Botryoidal variety for peeking into the future or past. They also give you access to Akashic Records. 
  • Reniform Shattuckite: This kidney-shaped natural formation shows a range of blue shades from bright to pale and dark. Unlike Botryoidal varieties, they’re smoother and rounder and work well for health and balance.
  • Stalactitic Shattuckite: Some types of this healing crystal form elongated icicle-like structures with a colorful head or cap. They show different shades of blue and are great for focus and problem-solving. 
  • Congo Shattuckite and Cuprite: This variety of Shattuckite has contrasting colors of red and blue or white. It comes from DR Congo and is considered good for anxiety and stress relief. 
  •  Teal Shattuckite: In this type of rare Copper Silicate Hydroxide, you’ll notice shades of pale blue like teal, ice, mint, and turquoise. They’re great for tranquility and emotional balance. 
  •  Velvety Shattuckite: Sattukit with a velvety texture is a calming stone that clears your higher chakra blockages and spikes your self-esteem. 
  •  Green Shattuckite: Usually seen in tufts or small flower-like shapes, Green balls of Shattucita are rare. They’re good for inner healing and abundance.
  •  Blue Stripe Shattuckite: If your Shattuck Stone is banded with blues, greens, or whites, it is the perfect stone for leadership, decisiveness, and wisdom. 
  •  Dark Blue Shattuckite: In this type of Shattucite, one will easily notice indigo or blackish-blue hues that awaken your secret senses when bonded. 
  • Fibrous Shattuckite: Often seen in Deep Blue and Black varieties of Sattukit, this specimen is excellent for psychic protection, support, grounding, and courage. 
  • Shattuckite Geode: This is a Shattucite natural formation with druzy or botryoidal formations inside the cavity. Use this crystal for amplifying and manifesting intentions. 
  • Shattuckite with Wulfenite and Duftite: Also popular as Yellow Shattuckite, this type of stone is a cluster of multiple crystals with yellow slabs on a matrix of indigo, blue, white, cream, and orange hues. They’re great for your health. 
  • Shattuckite with Dioptase: Sattukit forms naturally with Dioptase in indigo, green, blue, cream, white, and orange hues. They’re a great combination for trauma healing and inner joy. 
  • Shattuckite with Quartz: Often seen naturally with Milky Quartz and Smoky Quartz varieties, this rare Copper Silicate Hydroxide variety is a bicolor specimen. Use it to unlock your inner voice and power. 
  • Shattuckite with Chrysocolla: Shattuck Stone also forms naturally, with Chrysocolla showing pale blue to dark blue, green, blue-green, black, and gray hues. They’re great for stress relief and calmness. 
  • Shattuckite with Malachite: Shattucite stones naturally form with Malachite, opening the Heart Chakra with stripes of dark green. It’s a good stone for health, love, support, and fertility. 
  • Shattuckite with Khorixasite: Blue types of rare Copper Silicate Hydroxides form a reddish brown crystal aggregate with Khorixasite in Mesopotamia. Use this crystal variety for critical thinking and problem-solving. 
  • Shattuckite with Calcite: Fibrous Teal Sattukit forms with White Calcite, creating a stone that aligns the higher and the lower chakras.
  • Shattuckite with Heterogenite: Shattuck Stone also forms with the Cobalt Oxide mineral Heterogenite. It’s a transformation and renewal stone that boosts courage. 
  • Shattuckite with Azurite: The indigo stone Azurite forms crusty or druzy coats on blue varieties of Shattucite, bringing psychic abilities, like intuition and clairvoyance.
  • Shattuckite with Cornitite: Velvet Blue Sattukit also forms with indigo-colored crystals of Cornetite. It’s good for finding empathy, cosmic consciousness, and love within yourself. 
  • Shattuckite with Papagoite, Cuprite, and Chrysocolla: This is a unique stone showing white, gray, cream, black, and brown hues from the inclusion of several minerals. Use it for mental clarity, protection, and manifestation. 
  • Shattuckite with Ajoite: Often existing alongside blue, green, brown, and teal hues, this type of natural Shattuck Stone formation releases negativity.
  • Shattuckite with Plancheite: A teal-brown Sattukit variety with blue-green stones of Plancheite, this crystal is a powerful stone for clarity in love and relationships.

How To Cleanse Shattuckite?

The moonlight shines over the trees to the body of water

  • Moonlight: Keep your crystal in a room with an open window under a moonlit night to soak and cleanse the negativity it absorbed. 
  • Seed Mantra: Chant the seed mantras YAM and VAM into the stone for a few minutes at the end of the day. 
  • Sage: Smudging your crystal with a sacred herb, like sage, also resets its energies.

Questions and Answers

What Kind of Stone is Shattuckite?

Shattuckite is a copper silicate mineral.

How Rare is Shattuckite?

Shattuckite is an extremely rare mineral.

Is Shattuckite Safe in the Water?

No, Shattuckite is not safe in the water due to its low MOHS.

Can Shattuckite go in the Sun?

No, Shattuckite is unsafe in the sun, so it must not face direct sunlight or prolonged exposure.

Are Shattuckite and Chrysocolla the Same?

No, Shattuckite and Chrysocolla are different minerals. The former is Copper Silicate Hydroxide, and the latter is Hydrated Copper Silicate.

Is Shattuckite Dangerous or Toxic to the Touch?

No, Shattuckite is not toxic or dangerous to the touch. Although, wash your hands after touching any crystal, including Shattuckite.

How to Identify Real Shattuckite?

Genuine Shattuckite crystals may show blue or gray streaks and can be scratched by a knife due to their low MOHS.

What Pairs Well with Shattuckite?

Malachite, Azurite, and Turquoise are great for pairing with Shattuckite for love, support, psychic powers, and peace.

What’s the Cost of Shattuckite?

Shattuckite costs $20 to $30 per carat when they’re faceted.

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