(hawrn - blend)
Main Origins:
United States, Sweden, Canada, Norway, and Italy.

What is Hornblende?

Hornblende crystal on rough amphibole rock

Hornblende is a complex silicate mineral composed of a blend of iron, magnesium, and aluminum silicates. It’s part of the amphibole group and is recognized by its black or dark green color and prismatic, often twinned, crystal structures. 

Notable deposits of this stone are found in the United States, Canada, Norway, and Italy. It usually forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks.

The vibration of this mineral is associated with a connection to the natural world, echoing the deep roots it shares with the planet’s formative processes.

In Ancient Greek and Roman cultures, Hornblende was believed to be a manifestation of the powerful forces of the Earth, embodying endurance and strength

This stone is a symbol of stability and the enduring might of nature, reminding us of our link to the world around us and the ancient processes that shape it.

Hornblende Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The Earth signs – Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo – are associated with practicality, steadfastness, and being solid people you can rely on. They are the zodiac’s builders, doers, and nurturers, often focused on creating tangible results in the material world. 

Hornblende, with its deep earthy tones and grounding energy, is a fitting stone for these signs. It inspires a practical and down-to-earth approach to life, fostering resilience and discipline.

The Root Chakra, also known as Muladhara, is associated with feelings of safety, inner confidence, and physical identity. Given Hornblende’s capacity to promote stability, it connects well with the Root Chakra. It promotes feelings of security and a strong connection with the physical plane.

The Earth, representing our home base and environment, is linked to practicality and the physical, material world. Hornblende brings positive changes in these aspects of life. It anchors you to Mother Earth, reminding you of your connection to the world around you.

Hornblende connects to the element of Earth. It symbolizes solidity, stability, and endurance, encapsulating qualities of patience, reliability, and hard work. 

The number 5 symbolizes change, adventure, and freedom. It resonates with the energy of unpredictability and versatility. Hornblende is considered a stone of adaptability and provides the focus and inner resilience needed to deal with changes effectively.

Hornblende Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Boundaries

  • Hornblende helps establish emotional boundaries by grounding your erratic emotions and enhancing your resilience. 
  • Carry it with you or place it in your living space to maintain emotional balance.

New Beginnings

  • Using Hornblende paves the way for fresh starts by fostering emotional stability and courage. 
  • Use it in meditation while focusing on new intentions for effective transitions.

Release Judgment

  • Working with Hornblende encourages the release of judgment, promoting understanding and acceptance. 
  • Wearing it as jewelry can remind you to approach situations with an open mind.


  • Hornblende’s energy fosters tolerance and patience. 
  • Hold it near you during interactions or discussions that require open-mindedness and understanding.

Courage and Fearlessness

  • Using Hornblende ignites courage and fearlessness, providing strength in adversity. 
  • Keep it on you or in a place where you need to summon bravery.

Hornblende Spiritual Properties and Benefits

lady justice gold statue on gold background

Reduces Tension and Friction

  • Hornblende helps reduce tension and friction by inviting deep wisdom about emotions and thoughts of your own and others. 
  • Carry it with you during stressful periods, or keep it in a shared space to maintain harmony.

Fairness and Justice

  • Adding Hornblende into your daily life promotes fairness and justice.
  • Meditate with Hornblende on your Root Chakra to encourage a balanced perspective.


  • Using Hornblende enhances unity by fostering interconnectedness and understanding. 
  • Keep Hornblende in gathering spaces to encourage a sense of togetherness.


  • Hornblende aids in integrating different aspects of self or ideas, promoting harmony and understanding. 
  • Carry it with you or place it in your workspace to effectively integrate thoughts and understanding.

Banishes Inner Conflict

  • Working with Hornblende banishes inner conflict by fostering inner peace
  • Meditate with Hornblende in your palm, focusing on its grounding energy to dispel internal turmoil.

Side Effects of Hornblende

  • Tiredness: Over-grounding from Hornblende can lead to feelings of heaviness or lethargy. 
  • Disrupted Sleep: Excessive use of Hornblende may disrupt sleep patterns due to its energy-harmonizing effects. 
  • Emotional Shifts: Some may experience a shift in their usual emotional processes when working with this stone.

Hornblende Meaning: What Does Hornblende Symbolize?

man sitting on the ground in a mountain looking away

The meaning of Hornblende is “Rooted in the Earth.” 

This dark mineral symbolizes the strength and steadiness of the Earth, guiding your journey toward inner stability and harmony. It is a focusing and stabilizing force in personal transformation and supports your growth by helping you foster more resilience and patience.

Hornblende gets its name from the Ancient Greek words “horn” and “blende,” meaning “to deceive.” However, this mineral truly stands for clarity and discernment rather than deception, differentiating truth from illusion.

Hornblende encourages clear communication, enhancing the understanding of the self and others. It resonates with the nurturing energy of the Earth, promoting compassion and stimulating creativity

Hornblende helps you navigate life’s challenges by connecting you to your core strength and resilience, reminding you of your natural capacity for endurance and transformation.

It is a testament to the might of nature, symbolizing resilience and steadfastness in the face of adversity.

Types of Hornblende

  • Common Hornblende: This mineral is the most popular variety of Hornblende and is black or dark green. It is used for inner stability and understanding inner strength.
  • Magnesio-Hornblende: This variant is dark brown or green, high in magnesium, and is associated with emotional balance.
  • Edenite: This white or gray variety of Hornblende connects you with your authentic voice and soothes mental tension.
  • Black Hornblende: This deep black variety of Hornblende symbolizes stability and resilience and is used to provide strength in adversity.
  • Green Hornblende: This green variety of Hornblende aligns with the Heart Chakra, promoting inner love, compassion, understanding, and creative expression.
  • Dark Green Hornblende: The darker green variety enhances connection with nature and promotes self-growth.
  • Golden Yellow Hornblende: The golden yellow variety of Hornblende embodies solar energy, personal power, and intellectual growth.
  • Red Hornblende: The red variant provides increased vitality and has energy-stimulating properties, promoting motivation and increased focus.
  • Iridescent Hornblende: The sparkling iridescent variety of Hornblende inspires wonder and stimulates the imagination.
  • Bicolor Hornblende: Combining two colors in one stone helps balance different aspects of the self and helps facilitate change.
  • DT or Double-Terminated Hornblende: This variant with double terminated points aids energy flow and is a great stone to use for energy balancing.
  • Twinned Hornblende: This variant has two tips growing out the same base and symbolizes unity and togetherness, promoting harmonious relationships.
  • Intergrown Hornblende: This variety has two crystals along a regular crystallographic orientation and is known to strengthen interconnectedness with the world, fostering community bonds.
  • Etched Hornblende: This variety has etchings on the surface and aids in personal exploration and self-discovery, invoking introspection.
  • Lath Hornblende: This variety of Hornblende is long and thin or has many long thin slabs joined onto one base. Lath Hornblende is associated with protection and clearing negative energies.
  • Striated Hornblende: This variety shows fine, slightly indented lines across its surface. It helps with guiding life changes and transitions.
  • Hornblende-Limonite: This combination combines Hornblende and Limonite and encourages creativity, abundance, and manifestation.
  • Hornblende-Oligoclase: This combination of Hornblende and Oligoclase is associated with clarity and understanding, helping clear mental fog and foster focus.
  • Oxyhornblende: This is a variety in which most of the iron has been oxidized to the ferric state. It enhances vitality and personal power, fostering courage and determination.
  • Hornblende-Pyrrhotite: The combination of Hornblende and Pyrrhotite promotes strength and resilience, providing support during difficult times.
  • Hornblende-Pyrite: This combination of Hornblende and Pyrite fosters positivity and attracts abundance, promoting success and wealth.
  • Hornblende-Almandine: The combination of Hornblende and Almandine is utilized for emotional healing and comfort, fostering self-love and compassion.
  • Hornblende-Microcline: The combination of Hornblende and Microcline encourages emotional equilibrium and stability.
  • Hornblende-Calcite: Calcite with Hornblende encourages clarity and insight, promoting spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  • Hornblende-Titanite: Titanite combined with Hornblende has potent grounding properties and is great for helping establish a deep connection with the Earth.
  • Hornblende-Asbestos: This variant that combines Hornblende with the hazardous Asbestos fosters resilience and inner strength, aiding in overcoming adversity.
  • Hornblende-Hastingsite: Hastingsite with Hornblende encourages patience and endurance.
  • Hornblende-Pargasite: This variety that combines Pargasite and Hornblende enhances compassion and empathy, fostering understanding and harmony in relationships.
  • Hornblende-Gabbro: Hornblende with Gabbro inclusions promotes inner strength, fostering resilience and courage.
  • Hornblende-Magnetite: This variety of Magnetite and Hornblende boosts vitality and encourages motivation.
  • Hornblende-Apatite: This variant combines Hornblende and Apatite and promotes self-discovery and intellectual development.
  • Hornblende-Hedenbergite: Hornblende combined with Hedenbergite promotes resilience and inner strength, aiding in navigating challenges.
  • Hornblende-Orthoclase: This variety combines Orthoclase and Hornblende and fosters understanding and emotional equilibrium.
  • Hornblende-Quartz: Hornblende with Quartz inclusions fosters inner peace and calm.
  • Hornblende-Albite: Albite inclusions in Hornblende promotes intellectual growth and self-discovery.
  • Hornblende-Gneiss: Hornblende mixed with Gneiss encourages resilience and endurance.
  • Hornblende-Rhyolite: This variety displays Rhyolite inclusions with Hornblende and fosters emotional equilibrium and harmony.
  • Hornblende-Syenite: This blend of Syenite and Hornblende provides support during difficult times.
  • Hornblende-Andesite: Hornblende with Andesite inclusions aids in overcoming adversity and challenges.
  • Biotite-Hornblende: This blend of Biotite and Hornblende enhances resilience and fosters inner strength.
  • Granite-Hornblende: Hornblende with Granite inclusions is a great stone for the regeneration of the body, mind, and emotions.

How To Cleanse Hornblende?

A burning sage smudge stick in the bowl with two other sage smudge sticks

  • Smoke: Pass your Hornblende through the smoke of sage or palo santo, allowing the purifying smoke to envelop the crystal, helping to clear any negative energy it may have absorbed.
  • Sound: Use a singing bowl, bell, or tuning forks to create resonating sound waves around the Hornblende, neutralizing negativity and refreshing the stone’s energy.
  • Soil: Bury your Hornblende in the ground for 24 hours, allowing it to discharge any negative energies and recharge with Earth’s energy.

Questions and Answers

What is Hornblende Also Known as?

Hornblende is also known as Amphibole.

What Type of Rock is Hornblende?

Hornblende is not a type of rock, but a mineral. It’s part of the Amphibole group of silicate minerals.

What Class of Mineral is Hornblende?

Hornblende belongs to the Amphibole class of minerals.

How Do You Identify Hornblende Minerals?

You can identify Hornblende minerals by their black or dark green color, hardness, and two cleavage planes intersecting at approximately 60 and 120 degrees.

What Minerals Are Found in Hornblende?

You can find many different minerals and elements in Hornblende, including iron, calcium, magnesium, and aluminum.

How Do You Identify and Describe Minerals?

Minerals are usually identified and described based on key characteristics, which are color, streak, luster, hardness, specific gravity, cleavage or fracture, and crystal form.

What is the Easiest Way to Identify a Mineral?

The easiest way to identify a mineral is by observing its color and streak, testing its hardness, and examining its crystal form and cleavage.

How Do You Identify Metals in Rocks?

To identify metals in rocks, you can look for metallic luster, test for magnetism, and perform a streak test.

How Do We Identify Minerals?

Identifying minerals involves a series of tests and observations, including checking their color, streak, luster, hardness, cleavage or fracture, crystal form, and specific gravity. Some minerals may react to acid or exhibit certain properties under a microscope.

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