(aj - uh - lair - ee - uh)
Main Origins:
Switzerland, Ireland, Brazil, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy, Russia, Greenland, China, Iceland, Chile, Germany, Uzbekistan, Poland, Argentina, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Morocco, Afghanistan, France, Zimbabwe, Peru, Ecuador, Norway, Djibouti, Belgium, Australia, and the United States.

What is Adularia?

Raw Adularia crystal
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Adularia is a captivating crystal with unique features that have fascinated enthusiasts for ages. When you first look at it, you’ll notice its soft, pearly white color. Like polished stone, its smooth texture and layers create a beautiful pattern resembling delicate cloud formations.

It comprises aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, all packed into a crystalline structure. Its toughness is like glass, making it fragile but appropriate for jewelry and collector’s pieces.

The crystal’s history is rich, rooted in the Swiss Alps. Its name is derived from the Adula Massif, a mountain range where it was first discovered. It has a longstanding association with spirituality, as it’s believed to promote balance and inner strength.

For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Adularia holds a special place. Many are drawn to its calming energy and ethereal beauty, often using it for meditation and spiritual practices. Its rarity in its purest form makes it a prized possession among crystal aficionados.

Did you know, that in ancient times, people believed that Adularia could reveal hidden truths and promote clarity of thought, earning it the nickname “The Moonstone?”

Adularia Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Adularia exhibits various color energies, but the most common ones are white, blue, gray, and clear. White Adularia symbolizes purity and clarity, while Blue Adularia represents communication and self-expression. 

When exploring Adularia’s metaphysical properties, you can discover its unique connection to various chakras and aspects of well-being. It aligns with the Crown Chakra for spiritual connection, the Third Eye Chakra for intuition, and the Throat Chakra for clear communication. 

It impacts the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras for emotional healing, confidence, and creativity. It connects with the Root Chakra for grounding, making it a comprehensive crystal for holistic balance.

Water and Ether are the dominant elements in Adularia. In feng shui, placing Adularia in the North or Center of your space promotes its tranquility and clarity. The Water element promotes emotional flow, while the Ether element connects to higher realms.

The Moon governs Adularia, infusing it with lunar energies. This celestial influence enhances its connection to emotions, intuition, and the ebb and flow of life.

This crystal is associated with the Goddesses Isis, Selene, Tara, and Diana. These Goddesses improve intuition, emotional equilibrium, protection, and feminine energy. Diana is divine feminine, Isis is magic and healing, Selene controls the Moon, and Tara is compassionate.

It resonates with the numerical vibration of 4. Stability, grounding, and a sturdy foundation match Adularia’s relaxing and balancing properties.

Adularia Healing Properties & Benefits

Compassion and Gratitude

  • Adularia’s gentle energy resonates with the Heart Chakra and its soothing white color energy. Ruled by the nurturing Moon, it encourages feelings of compassion and gratitude. 
  • Wear it as jewelry close to your heart to nurture compassion. 

Charisma and Beauty

  • Its charming blue hues link Adularia’s properties to the Throat Chakra, boosting its appeal and beauty. Related to the Goddess Isis, it channels her feminine grace and charm. 
  • Place it on a piece of Rose Quartz overnight under moonlight.

Passion and Relationships

  • Adularia’s clean energy aligns with the Third Eye Chakra, deepening passion and improving relationships.
  • Meditate with it on your forehead while visualizing loving connections.

Balance and Calm

  • Gray color energies in Adularia represent equilibrium and tranquility.
  • Burying Adularia in a small bowl of earth for a day can help recharge its energies, amplifying its Adularia benefits.


  • Adularia’s association with the Moon, the Water element, and the Goddess Selene makes it beneficial for childbirth. Its soothing energy aids in a smooth delivery. 
  • Place it under your pillow during pregnancy for a peaceful night’s sleep and enhanced birthing energy.

Adularia Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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  • Because of its connection to the Crown Chakra, calming white color, and Moon influence, Adularia is used as a mediumship stone. It opens the gateway to spiritual realms, aiding in communication with the departed.
  • Hold it during meditation while focusing on connecting with spirits. 


  • Its link to the Crown Chakra and the manifesting energy of the Moon makes it a potent tool for manifestation. It empowers your intentions and desires.
  • Program it by placing it near a piece of Citrine under the moonlight to enhance its manifesting energies.
  • Adularia’s protective qualities stem from its grounding Earth element and connection to the Moon. It creates a shield of emotional and spiritual protection.
  • Carry it with you as a protective amulet.

Lucid Dreaming

  • Lucid dreaming is enhanced by Adularia’s Third Eye Chakra and Moon connection. Awakening inner vision and connection to dream realms are some of Adularia’s healing properties.
  • Place it under your pillow before sleep to stimulate dream clarity. 

Success and Luck

  • Adularia’s influence from the Crown Chakra attracts success and luck. It aligns you with favorable energies and opportunities.
  • Place it next to a lucky horseshoe under the moonlight to enhance its luck-bringing properties.

Side Effects of Adularia

  • Dependency: Excessive reliance on Adularia may create dependency. To prevent this, use it intermittently, allowing time without the crystal’s influence.
  • Mood Swings: Adularia’s energy can induce mood swings. Counterbalance this by grounding yourself with a Black Tourmaline crystal to stabilize emotions.
  • Detachment: This gem might lead to emotional detachment. To maintain connection, engage in regular heartfelt conversations and meditate with Rose Quartz for emotional balance.

Adularia Meaning: What Does Adularia Symbolize?

woman meditating in natureAdularia symbolizes “emotional clarity and inner reflection.”

For crystal users, Adularia is believed to bring the metaphysical benefit of enhancing intuition and connecting with higher realms of consciousness. It is said to help individuals tap into their inner wisdom and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

This crystal is also known by alternative names, such as Moonstone, Albite Moonstone, or Orthoclase Moonstone, which reflect its connection to the moon and its shimmering, ethereal appearance.

Traditionally, Adularia was associated with feminine energy and was often linked to the cycles of the moon. In modern times, it is still regarded as a stone of emotional balance and sensitivity, helping individuals navigate their emotions with grace and insight.

Pairing Adularia with other crystals can enhance its effects. It is often paired with Amethyst for spiritual growth, Clear Quartz for amplifying intentions, and Labradorite for strengthening intuition.

An interesting fact about Adularia is that it was believed to have been formed from the rays of the moon, and in some cultures, it was used as a talisman for protection during nighttime journeys. 

People have also long associated it with love and romance, considering it a symbol of emotional connection and passion.

Types of Adularia Crystals

  • Common Adularia: This type displays a soft, pearly white color and is prized for its calming effect. It is often used to enhance intuition and emotional balance.
  • Clear Adularia: These crystals are transparent and are believed to amplify spiritual insights and improve meditation practices.
  • White Adularia: Its pure white color symbolizes purity and is used to connect with oneself for personal progress.
  • Cream Adularia: With a creamy color, it’s valued for promoting emotional healing and fostering a sense of tranquility.
  • Yellow Adularia: Adorned with a sunny yellow tone, it’s thought to bring joy and creativity, boosting one’s confidence.
  • Bluish Adularia: The faint blue color of these gems enhances communication and spiritual connections.
  • Sharp Adularia: Named for its sharp edges and facets, it’s said to cut through confusion and bring clarity to one’s thoughts.
  • Bow Tie Twin Adularia: These crystals exhibit a pale bluish sheen and promote balance and harmony in relationships.
  • Matrix Adularia: Typically colorless or white, Matrix Adularia enhances its energy when surrounded by other minerals, boosting its healing properties.
  • Skeleton Adularia: Delicate and transparent, Skeleton Adularia crystals support spiritual growth with their ethereal beauty.
  • Interpenetrating Adularia: Featuring a pearly white color, it enhances emotional balance and inner reflection.
  • Faceted Adularia: With a sparkling, translucent appearance, it intensifies intuition and spiritual growth.
  • Pyramidal Adularia: These pyramid-shaped crystals, with their milky hue, enhance spiritual perception and knowledge.
  • Barium Adularia: Displaying a unique silver sheen, Barium Adularia promotes emotional healing and harmony.
  • Valencianite: Soft pastel shades of pink and blue inspire creativity and artistic expression.
  • Adularia-Chlorite: Combining Adularia’s milky appearance with Chlorite’s green tones, it serves as a powerful tool for emotional cleansing and renewal.
  • Adularia-Titanite: The calming grayish-white of Adularia combined with Titanite’s shimmering properties boosts intuition and spiritual growth.
  • Adularia-Quartz (Smoky Quartz): Adularia’s milky-white appearance pairs with the smoky gray of Smoky Quartz to provide emotional stability and safety.
  • Adularia-Hematite: Combining Adularia’s soothing milky color with the deep black of Hematite promotes emotional balance and strength.
  • Adularia-Epidote: With its mix of green and white hues, this crystal fosters personal growth and transformation while offering a calming influence.
  • Adularia-Calcite: Adularia-Calcite showcases a gentle pinkish hue. It is believed to enhance emotional clarity and self-acceptance.
  • Adularia-Fluorite: Exhibits a soft, dreamy green color, promoting heart-centered communication and inner healing.
  • Adularia-Clinochlore: It features a calming pale green shade, offering a sense of emotional balance and tranquility.
  • Adularia-Anatase: It presents itself with tiny golden flecks, enhancing mental clarity and strengthening one’s willpower.
  • Maderan-Habit Adularia: This Adularia variety, characterized by its lustrous pearly white color, is known for enhancing intuition and spiritual growth.
  • Fibbia-Habit Adularia: Featuring a unique crystal habit and a translucent appearance, it aids in improving self-expression and communication.
  • Adularia with Amiant: This striking variety, with its iridescent hues, is believed to enhance psychic abilities and inner vision.
  • Adularia with Siderite: Exhibits a deep brown hue, grounding one’s energy and promoting emotional stability.
  • Adularia-Byssolite: Combining the soothing milky color of Adularia with the green of Byssolite, aids in emotional release and healing.
  • Adularia-Dolomite: This features a lovely white color and is associated with balance, harmony, and emotional well-being.
  • Adularia-Pyroxene: It showcases a mesmerizing mix of soft white and black hues, believed to enhance grounding and spiritual insight.
  • Adularia-Lepidolite: Combining the calming milky white of Adularia with the soothing purple tones of Lepidolite, brings serenity and harmony.
  • Adularia-Muscovite: With its tranquil milky appearance and sparkling splendor, this crystal blend encourages self-reflection.
  • Adularia in Schist Fissure: Adularia within Schist Fissures maintains a grounding grayish color while anchoring emotional clarity, allowing for steadiness and introspection.
  • Adularia-Actinolite: Balancing emotions with its milky appearance and vivid green hues, this crystal promotes personal growth and well-being.
  • Adularia-Biotite: With a soothing milky appearance complemented by the dark black of Biotite, this crystal blend clarifies and stabilizes decision-making while combining emotional balance with grounding energy.

How to Cleanse Adularia?

candle light with a flower background

  • Moonlight: Place it outside during a moon night to absorb its gentle, purifying energy.
  • Candlelight: Position Adularia in direct sunlight for a few hours, allowing the sun’s vitality to refresh its power.
  • Selenite Wand: Wave a Selenite wand lightly over the stone to cleanse it, envisioning its pure energy absorbing and transforming negativity.

Questions and Answers

What is the Difference Between Adularia and Moonstone?

Adularia is a specific variety of Moonstone, typically found in the Swiss Alps. It is one type of Moonstone, known for its white or bluish sheen. Moonstone is a broader term used for any Feldspar mineral displaying adularescence.

How is Adularia Formed?

Adularia is formed as a product of low-temperature, high-pressure metamorphism in alpine-type geological settings. It typically develops in cavities or fissures within metamorphic rocks.

Can Adularias Get Wet?

Yes, It is generally safe to get wet, but extended exposure may damage or deteriorate it.

How Do You Identify Adularia?

Adularia is identified by its bluish sheen, known as adularescence, which can be seen when the stone is moved under light. It typically has a pearly luster.

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