(noo - mahyt)
Main Origins:
Greenland, Finland, Russia, the United States. Mauritania (Northwest Africa), and Canada.

What is Nuummite?

Anthophyllite Aka Nuummite on a black granite

Nuummite, also known as Nummit or Nuuk Stone, is an ortho-amphibole found in Nuuk, Greenland. It’s a natural fusion of two amphiboles formed 3 billion years ago.

This amphibole crystal is a super-rare metamorphic rock discovered in the 19th century. However, legends say it was widely used for weapons for ages. It has a black base color with golden iridescence (when viewed from some angles). 

Nuuk Stone combines Gedrite and Anthophyllite to create its iridescence, which is historically perceived as magical. Thus, it is also called Gedrite and Anthophyllite, Amphibolite, Orthoamphiboles, Anthogrammite, and Sorcerer’s Stone. 

Technically, it’s a Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide of volcanic origin and often forms elongated and slab-like shapes.

Nuummite is known for its golden or inner glow with a dark base color, resembling flames. Hence, it’s also called Fire Stone. Apart from its typical black hues, it may also show blue, green, red, orange, white, and indigo. 

Fun Fact: The value of Nuummite is quite high because it cannot be artificially produced under laboratory conditions.

Nuummite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Nuummite is mainly seen in black, blue, green, and golden hues, opening the Root, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Solar Star Chakras. These chakras lead you to healing, stability, love, wisdom, intuition, and abundance. 

As Nuuk Stone also shows other colors like green, orange, yellow, white, silver, and brown, it’s linked to the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Stellar Gateway, Lunar Star, and Earth Star Chakras. You’ll find personal power, health, and cosmic connection with it. 

Pluto is the main planet associated with Nuumite in astrology, indicating healing, transformation, and regeneration. 

Who should wear Nuummite? Nuummite is associated with the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Scorpio. If this is your sign, you’ll find spiritual awakening and passion from wearing Nuummite.

Earth, Fire, and Storm elements are Nuummite properties linked to grounding, change, and growth.

Where to keep Nuummite in the house? You should keep Numite in the North or Northeast directions for protection, success, and regeneration. 

The cosmic vibrations linked to Nummit are 1, 3, 4, 6, and 8, bringing Nuummite benefits like power, creativity, insight, and manifestation

Deities like Hades, the Greek Transformation God; Inari, the Japanese Fertility God; Pele, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess; Manat, the Arabian Time God; and Kali, the Hindu Regeneration Goddess, awaken other Nuummite properties.

Nuummite Healing Properties and Benefits

 Fertility and Regeneration

  • Red Flash Nummit is a powerful stone for regenerating dead or diseased cells by clearing chakra blockages in the body. Healers often recommend it for boosting the chance of conception. 
  • Program your stone for reproductivity and vitality by drinking the indirectly infused crystal elixir of Nuummite.

Confidence and Clarity

  • Varieties of Nuummite with gold, orange, and yellow hues are believed to clear your mind and boost your self-esteem. 
  • Charge your stone for self-confidence and mental clarity by meditating with it for a few minutes under the rising sun. Carry it on your dominant side afterward.

Patience and Balance

  • Nuuk Stone stabilizes hormones, weight, and health, which results in peace of mind and patience. Go for Nuuk Stone with green or bright blue sparkles for this. 
  • Improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance by burying your stone underground for a day or up to a week. Then clean it and place it in the eastern corner of your home.

Inner Healing

  • If you’re struggling with past scars, traumas, revenge, hatred, guilt, or forgiveness, heal your inner self by bonding with a pale blue or green Numite. 
  • Soak your stone overnight under the full moonlight for a few hours before keeping it under your pillow.

Power and Growth

  • Black and Golden Nuuk Stones are good for kundalini awakening, activating the flow of life force energy. 
  • Hold your crystal before a lit candle for 10 to 30 seconds after dusk. Set it in the center of a small crystal grid with other compatible stones for personal growth and power.

Nuummite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person raised two hands in the air in front of the sun

Psychic Protection

  • Brown, black, gray, and silver varieties of Nummit crystals shield you against evil vibrations, hexes, curses, and negative energies. 
  • Set a crystal altar at the entrance of your home with other protective healing crystals. Charge the altar with an incense stick daily. 


  • Did you know Blue Nuummite is a stone of divine wisdom? It gives you access to the Akashic Records for those looking into the future, shifting realities, and manifesting dreams. 
  • Set your stone next to a singing bowl or speakers to charge it with healing sounds. You can also chant LAM, YAM, and RAM while holding it before your lips. 

Spiritual Communication

  • Starburst Nuummite is an excellent stone that helps you communicate with otherworldly beings, including angels, guardian spirits, and ancestral energies. 
  • Activate your stone for spirit communication by gazing into it for a few minutes while visualizing stars and the cosmos. 

Insight and Intuition

  • If you’re looking for ways to activate psychic abilities, like intuition, cosmic consciousness, and clairvoyance, common Nummit with multicolored inclusions is the best.
  • Set your intention for intuition, insight, mediumship, etc. by meditating with the stone on your forehead while lying down. Do this daily before bed to unlock your psychic abilities.


  • The universe sometimes provides transformative opportunities to break out of vicious cycles.
  • Programming your stone for pulling transformative experiences toward you works well with sage smudging. All you need to do is light the smudge stick and circle the smoke over your stone while meditating on your intention.

Side Effects of Nuummite

  • Controlling Behavior: Overusing Nuuk Stone can lead to an unhealthy relationship with power. Use a grounding stone, like Black Tourmaline, if you feel superior to others.
  • Isolation: Spending more time on your spiritual quests may disconnect you from reality or lead to self-isolation. Set a time limit if this is becoming a problem.
  • Delusions of Grandeur: Overestimating your abilities is a common side-effect of Nuummite when you stay tuned to its energies for days. Take a break with a Clear Quartz.

Types of Nuummite

  • Common Nuummite: Nuuk Stone is usually black with inclusions of gold, blue, and green, indicating personal growth, transformation, and success. 
  • Blue Nuummite: Pale to dark blue crystals, like needles in Numite, come from Anthophyllite. They’re great for wisdom, awareness, clarity, and confidence. 
  • Red Flash Nuummite: This type of Nuuk Stone shows faint red flashes with golden and orange specks. It’s good for emotional support and fertility.
  • Golden Nuummite: When the concentration of golden flecks in Nummit stone is extensive, it attracts good luck and fortune. 
  • Black Nuummite: A grounding stone mostly in black and gray, this type of Numite may include blue, white, or brown hues. It’s also good for manifestation.
  • Black and White Nuummite: White patterns appear on a base color in this type of Nuuk Stone. It’s a good stone for physical and emotional balance. 
  • Starburst Nuummite: This is a Nummit stone with a starburst pattern on a black stone with iridescent flashes. It’s an astral travel stone that boosts psychic abilities. 
  • Jenakite or Sahara Nuummite: Often called Green Nuummite, this is a dark and pale stone discovered in 2009, in Mauritania. It’s an inner power stone in blue and green without golden flecks. 
  • Nuummite with Hornblende: Another little-known natural occurrence of Nummite with white inclusions is a good stone for patience and practicality.
  • Nuummite with Pyrrhotite: Occurring naturally with Magnetic Pyrrhotite, this stone shows gray, black, silver, and yellow hues and is often called Magnetic Nuummite. 
  • Nuummite with Staurolite: The Fair Cross, or Staurolite Stone, rarely occurs with this crystal. Still, when it does, it shows brown and red inclusions. They’re a guidance stone that helps you find the way. 
  • Pyrite with Nuummite: Yellow banding appears when Numite naturally forms with Pyrite. They’re good for attracting abundance and luck. 
  • Chalcopyrite with Nuummite: This type of Nummit stone also shows yellow banding on dark base colors. They’re perfect for wisdom, self-discovery, and acceptance.
  • Garnet with Nuummite: When you notice pink or red patches between the dark color of sparkling Nummit, it’s a great stone for fertility, passion, and courage.
  • Nuummite Cordierite: Forming crystals of indigo, black, blue, brown, and gray, this is a natural formation of Cordierite with Nuumite. Use this stone for intuition and manifestation.
  • Nuummite with Chlorite: Rarely occurring with different colors of Chlorite, this type of Nuuk Stone is recommended for detox, immunity, and growth.
  • Nuummite with Mica: Some sparkling flecks in this crystal are from Mica, earning the name Sparkling Nuummite. It’s a great stone for regeneration and communication skills. 
  • Nuummite with Olivine: You might find rare sources discussing a natural variety of Nummit with Olivine. They may include pale green inclusions and sparkles, ideal for spirit contact and guidance.
  • Nuummite with Plagioclase: Natural occurrence of Nuumite with clear or white Plagioclase brings clarity, divination, and inner power. 
  • Nuummite with Magnesio-Cummingtonite: When Nuumite and Cummingtonite coexist, they show fewer sparkles and dull hues, like gray, brown, beige, and black. Use these stones for psychic protection.

Nuummite Meaning: What Does Nuummite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Nuummite is empowerment. 

Nuummite is named after Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. 

It’s an ancient healing crystal that has been around since the start of time, mostly as a Sorcerer’s or Wizard’s Stone. It’s good for regeneration, vitality, fertility, wisdom, psychic abilities, and protection. 

Various cultures used Nuumit as talismans, amulets, and sacred objects. Did you know Inuit shamans also used Nuuk Stone for transformation and religious powers?

Fun Fact: Nuummite was believed to be the Stone of Elixir, which would produce an elixir of immortality. No wonder it’s a good stone for recovery, energy, and power.

How To Cleanse Nuummite?

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  • Soil: Burying your crystal under three inches of soil overnight is a good way to reset its positive energies by tapping into Earth’s metaphysical properties.
  • Smudging: Light a Palo Santo or Sage stick and circle it over your stone before or after rituals to eject the negative energies absorbed by it. 
  • Moonlight: Letting your stone soak the energy of moonlight for a few minutes or hours is good for cleansing it after heavy rituals.

Questions and Answers

What Crystal is the Sorcerer’s Stone?

Nuummite crystal is called the Sorcerer’s Stone due to its mystical energies of regeneration, wisdom, and psychic powers.

Is Nuummite Safe in the Water?

Yes, Nuummite is safe in the water, but you should avoid prolonged exposure, like soaking, to avoid damaging its integrity.

Can Nuummite go in the Sun?

Yes and no. Nuummite can go in the sun for a short while. However, leaving it out for more than 10 to 15 minutes is not recommended.

What is the Age of Nuummite?

Nuummite is 3 billion years old.

Is Nuumite the Oldest Stone on Earth?

No, Nuummite is not one of the oldest stones on Earth. Zircon and Apatite are older than Nuummite, while Quartz and Zoisite are 2 billion years old.

Is Nuummite Dangerous or Toxic to the Touch?

No, Nuummite is not dangerous or toxic to the touch, but it’s good to wash your hands after touching any crystal.

How to Identify Real Nuummite?

Genuine Nuummite leaves a brown streak, has iridescent flashes, and scratches crystals with lower Mohs like Calcite, Fluorite, and Apatite crystals.

What Stones Work Well with Nuummite?

Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Astrophyllite, and Arfvedsonite are good crystals to pair with Nuummite.

How to Clean and Take Care of Nuummite?

Due to its low Mohs hardness rating, it’s important to take care of Nuummite by cleaning regularly and storing safely. Use a damp cloth to clean it once a week and keep it away from accidental bumps or falls.

What is the Cost of Nuummite?

Nuummite costs between $15 to $30 per carat when faceted, while high-quality specimens may cost up to $250.

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