Dendritic Opal

(den - drit - ik oh - puhl)
Main Origins:
USA, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Austria, and Australia.

What is Dendritic Opal?

Different shapes of Merlinite Opal Aka Dendritic Opal crystals

Have you ever seen a gemstone resembling a tree with branches and leaves? That’s what Dendritic Opal looks like at first glance.

Dendritic Opal is a variety of Common Opal with a unique physical and chemical composition. It is composed of silicon dioxide, water, and various trace elements, including manganese and iron. The color ranges from white to gray, with black, brown, or green dendritic inclusions that create beautiful patterns resembling moss or ferns.

Dendritic Opal has a short and intriguing history. It was first discovered in the early 1800s in the Harz Mountains of Germany. Then it gained popularity in the late 1800s as a gemstone when the famous jeweler, Tiffany & Co, began using it in their jewelry designs.

This crystal is believed to be a stone of transformation and growth, both physical and spiritual. According to ancient folklore, it was used by shamans and healers to enhance their spiritual connections and promote personal growth. It was also considered a powerful talisman for those seeking to manifest their dreams and overcome obstacles.

Dendritic Opal Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Dendritic Opal has various color energies, including white and black. White Dendritic Opal carries a gentle energy that promotes spiritual growth, while Black Dendritic Opal offers grounding and protection.

The Heart and Crown Chakras are the primary chakras associated with Dendritic Opal. They help to promote emotional balance, harmony, and connection with higher consciousness. It can also stimulate the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras to encourage creativity and abundance.

Dendritic Opal is associated with the Earth element and is often used to balance the energy of the center of space in feng shui. It can also be placed in the North or Northeast areas of the home to promote career success and abundance.

Mercury is the planet that governs Dendritic Opal, making it a stone of communication, clarity, and mental agility. It can help enhance cognitive abilities, improve focus, and aid in communication.

Dendritic Opal is associated with several ruling Gods, including Cernunnos, Anubis, Merlin, Freyja, and Odin. These Gods offer different benefits, including wisdom, transformation, and protection.

Dendritic Opal has a numerical vibration of 4, representing stability, practicality, and order. It is a grounding and supportive energy that can help to promote stability and balance in all areas of life.

Dendritic Opal Healing Properties and Benefits

Growth and Knowledge

  • Dendritic Opal is known for stimulating personal growth and enhancing knowledge. Its association with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras makes it an ideal crystal for enhancing intuition and promoting spiritual growth. It is also believed to improve memory retention and mental clarity.
  • To use Dendritic Opal for this purpose, hold it during meditation or place it on your Third Eye or Crown Chakra.

Strength and Perseverance

  • Dendritic Opal’s benefits are associated with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. This stone is excellent for promoting strength, grounding, and perseverance. Its grounding properties can help you focus on your goals, even during challenging times.
  • Hold this stone in your hands or wear it as jewelry to promote grounding and stability.

Success and Abundance

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra and Mercury, the ruling planet, are linked to Dendritic Opal, which is said to be an excellent crystal for attracting prosperity and success. It is believed to boost creativity and self-esteem, which can be advantageous in attaining success in various aspects of life.
  • It is suggested to place this stone in the North or Northeast area of your home or office to enhance abundance and success, according to feng shui principles.

Mental Agility

  • This stone is associated with Mercury, making it an ideal crystal for promoting mental agility and enhancing communication skills. It is believed to improve cognitive function and promote mental clarity, perfect for writers, speakers, and students.
  • You can carry a piece of Dendritic Opal with you throughout the day to enhance your communication skills.


  • If you’re looking for a crystal that can help boost your creativity and artistic expression, consider a Dendritic Opal. This stone is associated with both the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras, which stimulate your ability to enhance imagination and inspiration.
  • To enhance its benefits, you can place this stone on your Sacral or Third Eye Chakra during meditation. You can also hold it in your hands during creative endeavors to enhance inspiration and imagination.

Dendritic Opal Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Psychic Visions

  • Dendritic Opal is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, which governs psychic abilities and intuition. Its calming energy relaxes the mind and opens up to receive spiritual messages and visions.
  • You can hold this stone near the Third Eye Chakra during meditation or place it under your pillow before sleep.

Dream Recall and Astral Travel

  • One of Dendritic Opal’s properties is its soothing energy, which helps to calm the mind, promoting peaceful and restful sleep. Its connection to the Crown Chakra enhances spiritual awareness, allowing for easier dream recall and lucid dreaming.
  • To use Dendritic Opal for dream recall and astral travel, place it under your pillow before sleep or hold it during meditation.

Intuition and Miracles

  • This stone’s energy is closely connected to the element of Earth, giving grounding and stabilizing spiritual energy. Its ruling planet, Mercury, is associated with communication, making Dendritic Opal a helpful tool for those seeking to improve communication with spirit guides and other entities.
  • It is beneficial to carry this stone with you or hold it during meditation.


  • Dendritic Opal’s calming energy promotes emotional balance and harmony. Its ruling Gods, Persephone, and Hades are associated with the underworld and rebirth, making Dendritic Opal a powerful tool for those seeking to release old emotional patterns and begin anew.
  • It is best to place this stone in your home or workspace to promote harmony and balance.


  • The grounding energy of this crystal provides protection from negative energies and entities. With its close association with the Root Chakra, it enhances a solid foundation, offering a sense of stability and security that adds to its protective qualities.
  • To use Dendritic Opal for protection, place it in your home, on your own sacred altar, or any sacred space in your home.

Dendritic Opal Side Effects

  • Insomnia: Some people may experience difficulty sleeping after working with Dendritic Opal. To avoid this side effect, try meditating with the crystal earlier in the day or placing it farther away from your bed at night.
  • Birth Chart Issues: Dendritic Opal’s powerful energy can sometimes cause issues for those with specific placements in their birth chart. It is advisable to consult with an astrologer before working with this crystal.
  • Exertion: Dendritic Opal’s energy can be pretty powerful, and overuse can sometimes lead to feelings of exhaustion. Try using the crystal for shorter periods of time or less frequently.
  • Fear: In rare cases, some people may experience feelings of fear or anxiety after working with Dendritic Opal. Start with smaller doses of the crystal and work your way up gradually to avoid this effect.

Dendritic Opal Meaning: What Does Dendritic Opal Symbolize?

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Dendritic Opal means “Abundance.”

The name “Dendritic” comes from the Greek word “dendron,” meaning “tree,” due to its branch-like inclusions. This stone is also known as Merlinite, Moss Opal, and Opal Dendrite.

In traditional beliefs, Dendritic Opal represents a connection to nature, while modern interpretations associate it with creativity, success, and abundance.

Dendritic Opal comes in a wide range of variations. It comes from inclusions to combinations, including different colors, all of which offer a unique set of properties and energies.

Did you know that Dendritic Opal is sometimes mistaken for Dendritic Agate? This is due to their similar appearance, but these two crystals have different mineral compositions and properties.

Types of Dendritic Opal

  • Red Dendritic Opal: This stone comes in a mix of red, orange, and yellow tones with a Dendritic pattern that resembles a flower. This gemstone symbolizes courage and confidence.
  • Yellow Dendritic Opal: A stunning variety that has a yellowish hue with black dendritic patterns that is similar to an intricate branch. It boosts one’s confidence and stimulates mental clarity.
  • Tiger Dendritic Opal: This stone features a unique pattern that resembles the stripes of a tiger. It comes in various colors, including brown, yellow, and black. It brings strength, courage, and protection to the wearer.
  • Tanzanite Honey Dendritic Opal: A stone that has a unique blend of colors, including light blue, honey, and brown, it is a rare and precious gemstone that symbolizes intuition and spiritual awareness. 
  • Blue Dendritic Opal: This gemstone has a bluish hue with black dendritic patterns that resemble delicate ferns. It enhances one’s communication skills and promotes positive self-expression.
  • Gray Dendritic Opal: A calming stone with a grayish hue and black dendritic patterns that shows abstract designs. This gemstone enhances one’s intuition, stimulates creativity, and promotes emotional stability and inner peace.
  • Brown Dendritic Opal: A brownish-colored gemstone with black dendritic patterns that displays tree branches, it promotes grounding energy and protects from negative entities. 
  • Green Dendritic Opal: A unique gemstone that exudes a greenish color with black dendritic patterns that resemble intricate vines, it enhances one’s ability to love and connect with others, and it promotes emotional healing.
  • Druzy Dendritic Opal: A striking stone that has a sparkling appearance due to the tiny crystals that cover its surface. It comes in various colors and patterns and enhances one’s spiritual awareness and intuition. It also promotes emotional healing and inner peace.
  • Burro Creek Dendritic Opal: This gemstone is known for its white, gray, and black dendritic inclusions resembling tree branches. This variety is believed to help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Purple Dendritic Opal: A stone that features purple to lavender colors and unique dendritic inclusions, it promotes emotional healing and personal growth.
  • Orange Dendritic Opal: This stone is characterized by orange and yellow hues with distinctive dendritic inclusions. This variety promotes creativity and enhances self-expression.
  • Pink Dendritic Opal: A feminine stone that displays a pastel pink color with delicate dendritic patterns, it promotes emotional balance and enhances intuition.
  • Miracle or Landscape Dendritic Opal: A unique variety of stone with inclusions that create landscape-like patterns, it promotes grounding and stability.
  • Brown Dendritic Opal: A rich brown variety of stone with elaborate dendritic patterns, this variety brings inner peace and harmony to its wearer.
  • Welo Dendritic Opal: A variety from Ethiopia with a translucent base and elaborate dendritic inclusions, this gemstone is perfect for spiritual growth and insight uses.
  • Honey Dendritic Opal: A stone characterized by warm honey colors and unique dendritic patterns, it promotes positivity and attracts abundance.
  • Phantom Dendritic Opal: This stunning stone features a transparent or translucent base with dendritic inclusions in multiple layers, creating a phantom-like effect. This variety helps in spiritual growth and connection.
  • Clear or Bicolor Dendritic Opal: A unique variety with either transparent or two-toned base colors and delicate dendritic inclusions, it is used to bring clarity and help release negative emotions.
  • Fossil Wood Dendritic Opal: This variety of stone features fossilized wood patterns and earthy hues of browns and tans. It helps ground the wearer and promotes a sense of stability.
  • Cathedral Windows in Dendritic Opal: This unique variety exudes intricate patterns resembling cathedral windows, with varying shades of cream and beige. It promotes mental clarity and inner peace.
  • Multicolor Dendritic Opal: This stone displays a range of colors, from soft pinks to vibrant greens and blues. Its unique coloring promotes creativity and inspiration.
  • Dendritic Opal in Sandstone: This variety is formed when Dendritic Opal fills in the cavities of sandstone, creating a unique blend of colors and patterns. It helps the wearer connect with nature and promotes a sense of calm.
  • Dendritic Opal in Ironstone: This type of Dendritic Opal forms in iron-rich soil and displays striking black-and-white patterns. It is believed to promote grounding and protection.
  • Fancy Dendritic Opal: This gemstone displays an intricate, eye-catching pattern in a range of colors. It enhances spiritual growth and promotes positive energy.
  • Chrysoprase in Dendritic Opal: This unique variety includes Chrysoprase, a bright green gemstone, within its patterns. It is used in healing and brings abundance into the wearer’s life.
  • Dendritic Opal in Smoky Quartz: This type of Dendritic Opal features dark patterns within a Smoky Quartz gemstone. This is the perfect stone for grounding and protection from negativity.

How To Cleanse Dendritic Opal?

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  • Moonlight: Place it under the moonlight for several hours or overnight while repeating positive affirmations, such as, “I release all negative energy,” or “I am open to new beginnings.”
  • Smudging: Another way to cleanse Dendritic Opal is through smudging with sage or palo santo. Hold the stone in the smoke while setting the intention to release any negative energy.
  • Positive Affirmations: Hold your Dendritic Opal in your hands and repeat your intention to release any negative energy while visualizing the stone being cleansed by the moon’s light.

Questions and Answers

Do Dendritic Opals fade?

No, Dendritic Opals are relatively stable and do not fade quickly.

Is Dendritic Opal the same as Dendritic Agate?

No, they are not the same. Dendritic Opal is a type of Opal with dendritic inclusions, while Dendritic Agate is a type of Chalcedony with dendritic inclusions.

Can Dendritic Opals get wet?

Yes, Dendritic Opals can get wet, but prolonged exposure to water can cause damage to the stone.

Is Dendritic Opal safe in the sun?

It is generally safe to wear Dendritic Opal in the sun, but prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading or damage to the stone.

How can you tell if Dendritic Opal is real?

One way to tell if Dendritic Opal is genuine is by checking its hardness using a Mohs scale. Dendritic Opal has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5. You can also check for the presence of dendritic inclusions, which are a defining feature of Dendritic Opal.

How do you take care of Dendritic Opals?

To take care of Dendritic Opals, store them in a dry, cool place. You can clean them using mild soap and warm water, but avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners. You can also pack them in soft cloth or velvet bags to protect them from scratches.

Is Dendritic Opal expensive?

The price of Dendritic Opal varies depending on factors such as size, quality, and rarity. It can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per carat.

What stones go well with Dendritic Opals?

Dendritic Opals can be paired with other stones, such as Amethyst, Citrine, and Peridot, which complement its colors and patterns.

How is Opal Dendrite formed?

Opal Dendrite is formed through the process of precipitation, where mineral-rich water flows through rocks and deposits minerals such as iron, manganese, and silica, creating dendritic patterns.

What is the best color for Dendritic Opal?

Colors such as white, gray, and black are often sought after due to their striking contrast with the dendritic inclusions.

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