Chrysanthemum Stone

(kri - san - thuh - muhm stohn)
Main Origins:
China and Japan

What is Chrysanthemum Stone?

close up image of Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone, sometimes called “Flower Stone,” has a beautiful flower-like design of white or grayish-white streaks on a dark gray or black background. Its smooth, glossy texture enhances its appearance.

The crystal was first discovered in Hunan Province of China in the early 20th century. The stone can also be found in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

Did you know the Chinese story about the Chrysanthemum Stone? According to the tale, the stone comes from the souls of old chrysanthemums in the sky. When the flowers fell to Earth, they became stones with lively energy and knowledge.

Calcite and Andalusite form the Chrysanthemum Stone. Calcite gives the white burst, while Andalusite darkens the stone. Pressure and temperature change deep in the Earth’s crust generate this stone. 

Crystal enthusiasts and collectors appreciate Chrysanthemum Stone because it symbolizes balance and harmony. The stone design promotes serenity, grounding, and nature connection. 

Chrysanthemum Stone Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

A crystal with flashes of black, white, brown, blue, green, gray, red, orange, yellow, pink, silver, and purple, this stone grounds, protects, purifies, stabilizes, balances, heals, promotes joy, encourages love, and changes. 

Root and Sacral Chakras are related to Chrysanthemum Stone. The Root Chakra oversees our foundation, stability, and sense of belonging, whereas the Sacral Chakra controls our emotions, creativity, and passion.

Chrysanthemum Stone’s main element is Earth. In feng shui, the Earth element is related to security, nourishment, and grounding. Putting a Chrysanthemum Stone in the Center or at the Entrance of a room can make the energy flow smoothly and evenly, giving you a feeling of stability and plenty.

The planet Earth is associated with Chrysanthemum Stone. This connection emphasizes the grounding and stabilizing properties of the crystal. It emphasizes the significance of connecting to the physical world and balancing spirituality with materialism.

Flora, Demeter, Quan Yin, and Nüwa rule Chrysanthemum Stone. These Gods protect, heal, and care. Working with Chrysanthemum Stone can enhance their compassion, fertility, and peace.

Earth is the ruling planet of the Chrysanthemum Stone, which is connected to stability, grounding, and nourishment. 

In numerology, 4 denotes stability, structure, and realism. It helps us build strong foundations and achieve our goals with focus and determination. The numerical vibration of 4 in the Chrysanthemum Stone helps us achieve stability, order, and practical answers.

Chrysanthemum Stone Healing Properties & Benefits


  • One of the Chrysanthemum Stone’s benefits is it provides people with a sense of inner power and resilience by grounding and stabilizing their energy. 
  • Hold the stone and picture facing problems with the solid drive and capacity to program it for endurance.


  • Stimulates creativity by enhancing intuition and opening the mind to new possibilities. Its delicate, flower-like designs inspire creativity. 
  • Place the stone near your workspace or hold it while making art to tap into its creative energy.


  • Chrysanthemum Stone’s properties harmonize the reproductive system, promoting a balanced energy flow. 
  • To activate its fertility-boosting powers, surround the stone with flowers or greenery and meditate on fertility and new life.


  • By activating the Throat Chakra, Chrysanthemum Stone encourages self-expression and clear communication. 
  • For the best programming of the crystal, you can hold your throat while affirming your intention to speak your truth confidently and assertively.


  • Chrysanthemum Stone’s healing properties include relieving stress, worry, and emotional blockages.
  • Carry the stone with you or meditate with it on your Heart Chakra. Imagine its peaceful energy embracing you with every breath.

Chrysanthemum Stone Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Seer with magic ball performing a ritual for psychic vision and future telling


  • Chrysanthemum Stone’s properties shield users from negative energies and psychic attacks. It purifies and strengthens the aura. 
  • Imagine a bright shield of light surrounding you while holding the crystal to program or charge it for protection.


  • It amplifies one’s goals and aligns them with the universal energies of abundance and manifestation. 
  • Write down your desire, put the stone on the paper, and see your wishes coming true. The procedure activates the stone’s capacity to grant your wishes.

Psychic Vision and Abilities 

  • The stone improves intuition and psychic awareness by activating the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Hold the crystal to your Third Eye and picture your psychic talents growing and becoming more spiritually connected to reprogram or charge it.


  • Facilitates spiritual growth by releasing old patterns, beliefs, and restrictions. Its transforming energy encourages self-discovery and change. 
  • Place the stone in your hand while meditating and express your readiness to let go and welcome good changes to activate its transforming abilities.


  • Assists in spiritual healing by cleansing and balancing the chakras. It helps in releasing energetic blockages and facilitating spiritual alignment and healing. 
  • To harness its spiritual healing properties, place the stone on the chakra during meditation energy healing and visualize it being cleansed and repaired.

Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Stone

  • Domineering Behavior: Chrysanthemum Stone may contribute to domineering behavior, characterized by bold and controlling actions. To avoid this, practice mindfulness and empathy toward others.
  • Planetary Bad Effects: Planetary forces involving the stone could cause unnecessary happenings. To deal with this, talk to a professional astrologer or someone who knows much about crystal treatment.
  • Overthinking: Using the stone may lead to excessive rumination and overanalysis. Use relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, meditation, or creative outlets like art or writing, to control this.


Chrysanthemum Stone Meaning: What Does Chrysanthemum Stone Symbolize?

confident man shadow transform into a muscular person

Chrysanthemum stone meaning is “Transformation.”

Chrysanthemum Stone derives its name from its distinctive flower-like patterns resembling chrysanthemum blossoms. Gypsum, Dolomite, and other minerals construct the stone’s beautiful patterns through a unique geological process over millions of years.

It was first discovered in the Hunan Province of China and is also known by alternative names such as “Flower Stone” or “Stone of Wealth and Honor” due to its resemblance to flowers and its association with abundance and prosperity.

The stone represents longevity, luck, and harmony. It is valued for its beauty and as a stone that promotes positive change.

Chrysanthemum Stone goes well with rocks, like Hematite and Smoky Quartz, which help you feel grounded. These combinations balance out the Chrysanthemum Stone’s power to change people, making it possible for them to grow.

Did you know that Chrysanthemum Stone contains remnants of ancient sea creatures? They are considered a fossil and are often used in feng shui practices to attract positive energy into the home.

Types of Chrysanthemum Stone Crystals

  • Common Chrysanthemum Stone: This stone features a unique black and white floral pattern resembling a chrysanthemum flower. It’s said to bring balance and inner calm.
  • Brown Chrysanthemum Stone: With warm earthy tones, this stone has soft flower-like patterns. It helps people connect with nature and find stability.
  • Blue Chrysanthemum Stone: A blue stone that promotes relaxation, lowered stress levels, and emotional recovery.
  • Green Chrysanthemum Stone: Featuring green shades with complex patterns, this stone brings good luck and wealth, making people feel optimistic and full of life. 
  • Black Chrysanthemum Stone: Given its striking black background and contrasting white patterns, this stone symbolizes protection and strength.
  • Gray Chrysanthemum Stone: Shows a soft, classy gray color with detailed designs of chrysanthemums, which helps people think clearly and learn more about themselves. 
  • Aka Bana or Red Chrysanthemum Stone: Showcasing vibrant red hues, this stone stimulates passion and power. 
  • Kujyaku or Peacock Chrysanthemum Stone: This stone is known for its bright patterns resembling peacock feathers. It is associated with beauty, grace, and self-expression, inspiring confidence and attracting admiration from others. 
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum Stone: Radiating cheerful yellow tones, this stone is said to promote joy, optimism, and personal power.
  • Purple Chrysanthemum Stone: With its enchanting purple hues and intricate designs, this stone is associated with spiritual growth and intuition.
  • Yellow Honeycomb Chrysanthemum Stone: It has a unique yellow design that looks like a honeycomb, which nurtures and grounds, gives a sense of security, and helps people grow.
  • Sabi-Bana or Rusted Chrysanthemum Stone: A reddish-brown stone representing imperfection and time. It fosters openness, strength, and a greater appreciation for life. 
  • Chrysanthemum Stone in Silver: Silver drew out the flower shapes in this stone. It keeps feelings in check and gets rid of bad energy.
  • Nashi-Ji with Chrysanthemum Stone: Shimmering background with exquisite flowers. Its autumnal color is golden-brown. This stone boosts inner power and resilience, giving a sense of protection and care. It strengthens people to overcome life’s problems.
  • Kikkaseski or Japanese Chrysanthemum Stone: Cherry blossom-like designs in pale pink, orange, and white decorate this stone. It reminds us that life is beautiful, graceful, and short. 
  • Okimono or Japanese Yellow Chrysanthemum Stone: This stone signifies purity and enlightenment with its white backdrop and yellow flower centers. It improves mental clarity and inner peace.
  • Celestine-Chrysanthemum Stone: Mixes Celestine’s relaxing essence with chrysanthemum’s lovely patterns. Its soothing blue tone, like the sky, promotes mental growth and calm. This stone calms and connects.

How to Cleanse Chrysanthemum Stone?

close-up picture of a person holding a Selenite wand in a meditating position

  • Sunlight: Place Chrysanthemum Stone in sunlight for less than 3 hours to refresh and purify it.
  • Fire: Carefully pass the Chrysanthemum Stone through the flame of a candle or hold it near a bonfire, allowing the heat to cleanse and renew its energy.
  • Selenite Wand: Gently wave a Selenite Wand over the Chrysanthemum Stone to remove negative energy and restore its natural balance.

Questions and Answers

Can Chrysanthemum Stones get Wet?

Yes, Chrysanthemum Stones can get wet, but prolonged soaking or powerful chemicals might destroy the stone’s look or structure.

Are Chrysanthemum Stones Safe in the Sun?

Yes, the stone is safe in the sunshine. Avoid direct and prolonged sunlight exposure, as it may fade the stone’s colors.

How Can You Tell if a Chrysanthemum Stone is Real?

It should have chrysanthemum-like designs, natural three-dimensionality, polished, organic texture, and patterns. A trusted gemologist or specialist can evaluate it.

What is the Difference Between Flower Stone and Chrysanthemum Stone?

Chrysanthemum Stone is another name for Flower Stone. Both terms refer to the unique rock with beautiful patterns resembling chrysanthemums. Names are different in different places and cultures.

How Do You Take Care of Chrysanthemum Stones?
  • Store them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Wrap Chrysanthemum Stones in a soft cloth or tissue paper to prevent them from scratching each other.
  • Clean the stones with a soft, moist cloth. Avoid strong chemicals and harsh cleaners that could damage the stone.
Is Chrysanthemum Stone Expensive?

Size, quality, and uniqueness affect Chrysanthemum Stone prices. They are cheap compared to other jewels, making them accessible to collectors.

What Stones go Well with Chrysanthemum Stones?

You can pair the stone with Clear Quartz crystals, Black Tourmaline, and Green Aventurine.

What is the Difference Between Porphyry Jasper and Chrysanthemum Stone?

Porphyry Jasper lacks flower-like markings like Chrysanthemum Stone. They also differ in colors. Porphyry Jasper has earthy hues, while Chrysanthemum Stone has a dark background.

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