Cat’s Eye

(kats ahy)
Main Origins:
Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Brazil, DR Congo, Madagascar, India, China, and Zimbabwe.

What is Cat's Eye?

cat's eye aquamarine pendant
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Cat’s Eye is a captivating crystal known and popular due to its unique physical characteristics. The color spectrum of this crystal includes green, yellow, brown, and gray.

This crystal is distinct given its chatoyancy effect, which resembles the slit-eye of a cat when reflected by light.

The chemical compositions of Cat’s Eye are aluminum and beryllium, with traces of iron. Historically, the crystal gained popularity during the Roman Era and was believed to bring good fortune and protection to its wearer.

Cat’s Eye is also called “Cymophane,” which was derived from the Greek words “kyma,” meaning “wave,” and “phanos,” meaning “light.” According to folklore, having a cat’s eye can bring serenity and prosperity to its users.

It is a sought-after stone by crystal enthusiasts and collectors due to its rarity and mesmerizing optical phenomenon.

Cat's Eye Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Cat’s Eye’s meaning is associated with its color energies and features. White Cat’s Eye symbolizes purity, while the orange symbolizes creativity and self-expression. In addition, green and brown Cat’s Eye enhances intuition and foster stability.

Cat’s Eye connects with the Root Chakra, which promotes stability, and the Solar Plexus, which represents personal power. It is linked to the Sacral Chakra, which stimulates idea flow, and the Heart Chakra, which heals emotions. The Throat Chakra facilitates clear expression, the Third Eye Chakra boosts intuition, and the Crown Chakra connects spiritually. 

The ruling elements of a Cat’s Eye are composed of Earth, Fire, and Light. Earth grounds the crystal’s energy, Fire ignites passion, and Light brings clarity. 

In feng shui, placing Cat’s Eye in your place’s South, East, and Center portions is recommended. The following placement will promote fame, stimulate family and health, and enhance balance and harmony. 

Several ruling Gods are associated with the crystal, which offers various Cat’s Eye benefits. The ruling God Loki imparts energy, Svarog brings passion, and Bastet enhances intuition. Moreover, Xiuhtecuhtli represents life, and Ganesha encourages success and removes obstacles. 

Cat’s Eye vibrates with the number 6, allowing the stone to represent harmony and balance. This number reflects the energies of love, promoting a sense of equilibrium in your life. 

Cat's Eye Healing Properties & Benefits

Optimism and Willpower

  • Cat’s Eye can promote your positive outlook on life. This crystal enhances your willpower and makes you more optimistic about facing life’s challenges. 
  • To infuse the crystal with this effect, hold it in your dominant hand and visualize a light surrounding it. State your intentions as you express the strength of your will. 


  • This crystal can foster your compassion and empathy toward others. The energy in the stone enables you to open up your Heart Chakra, making you kind and understanding. 
  • Place your crystal on a piece of Rose Quartz, and imagine the flow of loving energy between them. State your intention of kindness, and let the crystals radiate the energy outward. 


  • The Cat’s Eye crystal enhances your imagination by connecting with the Third Eye Chakra. This crystal has the energy to make you a creative thinker and stimulate your ability to visualize possibilities. 
  • Hold the crystal to your forehead as you close your eyes, taking a few deep breaths. Then imagine the colorful energy flowing from the crystal into your mind. State your intention for enhanced imagination. 


  • The crystal aids in self-control as it grounds your excessive emotions. The stabilizing energy of the crystal helps you maintain your composure.
  • Hold the crystal with both hands, close your eyes, and imagine a strong foundation forming beneath you. State your intention for self-control and feel the balance of energies.

Body’s Energy Flow

  • One of Cat’s Eye’s benefits is that it acts as a conductor that promotes balance and prevents blockages in your body. This significantly influences the natural flow of vitality and life force. 
  • Lie down comfortably and place the crystal in the energy center. Imagine a light flowing from the crystal into your body while it clears any stagnant energy. Say your intention for harmonious energy flow.  

Cat's Eye Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A person holding a glowing crystal ball that looks a moon

Psychic Protection

  • Did you know that Cat’s Eye creates a reflective shield that protects you from negativity? This crystal enhances your psychic protection by building security for negativity avoidance.
  • Hold the Cat’s Eye and envision it surrounded by light to activate this effect. Mentally state your intention for it to fight harmful energies around you. 

 Clairvoyance and Intuition

  • This crystal has a unique energy to stimulate clairvoyance and intuition by opening the Third Eye Chakra. 
  • Place the Cat’s Eye on your forehead as you meditate and focus on activating your intuitive senses. 

 Good Luck and Fortune 

  • Do you want to be lucky? Wear a Cat’s Eye, as this crystal brings you good luck and fortune by attracting positive energies and opportunities. 
  • Hold the crystal as you visualize your goals and aspirations in life. Allow the energy from the stone to align with your intentions for attracting abundance and fortune. 

 Soul Mission

  • Cat’s Eye helps align your soul’s mission by enhancing clarity and purpose. This stone will serve as your guide toward your spiritual destiny.
  • Charge the crystal under the moonlight and meditate on your soul’s purpose. Let the crystal absorb the celestial energy that reflects your unique path.

 Aura Cleansing 

  • The crystal facilitates aura cleansing by absorbing and transmitting negative energies. 
  • For aura-cleansing properties, pass the Cat’s Eye through the smoke of an herb, like sage. Be clear with your intention of clearing residual energy from your field. 

Side Effects of Cat's Eye

  • Materialistic Behavior: Using Cat’s Eye may trigger your materialistic behavior, leading to excessive possession of things. Avoid this by practicing gratitude for non-material things. 
  • Dependency: The crystal can make you dependent and reliable on its influence on emotional well-being. Break this by cultivating diverse sources of support and happiness. 
  • Obsession: Excessive and improper use of Cat’s Eye can foster obsession. Alleviate this by maintaining a balanced focus on different life aspects. 

Cat's Eye Meaning: What Does Cat's Eye Symbolize?

Woman doing intuition meditation hand gestures

Cat’s Eye’s meaning and symbolism are “keen intuition and enhanced perception.” 

The crystal embodies the ability to navigate through the shadows of uncertainty with awareness and insightful vision. Cat’s Eye’s metaphysical properties connection with the physical and spiritual realms makes it a popular choice for enthusiasts. 

Alternative names for Cat’s Eye are Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye and Cymophane. These names reflect the diverse historical and cultural context of where the crystal has been utilized. 

Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye are the best crystal pairings for Cat’s Eye. This trio is known to create an alliance that promotes mental clarity and strength and increases awareness.

Cat’s Eye is known to possess the ability to bring good fortune and prosperity to the wearer. 

Types of Cat's Eye Crystals

  • Common Cat’s Eye: This crystal has a mesmerizing neutral hue that is sought-after due to its protective aura. A stone that wards off negativity and offers clarity to its owner.
  • Green or Lemon Cat’s Eye: This crystal’s refreshing green hue radiates vitality and energy. With this, it is known to promote growth and prosperity, which inspire confidence and abundance.
  • Blue Cymophane: Exhibiting calming blue tones, this crystal can harness the power of serenity. It is associated with enhanced communication and a sense of peace.
  • Black Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye: As the name suggests, this crystal possesses a captivating dark allure. The stone symbolizes mystery and resilience that is known to ground and provide strength during tough times.
  • White Cat’s Eye: Displaying a pure and pristine white color that encourages clarity and simplicity. Using this crystal amplifies spiritual insights that offer protection during the spiritual journey.
  • Olive-Green Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye: This type of crystal has an olive-green hue that brings balance and harmony. The wearer of this stone will experience enhanced overall well-being and grounding.
  • Yellow Cat’s Eye: Radiating warmth and optimism makes this crystal’s yellow tone distinct. This crystal type is known to boost self-confidence and creativity.
  • Pink Cymophane: This stone’s soft and tender pink hue is known to emanate the energy associated with love and compassion. The crystal can promote emotional healing and harmonious relationships when worn and used.
  • Purple Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye: The regal purple hue of this stone is renowned for symbolizing wisdom and spiritual insight. The crystal can stimulate your intuition and connection with higher realms of consciousness.
  • Gray Cat’s Eye: The elegant gray hue of this stone is known to signify balance and neutrality. This crystal is associated with grounding energies that promote stability in chaotic situations.
  • Red Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye: It has a fiery and passionate red color that is renowned for offering dynamic energy. This crystal is thought to ignite motivation and enhance courage. 
  • Golden Cat’s Eye: This crystal has a radiant golden glow, symbolizing prosperity and success. It is thought to attract wealth and positive opportunities to its wearer. 

How to Cleanse Cat's Eye?

sun beams shining through a tree

  • Soil: Bury your crystal in soil overnight for energy grounding and rejuvenation. A refreshed stone will enable the promotion of balance and clarity. 
  • Sunlight: Bathe your Cat’s Eye in sunlight for a day and let it absorb the Sun’s natural energy. This recharging process will renew your crystal’s positive qualities. 
  • Fire: Gently pass your crystal in a candle flame to let it cleanse with Fire’s purifying energy. 

Question and Answer

Is Cat's Eye Stone the Same as Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye?

Yes, Cat’s Eye and Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye are the same. The term “Cat’s Eye” is called the Chrysoberyl variety, which displays a unique chatoyancy or a band of light like a cat’s eye. 

How is Cat’s Eye Formed?

It is formed due to needle-like inclusions of rutile or other minerals within the Chrysoberyl structure. The inclusions cause the cat’s eye effect, reflecting light in a distinct line. 

Can Cat's Eye Get Wet?

Yes, this crystal is generally safe to get wet. Yet, harsh chemicals are not advisable to maintain the crystal’s brilliance and beauty. 

Are Cat's Eyes Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Cat’s Eyes are safe under the sun. Yet, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided since it can cause the stone discoloration and fading. 

How Can You Tell if Cat's Eye is Real?

You can look for a cat’s eye effect when exposed to a single light source. Note that a genuine Cat’s Eye will display a sharp, well-defined band of rotated light. Consulting a reputable and dependable gemologist will further give you a professional assessment. 

Interactions with Cat's Eye

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