Bohemian Emerald

(boh-hee-mee-uhn em-er-uhld)
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What is Green Fluorite or Bohemian Emerald?

bohemian emerald on dark background

People all over the world are fascinated by Green Fluorite, which is also called Bohemian Emerald. Most of the time, Green Fluorite is a light mint to deep emerald green color. It looks beautiful because it is smooth and glassy and has natural designs, like banding, zoning, and phantoms.

Green Fluorite is a crystal made of Calcium Fluoride. As a halide mineral, it makes beautiful octahedral or cubic crystals in the cubic system. Its bright green color comes from small amounts of chromium or rare earth elements.

Bohemian Emerald was first found in the Czech Republic, which is in the area of Bohemia. Nobles in Europe in the 18th century loved this crystal for its beauty and spiritual power. It has always stood for healing and safety.

Many people who collect crystals love Green Fluorite because it is spiritual and healing. Emotional health, energy balance, clarity, and focus are some of the perks. Collectors like how pretty it is, how unique the patterns are, and how peaceful it makes their homes.

Did you know Green Fluorite is often called the “genius stone?” It might make you smarter and better at making decisions and fixing problems. This one-of-a-kind story adds to the crystal’s status as a tool for mental clarity and intellectual growth, making it more sought after by people who want to use its magical properties. 

Green Fluorite or Bohemian Emerald Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Green Fluorite, also known as Bohemian Emerald, has a range of color powers, primarily green and blue. Because it links to the Heart Chakra, Green Fluorite is a stone of love, kindness, and emotional healing. Green energy encourages growth, renewal, and unity, keeping life balanced. 

The crystal’s affinity to the Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Crown Chakras enhances relationships, self-love, and empathy. It soothes and relaxes, facilitating dialogue and deeper connections. Green Fluorite’s green energy promotes emotional healing and love.

Bohemian Emerald is in charge of Earth and Water. Because it is dual, it can balance and settle in many ways. Green Fluorite works with the forces of the Southeast and North to bring wealth and personal growth into your life.

Mercury and Neptune are in charge of Green Fluorite. Mercury is in charge of speech, intelligence, and mental clarity. Green Fluorite helps you make decisions and solve problems by boosting these qualities. Neptune, conversely, stands for insight and spiritual awakening, which supports the crystal’s reputation for spiritual awareness.

In terms of deities, Green Fluorite is linked to the Celtic Goddess Brigid, who is in charge of healing and inspiration, and the Greek Goddess Athena, who is in charge of strategy and knowledge. It is also linked to Inti from the Incan culture. Inti is like the Sun God, representing warmth and energy

The number of vibrations of Green Fluorite is mostly 6 and 7. The crystal’s Heart Chakra is linked to the number 6, which stands for balance, love, and unity. The number 7 stands for spiritual awakening, perception, and inner understanding. This shows that Green Fluorite has the power to help people grow spiritually and gain insight.

Bohemian Emerald Healing Properties & Benefits

Peace and Harmony

  • Bringing peace and unity by calming down troubled emotions and lowering stress are some of Green Fluorite’s healing properties.
  • Hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and think of peace to strengthen these skills. Thoughts on peace, unity, and tranquility inside.

Mental Aptitude and Communication Skills 

  • This crystal improves mental abilities and conversation skills by removing mental fog and clarifying things.
  • Wear Green Fluorite jewelry or put a small piece on your Throat Chakra to improve your ability to think and talk.

Imagination and Ideas

  • One of Green Fluorite’s benefits is helping people think creatively and imaginatively, leading to new thoughts.
  • Put the crystal on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation to set it up. Try to be original and come up with new ideas.

Fearlessness and Emotional Balance

  • Some of Bohemian Emerald’s properties make you feel less afraid and more emotionally balanced by letting go of negative feelings.
  • In the light of a full moon, charge the crystal. Hold it and decide that you want to let go of your fear and find emotional peace.

Health and Vitality 

  • Green Fluorite is good for your health and vitality because it helps balance your circadian rhythm and improves your general health.
  • To use the crystal’s healing powers, put it under your pillow while you sleep and ask it to bring your body back to its natural balance and health while you sleep.

Bohemian Emerald or Green Fluorite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

numerous hands holding small plants depicting prosperity

Psychic Powers

  • Boosting mental abilities by opening up the Third Eye Chakra and encouraging spiritual awareness and intuition are some of Bohemian Emerald’s benefits.
  • To use Green Fluorite’s psychic power, meditate with it on your forehead and focus on getting divine guidance and opening your intuitive channels.


  • Helping you bring your dreams into reality by lining up your goals with your heart’s desires and making positive affirmations stronger are Green Fluorite’s metaphysical properties.
  • You can program Green Fluorite by holding it and focusing on your manifestation goals. You can also carry it with you as a reminder.

Luck and Prosperity 

  • Green Fluorite brings you luck and wealth by balancing your energy with plenty and good chances.
  • Imagine abundance as you charge the crystal under a crescent moon. To keep this prosperity alignment, carry it as a talisman.

Divine Assistance 

  • Connecting you with spiritual guides and higher spiritual places are Bohemian Emerald’s metaphysical properties.
  • In order to get help from your spiritual guides while you meditate, place the crystal on your Crown Chakra.

Enhanced Intuition

  • Green Fluorite helps clear your mind and make it more focused, which makes it easier for intuitive thoughts to come up.
  • Carry Green Fluorite with you and make a promise to improve your intuition and stay open to getting intuitive signs all day.

Side Effects of Green Fluorite or Bohemian Emerald

  • Risky Behavior: Green Fluorite’s relaxing effects may cause dangerous conduct; be attentive and make smart decisions. Mindfulness and self-reflection help you spot risks.
  • Over-empathizing: Empathizing with others may tire you when using the crystal. Limit your energy and anchor yourself to avoid over-empathy.
  • Dependency: Crystal’s dependence on emotional support may limit human growth and resilience. Limit Green Fluorite to specialized uses and build on self-reliance.

Bohemian Emerald Meaning: What Does Bohemian Emerald Symbolize?

different stages of a plant growing depicting growth

Bohemian Emerald symbolizes “growth, renewal, and harmony.”

This crystal is most useful metaphysically because it can help with mental healing, balance, and inner peace. It’s known for assisting people to let go of bad feelings, become more focused and clear-headed, and grow spiritually.

Sometimes, Green Fluorite is just called “Fluorite,” but most of the time, people think of the green type. The name “Bohemian Emerald” refers to both its beautiful green color and its historical link to Bohemia in Europe.

Green Fluorite has been used for a long time because it is thought to have healing and protective qualities. These days, people respect it for both its beauty in jewelry and its ability to improve mental health and emotional well-being.

It works well with Amethyst to help you gain deeper spiritual insights and with Rose Quartz to help you love yourself and heal emotionally. It can also be mixed with Clear Quartz to make its energy stronger.

An interesting fact: People used to think that Green Fluorite was a powerful stone that could protect you from psychic threats and bad energy. European royalty used it because it was beautiful and thought it could help them make better decisions. It is loved today because of its unique beauty and healing powers.

Types of Green Fluorite Crystals

  1. Common Bohemian Emerald or Green Fluorite: It is a beautiful green shade known to help people heal emotionally and think more clearly.
  2. Dark Green Fluorite: This deep green stone is thought to ground and protect, making it perfect for balancing feelings and improving focus.
  3. Mint Green Fluorite: The gentle green energy of Mint Green Fluorite is well-known for aiding in emotional healing and promoting tranquility.
  4. Whitish Green Fluorite: It is a pale green stone that is often used to help people think more clearly and communicate better.
  5. Olive Green Fluorite: A bright green stone that is thought to help with growth, wealth, and abundance.
  6. Purplish-Green Fluorite: This crystal has green and purple colors and energies that can help with mental healing and spiritual growth.
  7. Blue-Green Fluorite: Blue-Green Fluorite’s blue and green tones make it a powerful stone for mending broken hearts and expanding psychic perceptions.
  8. Green Fluorite Octahedrons: Due to their unique shape, Green Fluorite Octahedrons are often used for mental growth and meditation.
  9. Cubic Green Fluorite: It has cubic green crystal shapes, which helps you think clearly and make good decisions.
  10. Stairstep Green Fluorite: The bright green color of Stairstep Green Fluorite can help them get past problems and challenges by giving them clarity and focus.
  11. Green Fluorite Phantom: It has an ethereal image inside it that represents growth and change and helps with mental development and understanding.
  12. Chevron Green Fluorite: It has unique V-shaped patterns representing balance and focus. This makes it a great crystal for people who want to find peace and clarity in their minds.
  13. Octahedral Green Fluorite: Its structured octahedron shape strengthens spiritual connections and improves meditation, helping people gain understanding and clarity.
  14. Optical Green Fluorite: This crystal displays a green crystalline structure which fosters mental clarity and improved communication. It also helps with emotional healing, serving as a guide toward emotional equilibrium and deeper understanding.
  15. Stalactite Green Fluorite: Its stalactite-like formations represent growth and abundance and promote personal growth and peace.
  16. Druzy Green Fluorite: The small crystals on Druzy Green Fluorite enhance emotional healing and clarity of cognition.
  17. Etched Green Fluorite: Uniquely marked, Etched Green Fluorite enhances intuition and spiritual growth by clearing mental obstacles and boosting personal transformation and knowledge.
  18. Elestial Green Fluorite: The complex structures of Elestial Green Fluorite increase spiritual connections and help human transformation, allowing access to higher consciousness and healing.
  19. Green Fluorite with Candle Quartz: It is perfect for clarity, awareness, and emotional balance because of its emotional healing and spiritual understanding.
  20. Green Fluorite with Manganese Inclusions: This type of crystal balances emotions and improves intuition, spiritual growth, clarity, and healing.
  21. Green Fluorite with Pyrite: Pyrite with Green Fluorite brings abundance, clarity, protection, and grounding, helping achieve monetary and spiritual goals.
  22. Green Fluorite with Calcite: This combination improves mental clarity, emotional equilibrium, communication, and self-expression.
  23. Green Fluorite with Chalcopyrite: This variety grounds, protects, and strengthens, encouraging inner balance and resilience during personal growth.
  24. Green Fluorite with Aquamarine and Mica: The different tones of green and blue promote emotional healing, spiritual progress, inner harmony, and self-discovery. 
  25. Green Fluorite and Golden Barite: This pairing of green and gold tones promotes mental clarity, abundance, spiritual insight, and self-realization, leading to wealth and self-awareness.
  26. Green Fluorite with Schorl: The relaxing green of Fluorite and the protecting energy of Schorl promote spiritual growth, mental clarity, and grounding, making it excellent for a happy existence and transformation.
  27. Green Fluorite on White Quartz: Combines emotional healing, clarity, and purification. It balances, cleanses, and reveals emotions.
  28. Green Fluorite with Galena and Aragonite: This green-gray-white combination promotes grounding, balance, and personal progress. It provides steadiness and resilience to help people overcome adversities.
  29. Green Fluorite with Albite and Black Tourmaline: Its green, white, and black colors represent emotional healing, protection, and grounding. This combination brings tranquility, strength, and personal growth in difficult times.
  30. Green Fluorite with Chrysocolla: This pair of green and blue tones fosters emotional equilibrium, communication, personal growth, and self-expression. It encourages understanding, development, and peace.
  31. Green Fluorite with Sphalerite: Transformative Green Fluorite with Sphalerite is green and black. It helps with inner healing, growth, and spiritual evolution.

How to Cleanse Green Fluorite or Bohemian Emerald?

singing bowl surrounded by nature and crystals

  • Singing Bowl: If you want to clean a Bohemian Emerald with a singing bowl, hit it while focusing on how the sound waves will clear the crystal’s energy.
  • Palo Santo: To clean Bohemian Emerald, pass the smoking stick around the crystal while setting the desire to clean its energy. 
  • Sunlight: Solarize Bohemian Emerald to cleanse naturally. Imagine sunshine cleaning the crystal’s vitality, revitalizing it.

Questions and Answers

How Can You Tell if Green Fluorite is Real?

To tell if Green Fluorite is real, look at its unique colors (different shades of green), how it looks (translucent to clear), and how it is formed naturally. The surface shouldn’t be easily scratched; UV light may make it glow.

Who Can Wear Green Fluorite?

Anyone can wear the Green Fluorite. It helps people who want to find mental balance, gain clarity, and grow as a person the most.

Does Green Fluorite Fade?

Yes, Green Fluorite can fade over time if it is left in full sunlight for a long time. Keep it somewhere away from bright light.

How Do You Take Care of Green Fluorite?

To take care of Green Fluorite, keep it in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunshine. Put a soft cloth around it to keep it from getting scratched. Clean it gently with a soft, wet cloth to get rid of dust and dirt.

Does Green Fluorite Glow in the Dark?

No, Green Fluorite doesn’t glow in the dark on its own. It might glow in the dark, but that’s not the same thing as fluorescence under UV light.

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