Main Origins:
Russia and Canada.

What is Aqualite?


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Aqualite is a variety of Eudialyte, exhibiting a range of colors, like pink, purple, cream, brown, red, maroon, and blue due to the presence of elements like iron, zirconium, yttrium, aluminum, titanium, and silicon. It has a vitreous and waxy luster due to its silica content. 

It’s also called Hydrated Eudialyte, Hydroeudialyte, and Aqua Eudialyte. 

Aqua Eudialyte was first discovered in the pegmatites of Inagli massif in Sakha-Yakutia, Russia. Interestingly, it’s only found in one other place – Canada. 

Metaphysically, Hydroeudialyte fosters harmony, transformation, and psychic protection. 

The mineral often occurs with Aegirine, Natrolite, Galena, Microcline, Batisite, and Eckermanite, among other minerals. It may be translucent or opaque and forms from ion exchange, resulting in a mineral with a high water composition.

Aqualite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The planet associated with Aqualite properties is Venus, signifying love, growth, creativity, and beauty. It’s best for Leo, Aries, and Taurus zodiac signs, as it will lead them to success and innovative thinking.

Aqualite has many colors but is mostly associated with Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Crown Chakras. They are responsible for protection, harmony, strength, romance, psychic gifts, and transformation. 

It’s also linked to the Sacral, Throat, Third Eye, Earth Star, Higher Heart, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras, promoting universal consciousness, manifestation, psychic gifts, wisdom, intelligence, and decisiveness. 

Earth and Water are the ruling elements that bring Aqualite benefits, like grounding, strength, vitality, fertility, wisdom, and growth. Hence, keep it in the Southwest feng shui direction for marriage, love, balance, and inner peace. 

Hydrated Eudialyte is linked to divine energies of deities, like Freya, the Norse Love Goddess; Rati, the Hindu Goddess of Lust and Passion; Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of Healing; Aphrodite, the Greek Love Goddess; Hathor, the Egyptian Sky God; and Xochiquetzal; the Aztec Goddess of Growth. 

Hydroaqualite resonates with numbers 2 and 5, representing freedom, change, power, adaptability, and stability. 

Aqualite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Did you know Aqualite opens latent parts of the mind to improve your intelligence and creativity? Charge and keep a Nepheline-Syenite, Batisite, Microcline, or Apatite-Quartz with Aqualite in your pocket for this. 
  • Hold your mineral in your palms to activate your creative centers while facing the rising sun. 

Problem-Solving Skills 

  • Some varieties, like White, Nepheline, and Apatite-Quartz Aqualite, boost clarity and logical reasoning. You’ll find it easy to conquer challenges by keeping it in your dominant side. 
  • The best way to charge this mineral for problem-solving is by holding it close to the flames (at a safe distance) for a minute while visualizing your intentions. 

 Vitality and Power

  • Improve your strength, immunity, and willpower by regularly having indirect infusions from Aegirine, Eudialyte, Lorezenite, and Thorite Hydroeudialyte. 
  • Place your mineral near a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours for an indirect infusion. Do it 4 times a week for a month for the best results. 


  • If negativity infests your mind or family, try charging a Nepheline, Magnesio-Arfvedsonite, Eckermanite, or Innelite and keep it in beneficial feng shui directions. 
  • Charging your mineral by smudging it eases sorrow, anger, and irritability, especially when kept in the East, Center, or Southeast.

 Attraction and Love

  • Did you know you can attract your true love and genuine friends with Aqualite? Varieties like Purple, Pink, Pectolite, Natrolite, and Batisite enhance love and relationships.
  • Prepare a crystal elixir and add a few drops to your bathtub before soaking for 5 to 10 minutes. This gem bath is a good way to clear chakra blockages and attract love toward you.

Aqualite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A persons hand is covering the blooming flower

Akashic Records

  • Some Aqualite varieties, including Lorezenite and Galena, give you access to Akashic Records to find your spiritual destiny and karmic healing. 
  • Set up a crystal altar with your mineral in the center, surrounded by daffodils, dandelions, bay leaves, and myrrh. Light candles and meditate on your intention to access Akashic Records.

 Psychic Protection

  • Did you know you can use Hydrated Eudialyte as a psychic shield to repel negative energies? Aqualite varieties with Thorite and Apatite-Quartz can also prevent hexes and evil from touching your aura. 
  • Carry your mineral charged with Earth’s energies by burying it under three inches of soil for 3 to 7 days for psychic shielding. 


  • Charge Aqualite with Thorite, Apatite-Quartz, or Aqualite-Eudialyte through spellcasting or chanting to manifest your dreams and desires.
  • Chant this affirmation while holding your mineral and visualizing your intention for a few minutes, “I manifest my dreams and desires effortlessly with the power of the universe.”

 Clairaudience, Intuition, and Clairvoyance

  • Keep a charged Purple, Apatite-Quartz, Thorite, or Eckermanite Aqualite underneath your pillow to activate psychic gifts like premonitions, visions, clairvision, and clairaudience. 
  • Gaze into your mineral for a few minutes under the moonlight to activate it for psychic powers. 


  • Personal growth is easy if you keep a charged Aqualite variety, such as Pink, Purple, Feklichevite, Innelite, or Lorezenite, above your waist for a month. 
  • To charge Aqualite for transformation, place it near a singing bowl and meditate on your desired changes while playing the bowl.

Side Effects of Aqualite

  • Asocial Tendencies: Aqualite can make you feel overly content with yourself that you might avoid socializing altogether. In such a case, carry a Rose Quartz along. 
  • Rage or Aggression: Overusing this mineral may enrage you against injustice so much that you may feel extremely aggressive. Ground yourself with a Black Tourmaline in such cases.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Keeping a charged Aqualite under your pillow may disturb your sleep with vivid or strange dreams. Avoid keeping it in the bedroom if this occurs. 


Aqualite Meaning: What Does Aqualite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Aqualite is deep transformation. 

Hydrated Eudialyte brings about growth and change by activating latent parts of the brain and boosting creativity, wisdom, confidence, immunity, and psychic gifts.

While it doesn’t have many legends, psychics say it helps you access the Akashic Records that help you find the past and future. Many consider Aqualite an aura-shielding stone that protects from psychic attacks.

Aqualite also beckons renewal, balance, and harmony, besides helping users manifest their intentions and desires. 

Types of Aqualite Crystals

  • Pink Aqualite: Most Hydrated Eudialyte exhibits baby pink to magenta shades with white, gray, or black hues. It activates the Heart, Higher Heart, Root, and Crown Chakras, promoting transformation, awakening, and love. 
  • Purple Aqualite: This popular variety displays dark purple colors and activates higher consciousness and psychic gifts, like intuition, clairvision, and clairaudience. 
  • White Aqualite: Exhibiting a pearly white hue with a shiny luster, this is a good mineral for mental clarity, critical thinking skills, manifestation, and spiritual development. 
  • Gray Aqualite: A gray-white variety of Hydroaqualite, this mineral is good for clearing confusion, grounding, inner strength, and deep peace.
  • Black Aqualite: Ensuring a shield of protection around you, this variety shows dark black, often with pink, purple, or brown hues. Use it for repelling psychic attacks, curses, and hexes.
  • Aqualite with Nepheline: Exhibiting black and dark brown inclusions, this mineral fosters harmony, love, and psychic gifts, like intuition.
  • Aqualite with Nepheline-Syenite: This type of Hydroeudialyte shows gray, black, white, pink, and purple hues. Use it for problem-solving, intelligence, creativity, and transformation.
  • Aqualite with Aegirine: When you notice black needle-like inclusions in Aqualite, it’s a natural formation with Aegerine. It’s highly recommended for grounding, protection, vitality, and willpower.
  • Aqualite with Pectolite: Oxidized inclusions of Brown Pectolite in Aqualite create a multicolor stone with purple, pink, white, and yellow hues in this variety. Use it for health, clairaudience, and access to Akashic Records.
  • Aqualite Eudialyte: Hydroeudialyte naturally forms with Eudialyte, showing yellow, brown, and green inclusions. Use this variety of vitality, growth, manifestation, and awakening. 
  • Aqualite Lamprophyllite: Exhibiting yellow, golden, and brown inclusions, this variety of Hydrated Eudialyte enhances mental clarity, intelligence, personal power, and intuition. 
  • Aqualite with Magnesio-Arfvedsonite: A dark variety of Aqualite featuring inclusions of Arfvedsonite and Magnesium, this type of mineral fosters tranquility, harmony, attraction, and empathy. 
  • Aqualite with Natrolite: This type of Aqualite shows orange and vibrant yellow colors with black and pink hues. It’s best for willpower, creativity, agility, higher consciousness, luck, and access to Akashic Records.
  • Aqualite with Feklichevite: Brown Feklichevite occurs naturally with purple varieties of Hydroeudialyte in aggregate crystals. Use it for transformation, manifestation, success, creativity, and psychic development. 
  • Aqualite with Apatite and Quartz: One of the rarest varieties of Aqualite in Milky Quartz with Blue Apatite inclusions constitutes this variety. It’s good for clairvision, intuition, manifestation, and problem-solving skills. 
  • Aqualite with Batisite: Exhibiting yellow, pink, white, gray, and peach hues, this is a natural crystal formation for creativity, ancient wisdom, Akashic Records, and transformation. 
  • Aqualite with Eckermanite: A rare variety of Aqualite showing indigo, purple, gray, black, white, and violet inclusions, this is a good stone for higher consciousness, clarity, creativity, and romance. 
  • Aqualite with Lorezenite: This is a dark variety of Hydroeudialyte with purple, pink, and black inclusions. Use it for psychic protection, attraction, transformation, confidence, and vitality.
  • Aqualite with Galena: Another dark variety of Aqualite showing a mix of pink and purple with gray, black, and white hues, this is a good mineral for grounding, harmony, strength, and confidence. 
  • Aqualite with Microcline: When your Aqualite shows beige and blue-green inclusions, it’s a natural formation with Microcline. Use this variety for stress relief, stability, love, fertility, and intuition. 
  • Aqualite with Thorite: Rust-colored Aqualites often contain Thorite inclusions, making the mineral the best choice for manifestation, universal consciousness, immunity, and clairvision.
  • Aqualite with Innelite: A variety of Hydroeudialytes with golden, yellow, and beige inclusions, this type of stone boosts empathy, love, intuition, and transformation in users.

How to Cleanse Aqualite?

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  • Meditation: For cleansing, hold your Aqualite at your forehead level and visualize clearing the negativity it absorbed with your thought energies.
  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your mineral at a safe distance for a few minutes before and after rituals for cleansing it.
  • Sunlight: Reset the energies of Aqualite by briefly holding it in sunlight.

Questions and Answers

Is Aqualite the Same as Aquatine?

No, Aqualite is not the same as Aquatine because the former is a variety of Eudialyte, and the latter is a type of Calcite. Moreover, Aqualite exhibits pink, purple, cream, and brown shades, while Aquatine is a blue calcium carbonate mineral.

Can Aqualite Get Wet?

Yes, Aqualite can become wet, but prolonged immersion is not recommended to avoid luster loss and structural damage.

Is Aqualite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Aqualite is safe in the sun, but Aqualite should only be exposed to the sun briefly to prevent potential damage.

Is Aqualite the Same as Blue Apatite in Quartz?

Aqualite is not Blue Apatite in Quartz. It comes from the Eudialyte mineral family with a distinct composition from Apatite in Quartz.

How Can You Tell if Aqualite is Real?

The best way to tell a real Aqualite is by performing a scratch test to match its MOHS hardness. You can also rub it against a porcelain slab to check for a white streak, common to Eudialyte minerals.

Is Aqualite a Variety of Quartz?

No, despite its appearance, Aqualite is not a Quartz variety; it belongs to the Eudialyte mineral family. 

How Do You Take Care of Aqualite?

The best way to care for Aqualite is by avoiding direct sunlight, water, and heat. For travel, use bubble wrap or padding. Additionally, you should keep it away from places susceptible to accidental falls. 

Is Aqualite Expensive?

No, Aqualite is generally affordable, typically ranging from $1 to $10 per specimen.

What Stones Go Well with Aqualite?

The best stones to combine with Aqualite are Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and Blue Apatite.

Is it Safe to Touch Aqualite with Bare Hands?

Yes, touching Aqualite with bare hands is safe, but handwashing afterward is recommended as with handling any mineral.

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