Main Origins:
Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Spain, Nigeria, Canada, Japan, Finland, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Madagascar, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Mozambique, France, the United States, Nepal, Portugal, Italy, South Korea, Russia, India, Argentina, Tajikistan, and Myanmar.

What is Rubellite?

rubillite on dark background

Picture a gem that exudes warmth with its rosy hues. Rubellite boasts a captivating spectrum of colors, ranging from delicate pinks to intense reds. Smooth and polished, its surface glitters and begs to be touched. The crystal can showcase intricate patterns, adding a touch of individuality to each piece.

Beyond its visual allure, Rubellite’s charm lies in its chemical and physical composition. Comprising aluminum, boron, and other elements, this gem earns its place among the exquisite members of the tourmaline family. Its crystalline structure contributes to both its durability and the splendid play of colors it exhibits.

In the tapestry of history, Rubellite has left its mark. While the crystal itself might not have ancient roots, its popularity soared during the 17th century. Back then, explorers and traders marveled at its vibrant shades, making it a sought-after gem among the elite. Today, this gem continues to captivate hearts and minds.

Crystal enthusiasts and collectors recognize Rubellite as a gem worth cherishing. Its unique color variations make it a prized possession in any collection. Symbolizing love and passion makes the crystal appealing to those who value beauty and meaning in their belongings.

Did you know that some believe Rubellite possesses mystical properties? Legend believes that wearing this gem can enhance creativity and promote emotional balance. This gem reflects the ageless attraction with crystals, whether you’re drawn to its beauty or mystical features.

Rubellite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Rubellite, with its diverse hues, holds various color energies, each with unique significance. The gentle pink energies resonate with love and compassion, fostering emotional healing. The passionate red energies are associated with vitality and courage, infusing strength into the spirit.

Through its interactions with multiple chakras, Rubellite creates a profound harmony of energy. Rooted in the Earth, it aligns with the Root Chakra, grounding and stabilizing one’s energy. Ascending, it activates the Sacral Chakra, promoting creativity and passion.

It interacts with the Solar Plexus, strengthening confidence, and the Heart Chakra, supporting love and emotional well-being. Finally, it reaches the Crown Chakra, enhancing spiritual awareness and connection.

In the metaphysical tapestry, Rubellite is entwined with Fire, Earth, and Water elements. This amalgamation symbolizes passion, grounding, and emotional fluidity. The ancient art of feng shui also recommends placing Rubellite in the North sector to channel its energies and advance career and life.

Under the celestial gaze, Venus, the ruling planet of love and beauty, governs the energies of Rubellite. This connection infuses the crystal with an essence that enhances relationships and self-love. 

The crystal finds favor with deities, such as Freyja, Hathor, Eros, and Parvati. These divine influences bring forth Rubellite benefits, like love, fertility, passion, and nurturing energy, elevating the crystal’s metaphysical significance.

Numbers hold a mystical sway in the metaphysical world, and Rubellite resonates with the vibrations of 1, 2, 4, 5, and 88. New beginnings (1), balance and partnerships (2), stability (4), adaptation (5), and abundance (88) are associated with each numerical frequency.

Rubellite Healing Properties & Benefits

Compassion and Patience

  • Rubellite, with its pink hues and Root Chakra alignment, cultivates compassion and patience. Embracing the nurturing element of Water and Venus’s influence, it promotes understanding and tolerance.
  • Put the crystal under your pillow for sleep or wear it as a pendant near your heart for constant relaxation.

Deep Healing and Letting Go

  • Root and Solar Plexus Chakra resonance in Rubellite aids deep healing. Grounding in the Earth element and influenced by Eros facilitates letting go of emotional baggage.
  • Create a healing elixir by placing the stone in water overnight. Sip throughout the day to encourage emotional release.


  • The Sacral Chakra is associated with Rubellite, and its stimulating red energy releases creative energies. Venus’s influence and the Fire element amplify passion, offering inspiration.
  • Hold it while visualizing your creative goals, or place it near your workspace for a continuous flow of creative inspiration.


  • Rubellite promotes fertility through Crown Chakra alignment, Water element affinity, and Freyja and Hathor’s love.
  • Wear it as a charm on a fertility bracelet or place it in a water bowl with rose petals to enhance the nurturing atmosphere.

Love and Relationships

  • The combination of Rubellite’s Heart Chakra resonance, love-infused color energy, and the planet Venus’s influence fosters a favorable setting for romantic endeavors.
  • Program the crystal by visualizing it radiating pink light, and then gift it to a loved one as a symbol of shared affection.

Rubellite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Divine Feminine

  • Rubellite’s properties, resonating with the Heart Chakra and its gentle pink color energy, enhances the connection to the divine feminine. Influenced by Venus and associated with Water, it aligns with nurturing and loving qualities. 
  • Wear the crystal as a pendant close to your heart to attune to the nurturing energy. 

Kundalini Awakening

  • Kundalini awakening is aided by Rubellite, which stimulates the Root and Crown Chakras. The red color energy ignites passion and vitality. The presence of Eros adds a transformative touch to the Kundalini experience.
  • During meditation, place the Rubellite at the base of your spine to stimulate the Root Chakra. 

Financial Success

  • The grounding effects of Rubellite and its affinity for the Solar Plexus Chakra contribute to material prosperity. The element of Earth symbolizes a solid foundation, and Venus’s influence infuses the crystal with energies of abundance. 
  • Carry it in your wallet or purse to attract financial abundance.

Auric Shielding

  • Having strong ties to the Earth and the Sacral Chakra, Rubellite can be used to produce a protective aura. The pink energy promotes a sense of security, and Venus’s influence adds a layer of love to the shielding properties. 
  • Hold it and visualize a pink light forming a protective shield around your body.

Spirit Contact

  • Because of its affinity with the Crown Chakra and the astral plane, Rubellite facilitates communication with the other side. The clear color energy and influence from Venus open channels for communication.
  • To program the crystal for spirit contact, set intentions for clear and meaningful communication with the spiritual realm.

Side Effects of Rubellite

  • Radical Thoughts: Rubellite’s energy may trigger radical thoughts. Practice grounding techniques, like walking barefoot on grass or meditating with grounding stones to balance.
  • Vivid Dreams: This crystal may intensify dreams. For relief, keep a dream journal to process experiences and use calming bedtime rituals like deep breathing for restful sleep.
  • Fatigue: Its powerful energy may induce fatigue. Get enough rest and do grounding activities, like hiking to recharge.

Rubellite Meaning: What Does Rubellite Symbolize?

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Rubellite symbolizes “passion, love, and emotional healing.”

The primary spiritual advantage of Rubellite is the way it boosts one’s mood. It promotes love and compassion through the Heart Chakra, making it a great tool for maintaining mental balance.

This vibrant crystal is also known as “Red Tourmaline,” emphasizing its striking red and pink hues that evoke feelings of warmth and vitality.

Traditionally, Rubellite was believed to bring protection and luck to warriors. In modern times, it’s cherished for its emotional healing properties, representing a source of love and inspiration.

A harmonic love energy blend of Rubellite and Spinel enhances the crystal’s emotional healing qualities. Combining it with Almandine Garnet enhances grounding, providing a balanced energy flow.

Interesting Fact: Rubellite is said to attract real love. Those seeking deep and meaningful relationships value this stone because they believe it can boost romance.

Types of Rubellite

  • Pink Rubellite: The Heart Chakra resonates with a beautiful pink Rubellite, symbolizing love and sensitivity. The legend says it promotes compassion, making it great for peaceful relationships and emotional rehabilitation.
  • Vivid Pink Rubellite: This pink beauty activates the Heart Chakra, boosting passion and self-love. It’s considered to enhance emotions, encouraging reflection and personal growth.
  • Pale Pink Rubellite: Gentle and soft, this crystal soothes the heart. Its folklore says it calms and balances emotions during emotional stress.
  • Red Rubellite: Passionate and vibrant, it activates the Root and Heart Chakras. The gem increases energy, courage, and life excitement.
  • Maroon Rubellite: This vibrant type is anchoring and balancing. Legend says it may anchor emotions and offer stability in uncertain times.
  • Raspberry Red Rubellite: A charming gemstone combined with red and pink energies to create a harmonious love. Its mythology says it boosts romance and happiness.
  • Brown Rubellite: Earthy and grounded, it stabilizes the Root Chakra and fosters security and personal progress.
  • Orange-Red Rubellite: This warm, orange-red type inspires creativity and enthusiasm. Legend says it inspires and energizes, making it a favorite artistic companion.
  • Peach Rubellite: This variety has peaceful, caring energy and beautiful peach tones. It may provide comfort and security, making it a good friend during emotional fragility.
  • Purple Rubellite: Royal purple stone promotes spiritual insight and emotional healing. A popular crystal for spiritual exploration because legends say it connects you to the divine.
  • Bicolor Rubellite (with green tips): Growth and transformation are symbolized by this crystal, which goes from brilliant pink to lush green. Legends say it boosts flexibility, making it a trusted companion during the transition.
  • Radial Rubellite Aggregates: A pink gem, radiating energy from the center, they represent oneness and balance. They promote unity and harmony, making them ideal for cooperative projects.
  • Mushroom Rubellite: This pink type, shaped like a mushroom, symbolizes perseverance and protection. According to legend, it protects against negativity, allowing emotional growth.
  • Gemmy Rubellite: A gem-like pink stone absorbs and magnifies light, indicating clarity and intelligence. It improves intuition and perspective, making it useful for self-reflection.
  • Elongated Rubellite: In their tones of pink, they embody strength and direction, mimicking the form of a crystal wand. Legends say they can focus energies, making them great for goal-setting and manifestation.
  • Transparent Rubellite: Crystal clear and radiating tones of pink, it signifies openness and pure intentions. It boosts the energy of other crystals, making crystal grids and rituals more effective.
  • Botryoidal Rubellite: In various shades of pink, it resembles clustering grapes and radiates nurturing and protection. Legend has it that it brings abundance and unity, making it a treasured crystal for family relationships.
  • Rhombohedral Rubellite: Geometrically precise pink color symbolizes balance and stability. It helps in decision-making by promoting mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Pinacoid Rubellite: Flat surfaces with pink crystal faces symbolize order and structure. Myths say it grounds and supports during turbulence and uncertainty.
  • Rubellite with Schorl Core: This variety combines deep blacks and vivid pinks to indicate grounding and emotional resilience. Its balanced energy fusion is believed to protect and strengthen.
  • Rubellite-Quartz: The passionate pink tones with the crystalline purity of Quartz represent emotional equilibrium and spiritual insight. Legends say its balancing properties increase emotional clarity and intuition.
  • Rubellite-Albite: This crystal symbolizes love and illumination with its vivid pink and brilliance. According to legend, it improves relationship communication and enlightenment.
  • Rubellite-Microcline: It balances and calms with its vivid pink Rubellite and tranquil Microcline. Grounding energies promote emotional stability and mental clarity.
  • Rubellite with Lepidolite: A crystal that blends emotional intensity and calmness with Rubellite’s pink and Lepidolite’s lavender. According to legend, it reduces stress and promotes inner serenity.
  • Rubellite with Euhedral Feldspar: The bright pink color of Rubellite with the structural elegance of Euhedral Feldspar creates a crystal of strength and clarity. It boosts empowerment and attention, making it a symbol for overcoming obstacles.
  • Rubellite-Rhodizite: This crystal enhances spiritual connection and vitality with its brilliant pink energy and translucent beauty. Legend says it promotes spiritual growth and manifestation.
  • Rubellite-Muscovite: Symbolizes self-discovery and contemplation with its rich pink hues and reflecting characteristics. It boosts self-awareness and connects one to their inner truth.
  • Rubellite-Cleavelandite: This crystal radiates and empowers with Rubellite’s passionate pink energy and Cleavelandite’s brilliance. Legends say it illuminates self-love and fulfillment.

How to Cleanse Rubellite?

Incense sticks that is burning with the smoke is rising

  • Fire: Gently pass Rubellite through the cleansing flames of a candle, visualizing the fire purifying and revitalizing its energy.
  • Incense: Sage or lavender incense can be wafted around Rubellite to cleanse and balance its energies.
  • Selenite Wand: Glide a Selenite wand over Rubellite, absorbing and dispelling negative energies. Imagine the pure white light of Selenite restoring its vibrancy.

Questions and Answers

How is Rubellite Formed?

Rubellite, a variety of Elbaite Tourmaline, forms in pegmatite veins under high-pressure conditions, with manganese providing its characteristic pink to red color.

Are Rubellites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Rubellite is generally safe in sunlight. However, prolonged exposure may alter its color, so limiting direct sunlight is advisable.

Who Should Wear Rubellite?

It is ideal for those seeking emotional balance and love. It resonates with the Heart Chakra, benefiting individuals embracing self-love and compassion.

Interactions with Rubellite

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